Thursday, August 31, 2017

Red Cross

You Probably Should Not Use the Red Cross to Help Texas
Excerpt: The Red Cross has, in the past number of years, increasingly looked like a giant ponzi scheme and there is more and more evidence it is failing to help people while helping itself. For example, as ProPublica has noted, the Red Cross will not reveal how much it spent to help people after Hurricane Sandy, calling it a “trade secret.” But publicly there is not a great deal of evidence that it did much good.

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  1. From an Army Vietnam vet: Hi Bob:

    This is not quite accurate. I've been a Red Cross volunteer for many years and have seen the good things achieved by the organization. There were some problems with Sandy that weren't handled well, and at that time the Red Cross had not recovered financially from Katrina. There is new management in place and there is a bigger challenge facing us and the country now. We are trying to round up enough trained volunteers to send to staging sites around the affected area and we have opened many shelters already. It's not going to be perfect, and there will be many complaints and investigations as always.

    I think the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Southern Baptists, the Cajun Navy, Team Rubicon(of which I am also a member), and the various other civilian and military organizations will all be doing the best they can to help the ad hoc volunteers and the victims. Expect to see good things from the private sector, such as Wal-Mart, H-E-B, and so forth.