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Liberals sweep NY primary and other depressing political news

The major political news is that two life-long liberals with biases for big government, an aversion to transparency, a contempt for the truth and a past record of shady dealings swept the Republican and Democratic Primaries in NY, putting Hillary a large step closer to the White House. ~Bob
New York blowout gives Donald Trump big boost in GOP race
Strong showing by Clinton in defeat of Sanders in New York primary


Why I will never vote for Donald Trump
Trump has a meretricious character. He has an unfavorable rating of 69%, highest of any candidate in history. If he's nominated, barring a Black Swan event, Hillary carries 30-35 states, wins easily. But if Trump should win, (say an illegal immigrant terrorist attack the week before the election), he will make Obama look good. Tell me what he stands for besides self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment? He has changed position on everything more than once. Illegals? He once said the dreamers had convinced him and that Romney lost in 2012 because he was too harsh on migrants. Trump said that the Democrats were better than the Republicans on immigration, because the Republicans were "mean spirited" to immigrants, he supported a path to citizenship for them, and he reported that he employed many illegals. Abortion? In 1999, he said that he was 100% pro-choice. He has said his sister, a radical pro-abortion judge, would be great on SCOTUS. (Of course he said that Opera would be a great VP, and that Hillary Clinton was a great woman and just the person to deal with Iran.) When he decided to run, he dropped all his lifelong liberal positions and adopted the positions of the left believes a conservative is, Trump decided he was pro-life. Then said the woman should be punished. When the pro-life movement came down on him for that, he backtracked, and now says the laws on abortion are set--thus back to his 1999 position. He has always supported big government, and the use of eminent domain to take people's private property to benefit Trump. Iran? He said a deal is a deal, you can't just tear it up. Healthcare? He's on record as saying that everyone should have healthcare paid for by the government, the Bernie Sanders' position. Trump trashed presidents Reagan and Bush every chance he got. Trump contributed to the election campaigns of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emmanuel. Trump praised Obama and said he would be better than Bush. Trump supported Obama’s 2009 stimulus, TARP, and the 2008 auto bailout. Trump is opposed to free trade. It was Hoover signing the Smoot-Hawley bill that collapsed world trade and locked in the great depression, which was only a recession at that point. Trump contributed to Ed Koch for mayor of NY, but said he turned against Koch because Koch wouldn't do him a favor. He tries to buy politicians, a corrupt practice. Trump said he would come down hard on alcohol, limiting individual freedom with the nanny state. He bragged about cheating on his first two wives with married women and said that sex was his personal Vietnam. But he's a great businessman, right? Well, there's Trump University, where he promised to handpick the instructors, but now says he lied. And it closed down in several states when being investigated. It's now the subject of three lawsuits by former students who trusted his name, and say they were defrauded. But there's more: If you were a creditor in Trump Airlines, Trump Casino (3 times), Trump Mortgage, Trump Stakes, Trump Network or Trump Vodka, you got stiffed.  He would have more money today if he had put his inherited wealth into an S&P index fund. He said the system was rigged when he didn't bother to learn the rules, in place for decades, and lost delegates in many caucuses. He says the people didn't get to vote, though Colorado had record turn outs and every registered Republican could vote. But he didn't say that about the Hawaii Caucuses, where he won. You will be disappointed if he is nominated as is likely and then is crushed by Clinton (he'll blame everyone except the person he looks at in the mirror). But you will be even more disappointed if he won, because his bullying, crudeness, bluster and lack of knowledge or core values will make his a disaster as president, maybe worse that Hillary. ~Bob

Worth Reading: Trump’s values are not America’s. By Jennifer Rubin
Excerpt: In fact, it is Donald Trump who is unworthy of a great city and who undermines the values it embodies, as Garry Kasparov writes: He exemplifies the seamy side of New York City — the Ponzi schemers and the Brooklyn Bridge sellers, the gangster traders like Bernie Madoff and the celebrity gangsters like John Gotti — not the hard work and sacrifice that built New York and America. Born into millions, Trump wants us to believe we can follow in his footsteps if only we buy his book, go to his classes and, yes, vote for him. He stands for fake values and fake value, debt instead of cash, appearance over substance, gold paint instead of the real thing. Soon after that showy scene, the Plaza became Trump’s second bankruptcy. But he was already moving on to the next headline, to his next performance.

Trump’s ‘voterless’ election myth. By Marv Thiessan
Excerpt: Donald Trump is complaining that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is racking up “voterless” victories in states such as Colorado and Wyoming, where delegates are chosen by a “small handful of elites” who are “sidelining” Republican voters. This is dead wrong. In both Colorado and Wyoming, all registered Republican voters in the state had the chance to vote and participate in the delegate selection process. The Wyoming Republican Party website explains the process clearly: “Delegates to the state convention are elected by the county conventions. Delegates to the county convention are elected by precinct caucuses in their respective counties. Any person registered to vote Republican as of the call for precinct caucuses in a given precinct may vote in that precinct’s caucus” (emphasis added).

GOP precinct caucus has record turnout in Cheyenne
It’s absolute horse puckey. There was a vote, at precinct caucuses March 1, and turnout was higher than anyone can remember. --Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt

Worth Reading: GOP Primary Process Rigged. By Daren Jonescu
Excerpt: Similarly, a party nomination process does not represent a citizen's franchise, because it is not a vote for public office. It is the process whereby a non-governmental club chooses its candidate for public office. Members of the club who are invited to participate, and neither deceived nor defrauded out of that participation, have no grounds for claiming even a figurative disenfranchisement, regardless of whether they like the rules governing the process. In Colorado, Trump was invited, but chose not to participate actively. ... Similarly, a party nomination process does not represent a citizen's franchise, because it is not a vote for public office. It is the process whereby a non-governmental club chooses its candidate for public office. Members of the club who are invited to participate, and neither deceived nor defrauded out of that participation, have no grounds for claiming even a figurative disenfranchisement, regardless of whether they like the rules governing the process. In Colorado, Trump was invited, but chose not to participate actively.

Worth Reading: Top Trump aide lobbied for Pakistani spy front. By Michael Isikoff
Excerpt: For more than five years, Donald Trump’s new top campaign aide, Paul Manafort, lobbied for a Washington-based group that Justice Department prosecutors have charged operated as a front for Pakistan’s intelligence service, according to court and lobbying records reviewed by Yahoo News. Manafort’s work in the 1990s as a registered lobbyist for the Kashmiri American Council was only one part of a wide-ranging portfolio that, over several decades, included a gallery of controversial foreign clients ranging from Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and Zaire’s brutal dictator Mobutu Sese Seko to an Angolan rebel leader accused by human rights groups of torture. His role as an adviser to Ukraine’s then prime minister, Viktor Yanukovych, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, prompted concerns within the Bush White House that he was undermining U.S. foreign policy.

While the GOP worries about convention chaos, Trump pushes for ‘showbiz’ feel
Excerpt: A bungled and possibly contested convention could have lasting repercussions not only for the eventual nominee but also for the Republican brand. Party leaders fear that a week of contentious floor fights, inflammatory rhetoric and potentially violent protests could project a negative image to voters nationwide. Compounding the challenges facing organizers are the expectations of Donald Trump, who asserted in an interview that he should have at least partial control over programming, stagecraft and other issues by virtue of his front-runner status — even if he does not have the delegates to secure the nomination beforehand. Trump blasted the GOP’s last convention, in Tampa four years ago, as “the single most boring convention I’ve ever seen.”

DePaul University Bans Chalk Because It Can Be Used To Spell ‘Trump.’ By Jim Treacher
Excerpt: In case I haven’t made myself clear, I do not like Donald Trump and I’m never, ever going to vote for him. His nomination will destroy the Republican Party, if he hasn’t done so already (to which I say: my condolences and/or good riddance). He will ensure what Barack Obama couldn’t: 40 years of Democratic Party rule. Yet, as loathsome as I find Trump and his lickspittle apologists, I can’t help but laugh at the college students who run for their safe spaces at the mere sight of the man’s name.

GOP Congressman to Trump: If System Was ‘Rigged,’ You and Cruz Wouldn’t Be Winning

Again. ~Bob

Agree: The GOP would unite around Trump at its own peril. By Richard Cohen
Excerpt: In the coming weeks, Republicans everywhere will be seeking unity by embracing a front-runner. If that person is Donald Trump, they will be ignoring his utter lack of qualifications for the presidency, his harebrained schemes for controlling migration, his knack for insulting billions people at a time (Muslims, women, the disabled), his gaudy womanizing past, his lying, his exaggerating, his enthusiasm for torture and his ingenious view of the Constitution as a lease that can be broken.
That paragraph, politically lethal if I were writing about someone else, encapsulates precisely why Trump is so hard to stop. 

Agree: Donald Trump is not a Republican. He's a hypocrite and a con man. By Jeb Golinkin
Excerpt: Donald Trump is a con man perpetrating a fraud against Republican voters and the American public at large. Somehow, some way, Trump has convinced people that he is a right-wing Republican. He is lying. On issue after issue — from guns to taxes to immigration — Trump has consistently espoused views that reveal him to be, at best, a left-leaning narcissist whose ravenous hunger for fame is so overpowering that he is willing to forsake any core belief in order to obtain more of it. He cannot be trusted by anyone, especially movement conservatives. Let's start with taxes and the economy. Real conservatives uncompromisingly oppose counterproductive and unfair taxes and understand that free trade is the only way to preserve America's status as the leader of the free world. Trump disagrees.

Trump’s newest trumped-up charge. By Danielle Allen
Excerpt: Call me crazy, but I think that, in his remarkable op-ed last week in the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump offered to hand over to other candidates half of the delegates that he won in Florida and Arizona. “Delegates,” he wrote, “are supposed to reflect the decisions of voters, but the system is being rigged by party operatives with ‘double-agent’ delegates who reject the decision of voters.” In other words, Trump is arguing, delegates should show up at the Republican convention in Cleveland ready to vote in the same patterns in which the voters in the delegates’ home states voted. If we take his argument seriously, there should be no winner-take-all states whose delegates all vote for Trump. Trump won all 99 delegates in Florida with 46 percent of the vote. 

Donald Trump does not support voting
Take 10 minutes to listen to the first audio. Second one worth it as well. Mark Levin opened his show proving that neither Donald Trump nor his supporters actually support voting. --Steve

Trump’s national field director quits amid major staff changes
Excerpt: As Trump's chances of locking up the GOP nomination before the convention in July have faded, Lewandowski has seen his role in the campaign lessened. Trump has brought in a group of aides with decades of national political experience, including Paul Manafort, a longtime strategist who was recently brought on to oversee Trump's delegate and convention strategy. Manafort has quickly assumed the role of Trump's top adviser and reports directly to him.

Donald Trump Threatens to Sue Artist for Painting Him with a Small Penis


Worth Reading: Why Did Congo Offer Clinton $650,000 For Two Pics And A Speech?
Excerpt: Congo’s extraordinary offer to Clinton first surfaced in a batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails released this past August, where it won little attention at the time. Newly leaked documents, known as the “Panama papers,” shed new light on the mystery as well as the misdoings of Congo’s corrupt rulers. While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, America’s top official dealing with foreign leaders, former President Bill Clinton travelled the world giving speeches to world leaders and overseas interests–earning at least $48 million while his wife was America’s top diplomat. Why weren’t the payments to one Clinton not considered a bribe to the other Clinton?

The $70 Million Reasons Why Hillary Is Playing Dumb And Mum On Saudis And 9/11

Sanders' tax returns highlight contrast with rival Clinton
Excerpt: U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who has made income inequality a top campaign theme, had taxable income of $205,271 in 2014, putting him almost in the top 5 percent of American earners, according to the release of Friday of his federal tax return. That figure was still far below the millions earned by his main Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in recent years. Sanders and his wife, Jane, paid $27,653 in federal income taxes in 2014, an effective federal tax rate of 13.5 percent, on income of $205,271, which is their adjusted gross income before deductions. That figure is just below the $206,563 that Census data show as the lower limit for the top 5 percent of U.S. households in 2014.

WaPo Editorial: Mr. Sanders’s war on clean energy

Excerpt: A day after Bernie Sanders claimed he 'introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation' and said he would tax carbon use, the Democratic presidential candidate chartered a Delta 767 to fly him to Rome and back for less than 24 hours.
After attacking rival Hillary Clinton for her stance on fossil fuels stepped on Thursday, Sanders stepped off the plane on Friday in Rome for the Vatican conference with his wife, ten family members, a group of campaign staff, Secret Service detail and members of the press.

Sanders' Mistake. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
Excerpt: The problem for Sanders was that only a portion of his party’s base really feels that the rich need to be punished, and for the most part, progressive leaders don’t actually think that what they demand of others is meant to apply to them. Like Sanders, they think it’s only greedy when the other guy does it.. The Vermont Senator made the mistake of taking the party’s base seriously. Sanders cast an accusing finger at the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful and declared, “No one should be allowed to do this!” But what Democrats really wanted to hear was, “Only we should be allowed to do this!” The Democratic base wants what it wants, and doesn’t want to have to think too hard about how to get it or how it will work -- or whether what they’re demanding today directly contradicts what they demanded yesterday. Recent history suggests that when Democrats actually enact their long-awaited dream programs, they end up disappointed. They wanted universal healthcare and ended up with Obamacare’s canceled plans, doctors they couldn’t keep, and higher premiums, deductibles, and copays. They wanted a complete withdrawal from Iraq and now see ISIS on the march. They elected the first African-American president, yet live in an era of worsening racial tensions. The Obama administration promised economic renewal through a gargantuan stimulus, yet Americans feel they’re enduring a long era of economic anxiety, resentment, and anger. (Morning Jolt is a free e-newsletter you should subscribe to. ~Bob)

As bitter N.Y. primary draws close, Sanders accuses Clinton of campaign finance violations

Other Political News

Worth reading: Sleeping Dogs Are Waking. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: The university will either change soon or simply implode; its present course is unsustainable and rests on the premise that schizophrenic deans and presidents can still manage to write and say things to student cry bullies that they hope their donors and alumni never read or hear. Colleges overcharge insolvent students through tuition increases far beyond the annual rate of inflation—the Ponzi scheme predicated on guaranteed federal loans that cannot be repaid by poorly educated graduates and drop-outs, many with little skills or demonstrable education. Obama has already promised relief to the disabled student debtor: expect that more amnesties will follow, probably predicated on the basis of race, class, and gender. In the meantime, the number of disabled indebted students will mysteriously soar. In response, the university freely imposes speech codes, allows racial segregation, and winks at censorship of texts. 

FCC COMMISSIONER BLOWS WHISTLE ON 'OBAMAPHONE' WASTE. 'I think it's an outrage ... overlooking the fraud and expanding it even further'
Excerpt: Ajit Pai, a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission, took to national television Monday morning to tell the watching audience his five-member board was forced to stay quiet on “Obamaphone” waste and abuse until after the agency announced the program would be expanded to include Internet. As WND previously reported, the FCC voted 3-2 along party lines to expand its long-running telephone subsidy program, formally known as Lifeline, to include Internet access for lower-income Americans.  But on “Fox & Friends,” Pai admitted that the phone program has been implicated in a fraud investigation involving a California cell company accused of pilfering millions of dollars from taxpayers. (Now free diapers for all those babies and free electricity advertised as well....Barb)

Corruption, Incompetence Scandal at DOJ's Ferguson Unit Widens
Excerpt: On April 12, PJ Media Legal Editor J. Christian Adams reported that DOJ sources had revealed how two top employees in the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service (CRS) used taxpayer money for personal travel. The DOJ sources also revealed how these two top employees were responsible for a culture of incompetence, political decision-making, and gross mismanagement.  Here, we reveal that those same sources told Adams and me about corruption by other CRS managers, and about a hostile work environment that includes bullying and discrimination -- particularly against anyone who complains about the waste, fraud, and abuse.

Vietnam vets deserve a proper place in history. By Richard Botkin
Excerpt: Forty-one years ago this month, the war in Vietnam, for Americans, came to its inglorious, ignominious official conclusion. For many millions of freedom-loving Vietnamese left behind, the end of the “American War” was prelude into a longer, near-endless period of darkness and suffering. Those of us old enough to recall the date April 30, 1975, will forever remember those final newscasts of Saigon being overwhelmed by invading North Vietnamese infantry and armor. There were mages of multitudes futilely attempting to join the American exodus, shots of U.S. Navy ships steaming offshore crowded with refugees and flight decks awash in helicopters being pitched into the abyss of the South China Sea – the sinking aircraft a metaphor to many for the tremendous waste of American blood and treasure. And since the dark sunset on that day the wounds that were the Vietnam War experience would never quite heal or be recalled in proper perspective. Assessing the situation years later, it was a long-retired and partially publicly restored Richard Nixon who would give us, arguably, the greatest two-line observation on our experience in Vietnam when he said: “No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. “It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now.” (If there is any way you can get to see this movie, please make the effort to go, and pass this on to your friends, especially other vets.  The guys who made the movie really put themselves way out there to do this tremendous good work, and they need all the support we can give them. --Del)

Professional Educator: Grades, Showing Up On Time Are A Form Of White Supremacy

Worth Reading: The Contradictions of Diversity. Whereas the Founders prized unity, 21st-century America has embraced diversity. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Diversity is a neutral term, no more positive or negative than its array of antonyms such as homogeneity and uniformity. Iraq is certainly diverse. So is Syria or the Balkans; Japan and South Korea are not. Yet uniformity seems a virtue in the latter while difference in the former has birthed tragedy. In other words, diversity as a positive demographic idea depends on how it is manifested within a particular political landscape. In the U.S., diversity was traditionally a word less fondly used than unity. Our coins, after all, do not bear the motto E singulis plures. And the Confederacy failed in its effort to allow the states their own diverse cultures without yielding to federal unity. The German-led invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 was certainly one of the most diverse coalitions in history, the invaders eventually including, besides the Germans themselves, Finns, Hungarians, Italians, Romanians, and Spaniards, in opposition to a mostly unified Soviet Red Army. How, then, did diversity become the mantra of the American 21st century? A few reasons stand out.

Worth Reading: Winners or Whiners? By Dr. Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: If there is one pattern that is emerging from this year's political campaigns, it is that rhetoric beats reality — in both parties. The biggest surprise among the Democrats is Bernie Sanders, and among the Republicans is Donald Trump. Although they are each seeking to be put in charge of the nation's government, does anyone know — or care — what their actual track record in government has been? Trump of course has no track record at all in government. If Sanders has anything to show for his many years in Congress, no one seems to know what it is. But both are great at rhetoric.


Fake Racism: Ex-Kean student admits sending Twitter threats aimed at black students. By Tom Haydon, The Star-Ledger  
Excerpt: In a surprise move, a Kean University graduate accused of sending Twitter messages threatening black students on campus appeared in court Monday and pleaded guilty to the charge. Kayla McKelvey, 25, of Union Township, pleaded guilty to a single count of third-degree creating a false public alarm, acting Union County Prosecutor Grace Park said in a statement. In exchange for her plea, the prosecutor's office will recommend she receive a 90-day jail sentence, Park said. McKelvey, who is black, must also agree to pay $82,000 in restitution for the police response and investigation of the threats. (When the level of anti-racist activism gets so totally crazy that people start making stuff up to throw gas on the fire, it becomes not just stupid and immoral, but contributing to making things worse for everyone.  The over-the-top anger and righteousness of such people is part of the problem, not remotely part of any solution.  I hope she does the 90 days and gets slammed to have to pay the full $82K back to the town, and this becomes a lesson in what NOT to do, no matter how you feel about what you see as continuing injustice. --Del)

Study confirms medical costs rising for post-ObamaCare patients – along with premiums
Excerpt: For Americans wondering why their health care premiums and deductibles are rising so dramatically, a new study by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association provides some answers. The study, released on March 30, found that people who enrolled in BCBS after the Affordable Care Act became law had higher rates of disease than those who'd been enrolled before ObamaCare took effect, suggesting insurers indeed are taking on higher-risk and higher-cost patients. Their costs are rising, along with premiums in general. (Command economies are doomed to fail.  Supply and demand works.  Per video, NYT reports "historic increases."  What a legacy for Obama....and illegals part of the problem. --Barb)

Obama administration to forgive student loans of 400,000 disabled people
Excerpt: The Obama administration on Monday began sending letters to nearly 400,000 people with permanent disabilities, in an attempt to help them through the process of discharging their student loans....The letter campaign was set to begin April 18, and included approximately 387,000 people the agency has identified as eligible; 179,000 of those people are already in default. The department estimates the loans eligible for forgiveness amount to about $7.8 billion.

Religion of Peace News

Muslims killing Muslims for Allah: Attack in Kabul Leaves Dozens Dead and Hundreds Hurt

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD DAY ON CAPITOL HILL. Lawmakers' offices visited by individuals associated with front group

Excerpt:  On Monday, April 18, legislators’ offices will be visited by individuals associated with a group unknown to most lawmakers: The United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). In the interest of helping members of the U.S. Congress understand precisely who their interlocutors are, permit a brief introduction: The USCMO is the latest in a long series of front organizations associated with, and working to advance, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States

State Department Doesn't Think We're Letting in Syrian Refugees Quickly Enough
Excerpt: The State Department is unhappy with the pace that Syrian refugees are being admitted to the United States and wants to increase the new arrivals to 1500 a month.  To date, 1,300 Syrians have been resettled. But President Obama set a goal of taking in 10,000 Syrians by September and in order to meet that mark, the State Department wants to speed up the already inadequate vetting process. (DOS infiltrated with pro-MB personnel. --Barb)

The Syrian Refugees and Obama's Plot Against America
Excerpt: What is Obama up to here? It's hard to avoid the conclusion that he is busy, in his last moments, doing his best to subvert our society as we know it.  ... But the irony is this: If we wish to keep it that way, we have to be certain the people we are letting in respect our traditions and do not seek to destroy us. 

Congressman Blasts Obama For Not Designating Muslim Brotherhood a Terror Group
Excerpt: Congressman Dave Trott (R-MI) blasted the Obama administration during a hearing last week for not designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Trott noted the group's role in the targeting of Coptic Christians in Egypt, and how it continues to incite violence against minorities and U.S. allies. Rep. Trott also expressed disbelief at the State Department's excuses for continuing to meet with the group.

NY Post: Saudi Arabia’s Role in 9/11 ‘Deliberately Covered up at the Highest Levels of Our Government’
Excerpt: Case agents I’ve interviewed at the Joint Terrorism Task Forces in Washington and San Diego, the forward operating base for some of the Saudi hijackers, as well as detectives at the Fairfax County (Va.) Police Department who also investigated several 9/11 leads, say virtually every road led back to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, as well as the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles.  Yet time and time again, they were called off from pursuing leads. A common excuse was “diplomatic immunity.”

Iran, Europe pressuring US to grant Tehran access to financial markets
This is all we need now. --Barb

Disgusting: Pressure grows on Marines to consider lowering combat standards for women. By Rowan Scarborough 
Excerpt: Two years ago, Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the nation’s top military officer, laid down an edict on the Obama administration’s plan to open direct land combat jobs to women: If women cannot meet a standard, senior commanders better have a good reason why it should not be lowered. Today, the “Dempsey rule” appears to have its first test case. The Marine Corps just finished research to see if female officers could successfully complete its rigorous Infantry Officer Course. (Translation- [changing the standards so that women can pass all of them regardless of different physical capacities] What we can count on next is some official study that concludes that being able to climb a 25 foot rope while wearing a full pack actually isn't something a Marine officer really ever needs to do, so that test can be dispensed with or at least modified to be "improved and realistic", meaning no pack or 15 feet length or whatever it takes so that some women can pass it. --Del. As I've said before, this will result in dead Marines, male and female, but the Politically-Correct elites won't feel any shame or responsibility--it won't be their kids. ~Bob)

“Muhammad appeared in a dream, inspired me to kill Jews.” By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: When will John Kerry and Pope Francis and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and David Cameron and Karen Armstrong and Tariq Ramadan and the rest travel to visit Shatila Abu Iyadh to explain to her how she is misunderstand Muhammad’s peaceful teachings? A hadith depicts Muhammad saying: “The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” (Sahih Muslim 6985)

Once seen as White House triumph, new nation of South Sudan descends into war, misery
Excerpt: Just five years ago, celebrities such as George Clooney and Don Cheadle hailed the creation of a new African nation as one of President Obama’s foreign policy success stories, but now South Sudan is looking like a failed state.  The nation, sought as a means of bringing peace to Sudan’s long-running civil war, was promoted as a potential U.S. ally and was formed following a referendum passed with 98 percent of the vote to secede from the northern part of Sudan and the Khartoum government. But hope has given way to desperation, as South Sudan has descended into bloodshed and chaos. (Obama's legacy...bloodshed, chaos and POTUS complains about our form of government to the Saudis. --Barb)

Biden slams Netanyahu hours after Jerusalem attack
Excerpt: Vice President Joe Biden said Monday night that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government was leading the country "in the wrong direction" hours after a bus bombing in Jerusalem wounded at least 21 people. In a speech to the Israel advocacy group J Street, Biden criticized Palestinian leaders, but saved his harshest words for Israeli officials.  "I firmly believe that the actions that Israel's government has taken over the past several years -- the steady and systematic expansion of settlements, the legalization of outposts, land seizures -- they're moving us and more importantly they're moving Israel in the wrong direction," Biden said.

Lack of Opportunity Causes Terrorism: “Massive diversity” among Islamic State jihadis, many have PhDs, master’s degrees, MBA’s

Of Interest

FedEx employee naps, is shipped with packages to Texas
Excerpt: A FedEx Express hub worker fell asleep in Tennessee and woke up in Texas. The shipping company's ground crew member, who was not identified, was loading cargo on to an aircraft at a Memphis airport Friday when he nodded off around 4 a.m., FOX34 reported.  The man woke up mid-flight and tried to alert the pilots by knocking on the cabin door.


Before NY

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