Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Satellite Data on Global Temps

I was doing research on how global temperature is best measured, which is by satellites.  Then as I got into it, I found that there's been a lot of arguing even about that kind of measuring, with the people who believe in manmade warming jumping on the others who publish the satellite data that shows no real warming for 18+ years.
I went further on the site and found that assorted Climate Change believers had attacked the articles saying there was little warming, and in fact there are literally years of articles back and forth with people arguing about this.  (Interestingly, those who raise questions about the AGW theory are generally polite about the opposing people, but the believers are aggressive, and refer to anyone who doesn't agree with them as "denialists".  Sadly, just another example of the intolerance and tendency for personal attacks of all the super-righteous people.)
In the end, I found this great graph of satellite temperature readings over time, compiled by one of the proponents of AGW.  This is where he has used every way possible to set it up to show things as he believes them to be, and he actually says this is a rebuttal to the "denialists".
The black line is the actual satellite data, worked every way the writer says  makes it valid.  All the colored lines are the many computer models that the AGW people like to use.  Notice that starting in 1993 the colored lines are all on the upswing and wind up with predictions of temperature rise of 1 to 1.5 deg C.  But the black line has just one spike in 1998, and the rest of it is pretty much random up and down, meaning no significant trend. It shows warming of about 0.3 deg C at most.  So in fact the data do demonstrate no real warming for a long time now.  And the models are not worth anything.
The guy who made the graph then goes on at length about why the "pause" doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the AGW theory, because, you see, the weather is so complex and there so much else that could be going on to "hide" the increase that he knows really should be there.  It is an interesting look into the mind of someone who is a qualified scientist, but whose belief in and attachment to a certain theory is so strong that even when the data hit him in the face, he just uses that fine mind to come up with ways to rationalize what it is that he wants to believe.
As clouds can block the brightest sun, emotions can cloud the brightest mind.

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