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Wanting to enjoy as much of the autumn weather and color as possible, we took a day trip to Gays Mills, about 100 miles west of Madison, recommended to us for scenery and apple orchards by our friend from church, Hal and Ellynn. Both were as great as advertised. Fall color in Madison is not quite peak, but a little past in the hill country around Gays Mills. We bought apples (loved "Bailey Sweets," it's first time I tried them.) and lots of stuff, but the highlight was a paid of Bald Eagles circling and landing in a field. A little distant for good pictures, but a real treat. There was also a wonderful war memorial at the American Legion in Richland Center, the big city in the area--population 5000+ ~Bob

Excerpt: The Iranian parliament has rejected the formal, legal text of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal, negotiated in July by the U.S.U.K.France, GermanyRussiaChina and the Tehran regime. Instead, the majilis approved their own version of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), creating a situation where the Iranian government simply hasn’t signed on to the accord that Obama and Democratic Senators obligated the United States to uphold. Western media incorrectly reported that the majilis approved the actual text of the JCPOA, according to experts. (It's okay; we're not all Muslim.  OK to lie to us, eh? --Barb. To get a deal for his "legacy," Obama will agree to anything Iran does. We are going to lose New York. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Sure, this batch of candidates sounded like a bunch of loons. They contended socialism is mostly about standing up to the richest one percent and promoting entrepreneurs and small business; climate change is the biggest national security threat facing the nation; college educations should be free for everyone; all lives don’t matter, black lives do; Obama is simultaneously an enormously successful president in managing the economy and the middle class is collapsing and there’s a need for a “New New Deal” which is in fact an Old Old Idea, considering how FDR called for a Second New Deal in 1935. The audience in Nevada applauded higher taxes, believes that Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to answer any more questions, supports the complete shutdown of the NSA domestic surveillance program, and that Obamacare benefits should be extended to illegal immigrants. There are kindergarten classes with more realistic assessments of cost-benefit tradeoffs than the crowd watching this debate at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Interesting: Sometimes, Debate Nights Clear Up a Lot. Last Night Sure Did. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
Excerpt: Are you ready for Hillary . . . to be the Democratic nominee? Unless Joe Biden jumps in soon, that looks like a much safer bet than just a few days ago. Observations I didn’t get to add last night . . . First, we saw pretty good questions from Anderson Cooper overall. He stood his ground as the candidates, and barking-seal audience, contended no one cared about Hillary Clinton’s insecure e-mail server. One exception: Did the candidates discuss ISIS at all? There was a little bit of back-and-forth on a Syria no-fly zone, but did anyone on that stage have anything resembling a concrete plan to deal with the growing mass of maniacs who are beheading, immolating, raping, torturing and mass-murdering their way across the Middle East? The Democratic party’s grassroots is fundamentally pacifist and isolationist, and thus they aren’t interested in discussions about that. They’re more interested in discussions about Hillary’s vote for the Iraq War and how terrible that was, and who did what during the Vietnam War. This is what really endangers us as a country; we have one of our two major political parties, the one with some built-in electoral-college advantages, that simply doesn’t want to think about certain major issues. Yes, CNN gave a lot more attention to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders than Lincoln Chafee. Did anyone mind?

Worth Reading: The Deeper Significance of Hillary’s ‘Enemies’ Gaffe. By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: It wasn’t necessarily bad politics — in the primaries. The Democratic base largely shares her Manicheanism when it comes to the Republican party these days. That’s one reason why Sanders wasn’t as foolish as some think for his “gift” on the e-mail scandal. Many Democrats now reflexively take the view that if Republicans or Fox News think something is bad, then it must be an illegitimate issue. Lending even rhetorical aid and comfort to the enemy is counted as “unprogressive” even on issues that progressives should be horrified by. The Clinton Foundation’s incestuous cronyism should horrify the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic party. But saying so would be seen as using “right-wing talking points” so they stay mum on the issue. The same people who freaked out over the leaking of Valerie Plame’s identity should properly want Clinton indicted for what she did with her e-mail. But if the Republicans think so too, it must not be so.

Video Worth Hearing: Source: FBI probe of Clinton email focused on ‘gross negligence’ provision
Excerpt: Three months after Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email address and server while secretary of state was referred to the FBI, an intelligence source familiar with the investigation tells Fox News that the team is now focused on whether there were violations of an Espionage Act subsection pertaining to "gross negligence" in the safekeeping of national defense information. Under 18 USC 793 subsection F, the information does not have to be classified to count as a violation. The intelligence source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity citing the sensitivity of the ongoing probe, said the subsection requires the "lawful possession" of national defense information by a security clearance holder who "through gross negligence," such as the use of an unsecure computer network, permits the material to be removed or abstracted from its proper, secure location.

Excerpt: Have a little sympathy for the Sanders set. Following Bernie Sanders around Iowa earlier in the season, I got a pretty good idea of who he is and what he is about: He is a man with a palpable desire to punish, to make them pay, a fellow who read Discipline and Punish back in the 1970s and cheered for the jailers at the Mettray Penal Colony. He calls himself a “democratic socialist,” but we know the kind of socialist he is: Stefan Löfven on the stump, Mao Zedong in his heart. You can see that from a mile away, and his performance on the stage tonight only confirms that. His politics are driven by hatred. Senator Sanders I get, and I got in a minute, in that anybody who knows a little history knows the type. But the Sandersnistas mystified me. I think I’m starting to understand them. ... At both ends of the spectrum, we see terrified – terrified -- Americans praying that Big Daddy will provide for them and smite their enemies. With sometime messiah Barack Obama having failed to deliver the goods, they’re turning to Government As God the Father Himself. Over and over again: Sanders is on our side, Sanders will make them pay. Sanders hates who we hate.

Fact checking the first Democratic debate



WaPo Fact Checker: Clinton’s claim that 40 percent of guns are sold at gun shows and over the Internet
Excerpt: By any reasonable measure, Clinton’s claim that 40 percent of guns are sold at gun shows or over the Internet — and thus evade background checks through a loophole — does not stand up to scrutiny. As we demonstrated, the 40-percent figure, even if confirmed in a new survey, refers to all gun transactions, not just gun sales. A large percentage of the gun transactions not covered by background checks are family and friend transactions – which would have been exempt from the universal background checks pushed by Democrats. Indeed, many gun-show sales are made by licensed firearm dealers — and 17 states even have that requirement, at least for handguns. Clinton earns Three Pinocchios.

10 moments Republicans will use against Clinton

From the left: Is Hillary Clinton Above the Law? Bernie Sanders seems to think so. By Justin Raimondo
Excerpt: What did we learn from the Democratic presidential debates? We learned that Hillary Clinton hates Edward Snowden, loves the Patriot Act, and considers “the Iranians” among her biggest enemies. In short, we learned that she may very well be Lindsey Graham in drag. And we also learned what many already knew: that she considers herself above the law. What we didn’t know, however, but do now, is that Bernie Sanders agrees with her. (This is pretty bad when the guy who leans left and runs comes down on someone like HRC. Gives you hope – although mainstream America (and the media) appears to have bought her act and refuses to hold anyone accountable anymore……..--Greg)

Why Clinton’s debate success could come back to hurt her in the end

New Huma Abedin E-mail Address Discovered ahead of Benghazi Committee Appearance

BRILLIANT: Video Destroys the Tax Plan Supported by Leftists like Bernie Sanders

Something’s Awesome in the State of Denmark. By Kevin D. Williamson
Strong property rights, low corruption, openness to trade and investment, low public debt: Bring it on. -- Kevin D. Williamson


Worth Reading: That time Jim Webb fought a man in Vietnam, explained

Yes: People are criticizing my dad, Jim Webb, for killing a man. Here’s what they’re missing. By Jim Webb
Excerpt: In fact, seeing the reaction to my father’s story in recent days has highlighted for me the almost stunning level of ignorance that the general public has about war. CNN introduced him as a “war hero,” and yet people were surprised and even uncomfortable when they were given a glimpse of what that might have entailed. (The people most upset by Webb's comments are the same folks who want to send other people's daughters--never their own--to serve in close infantry combat. ~Bob. While Jim Webb is a man of complexity whom many admire and others criticize for various things, his actions in combat long ago earned him the Navy Cross, and that is not awarded for minor acts of any sort.  In those moments of combat he killed several of the enemy, who were doing their level best to kill him and his men.  And gee, that is exactly what is called for of any Marine, soldier, sailor, or airman in war, to take out the enemy while protecting our own.  Those who do not, perhaps cannot, understand this and are ready and eager to criticize someone who has done the job of killing, are both ignorant and arrogant to a level that is, to me, disgusting.  They need to be told to shut up and leave the adults alone. --Del)

Important: Webb The Only Democrat To Say All Lives Matter At Debate [VIDEO]
The follow up questions to the other Democrats should have been, "Do Hispanic Lives Matter? Asian Lives? Native American Lives? Non-Black Muslim lives, Christian Lives, Jewish Lives, Buddhist Lives, Gay Lives? Saying only "Black Lives Matter" and not others is as racist as saying only white Lives Matter. ~Bob)

This is the cyber warfare Jim Webb was talking about

The winner of the Democratic presidential debate was ... Jim Webb?
Excerpt: I got a great deal of admiration and affection for Sen. Sanders. But, Bernie, I don't think the revolution's going to come. And I don't think Congress is going to pay for a lot of this stuff." With that jibe in Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate, Jim Webb tried to slam the door on the notion that Bernie Sanders is a serious candidate for the White House -- and at the same time posit himself as the best middle-of-the-road alternative.

Surprise! Iran’s long-range missile test may violate nuke deal

The Republicans’ Incompetence Caucus. By David Brooks
Brooks has a reputation as a  moderate conservative, not well liked by liberals. Rather like Peggy Noonan. ~Bob

Excerpt: Fewer first-term Marines are signing on for a second re-enlistment compared to this time last year, prompting manpower officials to ask commanders to redouble efforts to encourage young enlisted troops to stay in the Corps. The Marine Corps is making slower progress towards re-enlistment targets for fiscal year 2016. As of Oct. 5, just over 33 percent of targeted first-term boat spaces were filled compared to 53 percent at the same time last year, according to Marine administrative message 490/15. (AND THEY CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY. --DH)

Woman With Gun Saves her Life from Violent Home Intruder

Saudi Sheikh: Men in Paradise Will Be Busy 'Tearing Hymens'
Excerpt: Saudi Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana' explains the precise 'pleasures' of a man who has the merit to enter the 'Paradise' of the next world. Note: Most women don't make it there.

Excerpt: Did any of you catch the Obama interview on 60 Minutes last Sunday night?  I thought it was fascinating.  Steve Croft, who has thrown softball questions Obama's way for three years now, decided to retrieve his journalistic "cojones" and actually ask Barry some real questions. Obama, so comfortable in previous interviews where he gets to pick who's asking the questions, was a profile of dysfunction Sunday night as Croft questioned him about his many massive failures.  And you could see Obama was quite taken aback that one of his prior media darlings had dared to question his emperorship.

Let There Be Water. Author: Seth M. Siegel. Review by ALLYSIA FINLEY
Excerpt: The British believed that Palestine could hold no more than two million people without going thirsty. There are now more than 12 million. ... Zionist leaders dreamed up Israel’s elaborate water system to prove the Brits wrong. For them, the Negev was a land of possibility. As Mr. Siegel writes, David Ben-Gurion, who would become Israel’s first prime minister, “saw himself in a race against time to establish facts on the ground that would justify a recommendation by the UN commissioners to grant the desert territory to the new Jewish state.”

Peru's military questioned over drug flight plague
Excerpt: It happens about four times a day, right under the nose of Peru's military: A small single-engine plane drops onto a dirt airstrip in the world's No. 1 coca-growing valley, delivers a bundle of cash, picks up more than 300 kilos of cocaine and flies to Bolivia. Roughly half of Peru's cocaine exports have been ferried eastward to Bolivia on this "air bridge," police say, since the rugged Andean nation became the world's leading producer of the drug in 2012.

ELECTION 2016. By Mindy Bltz, Globe Trot
Last night’s Democratic debate underscores how persistence are questions over Hillary Clinton’s use of email during her tenure as Secretary of State. As former State Department employees have explained to me, one crucial issue is who gave State’s IT department clearance to reroute her email to her private email account, which would require using a different, and unsecured, server. IT services are run out of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), a shop run like “a little CIA,” I was told, with training sessions on use of email and other information typically taking place inside a soundproof vault. Some insiders say permission to reroute her email would have to come from the National Security Council, or the White House. Perhaps tellingly, when asked about it by a House committee, the Clinton aide who allegedly set up the changeover invoked the 5th Amendment.

Norm Pattis: The rot that will destroy us will be home grown
Excerpt: In the end, when our civilization and way of life collapses, it will not be because some foreign enemy laid us low. The rot that will destroy us will be home grown. The lingering decay was on display in Milford recently, where school officials banned Halloween celebrations in the elementary schools lest they offend those who would not participate, apparently on religious grounds. This brand of idiocy made national news, and a laughing stock out of Milford school officials.


Setting The Stage For Martial Law
Excerpt: .... It is profoundly disturbing that a foul creature like Louis Farrakhan is seen as a genuine advocate by many black Americans. It is sickening that caricatures such as Anthea Butler are advanced professionally and accepted as legitimate educators. It is perverse that entertainers like Kanye West and Azealia Banks are granted forums to disparage this nation after making fortunes here as purveyors of malignant art. (Black author.  All in the plan....race war, martial law, no election, oh, and WWIII.  Kiss your trees, animals, plants and family and ass goodbye. --Barb)

Police banned from wearing Union Jack patch in tribute to PC David Phillips who was killed in line of duty in case it causes 'offence'

The War Hero Vs. the Cackling Old Witch

Rahm Emanuel reaps the whirlwind of Democratic rule. By George F. Will

Cyberspace Becomes Second Front in Russia’s Clash With NATO
No surprise here. What are we doing defensively and offensively? Cordially, Larry Greenberg

Hardline Iranian MPs Threaten To Execute Foreign Minister Over Nuclear Deal
Excerpt: Less than a month after a hardline member of Iran’s Parliament compared the historic handshake between President Barack Obama and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to signing a pact with the devil, several other members of Parliament (MP) in the Islamic Republic have threatened to execute Zarif and the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEO), Ali Akbar Salehi, over their nuclear deal with the Western world. “Someone has come and tell us [sic] ‘We will kill you and bury you under cement at the Arak reactor,'” Salehi reportedly told the Iranian Parliament on Sunday. (So glad Kerry didn't get the peace prize....Barb)

Bergdahl case: U.S. Army as Obama’s political lapdog?
Excerpt: If Maj. Gen. Dahl did not feel that Bergdahl deserved further punishment, why did Gen. Milley approve such serious charges as desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, instead of recommending leniency? Or, like Obama's Rose Garden ceremony with Bergdahl's parents, was that "bad optics" for Gen. Milley, who would soon appear before the Senate for Chief of Staff confirmation hearings? Did he go with the more serious charges deliberately, with the administration's subtle blessing, confident that, in the end, the Article 32 would go nowhere?

The Likely Bergdahl Endgame. By Jonathan Keiler
Excerpt: According to Bowe Bergdahl’s attorneys, the presiding officer at the his recent Article 32 hearing, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Visger, has recommended that the soldier only face a Special Courts Martial for abandoning his post in Afghanistan and not be given jail time.  A Special Courts Martial also would take away the possibility of a dishonorable discharge. Bergdahl’s attorneys, clearly cheered by the tepid recommendation, are now calling for the convening authority (General Robert Abrams) to proceed with nothing stronger than non-judicial punishment (Article 15 in Army parlance.) Either result would likely allow Bergdahl to escape any time in jail, avoid a dishonorable discharge, and perhaps most importantly to both him and his attorneys, retain his benefits and collect his back pay. (The way things are going with Bergdahl are actually even a bit worse than I had predicted, but the outcome, some tiny slap on the wrist and now he goes home with huge backpay and full veteran benefits, seems to be shaping up just as I had said a few days ago.  What an horrendous travesty!  What an insult to the men he served with, and the families of the men who died out looking for him.  These officers running the whitewash are a disgrace to the concept of military justice.  But they are the kind of political animals that the Obama Administration has made the success story of military careers. --Del)

Worth Reading: Scientist who urged government to sue climate skeptics gets millions from taxpayers. By Maxim Lott       
Excerpt:  A key signatory of a petition calling for government to sue companies that question climate change has pulled the letter from his institute's website amid revelations his family reaped $500,000 in salary and benefits last year from the government-funded organization. The controversy started after George Mason University climatologist Jagadish Shukla and 19 other scientists signed a letter on Sept. 1 urging lawsuits against companies like Exxon for, the petitioners claim, intentionally misleading about climate change. They say the federal government could sue using “RICO” laws originally designed to prosecute the mob, and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., has also backed the idea. But global warming skeptics accused Shukla of channeling millions of dollars in government science grants into his own salary through a non-profit – while government agencies tell that they stand by their grants. (I have tried to point out for a long time that a bunch of the people who are really into pushing the "Climate Change" agenda have some motivations that are not just about saving the planet.  Some of them are (hard to believe) into mere money.  This guy is a superb example.  $500K to him and his wife in one year from various grants about supposedly doing research.  On top of his $250K salary and great benefits from the college.  Note the grants didn't go to him, actually, they went to an "institute" he founded.... which then, of course, had to pay him and his wife for all their super hard work.  Sure....  Can I get in on this?  And the agencies that shoveled out our tax money to this guy and his games still say they were doing the right thing.  Yep, spending tax money to support people who are out to prove Climate Change but not a penny to anyone who might research in a different direction about what goes on in the planet's very complex weather systems.  That's not supporting science, that's supporting an agenda.  What a mess this is. --Del)



Obama to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016 For the second time in a year, President Obama’s lofty political promise to end U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq collided with harsh realities on the ground as he announced a plan Thursday to keep at least 5,500 troops in Afghanistan  beyond the end of his presidency in January 2017. With the Taliban and the Islamic State making alarming gains in recent months, Mr. Obama acknowledged that his original plan to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year would not serve America’s national security interests. His policy reversal will leave to his successor the question of how to conclude the 14-year-old U.S. military mission. (In 2008, I think it was Obama who said Afghanistan is a war of necessity, a war we have to win. But America in general and Democrats in particular have no will to win wars today. Until the war is fully here. It is coming. ~Bob)

Interesting: Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Win by Going After the NRA. Rekindling the culture war with the gun lobby is a losing proposition. Here’s what can be done to curb violence. By Paul Barrett 
Excerpt: Let’s begin with the folly of making the NRA the issue. “They’re celebrating at NRA headquarters in Fairfax [Va.] that Hillary is coming after them,” says longtime gun-rights activist Richard Feldman. “You can’t ask for better ammunition for the NRA.” ... A second bill, sponsored by Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), would expand the domestic-abuse restraining-order rule to cover not only current and former spouses, but also abusive boyfriends and convicted stalkers. ... In 2014, according to the FBI, less than 3 percent of the roughly 12,000 murders in the U.S. were carried out with rifles of any sort, ranging from wooden-stock .22 squirrel plunkers to AR-15s, the civilian equivalents to the weapons used by U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Americans killed each other far more often with knives (13 percent) and hands and feet (6 percent) than they did with semiautomatic rifles.

Democrats protect each other better than Republicans do

Excerpt: There are now 340 sanctuary cities in the United States — and the list is growing. All of them choose to ignore federal immigration law by refusing to report detained undocumented immigrants to federal authorities under most circumstances. Partly as a result, deportations of those who entered the U.S. illegally are at a 10-year low — even according to the Obama administration’s new rigged redefinition of deportation as also occasionally preventing illegal entry at the border. ... In 2013 alone, ICE released more than 36,000 undocumented immigrants with criminal convictions. One thousand of them were charged with committing subsequent crimes, according to the Center for Immigration Studies report. (All liberals were demanding that the KY clerk uphold marriage law, but have nothing to negative to say about Obama and these 340 cities flouting immigration law. Hard for me to see a difference. ~Bob)

Black Lives Matter’ Protester Changes His Mind
Excerpt: Who was it that said "know your enemy".  Well, I'm sorry....I really tried to watch the Dim Debate last night but it was like watching four bobble head dolls (and one Jim Webb) falling over themselves to agree on policies that would give their supporters something for nothing.  Free college, free abortions, a program so that you could keep your home even if you didn't make your mortgage payments.  Worst of all was their iron insistence that the world is just a fine place where the only threat to our safety is climate change. I really tried watching the debate but kept getting nauseous and had to keep flipping over to the Dodgers-Mets game until the bile subsided.  I wonder how many viewers understood that the crowd was hand picked by Debbie "Wasserman Test" that every liberal pronouncement was greeted by raucous applause.

Iran shows off secret underground missile base in new video

Official: Russia ‘deliberately targeting’ US-backed forces in Syria
Oh, gee, who is building the Caliphate and dropping them munitions, versus taking them out?

Excerpt:  However, unnamed U.S. officials quoted by various news outlets have said members of the Syrian, made up of various Arab groups, would receive support under the new U.S. effort to fight ISIS in Syria.  The faction Jaysh al-Qasas, which worked with ISIS in 2014, is part of the Syrian Arab Coalition, Voice of America reported October 6.  U.S.-supplied military equipment will not end up in enemy hands, according to Cmdr. Smith.

Palestinian stabbers
The Palestinian Authority, far from being a peace partner, has incited its gullible hateful youth to violence that it can no longer control. Arab members of the Israeli Knesset are also adding fuel to the fire. These perpetrators will have to be confronted, subdued, imprisoned at hard labor until they are old men, or killed. The commandment, accurately translated, is “You shall not murder.” See what they are doing:

Cruz Demands to Know Why the DOJ is 'Chilling' Cops' Efforts. By Cortney O'Brien
Excerpt: The war on cops, many believe, has been incited by the Obama administration’s Department of Justice. When Ferguson, Missouri was in crisis mode after Darren Wilson, a white police officer, shot and killed Michael Brown, an African-American male, Attorney General Eric Holder made a personal appearance at the crime scene and said police had created a "toxic" environment. The DOJ then launched an investigation, seemingly in an effort to expose any racism in the Ferguson police force. Holder said their findings proved they had fostered “unconstitutional practices” in the community that made minority residents fearful. (A very good set of questions from the Senator.  It'll be interesting to see how they respond.  Possibly the good old-fashioned stonewall. --Del)

Biden backers to naysayers: Not so fast
Excerpt: Former senator Ted Kaufman has been portrayed as the most reluctant of the vice president's inner circle to support a 2016 campaign. Any note from Kaufman to Biden supporters is treated with greater credibility than a media leak.

The American boy arrested for making a clock meets Sudan’s president, an accused war criminal

How Government Regulation Is Undermining Mental Health Care. By John C. Goodman
Excerpt: Anyone who has given two seconds worth of thought to it knows that school shootings are not occurring because we have a gun problem. They are occurring because we have a mental health problem. So what are we doing about that? Not much. Despite several mental health parity laws, government regulation is one reason why so little is being done. ObamaCare is probably making things worse.

Rahm's Hand-picked Choice: Former Chicago Schools Chief Pleads Guilty in Kickback Scheme
What’s particularly striking is the sense of entitlement described in the indictment. Keep in mind, Chicago’s chief of public schools makes $250,000. That’s a nice chunk of change to most Chicagoans. But if you’re a city official, apparently you feel you deserve to live the life of the city’s rich and famous: --Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt.

Exclusive–BH Interview: John Rhys-Davies’s Un-PC Solution to Europe’s Migrant Crisis
I cannot recommend this interview strongly enough.  Rhys-Davies is a really, really sharp mind, and besides that, beautifully British in courtesy, refusing to state any direct opinions about US politics because that's just impolite. So much of what he touches on is outstanding logic and good sense, even the parts of it that will have some people jumping up and down and screaming about being a bloodthirsty maniac and a would-be imperialist.  He is down to earth as it gets, and I only wish we had leaders in the West with a fraction of his smarts and pragmatism. --Del

"Tiny minority of extremists" update: 51% of U.S. Muslims want Sharia; 60% of young Muslims more loyal to Islam than to U.S. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: Really, what did you expect? A considerable portion of U.S. domestic and foreign policy is based on the assumption that Islam in the U.S. will be different: that Muslims here believe differently from those elsewhere, and do not accept the doctrines of violence against and subjugation of unbelievers that have characterized Islam throughout its history. But on what is that assumption based? Nothing but wishful thinking. And future generations of non-Muslims will pay the price.

Excerpt: Tapper doesn't get out much. If he did, chances are he'd run into some of the 51% of Muslims living in the U.S. who just this June told Polling Co. they preferred having "the choice of being governed according to Shariah," or Islamic law. Or the 60% of Muslim-Americans under 30 who told Pew Research they're more loyal to Islam than America.

Raymond Ibrahim: “Abducting Women” and “Destroying Churches” is “Real Islam,” Says Iraqi Grand Ayatollah


Satire: Sgt. Maj. Ruins Career By Publicizing Female Infantry Study Results Instead of Destroying Them

Satire: Obama To Continue Airstrikes On Hospitals In Afghanistan Beyond 2016

Needed a Rock-Free Zone

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