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I checked my weekly page views yesterday. I was surprised they were only down a little, considering I was off line for five days. But the real surprise was I had over 1,500 views from Germany. What's up with that? Not bad for a kid who flunked second year German in the hochschula. ~Bob

I bought the grandson, Dale, 3,this knight's outfit for Christmas, but the powers-that-be ruled he was to young. Gave it to him today. He spent the afternoon slaying dragons hiding in the bushes outside our condo. Raising no pacifists here--there be dragons in the world. ~Bob

Finally spring in Wisconsin.

General News and Comment

King Cheated: ‘Hillary Clinton Sold Her Soul When They Accepted That Money.’ The king of Morocco, the Clintons and a problem that just won’t go away. By Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico
Excerpt: A day after Bill Clinton feted donors and dignitaries at an extravagant Moroccan feast under a warm Marrakech night sky, a group of local Sahrawi Arabs gathered for tea in a far more humble setting here to share their outrage that Clinton’s family foundation had accepted millions of dollars from a company owned by a government accused of repressing their people. 
The four men used to work as miners for a subsidiary of OCP, the state-owned phosphate company that paid more than $1 million to sponsor the lavish outdoor gala and the concurrent two-day meeting of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation headlined by the former U.S. president.

Hillary Clinton personally took money from companies that sought to influence her
Excerpt: Almost a decade ago, as Hillary Clinton ran for reelection to the Senate on her way to seeking the presidency for the first time, the New York Times reported on her unusually close relationship with Corning, Inc., an upstate glass titan. Clinton advanced the company's interests, racking up a big assist by getting China to ease a trade barrier. And the firm's mostly Republican executives opened up their wallets for her campaign. During Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, Corning lobbied the department on a variety of trade issues, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The company has donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to her family's foundation. And last July, when it was clear that Clinton would again seek the presidency in 2016, Corning coughed up a $225,500 honorarium for Clinton to speak.

Interesting: Ex-HUD secretary: Hillary will likely pick Julian Castro as running mate. By David McCabe
Excerpt: Hillary Clinton’s campaign is likely to choose Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Julián Castro or another Hispanic politician to be her running mate, former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros said in an interview that will air Sunday. “What I am hearing in Washington, including from people in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, is that the first person on their lists is Julián Castro, the ... Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who use[d] to be the Mayor of San Antonio,” he said in an interview with Univision’s “Al Punto.” (If you were a clear-thinking Democrat, this is the sort of news that would make you burst into tears of despair: .... A one-option veep list? That Democratic bench isn’t just thin, it’s anorexic. And do Democrats really want to put the 40-year-old Castro a heartbeat away from the presidency? If this pans out, we’ll get to watch Democrats and the media insisting that Castro’s time as mayor of San Antonio and two years at HUD represented some sort of American policy renaissance and an era of bold leadership. Back in 2012, when Castro was giving the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, I pointed out that San Antonio hadn’t gotten much better on his watch, particularly in the areas he claimed to emphasize, education and crime. By 2014, as he was joining HUD, his record as mayor included a few more local political scandals and a barely-budging poverty rate, even as the area economy soared from the shale boom. Castro left San Antonio in roughly the same shape as it was before he became mayor – and yet somehow became one of the Democratic party’s biggest stars and, if Cisneros is right, the only serious option to be Hillary’s running mate. -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt. Has Castro learned Spanish yet? Be fun to have Rubio as the GOP VP debate him in Spanish. ~Bob

Excerpt: It is impossible to see how Stephanopoulos could do his job with any integrity in an environment in which the Clintons and their foundation will be central to the political news for the foreseeable future. Certainly not after concealing his relationship with the foundation. ABC News owes it to itself to live up to at least the standards of a small-town weekly newspaper. It owes them a lot more than that, in fact, but it cannot deliver the goods with Stephanopoulos at the desk.

David Ignatius: Hillary Clinton is ‘Running Scared,’ Silence on Trade is ‘Genuinely Troubling’
Excerpt: “I found it genuinely troubling that on an issue where she was involved in the take off — of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade deal — she has been so silent as if she’s really running scared from the liberal wing of her own party. Not putting her views out there. I thought the president by contrast was really a strong voice for what he believes in.

Hillary’s agribusiness ties give rise to nickname in Iowa: ‘Bride of Frankenfood’
Excerpt: ‘Bride of Frankenfood’ losing crucial liberal activist support to Bernie Sanders. (Personally, I think many GMO foods like Golden rice offer hope to prevent starvation. But the left is, of course, anti-science. Check their kids' vaccination rates. ~Bob)

Buying Absolution: Prominent Clinton Foundation Donor Imprisons Crew of Journalists Investigating Worker Exploitation. By Andrew Stiles
Excerpt: The Qatari government, a prominent donor to the Clinton Foundation and a suspected enabler of terrorist groups, recently arrested and briefly imprisoned a group of BBC journalists reporting on worker exploitation in the oil-rich nation.
The Qataris had invited BBC correspondent Mark Lobel and his colleagues to tour new housing facilities for low-paid migrant workers who have flocked to the country seeking construction jobs as Qatar prepares to host the World Cup in 2022. Working conditions and worker accommodations in Qatar have been widely criticized by human rights groups such as Amnesty International, which says migrant workers are often “treated like cattle.” Hundreds of World Cup workers are estimated to have died on the job. (Giving to the Clinton Foundation is like buying indulgences in the middle ages, or sacrificing a goat or a virgin in pagan religions--it absolves you of all sin. ~Bob)

Clinton is banking on the Obama coalition to win. By Anne Gearan
Excerpt: Hillary Rodham Clinton is running as the most liberal Democratic presidential front-runner in decades, with positions on issues from gay marriage to immigration that would, in past elections, have put her at her party’s precarious left edge.
The moves are part of a strategic conclusion by Clinton’s emerging campaign: that it can harness the same kind of young and diverse coalition as Barack Obama did in 2008 and 2012, bolstered by even stronger appeal among women.

Whistleblower Says VA Spent More Than $6 Billion Unlawfully. By Eric Katz
Excerpt: Secretary McDonald, who apparently sat on a memo about the problem, says the whistleblower should fix it himself. The Veterans Affairs Department unlawfully spent billions of dollars on procuring medical devices and supplies in recent years, according to a high-ranking whistleblower, leaving the department vulnerable to waste and putting veterans in harm’s way

Maersk Tigris: A Warning Bell for Our Contested Maritime Century. By Magnus Nordenman
Excerpt: In the 21st century, competition between established and emerging powers will be increasingly felt and expressed at sea. The U.S. decision to escort U.S.-flagged ships through the Strait of Hormuz after Iranian patrol boats fired warning shots towards the merchant vessel Maersk Tigris and forced it into an Iranian port says much about the changing global maritime domain, and how it is increasingly competitive and contested by emerging and revanchist powers. This is hardly just an American headache.

Any Government, like any family, can for a year spend a little more than it earns. But you and I know that a continuation of that habit means the poorhouse. --Franklin D. Roosevelt

#BlueLivesMatter: There Was a Huge Jump in the Number of Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty in 2014
Excerpt: “51 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty in 2014. This is an increase of almost 89 percent when compared to the 27 officers killed in 2013.

Twin Peaks Shooting: 192 Arrested, Restaurant Shutdown for 7 Days
Excerpt: The Waco Police Department announced the arrest of 192 people in connection with the shooting at the Twin Peaks restaurant that occurred around noon on Sunday. In a separate action, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) announced they have issued a 7-day summary suspension closing the diner for community safety reasons. The 192 individuals arrested are being charged with Engaging in Organized Crime, according to a Waco PD statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office is assisting with processing the suspects through the County Jail.

In win for Google, court lifts ban on 'Innocence of Muslims' video
“The appeal teaches a simple lesson—a weak copyright claim cannot justify censorship in the guise of authorship,” wrote the court in a 10-1 ruling that struck down the ban. The case turned on a 14-minute film titled “Innocence of Muslims,” which was produced in 2013 by an amateur film-maker, and contained offensive dialogue that led to riots, and a call by some clerics for the death of those involved. In response, actress Cindy Lee Garcia, who appeared briefly in the film, asked for an order requiring Google to suppress the video on YouTube, claiming that she had a copyright in her performance. (Aside from the obvious 1st Amendment implications, this is a very important ruling. Calling this a win for Google is a vast understatement; it’s a major win for EVERY copyright holder/owner in the USA. The original ban was based on the self-evidently false notion that an actor, performing a work for hire, could somehow usurp the copyright from the author and/or the entity holding the right to film/perform that ALREADY copyrighted work. (A basic principle of copyrights is that it includes any derivative work; for example, I can't write a Star Trek episode without permission from the copyright holder.) That is like saying your computer printer owns--and therefore controls access to--your original thoughts because it “contributed to” the work. Just as an example, TV journalists generally do not own the copyrights to news stories they have written and read aloud on the air; because they are workers-for-hire, the copyright belongs to the company they work for. Even small community performance groups honor this basic principle. No other system could be workable. Ms Garcia might be able to sue her employer for using her image with someone else's voice-over, but that's very different from asserting copyright for something she didn't create (characters are derivative). Blog reader and contributor Tom K might also have some enlightening thoughts on this as he is both an author and a lawyer. Every writer or performer should be pleased with this 10-1 result. Ron P.)

Report: Ohio Governor 'Virtually Certain' to Launch Presidential Bid. By Guy Benson
Excerpt: It's a busy Monday in presidential politics. Gov. Bobby Jindal took another formal step toward announcing his long-expected candidacy, Sen. Lindsey Graham announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination, and Jon Karl of ABC News is reporting that Ohio Gov. John Kasich is "virtually certain" to throw his hat into the ring: (I'm thinking of running myself, under the slogan, "Not The Worst Choice on the Ballot!" ~Bob)

Let’s Celebrate the Death of the Mainstream Media! By Kurt Schlichter
Excerpt: All decent, patriotic Americans yearn for the day when the effects of emerging technologies combine with the mainstream media’s insufferable progressive cheerleading to finally destroy it. Its death throes are underway, but it won’t buy the farm overnight. The body of the mainstream media is still shambling along, wreaking havoc, long after it its brain has died. So we need to put down the mainstream media like we would any other mindless zombie.

Federal Spending Undermines People's Freedom
Excerpt: Federal spending is rising, deficits are chronic, and government debt is piling up. Deficits are expected to begin soaring after 2017, and official projections show endless rivers of red ink over the long term unless policymakers enact major budget reforms. Policymakers should downsize every federal department by eliminating the most harmful programs. Spending cuts would make sense whether or not the government was running deficits. Cuts would spur economic growth by shifting resources from lower-valued government activities to higher-valued private activities. Cuts would also expand freedom by giving people more control over their lives and reducing the regulations that come with federal programs.

We’re Still Dumbing Down the Iraq War. By Bruce Thornton 
Excerpt: In the case of Iraq, there were many “dots” the connection of which pointed to just such a much greater disaster. Saddam Hussein had a long record of attacking his neighbors and slaughtering his own people, and he had used chemical weapons during the war with Iran and on Iraqi Kurds. He had serially violated 16 U.N. resolutions and the terms of the first Gulf War cease-fire agreement. For most of the 1990s he had evaded his responsibility under those resolutions and agreements to disclose his WMD facilities and stockpiles, until in 1998 he simply kicked the weapons inspectors out of the country. The sanctions regime, which was supposed to change his behavior, had become a farce. Hussein claimed the sanctions had killed a million children, creating a public relations nightmare for the U.S., all the while the corrupt U.N. food-for-oil program was putting billions into Hussein’s pockets.

Rising Dragon News

China Making Some Missiles More Powerful
Excerpt: After decades of maintaining a minimal nuclear force, China has re-engineered many of its long-range ballistic missiles to carry multiple warheads, a step that federal officials and policy analysts say appears designed to give pause to the United States as it prepares to deploy more robust missile defenses in the Pacific. ... After decades of maintaining a minimal nuclear force, China has re-engineered many of its long-range ballistic missiles to carry multiple warheads, a step that federal officials and policy analysts say appears designed to give pause to the United States as it prepares to deploy more robust missile defenses in the Pacific.

Growing pains, great gains
Excerpt: Christianity continues to surge throughout China. Professors, lawyers, even police officers are professing Christ in the Communist nation. As long as unregistered house churches stay small and keep away from foreigners and making loud statements, the government leaves them unmolested.

Gun News

JPD searches for man in connection with Saturday kidnapping. Police say shooting was justifiable homicide
Excerpt: Police said the men took the victim’s wallet and drove him to a nearby ATM to withdraw more money. Authorities said the men mentioned returning to the house to do something to the man’s wife. When they made him get out of the truck, police said the man grabbed a gun and began shooting at the two men.

Race Card News

Baltimore, The Musical

Condoning Black Racism at Boston College: America’s Double Standard. By David L. Goetsch
Excerpt: Boston College has created a red-hot controversy by hiring a new professor of sociology and African-American studies. Normally the hiring of a college professor is hardly news, but when the professor in question is a known racist the picture changes. But what if the racist in question is a black female with a long record of making derogatory and stereotypical comments about white men? Saida Grundy has made her bias against white males abundantly clear in Twitter messages over the past few months; messages that show she harbors a mile-wide streak of racial bias against white men. The kindest thing Grundy has had to say about white males is that they are a “problem population.” Other comments made by Boston College’s newest racist in residence include this one: “Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses.”

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Excerpt: Medicare fraud is a serious problem. The Medicare bureaucracy has the power to impose moratoria on new providers in geographic or program areas it deems susceptible to fraud. However, preventing new competitors from providing Medicare benefits reduces competition and cannot reduce fraud by incumbent providers. A better way would be to give Medicare beneficiaries a financial interest in combating fraud. Last February, the Government Accountability Office issued its annual report on federal programs that it identifies as high risk due to their greater vulnerabilities to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. Medicare is a longstanding member of the list: “We designated Medicare as a high-risk program in 1990 due to its size, complexity, and susceptibility to mismanagement and improper payments”. A quarter of a century has gone by and Medicare is still on the list. (Weren't they going to pay for part of Obamacare by reducing fraud? Ha. ~Bob)

Skyrocketing Medicaid signups stir Obamacare fights. Some GOP governors are saying: "I told you so." By Rachana Pradhan
Excerpt: Medicaid enrollment under Obamacare is skyrocketing past expectations, giving some GOP governors who oppose the program’s expansion under the health law an “I told you so” moment. More than 12 million people have signed up for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act since January 2014, and in some states that embraced that piece of the law, enrollment is hundreds of thousands beyond initial projections. Seven states have seen particularly big surges, with their overruns totaling nearly 1.4 million low-income adults.

Undocumented Democrat News

Dozens of Cuban migrants stuck for weeks on US ship are sent home
Excerpt: The US coast guard said on Sunday 38 migrants from Cuba who had been stuck in a legal limbo aboard a coast guard ship have been sent home to Cuba. Coast guard petty officer Mark Barney said the group was repatriated on Sunday morning, ending weeks of waiting. (Have to send the Cubans back; they are fleeing a communist paradise--and they are more likely than Mexicans to vote Republican. ~Bob)

"You're Greener than Gore" News

New Study Threatens To Unravel Obama’s Global Warming Agenda. By Michael Bastasch
Excerpt: A new study by University of Houston researchers could threaten to unravel scientific claims used to justify the Obama administration’s global warming agenda. Texas researchers published findings that global warming is actually reducing high-ozone days in the Houston area. The finding contradicts claims made by the Environmental Protection Agency that global warming will increase the number of days with high levels of ground-level ozone.

Religion of Peace News

Obama's Legacy: Report: Saudis to Buy Nuke from Pakistan in Response to Iran Deal
Excerpt: Saudi Arabia had made the “strategic decision” to purchase a nuclear weapon from Pakistan amid the ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, a former American defense official said in a report published today in The Sunday Times.

Important: Docs: Benghazi Planned in Advance to Coincide With 9/11 Anniversary
Excerpt: Fox News has obtained documents which reveal what U.S. intelligence agencies knew about the Benghazi attack and weapons traveling from Libya to Syria back in 2012.
Catherine Herridge reported this morning on “America’s Newsroom” that a Defense Intelligence Agency memo from Sept. 16, 2012, concluded that the Benghazi terror attack was planned at least 10 days in advance to coincide with 9/11 and was in retaliation for a drone strike that killed an al Qaeda strategist. The memo was copied to the National Security Council, the State Department and the CIA. (I think even those who deny it know that Obama and Clinton lied about Benghazi. I personally think they allowed four Americans to die rather than intervene which might have resulted in many civilian deaths and riots throughout the Muslim lands, hurting Obama's reelection chances. ~Bob)

In religious and political gesture, Pope confers sainthood on two Palestinians
Excerpt: The Vatican wants to be seen as part of the peace process in the Middle East, and Pope Francis has made that a priority. And Francis can be expected at some point to take similar action on the Israeli side. As political as the canonizations may have been, they carried deep spiritual meaning, as well. (I think its ironic that the press says the pope's canonizing two Palestinian women is a political opening to the A-rabs. One of them was a Christian who had her throat slit for refusing to convert to Islam. --PM)

Hamas Using Truce to Prepare for Next Clash with Israel. By Yaakov Lappin
Excerpt: In the nine months since Hamas fought a 50-day war with Israel, the terrorist group has exploited the months of recent quiet to prepare itself for the next clash, which it assumes will inevitably come. Hamas is in the midst of a full-scale rocket rearmament and tunnel reconstruction drive. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is also preparing its responses for the next time the Gazan regime attacks.

Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners as beheading rate soars
Excerpt: Saudi Arabia is advertising for eight new executioners, recruiting extra staff to carry out an increasing number of death sentences, usually done by public beheading. No special qualifications are needed for the jobs whose main role is “executing a judgment of death” but also involve performing amputations on those convicted of lesser offences, the advert, posted on the civil service jobs portal, said. (Understandable. Witchcraft and apostasy rates are soaring. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Abu Hafs explained in the interview that he served al Qaeda for 17 years and had lived with the organization’s most senior leaders. “We have lived with the leader of al Qaeda, Sheikh Osama and his brothers,” Abu Hafs said. “Allah also witnesses that I was 17 years in al Qaeda.”

Worth Reading: Obama: that chlorine gas Syria is using, well I’m fine with it
Excerpt: On April 22, 1915, the German army launched an attack to reduce the Allied salient at Ypres, Belgium. After the preparatory bombardment died down, the Germans released chlorine gas from canisters (5730 90-lb canisters) they had moved to the frontline trenches. The gas, which is heavier than air, was propelled by the wind and seeped into trenches manned by French reservists and colonial troops. Panic ensued as about 6,000 unprepared troops died in about ten minutes. ... Chemical weapons investigators concluded “with a high degree of confidence” that chlorine gas was used as a weapon against three Syrian villages last year, affecting between 350 and 500 people and killing 13, according to a report obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press. ... Widespread reports of chlorine gas attacks in Syria have not been prevented – or acted upon – because chlorine is not “historically” considered a chemical weapon, US President Barack Obama stated Thursday.

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