Monday, April 1, 2013

Avoid Google and G-Mail!

I've been recommending G-mail to people, even convinced my wife to switch to it. Not anymore. Google has totally trashed G-Mail. Their new "compose" feature is about the most user-hostile program I've ever used. The old one worked very well, except they were never able to figure out the advanced technology Outlook has to auto spell-check. Haven't been able to find spell check at all on the new one.  Everything is hidden, and auto populate screws up putting in multiple e-addresses, and you have to start the message over. I was able to temporarilly switch back to thir old highly-functional system, but that will go away soon. Not sure what I will do. Maybe I can pay them to get the old system? I'd like to find another provider, but my g-mail address is on websites, business cards and in my books, so they  may have me trapped into this torture. I may use another provider, simply forward eg-mail messages I want to respond to. Stay tuned. If one more computer erk "improves" something I use to make it unusable... Sigh. ~Bob


  1. I completely agree, gmail sucks. You can use a free email client, one of these:

    Or if you want to stay browser based, you can use ( are the same too) and add your gmail account to it. I like the interface, it is nice and simple. This article explains how:

    If you need assistance with any of this please let me know if I can help. I love your blog and would love to help if needed.


  2. You could also have your email forwarded from your gmail account to whatever new email provider you select.