Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guest Post: Obama and I

Guest Post: Obama and I
Larry L. Woolverton

Of the many, many things I despise about Obama and his Marxist mind-set, is the total contempt he holds for us. I can't remember any president during my lifetime who flaunted such an opulent taxpayer funded life-style in our faces as this arrogant prick does. I've watched him give speech after speech, head swiveling from left prompter to right prompter, telling us that everyone has to sacrifice, just before he and his czarina spend millions of our tax dollars (and borrowed Chinese ones) on another lavish vacation in Hawaii, or fly off to hobnob with friendly democrat millionaires and billionaires in Hollywood. Now, he's just back from a golf outing in Florida with serial philanderer Tiger Woods, and taking $1000 per hour golf lessons, while Michelle is vacationing in Aspen. I keep looking for the sacrifice.

When I go to the grocery store to stock up on beans and bread, and wistfully eye the $7.00 jars of peanut butter, I remember how the Obama's had pizza flown from Chicago to Washington during his first term. I check to see if I have enough money for a bag of fish sticks and a head of lettuce, while remembering the lobster and arugula salad they and their rich pals enjoyed on Martha's Vineyard.

Every time I pump gas in my car, the price of gasoline has gone up another ten or twelve cents, and I think about Obama refusing to allow the Keystone pipeline to be built.

I watched our ambassador in Benghazi and three Navy Seals be murdered and their bodies mutilated while people in Obama's State Department watched it happen in real time, after denying repeated requests for additional embassy security. And I remember brain damaged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, four months later, screeching "What does it matter?".

I watch "Undocumented Free-Range Democrats” flow across our southern border, signing up for food stamps, free medical care, and all the other free stuff, and think, "My tax money is paying for that", while listening to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano insist the border has never been more secure.

There are many, many more reasons, but I just needed to vent a little bit this morning. I hope I didn't depress anyone. 


Note: Larry is a Marine Vietnam vet. We served together in August and early September of 1967 at the Combined Action Company in Khe Sanh Ville. I was briefly TAD to them with a Radio Relay Team, he was a radio operator. He taught me the basics of using the PRC-25 so I could spell him—there were only two operators and we had a team of three on our TRC-27. I came home in September, he stayed for the siege during Tet and the fight in the Ville. Poor planning! ~Bob Hall


  1. Larry's post needs to be widely distributed - he hit the nail right on the head !


  2. Larry,
    I feel the same way. This administration is the most oppressive I've ever seen in my lifetime.

    Sometimes I day dream about "The good Old days" when people had a modicum of respect for each other and the office of President was held by admirable men.