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Political Digest for February 15, 2012

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Robbers hit Mag Mile jewelry store
Even the thugs wait until the last minute on Valentine’s Day. ~Bob.

Excerpt: I’m relieved Obama for America is pushing every class warfare chip to the middle of the table. If Americans get a better look at Progressivism’s ugly mug and still vote Democrat in November, the country deserves to go bankrupt!

Pew study: 2 million dead Americans on active voter rolls
Excerpt: Nearly 2 million dead Americans are still on active voter registries, and one in every eight registrations in the United States is invalid or has major inaccuracies, according to a new study. (That should be enough for Eric “Race Card” Holder and ACORD to get BO reelected. ~Bob.)

Voter Rolls Are Rife With Inaccuracies, Report Finds
Excerpt: The nation’s voter registration rolls are in disarray, according to a report released Tuesday by the Pew Center on the States. The problems have the potential to affect the outcomes of local, state and federal elections. One in eight active registrations is invalid or inaccurate. At the same time, one in four people who are eligible to vote — at least 51 million potential voters — are not registered. (First, notice this is from the NYT, the cradle of liberal thought. Then think about how bad the problem must be for them to not only notice but print an article about it. And keep in mind the NYT still considers requiring an ID to vote is anathema, or at least racism. It isn’t just the dead who are problems, it’s also anyone who moved without informing the registrar, those with 2nd homes in a different jurisdiction, and any who purposely registered in more than one place. Verifying voters’ identities is advantageous to the entire electorate and all political parties. If we can no longer trust the validity of our elections, we might as well be a third world autocracy. Ron P.)

Thai police say male suspect, initially identified as Iranian, accidentally blew his own legs off in a series of blasts in the capital
Don’t you love happy endings? ~Bob.

ObamaCare: Why it's Unconstitutional
CPAP Panel. ~Bob.

Constitution 101
“Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution” is a 10-week online course presented by Hillsdale College. (I’d be willing to chip in to register Obama, Holder, Kagan… ~Bob.)

CEOs say how you treat a waiter can predict a lot about character
Excerpt: Thirty years have passed, but Odland can't get the stain out of his mind, nor the woman's kind reaction. She was startled, regained composure and, in a reassuring voice, told the teenage Odland, "It's OK. It wasn't your fault." When she left the restaurant, she also left the future Fortune 500 CEO with a life lesson: You can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she treats the waiter.

Important: EPA's Approaching Regulatory Avalanche
Excerpt: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is churning out new rules unprecedented in speed, number, scope, stringency and costs. Yet the new rules have marginal, if any, health benefits. Nor are they supported by credible science. The National Academy of Science and the EPA's own scientific advisory panels have sharply criticized regulations they see as framed on the basis of weak, manipulated scientific evidence, says Kathleen Hartnett White, director of the Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Cumulatively, EPA rules scheduled to become effective in the next three years could cost more than $1 trillion and destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs. Four of the rules, directed at electric generation, threaten the fundamental viability of continued coal-fired generation -- now the mainstay of the nation's electric power. The Federal Energy Reliability Commission (FERC), the National Electric Reliability Council (NERC), and multiple studies conclude that these four EPA rules risk the involuntary retirement of over 80 gigawatts (GW) of electric capacity by 2015. (The Obama Administration—screwing the poor and working class to let rich greenies feel good. ~Bob.)

Worth Reading: Binds and Bonds: Why the EU Should Break Up
Excerpt: German and French policymakers have yet to face up to Europe’s real policy choice. They could choose to continue the pretense that the euro can be preserved in its present form. This would run the real risk of a costly and disorderly unraveling of the euro that could embroil a still-solvent country like Italy.

Obama's Continuing Assault on the Constitution
Excerpt: With tens of millions of Americans watching, Barack Obama stood at the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2009, with his left hand on the Bible and his right hand held aloft, swearing to God and country that he would preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Yet despite that pledge, President Obama has time and time again taken actions contrary to the principles of the founding document he swore to uphold, setting forth on a heretofore uncharted path of unconstitutionality that will fundamentally change the character of this Republic for the worse, not for the better.

The Global Warming Hoax is Now Killing People By Alan Caruba
Excerpt: By Friday, February 10th, an estimated 500 Europeans had died from the freezing weather gripping the continent. This is the price they and British citizens are paying for embracing the global warming hoax, spending billions for wind power when they should have been building coal-fired and other sources of energy to heat their homes and businesses. (Well, the dead have a lower carbon footprint, making Al Gore happy. ~Bob.)

Pentagon May Oust Troops Involuntarily to Meet Reductions in Budget Plan
Excerpt: The Defense Department may have to force soldiers, Marines or other members of the military out of the services for the first time since the aftermath of the Cold War to achieve the spending reductions in its budget proposal. The Pentagon plans to cut 67,100 soldiers from active and reserve Army units and the Army National Guard in the five years starting Oct. 1, as well as 15,200 from the active and reserve ranks of the Marine Corps as part of an effort to save $487 billion over a decade, according to the budget sent to Congress today. The Navy and Air Force would lose fewer people -- 8,600 and 1,700 respectively -- because of their role in a strategic shift toward the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. (Thanks for your service—now get out. Obama needs the funds for Solyndra, ACORN, NPR and Planned Parenthood abortions. ~Bob.)

The Iranian Threat to New York City: As the West's conflict with Iran over its nuclear program heats up, New York City—with its large Jewish population—becomes an increasingly attractive target.
Excerpt: On Monday, Israeli embassy workers in the capital cities of India and Georgia were targeted in terrorist attacks that Israeli officials believe were planned and carried out by Iran and its client, the militant group Hezbollah. The bomb in Tbilisi was defused, but the bomb in New Delhi, planted in an embassy worker's car, exploded and injured at least two. (Or, as that great liberal Obama supporter Jesse Jackson calls it, “Hymietown.” ~Bob.)

A fatal attack on Israelis abroad could spark war with Iran and Hizballah
Excerpt: This time, no one was killed although and Talya Yehoshua- KIoren, wife of the Defense Ministry representative in India, and three others were injured by a sticky bomb planted on her Innova SUV in New Delhi Monday, Feb. 13, at almost exactly the same time as a similar device was safely defused in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. In recent weeks, terrorist attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets were foiled in Thailand, Azerbaijan and Argentina. However much they deny this, Iran and Hizballah are clearly determined to keep on trying until they achieve their objective of killing targeted Israelis.

The Do-Nothing Senate Memo to GOP candidates: Make Harry Reid an issue.
Excerpt: Hence the decision by Barack Obama to take a page out of Harry Truman's 1948 playbook and campaign for re-election against a "do-nothing Congress." Given his record, it may be his wisest course. It's also a gift to Republicans—if the party's presidential nominee has enough wit to turn it to his advantage.

4 Charts Summarizing Obama’s 2013 Budget
Excerpt: Earlier today, Obama formally proposed his 2013 budget (link) which sees a $1.33 trn budget deficit in the 2013 fiscal year – more than the $1.296 trillion 2011 budget deficit, which unfortunately indicates that even with rather rosy assumptions, the deficit hole continues to grow, which also means that the debt plug will be higher in the next year compared to the prior, which in turn lends even more credibility to the US debt clock analysis which assumes a nearly140% debt/GDP ratio by the end of a potential second Obama term.

Excerpt: A drug enforcement agent says other agencies knew in 2009 about the Justice Department's gunrunning operation and even tried to interdict the weapons flow. And, yes, it was a gun-control plot. The notion that Fast and Furious was a localized operation run out of the Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives of which few, particularly the arguably clueless Attorney General Eric Holder, were aware continues to be exposed as the lie it is.

Thomas Sowell: The 'Progressive' Legacy
Excerpt: Although Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States, he is by no means unique, except for his complexion. He follows in the footsteps of other presidents with a similar vision, the vision at the heart of the Progressive movement that flourished a hundred years ago. Many of the trends, problems and disasters of our time are a legacy of that era. We can only imagine how many future generations will be paying the price -- and not just in money -- for the bright ideas and clever rhetoric of our current administration.

Billionaire George Soros donates $500,000 to three-strikes drive
Excerpt: Billionaire investor George Soros has given a half-million dollar boost to efforts to overhaul California's three-strikes law. Soros' $500,000 donation to the "Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012" was reported Friday by the ballot drive's fundraising committee, sponsored by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, records show.

Why Democrats Fear Ultrasound and Photo ID
Excerpt: When Democrats are busy ordering conservatives around for our own good, one of the justifications for their bossiness is they are the party of science. While Republicans are the party of examining chicken entrails. Yet when it comes to the science of photography, Democrats are the party of schizophrenia. On one hand various liberals want to place lurid photos of cancerous lungs on the front of cigarette packs, Photoshopped images of diabetic amputees on candy bar wrappers and the skull & crossbones on individual M&Ms — all in an increasingly fanatical effort to prevent individuals from doing potential harm to themselves by exercising free choice.

Bam’s blueprint for national decline
Excerpt: President Obama loves to talk about how he was open to painful changes in entitlement programs in last year’s private budget talks with Republicans. Oddly enough, his bragged-about courage behind closed doors disappears every time he has to put his vision to paper in the light of day. His latest budget is built on gimmicks and cheery assumptions that support a massive superstructure of new taxes and new debt. It is a blueprint for national decline, a budget worthy of Elysee Palace in its fiscal indiscipline, its squeeze on defense and its assumption of ever-increasing centralized bureaucratic power.

Worth Reading: A Muslim Love Story
Avert your eyes and repeat the liberal mush: “All cultures are equally valid, even those that encourage child murder.” ~Bob. Excerpt: The Muslim versions of the Montagues and Capulets don’t drag their children home and berate them; they hold a session and decide that they should die. Last year there were at least 675 honor killings in Pakistan and that number is a fraction of the total figure which can only be guessed at due to the culture of silence. In Sindh, famously known as “The Gateway of Islam,” where many Pakistani Romeo and Juliets run away to elope, there have been 227 such killings.

59% of Catholics Disapprove of Obama’s Job Performance
Excerpt: Catholics strongly disapprove of the job President Obama is doing as the debate continues over his administration’s new policy forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception they morally oppose. While the president’s overall job approval ratings have improved over the past couple of months, they have remained steady among Catholics.

Cutting our own throat: Obama wants $800 million for "Arab Spring" countries, military aid to Egypt
Excerpt: In this the U.S. is paying for the installation of Islamic supremacist pro-Sharia regimes that will deny the freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, institutionalize oppression of women and non-Muslims, and embark on a jihadist course vehemently and violently hostile to Israel and the U.S.

Reprieve unlikely for Saudi writer after cleric backs death sentence
Funny that top clerics haven’t gotten the “Islam is a religion of peace” memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: A senior Saudi Muslim cleric indicated on Monday that a local young man who offended Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and fled the Gulf kingdom would be executed after his repatriation from Malaysia. Sheikh Saleh bin Fowzan Al Fowzan, a member of the 7-man supreme committee of scholars in Saudi Arabia, said it has been established in Islam that any one who insults God or the Prophet should be killed.

Police arrest two Afghan boys for suicide bomb plan
Avert your eyes and repeat the liberal mush: “All cultures are equally valid, even those that encourage child murderers.” ~Bob. Excerpt: Police arrested two 10-year-old would-be suicide bombers in southern Afghanistan, officials said Sunday, months after President Hamid Karzai pardoned the pair over a similar incident. "The two ten-year old would-be bombers were arrested along with three other militants last week, while planning an attack on Afghan and international forces in Kandahar", Zalmai Ayubi the provincial spokesman told AFP. The children had two vests full of explosives when they were detained, he added.

US Disarmament Expert: 'The Risk that Nuclear Weapons Will Be Used Is Growing'
Excerpt: But the danger is that once Iran acquires these weapons, there's the potential for a cascade of other countries to do the same. Turkey, for example, would be very likely to acquire its own nuclear weapons if Iran went that way; Egypt and Saudi Arabia, too. What we could see is a dangerous Sunni-Shite nuclear arms race -- and that is very worrisome. (Being a “Disarmament Expert” is probably like being a “Teen Chastity Expert.” ~Bob.)

The fight over UK wind power is not over yet
Excerpt: However there is one aspect of the onshore farms that is beginning to cause concern and is likely to create powerful political waves. The British public is beginning to wake up to the fact that these onshore wind farms need to be connected to the grid. For if some rather like the aesthetically pleasing turbines on the hill, very few, with the exception of the eccentric "British Pylon Appreciation Society" like the idea of overhead cables stretching across the landscape, particularly if that landscape is an area of natural beauty. And it is no coincidence that many of the wind farms are located in some of the wildest, most mountainous, most remote and most beautiful parts of Her Majesty's United Kingdom. (This excellent and well-crafted article was written—and published—by self-proclaimed supporters of wind energy. Keep that in mind as you think about just how much expense the UK ratepayers are going to have to bear (many useful figures are in this article). It also explains how the UK carbon credit system is supposed to work. Think about how many NIMBY suits over wind farms you’ve heard of with “hurting the view” being part of the reason for the suit. Also, notice how much back-up the wind farms need to carry peak loads reliably (and the expense of building and operating those back-up plants). Ron P.)

Government jobs video

Moody's Downgrades Six Euro-Zone Nations; UK Outlook Lowered
Excerpt: Moody's Investors Service downgraded six European nations and warned its top ratings on Austria, France and the U.K. could be at risk, citing the area's weakening prospects for an overhaul. (The bad news: the European socialist spending collapse avalanche is gathering speed. The worse news: You and I are standing in the crowd looking up at it, with no place to run to. ~Bob.)

Scandal: Middle Class Funding Programs It Hates by Mollie Hemingway, Ed.
excerpt: The New York Times has an expose that suggests government programs need to be expanded to meet the needs of the middle class even while the middle class recipients say they hate these programs. Written a different way, one could say that this story shows the damage of creating dependence on the government.

Pakistan’s Musharraf Has Been Accused of Knowing Osama bin Laden’s Hideout
Excerpt: Ever since the Navy SEALS found Osama bin Laden hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan, less than a mile from the country’s national military academy, the question haunting American relations with Pakistan has been, who knew he was there? (...) Or did they know all along? Now there is an explosive new charge. The former head of the Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) says former president Pervez Musharraf knew bin Laden was in Abbottabad. (Yes, I was there for tea—but he was wearing these glasses and fake nose, so I didn’t recognize him…~Bob.)

The Death Of Pretty by Pat Archbold
Excerpt: Pretty, pretty is dying. People will define pretty differently. For the purposes of this piece, I define pretty as a mutually enriching balanced combination of beauty and projected innocence. Once upon a time, women wanted to project an innocence. 

Racing the Clock
Excerpt: …[I]f this fight became perceived as largely one over religious freedom, requiring institutions affiliated with the Catholic Church to pay for services fundamentally at odds with church doctrine, that’s a different story, and it’s one much more problematic for Obama and Democrats. Keeping in mind that Democrats were once the party of choice for Catholics, at least among whites, it is now almost entirely a secular party. Indeed, among white voters, frequency of church attendance, regardless of affiliation, is highly predictive of voting. The more frequently white voters attend church, the more likely they are to vote Republican.

New Rules Proposed for Big Banks. The Battle Is On.
Excerpt: The banking system has resisted making loans at all. Excess reserves held at the Federal Reserve are in the $1.6 trillion range. The result has been slow economic recovery but also very low price inflation.

Rising Black Social Pathology
Excerpt: The Inquirer's series "Assault on Learning" (March 2011) reported that in the 2010 school year, "690 teachers were assaulted; in the last five years, 4,000 were." The newspaper reported that in Philadelphia's 268 schools, "on an average day 25 students, teachers, or other staff members were beaten, robbed, sexually assaulted, or victims of other violent crimes. That doesn't even include thousands more who are extorted, threatened, or bullied in a school year." (Good news for Democrats. Prevents minorities from getting an education, thus keeps them dependent on government and voting for the dependency party. ~Bob.)

The Libyan Non-Model: What to do when there are no good choices? By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: It is a good thing that Moammar Qaddafi is gone, even if by barbaric means. So what did we learn from the 2011 misadventure, given that some are advocating much the same sort of action against Syria and Iran? Answer: Not much.

Excerpt: In January of this year, public-sector unions in Wisconsin began the process of “interviewing” candidates to run in a recall election against Republican governor Scott Walker. … During this interview process, unions asked potential candidates an important question: Would you commit to vetoing the entire budget if it didn’t fully restore collective bargaining? Democratic state senator Tim Cullen, one of the senators who fled the state in order to block a vote on Walker’s bill, said he couldn’t make that commitment. He quickly dropped out of the race, citing the unions’ “respectful indifference” to his candidacy.

The Cost of Obama
Excerpt: According to the White House’s own figures (see table S-1 here for 2011 to 2013, and table S-1 here for 2010), the actual or projected deficit tallies for the four years in which Obama has submitted budgets are as follows: $1.293 trillion in 2010, $1.300 trillion in 2011, $1.327 trillion in 2012, and $901 billion in 2013. In addition, Obama is responsible for the estimated $200 billion (the Congressional Budget Office’s figure) that his economic “stimulus” added to the deficit in 2009. Moreover, he shouldn’t get credit for the $149 billion in TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) repayments made in 2010 and 2011 to cover most of the $154 billion in bank loans that remained unpaid at the end of the 2009 fiscal year — loans that count against President Bush’s 2009 deficit tally.

Obama budget would make U.S. corporate tax code even less competitive
Share this chart. ~Bob.

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