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Political Digest for December 14, 2011

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21st review of Collapse on Amazon—still all 5-star
This is a fact filled short and timely book written from the perspective of a generation of men who fought for the freedom we now take for granted. Whether you are the 1%, the 99% or everyone in between who knows our nation faces some trying times ahead, Mr. Halls' book is a MUST read. While I may not agree with all of Mr. Halls' view points on religion or politics, I know that his facts and figures are valid and undeniable (if not haunting). Mr. Halls' concise book reveals enough information and resources for any American with basic comprehension skills to understand for themselves how fragile our nation and freedom have become. This book, the patriot act and constitution should be required reading before registering to vote. Mr. Hall served with honor as a U.S. Marine and State Senator, yet his greatest service to our country may have been writing this book and having the courage to say what needs to be heard. Voters, are you listening?

Arizona Immigration Law Faces Supreme Court Ruling
Excerpt: Yet Arizona argues that these provisions supplement, rather than step on, those federal laws. In its petition to the justices, Arizona characterizes SB 1070 as directing "state law-enforcement officers to cooperate and communicate with federal officials regarding the enforcement of federal immigration law." The Court's ruling in this case will likely impact similar immigration laws passed by Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana and Utah. Justice Elena Kagan recused herself from the case, presumably because of her involvement as Solicitor General when the United States decided to bring suit against Arizona in 2010. (There is at least a reasonable chance they will over-rule the appeal or they wouldn’t have accepted the case. The best news is that Kagan has recused herself—unlike her uncertain position on hearing the Obamacare case—which takes away a liberal vote, but leaves open the possibility of a 4 – 4 split which would leave the appeals court ruling standing. Also notice Daily Beast refers to their acceptance of the case as "injecting themselves into the political battle," as though there would be no political impact from declining to hear it (it's only "political" when it's against us). Ron P.)

Marine Tackles Toys for Tots as well as thief
Excerpt: Cops say a tough but humble young leatherneck in his dress blues was working a Toys for Tots detail in the Financial District Saturday night when he took down a heartless, screwdriver-wielding Grinch who had been interrupted as he broke into a family vehicle full of presents. (Good for him. Not only for detaining the thug, but for being humble enough to not seek credit. MasterGuns)

Holder may be holding on to private emails about Fast and Furious
Excerpt: A largely overlooked exchange from Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing includes what appears to be an admission from Attorney General Eric Holder that emails to and from him about Operation Fast and Furious may exist, and that he’s refusing to provide them to Congress. (What’s this country coming to when you can’t get a couple of agents and a few hundred Mexicans killed without Congress prying into your personal e-mail? ~Bob,)

Recession Crimped Incomes of Richest Americans
Excerpt: The share of income received by the top 1 percent—that potent symbol of inequality — dropped to 17 percent in 2009 from 23 percent in 2007, according to federal tax data. Within the group, average income fell by about a third, to $957,000 in 2009 from $1.4 million in 2007. (Thank God they still make enough to pay most of the income taxes. Oh, wait, they aren’t paying “their fair share.” I forgot. Of course, the less money the rich have, the less they spend or invest in the economy. ~Bob.)

We don’t need voter ID—we can trust political operatives to be honest. ~Bob. Excerpt: The chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party announced his resignation Monday, as investigators probe allegations of election fraud stemming from the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. Dan Parker, who served for seven years, did not cite the scandal as a reason for his decision. But the uproar over possible fraud in a race for the White House has already claimed the job of one county Democratic Chairman, who sources say was forced out because of the allegations.

Union elections require a photo ID to vote
Excerpt: As you’ll note in the photo below the union requires its own members to produce a photo ID in order to vote. The photo shows a union worker voting earlier today on whether to sanction a new four-year contract with Boeing, clearly the union understands the need for a picture ID in order to help guarantee a clean election:

Mitt Romney starts to show cracks as front-runner status slips further
Excerpt: After keeping his cool with an almost mechanical regularity throughout months of campaigning and the rise and fall of his political foes, Mitt Romney is finally getting his feathers ruffled. A $10,000 bet Romney offered to Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) during a debate on Saturday revealed the first major crack in the concrete veneer that until now has shielded his closely controlled campaign from the type of missteps that have dogged Perry, businessman Herman Cain and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).

Excerpt: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is holding a $1 trillion omnibus spending bill hostage to win leverage in a separate fight over taxes, GOP lawmakers claimed Tuesday. The GOP members said Reid is ordering Democratic conferees on the spending bill to not sign off on a deal so that he can keep the House in session to work on legislation extending the payroll tax backed by President Obama. The House is set to vote on the payroll bill on Tuesday, but Senate Democrats oppose the measure.

Elastic Currency, With a Vengeance
Excerpt: An extraordinary government triangle now consists of the Fed, the Treasury, and the GSEs. “It seems safe to say that nobody anticipated the current crisis … collapses in domestic asset markets, widespread bank failures, bankruptcies … a much more severe real downturn than even the most negative minded anticipated. … As is all too often the case, we find ourselves playing theoretical catch-up—trying, after the fact, to develop a framework for thinking about events that have already happened.” This is a good description of what has happened with the 21st-century financial crisis—but it was written in 1998 about the Asian debt crisis of that time.1 The “nobody” in this quotation of course includes central banks.

The Future of U.S. Health Care
Excerpt: Amid enormous pressure to cut costs, improve care and prepare for changes tied to the federal health care overhaul, major players in the industry are staking out new ground, often blurring the lines between businesses that have traditionally been separate, says the Wall Street Journal.

Getting America out of deep debt by (Congressman) Tom Price
Excerpt: For three straight years, the U.S. government has run trillion-dollar deficits. In total, the nation has recently surpassed $15 trillion in debt — a number that continues to rise. For nearly 1,000 days, the Democrat-led Senate has refused to write a budget while Washington continues to careen from one budget crisis to another. This is a stark reality for a nation already facing tremendous economic challenges, and it is the strongest argument and impetus for the series of budget-process reforms recently introduced by members of the House Budget Committee.

Canada first nation to pull out of Kyoto protocol
Excerpt: “... We are invoking our legal right to formally withdraw from Kyoto," Kent told reporters. The right-of-center Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which has close ties to the energy sector, says Canada would be subject to penalties equivalent to C$14 billion ($13.6 billion) under the terms of the treaty for not cutting emissions by the required amount by 2012. "To meet the targets under Kyoto for 2012 would be the equivalent of either removing every car truck, all-terrain vehicle, tractor, ambulance, police car and vehicle off every kind of Canadian road," said Kent. (The other day, I likened the Durban agreement (calling for legally enforceable climate “taxes” on the developed world of $1.6 trillion) to mice voting to bell the cats and suggested the cats may have other opinions. It appears the first cat has chosen not to be belled. Notice the size of the fine they’d have to pay for submitting. That fine is for Canada, not England, France, Italy, Germany, or the USA. Just imagine how much they think they’ll soak us for. All for the world’s “99%,” of course. In class warfare—whether it’s individual v. individual or nation v. nation—the one better off has nothing to win except the status quo and the poorer one has nothing to lose. The problem is there is ALWAYS someone poorer than you are who wants—and under class warfare rules—deserves whatever you have. Greed and Envy have long been near the head of the list of major character flaws. Ron P. Reality intrudes. But the could just do what the rest of the world is doing. Agree and ignore it while trying to get money from others. ~Bob.)

Hollywood Jihad: Shootout, Gunman Calmly Targeted Drivers And People While Shouting Allahu Akbar!
Excerpt: What is most disturbing about this story, apart from the obvious horror, is that not one news account reported what one witness said the shooter was screaming: "allahu akbar." Not one news account. The media is the enemy.

A Marathon or a Sprint
Excerpt: Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that, just as in a marathon, things like stamina, preparation, discipline, and focus matter. To win this marathon of a presidential nomination contest, one might add money, organization, depth, and layers of campaign expertise and skilled manpower to the list of what actually matters in this race. (…) That’s why I remain very skeptical that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will end up being the nominee, and will be pretty surprised if former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney doesn’t. Exciting or not, Romney is the only one who has carefully put together the building blocks necessary to construct a winning nomination campaign. (Although a long time Democrat, Charlie Cook’s reading of polls is ignored only with peril. Ron P.)

Why Would Obama Veto Job Creation?
Excerpt: Today, the U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill that would, among other things, open the door for the creation of thousands of new jobs, prevent a tax hike on American workers, and help reduce the crippling deficit. However, President Barack Obama has promised that he would bring the legislation to a halt with a veto—all because of his opposition the single measure in the bill that would create jobs. What's so offensive that would cause the President to level a veto threat? A provision in H.R. 3630, the "Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011," that would provide for the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline project that would bring oil from Canada.

Will Gridlock Save Obama White House From Itself?
Excerpt: Washington gridlock may turn out to be the salvation of the Obama administration. Not only does gridlock allow the president to blame Republicans for not solving the financial crisis that his own runaway spending created, the inability to carry out as much government intervention in the economy as when the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress means that the market can now recover on its own to some visible extent before the next election. Such a recovery would of course be credited as a success of the Obama administration's policies.

Beck: Why, Sure I'd Consider Voting For a Third-Party Ron Paul, If Gingrich Is Our Nominee
Excerpt: The Rodeo Clown really wants Obama to stay in office, huh? This, of course, will encourage Ron Paul to do what he probably is already inclined to do. Wonderful. Apparently some among us talk a good game about the crucial need of removing Obama from office, but sort of have a kind of Battered Wife Syndrome, and just can't quit the big lug. Some of us are apparently going to work our very hearts out to make sure the batterer who gives our lives meaning remains president.

Excerpt: Obama thinks he can just rattle of a laundry list of spending projects, call them “common sense, mainstream ideas” and — POOF! — the money magically appears to pay for this stuff. And something else: He loves to talk about infrastructure — “investments in road and bridges” — as if that was the majority of what he’s spending money on, when in fact, infrastructure projects were less than 5% of the stimulus bill.

Iranian Cyber-Attack Plot against U.S. Exposed in Mexico
Excerpt: A bombshell documentary aired last Thursday by Univision, the largest Spanish language television network in the U.S., exposed efforts for an attack “worse that the World Trade Center” by using a “digital bomb.” The report “uncovered covert recordings of the alleged Iranian plan to cripple the computer systems of the White House, the FBI, the CIA and several nuclear power plants.” Implicated in the cyber plot is Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri, a former Iranian Ambassador to Mexico, who is caught on video accepting a plan from undercover Mexican university students. The Univision documentary aired in Spanish was summarized in a report by Israel Ortega and James Phillips of the Heritage Foundation. (Does anyone else remember what the Zimmermann Telegram was? It is also worth following the link in the article to the report by the Heritage Foundation. Eventually, our government will realize we are already at war with Iran’s mullahs and can’t afford to ignore them much longer. Ron P.)

Blunt defeats Johnson in race for Senate GOP leadership post
Excerpt: Sen. Roy Blunt (Mo.), a veteran of Republican leadership circles, defeated Tea Party favorite Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) to become vice chairman of the Senate GOP Conference. He was elected to the fifth-ranking post in the GOP leadership by a secret-ballot vote of the conference at the Republican policy lunch Tuesday. Johnson's defeat is a bitter pill for conservatives who hyped the race as an important opportunity to bring a fresh conservative voice to the leadership table. 

Talk-show host offers Newt Gingrich $1 million to drop out
Excerpt: Some conservatives don't believe in Newt-mentum. Popular right-wing talk-radio host Michael Savage has offered Newt Gingrich $1 million to drop out of the race for the GOP nomination because he doesn't believe the former Speaker of the House can beat President Barack Obama. (Will push people to Newt, IMHO. ~Bob.)

Far Fewer Enter U.S. Illegally From Mexico
Excerpt: Arrests of people trying to sneak into the U.S. from Mexico have plunged to the lowest level in four decades, the latest sign that illegal immigration is on the retreat even as legislatures, Congress and presidential candidates hotly debate the issue.

Stealth jihad in the Senate By Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
Excerpt: It has enlisted for this purpose Sen. Dick Durbin, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat. Mr. Durbin is not only perfectly placed to do the deed stealthily, he has his own close associations with a number of the Brotherhood's top fronts and operatives in his home state of Illinois, in Washington and elsewhere across the country. As it happens, in addition to serving as the majority whip, Mr. Durbin is a member of both the Senate Foreign Relations and Appropriations Committees - the panels responsible for reauthorizing and funding the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. He has used his leadership and committee positions to place what amount to secret "holds" on legislation that would extend the life of the commission.

EPA's Shaky Science Used By Green Movement To Attack Fracking
Excerpt: At a House Oversight Committee hearing in May, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson confirmed that, despite fears that hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as "fracking," would lead to contamination of ground water, there was no independently documented instances that it had occurred. Jackson told the committee: "I'm not aware of any proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water." Suddenly the liberal group Pro Publica is shouting from the proverbial rooftops that fracking is a threat to humanity, and that it has been documented by an EPA draft report released last Thursday. That report said chemicals "likely" associated with fracking were found at a site in Pavillion, Wyo., where EPA monitoring wells were drilled. (Our world has so many legitimate environmental problems, but they just keep attacking Fracking. I guess Fracking is the new CO2 liberal propaganda machine. –Chris)

Saudi woman executed for 'witchcraft and sorcery'
They don’t tolerate that crap under the Religion of Peace. Assume the NYT, which thinks there’s nothing wrong with Shari’a law, approves of this crackdown on crime. ~Bob. Excerpt: A Saudi woman has been executed for practising "witchcraft and sorcery", the country's interior ministry says. A statement published by the state news agency said Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser was beheaded on Monday in the northern province of Jawf.

IN Gov. Daniels Compares Illinois Politics to "Living Next to the Simpson's" by Jeff Carter
Excerpt: The Illinois legislature proposed a tax package that is designed to keep the $CME and $CBOE from leaving the state. Is it enough? Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has said that being next to Illinois is like living next door to the Simpson's.

Michelle Obama Uses Soldiers’ Sacrifice to Excuse Her Own Lavish Spending
Excerpt: Mrs. Obama took another tack, however. She said the massive holiday displays in her White House are designed to make others feel better, especially military families. “I know for some of you, this holiday season will be tough,” she told some visitors. “But hopefully, it’s times like this that make you know that you live in a grateful nation, and that we are just so inspired by your sacrifice. And hopefully, this is a memory that will stay with you every holiday season.” (Yeah, I'm sure that every Marine standing a watch on Christmas Eve will have his morale lifted knowing that the White House is lavishly decorated for the holidays. MasterGuns. But does she have a picture of mass murderer Mao on the tree again this year? That made e feel good. ~Bob.)

Marine Poser shows up at Airsoft Expo
Excerpt: Yes, this ****head is wearing a mini-SEAL Trident, along with a Silver Star as his SECOND highest award (for those not in the know, the only awards that rate higher than the Silver Star are the Distinguished Service Cross {Navy Cross for USN personnel} and the Medal of Honor). Here's his complete list of ribbons, in the ****ed up order he's wearing them: Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon (obsolete 1967) - Silver Star - Meritorious Unit Citation (Navy/Marine) - Joint Service Achievement Medal National Defense Service Medal - Afghanistan Campaign Medal - Navy Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon - Combat Action Ribbon (Navy/Marine) Navy Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon - Iraq Campaign Medal - National Defense Service Medal #2 (for a double dose of pimpin) - Army Overseas Service Ribbon Selected Marine Corps Reserve Medal - Global War on Terrorism Service Medal - Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal - Navy & Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon. (Gee, I served in both the regulars and the reserves. Don’t I rate two National Defense ribbons too? ~Bob.)

My Father, Newt Gingrich: Jackie Cushman discusses her mother, the divorce, and her father’s evolution.
Worth reading. ~Bob.

Trump debate appearance canceled
Couldn’t find a hall large enough for his ego. ~Bob. Excerpt: This just in: Donald Trump has bowed out of moderating the Newsmax debate in Iowa later, announcing his decision in a statement saying he will not give up the option of running for president as an independent.

Premier’s Actions in Iraq Raise U.S. Concerns
Excerpt: Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki has moved swiftly to consolidate power in advance of the American military withdrawal, offering a glimpse of how Iraq’s post-American identity may take shape, by rounding up hundreds of former Baath Party members and evicting Western companies from the heavily fortified Green Zone. Related As Mr. Maliki met with President Obama in Washington on Monday to discuss Iraq’s future after the end of a painful nearly nine-year war, his aggressive actions back home raised new concerns in the West, where officials have long been uneasy with the prime minister’s authoritarian tendencies.

OWS Supporter Barack Obama Leads All GOP Candidates In Donations From Big Business Executives…
Excerpt: President Barack Obama, who has been characterized as anti-business by his political opponents, has received more in campaign contributions from business executives this year than any Republican presidential candidate.

Man shoots Belgian shoppers, children, kills three
Excerpt: A man hurled grenades at a bus stop in the Belgian city of Liege and sprayed gunfire at crowds of Christmas shoppers and children on Tuesday, killing three people and wounding 123 before fatally shooting himself in the head. It was not clear what his motive was, but Belgian officials said there was no indication it was an act of terrorism. Witnesses said the gunman, Nordine Amrani, 33, began his attack near a bus stop at Place Saint Lambert, a central shopping area and the site of the Christmas market and main courthouse - sending shoppers scattering to flee the bullets. (Workplace violence, I bet. ~Bob.)

Mexican Government Unaware of DOJ Money Laundering Operation Involving Drug Cartels
Excerpt: According to a spokesperson for Mexican president Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s government was left in the dark about a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration drug money laundering scheme that allegedly facilitated the transfer of millions of dollars to Mexican drug cartels. The program was similar to Operation Fast and Furious in that the U.S. Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, was allegedly furnishing narcotics traffickers with laundered drug proceeds in an attempt to discern how those funds would move, and to whom.

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