Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Random Thoughts

If you scratch a liberal, 85% of the time, if you don’t find a Star of David, you’ll find an anti-Semite.

If Bush was to blame for FEMA and Katrina under his administration, why is Obama not to blame for ATF and Gunwalker under his administration?

There is no use learning a Word Processing Program. As soon as you do, they will come out with a new version with hundreds of features you aren’t interested in using, making it very difficult to find the few you do want to use.

It’s hard to remember what I did in the office before I had a computer on my desk. I recall hand writing letters my poor secretary had to try to decipher and type, with a carbon copy. And I spent a LOT more time on the phone.

I don't complain when President Obama goes on vacation, or out to play golf. I complain when he comes back.

Maybe this is the trouble with my diet: “My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.” –Orson Welles

People I disagree with politically, who are perfectly polite to me in person, can be quite nasty on e-mail. Something about the medium doesn’t lend itself to the President’s call for civility. Which was kind of drowned out anyway by his sycophants calling opponents terrorists, hostage takers and racists.

I have liberal friends who assume that because many Tea Party supporters want to limit the growth of government, that they are opposed to all government and want to abolish social security, Medicare, the military, public education, etc., etc. I’m not sure if they really believe that, or it’s just easier to make up something absurd to attack, rather than debate the merits of a particular program. Because I think spending $350k of stimulus money per house to put broadband in rural homes, many not worth half that in market value, was a waste doesn’t mean I’m for abolishing the Air Force. You don’t have to be an anarchist to want limited government as opposed to Stalinist government.

Too many “Fact Checkers,” left and right, check only the facts that support their worldviews.

There is a Russian joke: Two peasants, Boris and  Ivan are friends. They have identical small houses and sheds, a wife, two children and two cows each. Except that Boris also has a goat, a point of pride with him that annoys Ivan. One day Ivan finds an old lamp, from which appears the traditional genie promising to grant him one wish. Ivan thinks a bit, than says, “Kill Boris’s goat.” Ivan is the voter who will re-elect Obama, who promises to kill the goats of the rich so they will feel better.

They say you should have a balance between work and personal life. If they meant that, wouldn’t the weekend be 3.5 days long? (Yes, I know this kind of thinking got Europe in trouble—it’s just a joke….)

I’m starting the “Campaign for Sports Justice.” It is not fair that prime athletes get millions, while no team will give an old, over-weight, poor athlete like me a shot. This creates a disparate impact, thus is clear discrimination against the incompetent. So I propose legislation requiring that pro teams hire bad players based on our percentage of the general public. Yes, I know that (fill in your favorite bad team to bash) already does that.

Is it just me, or do progressives really hate progress? They try to block it at every turn.

I fear that what the Greenies really want is a big die off of humans. And I fear they are going to get it when the inevitable fiscal collapse of the West leads to social collapse. They may be surprised to find they are among the dead group, though.

I guess I’m just evil. I have to hope that the bureaucrat who charged the father for shooting a bear that came into the yard where his kids were playing walks into his yard some night and confronts a grizzly—unarmed. (The bureaucrat, that is. The bear will be well armed, probably in violation of some federal law.)

People who circulate racist or fake stuff about Obama (like the flipped, Photoshopped picture of the Obama’s supposedly saluting with their left hands) are not only dishonest, they are stupid because such things help Obama play the victim card for sympathy. So they sullied their integrity and got the opposite result of what they intended. Arseholism is a growing problem in our society.

With all the books I read, you’d think the pile would get smaller, not higher.

Nothing like holding a military rifle in his hands to make an old man feel like he can still make a positive difference in the world.

We may soon come to a time when the difference between “rich” and “poor” is how much ammo a person has left.

I’d bet $100 that in ten years almost no one will be concerned with trivia like global warming. But I don’t expect to be here in ten years. And if my concerns about the future are right, a “hundred dollars” in paper money won’t be worth much anyway. So I could only lose, but could win nothing of value.

Collecting might be hard as well, in a subsistence economy. I recent read The Fall of Rome, and was struck by the author pointing out that “specialization” worked against survival, once the complex Roman economic system collapsed. We have far greater specialization and a far more complex economy. Imagine if you are fairly suddenly dependent on only what you and your neighbors in a day’s walk can make, grow or kill to survive. No iPods from China, no fruits from far away. What will the survival rate be? Especially with gangs of armed thugs with no skills but violence wanting what you have. What can most of our welfare-dependent, inner-city underclass make except trouble?

On a plus note, football is starting. I hope the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl….Hell, I hope I make it to the Super Bowl!


  1. Bob, Have a great and quiet weekend. I posted a comment on a story about the Congressional Black Caucus questioning whether there was still a need for such a group when there is no Asian caucus, American Indian caucus, white caucus, etc. I also questioned the correctness of a group of elected officials, supposedly dedicated to diversity, belonging to a club that discriminates on the basis of race. You will be comforted to know that my post was removed within 30 seconds.

  2. Awesome post! Most are our thoughts exactly which is why there are preparations under way at our house.

  3. Thank you for saying these things.
    I think most of us are afraid to. Or at least I know I am.