Monday, November 1, 2010

Jan Schakowsky's Husband Wrote ObamaCare in Jail?

Interesting article. I knew he had been in jail, no drawback for a Cook County Democrat, but not that he had anything to do with ObamaCare. I have not verified, and sorry this wasn't published weeks ago. But please forward to friends in the Chicago area for their consideration. ~Bob.

Why Doesn't Everyone Know Jan Schakowsky's Husband Wrote ObamaCare in Jail?
Just one of the reasons why I’ve been supporting Joel Pollak. Tough in this D+20 district, but he’ll be a great Congressman if he wins. ~Bob. Excerpt: I know who's got my vote for the cutest couple since Bonnie and Clyde. It's the larcenous lovebirds from Chicago: Jan Schakowsky, the most far-left member of Congress, and her bank robber husband, Robert Creamer, who wrote Obamacare in jail. What a romance! She waited as he served time for sixteen counts of bank fraud, selflessly devoting herself to trying to impeach Dick Cheney and to showering federal funds on her biggest, most ethically challenged contributors. And he persevered inside the graybar hotel, aflame with the inspiration that became Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win, a 628-page manual for how "to reshape the structure of one-sixth of the American economy" -- namely, health care.

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  1. Glenn Beck covered this over a year ago, long before it was passed. I left IL years ago because the commies were taking over. Haven't looked back.