Monday, February 16, 2009


Republicans are acting all surprised and outraged that Senator Roland Burris (D-Blagobamaville) apparently lied to the Illinois Legislature about contacts with former Governor Blagojevich before Burris was appointed to the Senate.

Republicans should just say, "Get over it. He's a Chicago Pol. Of course he lied."

Meanwhile, Democrats who were terribly outraged at deficit spending under Bush (even when they voted for it), are now saying the much larger deficit spending in the "stimulus bill" is good for the economy. So, wasn't Bush's deficit spending good for the economy back then? If this deficit spending is good now, think how much worse the economy would have been without Bush's deficit spending then, right.

I assume they'll apologize to him any day now.

But I note cartoonists, editorial writers and Democrat politicians--much the same, come to think of it--having few Republicans in power to knock, are still knocking Bush, out of habit.

If that meteor strikes the Earth in 2035, some editorial writer will blame it on Bush just before everyone dies.


  1. Bless you my brother!


  2. I'm tired, too

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  3. republicans are so bad they make democtrats look good