Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Great News-Obama Team Cleared!

Headline: Obama Report Finds No ‘Inappropriate’ Contacts with Blagojevich

This is wonderful news. Barack Obama conducted an investigation of his transition team and found no wrong-doing in the alleged efforts by Governor Blagojevich, whom Obama strongly endorsed for Governor in 2006, to sell Obama's barely-used senate seat. It would have been terrible for the country if the politicians from Illinois that Obama picked for his team had turned out to be, well, Illinois Politicians. Thankfully the news media can now move on to these other breaking stories:

Dick Chaney clears Scooter Libby of Wrongdoing

Nixon’s Ghost clears Nixon in Watergate Case

Pontius Pilate clears Roman Army in Crucifixion Case

What? You say the non-partial guardians of our rights in the press would never let political figures get away with investigating and clearing themselves?

Exactly: once upon a time, in a country far, far away. But times change. That was the old rule. Before some politicians sent shivers up the legs of "journalists."

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