Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Logically speaking, how is healthcare a privilege and not a right? By Charles Tips, Serious student of US and world politics
Excerpt: Easy. One is subsidized. One is no extra cost. With a right or freedom, the government simply leaves you alone as you go about your business. With a privilege, government gets to siphon off money from some to use to support others. When Chancellor Otto von Bismarck literally stole social democracy from Karl Marx and the Social Democratic Party of Germany, he referred to the state-aid programs that ensued as “bribing the people.” Basically, his plan was to stop the threat of rising liberal parties with their wealth-creating free enterprise businesses that were steadily increasing the standard of living of the people by using Marx’s idea of a graduated income tax to take the wealth of the entrepreneurial class, use it to support the aristocratic political elite and, by implementing aid programs, win the allegiance of the people to Kaiser Wilhelm I. If enterprise succeeds in bettering the lives of the people, political elites have no significant role to play. This is fundamental to statism. In republican government such as we are guaranteed here in the US, the people as a whole are sovereign; government serves us. That makes us full citizens able to go about our business in robust civil and private sectors using our rights and freedoms. Government’s role is limited to the public sector, with only civilian police and courts having a role to play in the private and civil sectors

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