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Letter: Debt poses a serious threat to security. By Robert A. Hall
Excerpt: Having read the State Journal's Jan. 27 editorial, "'Snowzilla' has nothing on D.C. debt," I welcome the newspaper's editorial board to the ranks of budget hawks. America's $19 trillion debt is up from less than $11 trillion when President Barack Obama, whom the State Journal endorsed, took office. It's not just a financial matter. As U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, pointed out in his recent national security session in Madison, it's also a security issue. A country that is weak fiscally cannot be strong militarily. Unfortunately, the acknowledged debt is the smaller part of the problem. There is also the unfunded liability. That is money the government has promised to pay but does not have in the bank for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare. It's not considered "debt" because it's not owed by contract. The government can cancel it, creating chaos and civil unrest. I've read estimates that range from $87 trillion to $240 trillion, depending on who is counting, what is counted and what period is projected. Just Google "The West and the tyranny of public debt" from Newsweek. Of course, as a liberal friend said, the "government can always print more money." This is why you can buy a billion dollars in Zimbabwe currency on eBay for about $8.

Interesting: Don’t Take New Hampshire for Granite. By Peggy Noonan
Excerpt: You’ve heard all the Iowa analysis you need. It was a triumph for Cruz, a humbling for Trump, a boost for Rubio. We’re all tired of talking about lanes, outsiders and establishment candidates. My read: Marco Rubio may emerge as the choice of those who prefer their candidate not be abnormal, by which I mean outsized or unsettling. This is arguably an underserved market on the GOP side. ... On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton did not “win” Iowa; she had a near-death experience and emerged intact. In October she was winning by 41 points. Monday she effectively tied Bernie Sanders. She is now trying to limit the size of his expected New Hampshire victory.

GOP Budget Chairmen Take Swing At Obama Administration, Refuse To Hold Hearings On President’s Budget
Excerpt: Nothing in the president’s prior budgets – none of which have ever balanced – has shown that the Obama Administration has any real interest in actually solving our fiscal challenges or saving critical programs like Medicare and Social Security from insolvency,” Price said in a joint statement. “Rather than spend time on a proposal that, if anything like this administration’s previous budgets, will double down on the same failed policies that have led to the worst economic recovery in modern times, Congress should continue our work on building a budget that balances and that will foster a healthy economy.” The administration did not take well to the snub.

You can't make this stuff up: "Ted Cruz gave us Obamacare," says Donald Trump
But, of course, Trump can. This is like certain black "leaders" claiming the government invented AIDS to kill blacks. Obamacare passed in 2010 without one Republican vote. Cruz elected to the US Senate in 2012. As usual, The Donald has verbal diarrhea and metal constipation. On healthcare he said, “Single payer, it works in Canada. It works incredibly well in Scotland.”  Like Obama & Hillary, you cannot trust him to be firm on any issue, especially if he can cut a deal that benefits Trump. Bill Clinton called him to urge him to run--not with the best interests of the country or the GOP at heart. Maybe because they have Trump on tape saying Hillary would be a great president. ~Bob

Clinton email scandal: Why it might be time for Democrats to draft Joe Biden. By Colbert I. King, Washington Post

Some Oklahoma schools display signs warning staffers could be armed

Military Next: FDNY drops physical test requirement amid low female hiring rate
People are going to die because of PC. ~Bob. What's a few deaths now and then so long as the "equality" agenda is in place. Only in America. --Andy. Ah, but what's a few dozen innocent kids burnt to death compared to the glorious post-American future to which we're being dragged? --Tom K.

Seoul: North Korea fires rocket seen as covert missile test
Thanks be to God that Bill Clinton made a deal, like the Iran deal, in 1993 to keep North Korea from getting nukes. ~Bob

Dinesh D'Souza Faces Off With Bill Ayers in Debate — and Stings Him With Devastating Response

Make up your mind: What happens to a tiny town when Walmart disappears? A pullback from underperforming stores has left some rural communities without a vital source of support. By Lydia DePillis
Liberals were mad at Walmart for expanding, not are mad at Walmart for contracting. ~Bob

More Signs Of Fuzzy Math In The Bernie Sanders Health Plan. Another week, another report questioning the Sanders proposal's basic assumptions. By Jonathan Cohn, Huffington Post

Pharma Bad Boy Martin Shkreli Is a Big Democrat Donor
Big Pharma bought their way out of Obamacare. They promised to support it and Obama promised not to use the government's buying clout in Medicare/Obamacare to get drug prices down. ~Bob

Multiculturalism PC Kills. Suspect in Chelsea slaying could have been held by ICE
Excerpt: An alleged gang member indicted last week in the fatal shooting of a mother of three in Chelsea had arrived in the United States illegally as a teenager and was charged with other violent crimes, raising questions about why US immigration officials did not detain or deport him before the woman’s death.

Cheap Gasoline Is Messing Up These 7 Anti-American Powers
Excerpt:  America surpassed Russia early last year as the world’s largest and fastest-growing producer of oil and natural gas. It utterly changed the global energy game and reduced the influence of unstable petrostates like Russia, Venezuela, Iran and Saudi Arabia. As recently as 2011, comparatively minor political tensions in Libya caused the price of oil to pass $120 a barrel, but during the much greater tensions from the rise of Islamic State as well as Saudi Arabia and three other Sunni nations cutting diplomatic ties with Iran, the price remains below $30 a barrel. (Could this be why POTUS wants 30% tax/barrel of oil? --Barb)

Another Coal Company Hit Hard, Forced To Layoff Hundreds Of Employees
Illinois-based coal company Alliance Coal announced Friday it must layoff 275 employees....The reasons for the temporary job terminations are predictable considering the current environment for which coal companies must contend. Alliance cited low natural gas prices, “overreaching regulations” and a glut in coal market as the reason for the layoffs. Coal employees in Kentucky also got slammed on Friday. Warrior Coal, LLC and Hopkins County Coal, LLC in the Bluegrass State announced some employees will be let go and others will have their employment status re-examined.

Madeleine Albright Tells Young Women Voters ‘There’s A Special Place In Hell’ For Them If They Don’t Support Hillary [VIDEO]
Former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright attempted to shame young women voters at a Hillary Clinton campaign event on Saturday, repeating her now-famous line: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” Albright joined New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker at a rally in ConcordN.H., just days before the nation’s first presidential primary of the 2016 campaign.

The Traditionalist Rebel. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Leftist movements begin with rebellion and end with conformity. No Utopian movement can tolerate rebels for long because there is no room for dissent in paradise. An ideal society, the goal of leftist political movements, not only has no room for war, racism, greed and all the other evils the conformist paradises of the left hope to eliminate, it also has no room for disagreement. The perfect society and its perfect ideology are also the perfect tyranny. Against this Utopian collectivism, which promises paradise and delivers a prison, is the traditionalist rebel who finds virtue in the acknowledgement of human flaws rather than in the unthinking pursuit of an unchanging perfection. (At least, as I see it.  The desire for freedom for oneself and everyone else, and the resistance to ever increasing controls from the ever righteous ideologues, is what typifies what I think of as the balanced, rational, freedom loving person.  Who understands that perfection is a false ideal for humans, that what the proper goal is  are the minimal systems that provide clear benefit for everyone and exercise no more control than is really necessary for those benefits.  Political Correctness is the continually encroachment on simple rights based on the theory of achieving some kind of perfection where no one is ever offended or upset in the least.  We have schools now abandoning some traditional holidays because some of their students are immigrants from different cultures and aren't familiar with the holidays or the reasons for them.  This is so they won't be upset by "cultural domination", but if they came here of their free will, then it is up to them to assimilate, not to remain 100% in the culture they left behind to come here, and yes, the adjustment will have its difficulties, but that's the natural and inescapable part of emigrating to a different land.  When we all share a great deal of common ground and traditions, then we are all better off.  To remain in separate cultural islands is the guaranteed way to create unyielding problems for all. So for me, being the Traditionalist Rebel is a good thing, a matter of pride and commitment.  I can only hope there are enough of us left to keep up the support of this nation as it was meant to be. --Del)

Worth Hearing: Gun Control in Canada
Great video from a Canadian TV station.  You REALLY want to watch this and forward it far and wide. --Del

Border Patrol: Cartels use kids to divert agents. By JOEL GEHRKE 
Excerpt: Drug cartels bring unaccompanied children to the Rio Grande valley to serve as diversions that distract border security officials from smugglers and drug traffickers, according to a Border Patrol union official. "The unaccompanied minors could have walked right up to the Port of Entry and asked for asylum," Brandon Judd, National Border Patrol Council official, told a House Judiciary subcommittee panel in prepared testimony on Thursday. "Why did the cartels drive them to the middle of the desert and then have them cross over the Rio Grande only to surrender to the first Border Patrol agent they came across? The reason is that it completely tied up our manpower and allowed the cartels to smuggle whatever they wanted across our border." (Clearly we need a huge change in how the border is kept closed and monitored and how those caught coming across it are handled.  The great majority of Americans understand this and want this, but we can only hope a new President next year will undertake the task. --Del)

OBAMACARE'S DAMAGE -- AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT. Lee Hieb, M.D., explains harm done to physicians, small insurers, hospitals
Excerpt:  ..."In my state, our Republican governor opted into the Obamacare exchange program, which accepted over $100,000,000 in federal funds, took in millions in premiums and then – before we could say “Solyndra” – collapsed into insolvency. Where did that money go? Inquiring minds want to know.

Congressman: Islamic terrorists 'have already got a lot of people here'
Excerpt: The Obama administration is ordering Border Patrol agents to release illegal immigrants without making them appear in court or keeping track of their whereabouts, and it’s also dramatically rolling back aerial surveillance along the southern border, leading a senior congressman to suggest the public is unaware it is being “betrayed” by its commander in chief. What’s sad is the people of the United States don’t recognize that they’re being betrayed by their own president and also betrayed by those people in the Congress and the Senate who have been going along with this amnesty program,” said Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, R-Calif., a leading voice against amnesty and for border enforcement.... “This president has done so many things that are contrary to the interests of the safety and security and prosperity of the people of the United States that this is no surprise, especially in dealing with foreign entities, whether it’s Muslims overseas or whether it’s illegal immigrants coming in here from various countries." (Remember "West Side Story"?  "I like to be in America....Everything free in America...." --Barb)

Political Correctness Is Dying, Even in France
Excerpt: French socialist Christiane Taubira -- the minister of justice, also known as the “keeper of the Seals” -- formally resigned last week over what she called “a major political disagreement” with French socialist President François Hollande on anti-terror policies. At stake was a constitutional amendment known as the Protection of the Nation Constitutional Act (Loi constitutionnelle de Protection de la Nation) that would strip persons who join ISIS or other jihadist networks, or who commit “grave crimes against the life of the Nation,” of their French citizenship.... Still, it is immensely popular: according to an OpinionWay/Le Figaro poll, it is supported by 85% of the French as a whole, 80% of the socialist voters, and even 64% of the hard-left voters. (French coming to their senses; however, in US, population lulled by Mass-Media-censored diatribe about cupcake decorating, celebrities having snits/fits, election huffs and the Super Bowl.  The regime using all to its advantage to transform the USA...Barb)

Citi: Economy in 'Death Spiral'
Excerpt: Some analysts — including those at Citi — have turned bearish on the world economy this year, following an equity rout in January and weaker economic data out of China and the U.S. "The world appears to be trapped in a circular reference death spiral," Citi strategists led by Jonathan Stubbs said in a report on Thursday. "Stronger U.S. dollar, weaker oil/commodity prices, weaker world trade/petrodollar liquidity, weaker EM (and global growth)... and repeat. Ad infinitum, this would lead to Oilmageddon, a 'significant and synchronized' global recession and a proper modern-day equity bear market."

Interesting: The Federal Reserve – the Deep State’s Central Bank
Excerpt: In a fiat money world, consenting adults are no longer able to set the price of credit. So, the Fed does it for them. And after 2008, the Fed decided to take the “emergency” measure of dropping short-term interest rates to zero to try to stimulate the economy. But like so many other government programs, it was an intentional failure. With the labor participation rate now at its lowest level ever, the typical American man is more likely to be unemployed today than at any time in history. The rich have gotten richer; the poor have gotten poorer. (No wonder Trump and Sanders are doing so well!) And after eight years of the most extravagant stimulus efforts in history, in the last quarter, the U.S. economy grew by just 0.7% – “stall speed” in other words.

Single Payer: Friends of girl, 18, with leukemia sign her casket with loving messages in a final goodbye after she died waiting for a hospital bed during a shortage in Canada

State Department reveals Hillary Clinton received $500K worth of jewelry from Saudi king

Why won’t Clinton release the transcripts of those paid speeches? By Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
Excerpt: Hillary Clinton had a chance to put to rest swirling questions about her paid speeches to groups such as Goldman Sachs during last week’s final debate before Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire. She pointedly refused to take it.

Important: South Korean naval vessel fires warning shots near North Korean patrol amid high tension (over missile launch)
Excerpt: The brief encounter came hours after the United Nations Security Council condemned North Korea's launch of a long-range rocket that world leaders described as a banned test of ballistic missile technology and South Korea's president called another "intolerable provocation." (Remember back in 93 when President Clinton promised his "good deal for us" with N. Korea would keep them from getting nukes? Good times. What is Kim Jung Un but Nero with Nukes? In a few years, when Obama's deal with Iran turns out to be as worthless as Clinton's deal with North Korea, Iran will be simply Nazis with Nukes. God help us. ~Bob)

US, South Korea to discuss deployment of missile defense system

Worth Reading: Cruz, Trump and the Caricature of Conservatism
Excerpt: The angry and uncompromising tone adopted by Ted Cruz in Iowa and in the aftermath of his victory there has reinforced the perception of right-wing callousness. So, too, has the vulgar rhetoric of Donald Trump, who has topped Republican national polls for months. Cruz and Trump and many of their supporters insist that politics requires toughness and an iron will. So it does. Yet Cruz and Trump also lend credence to a widespread view aggressively promoted by progressives and internalized by some conservatives that the public policies of those on the right reflect hard hearts and mean spirits while programs championed by those on the left mirror their caring and generous natures. As New Hampshire voters prepare to go to the polls on Tuesday in a state where Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are leading in the Republican and Democratic fields, the stereotypes about liberals and conservatives are front and center.

On Point: Hillary and the Suspension of Disbelief. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: In ironic fashion, Hillary’s own vocabulary best describes her conduct. A “willing suspension of disbelief” most aptly sums up Hillary Clinton’s disastrous 2016 primary campaign, which so far seems more disastrous than her 2008 disastrous campaign. This time around, she is again blowing a huge lead in the polls, but not to an inexperienced, charismatic young African-American trailblazer. Instead she is neck and neck with a white 74-year-old socialist from Vermont who wants to make college free and up taxes to a 90% rate.

Army Combat Exercise in Hawaii Plays Down Cyber Threat. By Herb Lin
Excerpt: In a recent visit to PACOM with other Stanford colleagues, we had the chance to observe an Army brigade combat team exercise.  This exercise involved an opposing force that was operating under free-play conditions—that is, the opposing force was free to innovate tactics against the brigade in training as it saw fit. But in conversations with the personnel running the exercise, it came out that what the opposing force could do was highly constrained in the cyber dimension—and the reason offered was that giving them full free rein would shut down the exercise and prevent the brigade from achieving its other training objectives.  Given the high cost of the exercise (~$3-4 M), it made more sense to prevent a premature shutdown of the exercise.

Fake: President Obama Signs Executive Order Limiting US Gun Owners to Three Guns
I ran this as it appeared to be from CBS, but said it was hard to believe. A blog reader wrote in: "There's no mention of this on the White House's website AND both the "ABC NEWS" logo and web address are different from the real deal." --Carol. See: "This bit of fiction originated with, a clickbait fake news site that imitates the appearance and domain name of a legitimate news organization (ABC News) in order to generate traffic and advertising revenues by creating and spreading fabricated "news" stories." I would not do business with anyone advertising on this site. Scum. ~Bob)

Would Bernie Sanders get blown out in November? This political scientist doesn’t think so.

Funny: Wind turbine photo of the year
Excerpt: To fix the “problem” a helicopter is employed (burning aviation fuel) to spray hot water (which is heated in the frigid temperatures using a truck equipped with a 260 kW oil burner) on the blades of the turbine to de-ice them. The aviation fuel, the diesel for the truck, and the oil burned to heat the water, could produce more electricity (at the right time to meet demand) than the unfrozen wind turbine could ever produce. (Before it freezes up again).

Worth Reading: Ohamacare’s Robin Hood Scheme and the Socioeconomics of Health. By Devon Herrick
Excerpt: Obamacare is a bad deal for most people by design. Most individuals have few health concerns. For instance, about half the population spends less than $500 annually on medical care. For a decade prior to the ACA I often heard liberal public health advocates chant the imbecilic phrase, “health coverage won’t be affordable until everyone has coverage.” What they meant by that was if insurers were required to cover money-losing customers at rates that did not reflect their costs, new regulations would have to force healthier individuals to purchase coverage that was overpriced compared to their health costs.  Thus, at its core Obamacare is a wealth redistribution scheme.  This is true not only because of taxpayer subsidies that decrease with income, but it’s also a function of health literacy and lifestyle. Uninsured households are more likely to be less educated and have lower incomes. Healthy behaviors and health literacy (that is: understanding what a healthy lifestyle is) tends to rise with income and education.  Obamacare regulations are designed to transfer some of the health (and wealth) of the healthier, better educated households to poorer, less healthy households. Allow me to explain. The socioeconomics of health has to do with the study of so-called “health disparities.” An article in the policy journal, Health Affairs, explained the effects socioeconomics has on health status.

If Big Money Buys Elections...Bush TV ad spending in N.H. hasn’t paid off in polls
Excerpt: Jeb Bush may be struggling to rise in the New Hampshire polls, but it’s not for a lack of spending to get his message out. The former Florida governor had the advantage of more TV spots, sponsored by his campaign or a super PAC supporting him, on New Hampshire and Boston channels in the last two months than any other candidate in the Granite State presidential primary, according to a Globe analysis. There were more than 3,600 airings, for a total of more than 34 hours. (...Bush will win NH. ~Bob. It’s an old rejoinder, but a true one, that if you think money buys elections, ask President H. Ross Perot, or President Steve Forbes. Romney built his fortune; John Kerry and John McCain married into theirs, and none of their presidential bids succeeded. Michael Huffington -- once Arianna’s husband -- spent $28 million in a Senate bid in 1994, the most money ever spent on a non-presidential campaign at that point. He lost. Tom Golisano spent $93 million on three independent gubernatorial campaigns in New York; he never won. --Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt.)

Worth Reading: This Is Why You Can’t Afford a House. By Joel Kotkin
Excerpt: Real estate inflation is redefining American politics and could eventually transform the nature of our society. In the dense, increasingly “kiddie-free zones” around our Central Business Districts (CBDs), according to 2011 Census figures, children between ages 5 and 14 constituted about 7 percent of the population, less than half the level seen in newer suburbs and exurbs. The common habitués of these high-cost, high-density urban areas—singles and childless couples—have emerged, according to Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, as key elements of the progressive coalition. The bluer the city, generally, the fewer the children. For example, the highest percentage of U.S. women over age 40 without children—a remarkable 70 percent—can be found in Washington, D.C. In Manhattan, singles make up half of all households. In some central neighborhoods of major metropolitan areas such as New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, less than 10 percent of the population is made up of children under 18. Perhaps the ultimate primary example of the new child-free city is San Franciscohome now to 80,000 more dogs than children, and where the percentage of children has dropped 40 percent since 1970.

Excerpt: The “establishment” dalliance with Trump plays directly into Cruz’s attempt to offer himself as the daring outsider, but it deserves further scrutiny, both for its motives and its inherent risks. The strange new respect for the Donald, his temperament, and his appetite for deal-making comes conspicuously, it’s worth noting, from those with skin in the game. Bob Dole and Orrin Hatch? Jeb supporters. Trent Lott? Kasich backer. Terry “anybody but Cruz” Branstad? Keeper of the ethanol flame (and tacit Christie ally.) So it might be a bit of a stretch to take at face value their “establishment warms to Trump” theme, given that a Cruz flop in Iowa would aid their respective candidates and parochial interests. Moreover, with Iowa in the rearview mirror, the tactical alliance with “the establishment” may have already reached its expiration date.

Interesting: A Different look at Ted Cruz
An awful lot of people don't like Ted Cruz, he has a reputation for being brash, hard to get along with, and ready to run over anyone in his way.  Some of that is simply the people who don't like that he does in fact fight the establishment and calls a spade a spade.  I saw him give an address to the Senate in which he very clearly nailed the Senate leader for lying about some actions that he didn't want people to take.  That kind of thing is unforgiveable in Congress, but it's the kind of thing that I personally like a lot.  I'm sure he isn't perfect, but then again, who is?  I recommend watching this video about his upbringing and his family history.  It rings true to me and I think it means a lot. --Del. I'm still for Rubio, but will vote for Cruz if it is between him and RINO Trump. ~Bob

Religion of Peace News

Police probing radicalised teenager in Belgium find video of him and five Iraqi migrants gang-raping drunk girl who fell unconscious at a party

Christian Family Sues Over ‘Islamic Indoctrination’ Homework
This is maybe the fifth kind of situation I've read about where in the name of cultural diversity, students get exposed to the religion and practices of Islam in really serious detail, including reciting prayers, reviewing the nice parts of the history, reading parts of the Quran, and role-playing as Muslims.  Just as it says in the bold section below, no such depth of any other religion is permitted in public schools, but somehow it's OK for Islam to be taught about because that's what the PC practice is today. I have no objection to Islam being discussed in a Comparative Religion program, that covers Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hindu, as major religions, and perhaps touches on the several other lesser religions like Mormons, Christian Scientists, etc, even Wiccans.  But no "special" coverage for any of them, if the kids have to recite prayers, OK, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist prayers, the same amount of time spent on each, the same time on each faith's holy books, the same time on their history.  All that is fine, it's teaching, not indoctrination. I hope this lawsuit goes well for the family and the school and the principal get slammed for falling into the PC nonsense of making the study of Islam something special.  That would be good for everyone. --Del

Worth Reading: DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties. By Philip Haney
Excerpt:  Following the attempted attack, President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to "connect the dots." He said, "this was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had." Most Americans were unaware of the enormous damage to morale at the Department of Homeland Security, where I worked, his condemnation caused. His words infuriated many of us because we knew his administration had been engaged in a bureaucratic effort to destroy the raw materials, the actual intelligence we had collected for years, and erase those dots. The dots constitute the intelligence needed to keep Americans safe, and the Obama administration was ordering they be wiped away. (And where would the pressure come for actions like the one below?  From the highest level of the government, that's where. --Del)

Obama: Islamic State says they’re “holy warriors who speak for Islam. I refuse to give them legitimacy.” By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: What makes Obama think that the Islamic State is looking to him for legitimacy? Where did he get the idea that any Muslim looks to any non-Muslim to legitimize his understanding of Islam? The Qur’an calls Muslims “the best of people” (3:110) and unbelievers “the most vile of created beings” (98:6). Does Obama think that if he refrains from acknowledging the Islamic roots of jihad terrorism, that some young Muslim who is considering joining the jihad will think again and turn away? “Oh yes, I was going to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State until I heard Obama say that they were un-Islamic.” Ludicrous.

Older, worth reading: The Two Faces of Islam. By Richard Butrick
Excerpt: One face is for Islam’s useful idiots the other is for Islam’s faithful.
The Koran is not arranged in chronological order. When it is arranged in chronological order it is clear that the Koran undergoes a serious transition after Muhammad’s first real triumph on the battlefield at Badr in 624. The period following that battle is called the Medina period of the prophet’s life. Conceptually this transition can be seen as a transition from the Old Koran to the New Koran. Unlike the transition from the Old to the New Testament, the transition from the “Old” Koran (pre-Medina) to the “New” Koran (Medina) is a transition to a more vengeful, demanding, supremacist God. He who at Mecca is the admonisher and persuader, at Medina is the legislator and the warrior, who dictates obedience, and uses other weapons than the pen of the Poet and the Scribe. [link]

Every Student Succeeds Act To Fund Turkish Islamist’s Charter Schools
Excerpt:  The Gulen educational movement has spread to America and is being funded by the American people. According to national security expert Frank J. Gaffney, president of Center for Security Policy, “Fethullah Gulen’s movement is just one more manifestation of what the Muslim Brotherhood has called civilization jihad.” With ESSA providing federal funding to expand the charter school program, new Gulen schools will be opened – and new opportunities for civilization jihad.  (Check out HC's connections to Gulen. --Barb)

200 million women have undergone genital mutilation — 70 million more than previously thought. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: “The 30 countries” in which female genital mutilation is prevalent are “mainly in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.” Hmmm. What could they possibly have in common? Why is this so widespread? The answer is that FGM is sanctioned by Islamic law: “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” —‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

Worth Reading: Islam’s Contribution to the World. By  Bethany Blankley 
Excerpt: Islamabad writer Dr. Farrukh Saleem pointed out in 2005 indisputable facts about the Islamic world. Combined, 57 Islamic countries are the world’s poorest and most illiterate: The GDP of 57 Muslim countries is less than $2 trillion; Muslims comprise roughly 22 percent of the world’s population but only produce less than 5 percent of global GDP; 20 percent of Arabs live on less than $2 per day; The average growth rate of per capita income in the Arab world hovers around .5 percent per year [worse than everywhere else except for sub-Saharan Africa]; 60 percent of Muslims worldwide are illiterate; 50 percent of Arab women cannot read.

Dozens arrested as Pegida anti-migrant marches sweep across Europe (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Walls Work: Tunisia builds anti-terror barrier along Libya border

Burning Down the House: A Strategic Overview of the Threat, the CVE, and Strategic Incomprehension in the War on Terror

What you can do to stop the blocking of jihad news on Facebook


Humor: Man turns into Scotsman

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