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SC, NV , the rise of liberal Trump--and other political news.

Lincoln-Reagan Dinner
Bonnie and I attended the Dane County Dinner and had an opportunity to hear Sen. Ron Johnson speak. Here's a pic. ~Bob

Been under the weather
For the last few days. My first real head cold in several years. Trying to keep it from getting worse or going into something else. Have been sleeping A LOT. And not able to get through all my emails. ~Bob

"Between two groups of people who want to make inconsistent kinds of worlds, I see no remedy except force." --Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (Holmes was a great jurist, a poet and a Union Army Officer during the Civil war. ~Bob)

Here I Stand. By Robert A. Hall

I Will Not Vote For Donald Trump. Ever. By Erick Erickson 
Eric Erickson is the founder of Red State and is considered as conservative as they come. ~Bob

Worth Reading: Conscription: History and Realities of Conscripted Militaries. by Tom Kratman
Excerpt: There’s a lot of silliness floating around on the subject of conscription, a surprising amount considering we don’t have it and few Americans anymore have experience of it. This ranges from equating it to slavery, to thinking it can brainwash the young, to claims it leads to foreign military adventures, to claims (sometimes only implicit) that it absolutely prevents unnecessary foreign military adventures by making the armed forces less usable. It’s considered to be a useful tool of tyranny or a necessary precondition for creating and maintaining democratic or republican government. It’s also said to be useless, the armies it produces so inferior to professional armies in battle that it’s not worth using. Historically, that last comment is nonsense. Whether we’re talking hastily trained Israeli citizen soldier militia stomping professional Arab armies like narcs at a biker rally, in 1948, et seq., or conscripted French thrashing professional Prussians at Jena-Auerstadt in 1806, or drafted Romans beating silly or wearing out through sheer numbers the professionals and professional mercenaries of, in turn, Pyrrhus of Epirus, Hamilcar Barca and his brilliant son, Hannibal, along with the professional soldiers of Macedon, the Successors of Alexander the Great, and any number of other ancient groups. The Athenians at Marathon? Conscript citizen-soldier militia facing Persian professionals. Note that the citizen soldiers won. ((Tom Kratman is a retired USA LtCol, an occasional contributor to this blog, and an outstand author of military science fiction, including the A Desert Called Peace series. http://www.amazon.com/Desert-Called-Peace-Carrera-Book-ebook/dp/B00B5HJOFY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426715332&sr=8-1&keywords=Peace+Kratman I expect that in 20 years they will move his novel Caliphate to the history section. ~Bob)

Things get worse: Trump wins South Carolina; Bush drops out of GOP race
First thoughts on South Carolina and Nevada. In NH, Trump won big with 35% of the GOP vote, Hillary lost big with 38% of the Dem vote. Now, once again, Trump wins with 32.5 % of the GOP vote in SC, while Sanders loses with 47% of the Dem vote in NV. This shows why we need run-off elections when no one gets 50%, so the people really get to decide. If we are to have any hope of having a conservative on the ballot in November, we need to unite behind Rubio or Cruz. Otherwise, we will have a choice between the Trotskyite Sanders or the Corrupt Liberal Clinton, versus the bombastic, self-serving, life-ling progressive Trump. With maybe the far left Bloomberg thrown in for fun. In that case, the thin glimmer of hope that we can prevent the Republic from collapsing will vanish entirely. Oh, and once again in SC, a Majority of Republicans voted for a black or Hispanic minority, while in Nevada, 100% of the Democrats voted for an olds, white person. ~Bob. Hillary Clinton’s five-point win in the Nevada caucus -- where the vote totals are handled more securely and with more secrecy than classified information on Hillary’s server -- was treated as a decisive turning point in a lot of corners of the media this weekend: --Jim Geraghty

Worth Reading: Turning Against Trump
Excerpt: That was then.  This is now. Now the opposition research is finally coming to light, and it seems that Trump (shame on him, not shame on you) has been lying to America’s conservatives.  Up until he threw himself into this election cycle, Trump was the very model of a modern elite Progressive.  Moreover, as the campaign progresses, his current statements give the lie to his past promises. 

Cruz fires top campaign spokesman over Rubio Bible video
Excerpt: Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said Monday he’s fired campaign communications director Rick Tyler, after his top spokesman promoted a video that wrongly depicted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as trash-talking the Bible.  The Texas senator announced that he's asked for the resignation at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Hillary raises money from Muslim group in Texas

My father, Antonin Scalia. By Christopher J. Scalia

Hillary Clinton’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad answer on whether she’s ever lied. By Chris Cillizza

Bernie Sanders is Right that real unemployment is over 10%: Extra 14.3 Million U.S.-Born Americans Are Out of Work, Compared to 2000
Excerpt: “The [official] unemployment rate gives a false picture of what’s going on in the labor market,” CIS director of research Steven Camarota, the author of the analysis, said Friday. “There has been enormous growth in the number of working-age (16-to-65) people, especially native-born Americans, not working,” and thus are not counted in the formal measure of unemployment. “The key question for our political leaders and candidates is, does it make sense to admit a million new permanent immigrants each year, along with several hundred thousand guestworkers, given the enormous pool of working-age Americans not holding jobs?” Camarota added.

Policy Under Fire: Free Smartphones For Illegals
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are soon going to have to level with Congress about a federal contractor handing free smartphones to illegal aliens released from detention centers. Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz fired off a letter to ICE Director Sarah Saldaña Thursday, telling her to divulge everything she knows about federal contractor GEO Care giving fully equipped smartphones to some illegal aliens after their release from Texas detention facilities. GEO Care runs the detention centers and gives illegal immigrants the smartphones so they can contact case managers and navigate their way through the U.S., according to the Los Angeles Times, which broke the story. (It has worked beautifully for organizing the blacks into gangs for raiding/attacking stores and malls and they love getting their "reparations."  2nd prong of attack for transformation:  Illegals added to fray.  And pardon and turn out the now-radicalized Muslims from jail and give them phones for "tracking" as well.  Massive "community organization" for revolution, while the "folks" remain mesmerized by their iPhones, pads, tech gadgets. --Barb)

Penn. Officials Save $87M by Investigating Welfare Applications

Interesting: The GOP Presidential Field and The Narcissism of Small Differences. By Mike Razar
Excerpt: The vicious fighting between and among the various Republican candidates for President brings to mind Sigmund Freud who wrote, in German of course, of der Narzissmus der kleinen Differenzen, or “the narcisissims of small differences.” Perhaps that has something to do with the vituperativenss which has come to characterize the contest of late. The most striking thing about the field of GOP candidates is the extent to which they agree on policy issues. I have chosen seven overlapping groups of issues important to Republicans   

CALIFORNIA 'NOW RESEMBLES A MEDIEVAL SOCIETY. 'Historian Victor Davis Hanson sees vast feudal poverty and 'an aristocracy of a few million elites'

Excerpt: Hanson dubbed it “the weirdest place in the world” in his new e-book, a collection of PJ Media essays titled “The Decline and Fall of California.” And who could argue the point when he calls out absurdities like Tiburcio Vasquez Elementary School – an institution of learning named after a 19th century robber and murderer?...“California is both more poorly managed than any time in its past, more divided between rich and poor, more fragmented by opportunistic ethnic identity politics, more impoverished by massive illegal immigration – and never more naturally wealthy.”

Must Read: Weimar America. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: 2016 is a pivotal year in which accustomed referents of a stable West are now disappearing. We seem to be living in a chaotic age, akin to the mid-1930s, of cynicism and skepticism. Government, religion, and popular culture are corrupt and irrelevant—and the world order of the last 70 years has all but collapsed. Neither the president nor his would-be successors talk much about the fact that we are now nearing $20 trillion in debt—in an ossified economy of near-zero interest rates, little if any GDP growth, and record numbers of able-bodied but non-working adults. (The most frequent complaint I hear in my hometown is that the government lags behind in their cost-of-living raises in Social Security disability payments.) No one can figure out how and why America’s youth have borrowed a collective $1 trillion for college tuition, and yet received so little education and skills in the bargain. Today’s campuses have become as foreign to American traditions of tolerance and free expression as what followed the Weimar Republic. To appreciate cry-bully censorship, visit a campus “free-speech” area. To witness segregation, walk into a college “safe space.” To hear unapologetic anti-Semitism, attend a university lecture. To learn of the absence of due process, read of a campus hearing on alleged sexual assault.

Obama Broke a Chilling Regulatory Record in 2015. Last year’s Federal Register was the heftiest it has ever been, and more than 500 of those pages directly affected small businesses.
Excerpt: Pres. Barack Obama bid farewell to 2015 with a major blow to small businesses. Setting an all-time record, his administration packed the Federal Register with 82,036 pages of rules and regulations by the year’s end, according to a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).  That’s the sixth such record-breaker for a president The Wall Street Journal is calling "the most prolific American regulator of all time." (Want to mess up the economy, cut back on job creation, hamstring businesses, make it much more difficult to start a business, especially manufacturing?  Easy, just keep putting out a blizzard of ever-increasing regulations, restrictions, and ammunition for federal bureaucracies to overwhelm businesses.  And that's exactly what's been going on for the past several years.  A new President who will repeal the bulk of this is desperately needed. --Del)

Reminder: Donald Trump didn’t write ‘The Art of the Deal’

Sanders Finally Goes after Big-Mouth Bill For Trade Disasters He Brought Us
Contrary to what the left would have you believe, economics is not a zero-sum game. As the brilliant black economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell has pointed out, after NAFTA, the number of jobs in both the USA and Mexico increased. ~Bob

Military School Vet Speaks: Trump: If troops in up-armored Humvee hit IED ‘they go for a little ride upward and come down’
“I talk about it all the time: 2,300 brand new up-armored Humvees, I talk about it all the time…the best in the world,” Trump said. “Armor plated, top, bottom, all over, if a bomb goes off our wounded warriors–instead of losing their legs, their arms, worse, they’re okay. They go for a little ride upward and they come down.” There are a number of things wrong with Trump’s statement. It’s true that sometimes when vehicles hit buried explosives that fail to detonate or partially explode, there’s little more than a bump and a lot of smoke. But regardless of how well armored your vehicle is, IED detonations that don’t kill or mutilate the vehicles’ occupants can blow eardrums, cause traumatic brain injures or eject people. (Trump never served [why?] and knows nothing about the military, posturing notwithstanding, Weight is another factor to be considered with an up-armored Humvee. Almost every vet I know was disgusted by Trump's shamelessly pandering fundraiser. Attacking John McCain's military service. Trump has repeated, "I'll be looking for a Douglas MacArthur."  He apparently identifies with another self-aggrandizing blowhard.  The General was a WWI hero and played an important role in the occupation of Japan. However, after Pearl Harbor, he received cable after cable warning that the Japanese were coming. He arrogantly responded, "I can hold out indefinitely" and then failed to prepare defenses.  His air force was wiped out on the ground nine days later.  After escaping the following catastrophe by submarine, the General took a characteristically self-centric view of the global war from his Pacific outpost.  Unless our government put the entire US Navy at his disposal, we would lose the war he threatened. Korea: MacArthur thought that he was more important than his Commander in Chief, demonstrating that he understood neither the Constitution nor his President. Truman's firing of the insubordinate General was a seminal affirmation of the way our American democracy works: ultimate power resides not with a military chief but with the elected, civilian president. Semper Fi, --Peter)

Veterans on Trump’s fundraiser: ‘He doesn’t give a damn about vets either way’
Excerpt: Trump, now somewhat notorious for using images of German Wehrmacht troops from World War II in a tweet with the hashtag #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and Soviet soldiers in an Facebook video meant to honor U.S. veterans, seems to have selected a stock image for his fundraising website. The image features a man dressed in a uniform that has never been worn by American troops. To add insult to injury, it appears he is also wearing a visor. And white sneakers.

BLACK PATRIOT DOWN. Fred Cherry defied Communist torture and leftist stereotypes. By Lloyd Billingsley
Excerpt: Fred Cherry, the African American U.S. Air Force pilot who spent seven years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnamhas passed away at 87. With all due respect to Joe Louis, Fred Cherry was the real Brown Bomber. Born in Suffolk, Virginia, Fred Cherry experienced racial prejudice and segregation first hand but did not let it hold him back from achievement. He graduated from Virginia Union University in 1951 and joined the U.S. Air Force. A skilled pilot, Cherry would soon be flying combat missions over Stalinist North Korea. (The story of a real American, who happened to be born with dark skin, but never let the biases and injustices stop him from loving his country and serving it superbly.  He is the kind of man whose story should be all over the news, and referred to by a lot of this nation's supposed leaders.  But somehow, that doesn't quite happen. The rest of us will recognize his service, his heroism, his devotion to his country, and the fantastic example he set.  May he rest in peace and joy. --Del)

Worth reading: Donald Trump relishes wrecking the GOP. By George F. Will
Excerpt: Four days before Saturday’s South Carolina primary, Obama improved Donald Trump’s standing with Republicans by volubly deploring him and cannily placing: “He says in more interesting ways what the other [Republican] candidates are saying.” Not exactly.
Certainly not last week when Trump said, “I like the [Obamacare] mandate.” He thereby disparaged one of conservatism’s greatest recent achievements — persuading five Supreme Court justices that the mandate is not justifiable as a regulation of interstate commerce, so the Constitution’s Commerce Clause is not an infinitely elastic empowerment of Congress.

Never a better time: Welcome to Cold War 2: The risk of the Kremlin rolling the dice against NATO is real. By John R. Schindler
Excerpt: “Over the weekend, Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev explained, “We have slid back to a new Cold War”—of course he blamed the West for this—to the shock of attendees at Munich’s annual security conference, Europe’s premier event of this kind.” (With Mr. Soft Power in the White House and our military at low ebb. What could Obama do? Nuke them? ~Bob)

Trump’s word salads conceal his ignorance
Don't agree. Not concealed for anyone who looks. I've thought for decades that Trump's ignorance rivaled his arrogance.  ~Bob

Putin Favors Trump or Sanders for President. Here’s Why That Matters to You. By Paul Gregory
Excerpt: On the Republican side, RT labels Trump as the clear front runner, an extraordinary person, who attracts enthusiastic and unprecedented crowds. RT heralds his rejection of the Iraq war, his many talents, his cutting debate style, and his respect for and defense of Vladimir Putin.

The Rise of Intolerant Liberals. By Kim Holmes 
Excerpt: Why have liberals become so intolerant? They think nothing of denying someone as prominent as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice from speaking on a college campus. They embrace activists who shut down speakers. They publicly shame people for the slightest deviation from liberal orthodoxy. For them everything from science to the law is “settled” once they get into power. Progress is a one-way street. Their mindset is the very definition of closed-mindedness. The easy answer would be “they are all bad people.” But frankly that’s a cop-out. Not all liberals are bad people, any more than all conservatives are angels. No doubt among the fevered minions of liberal activists there are people with, shall we say, psychological issues, but that doesn’t explain why so many otherwise reasonable people are so beholden to liberalism as an ideology. (I was a classic JFK Liberal, and still hold the same ideals, yet somehow now that makes me a moderate Conservative.  When I've tried to talk to some of today's "Liberals" about Climate Change, Benghazi, federal bureaucracy overreach, women in combat roles, racial tensions, radical Islam, and other hot topics, it doesn't take long at all before they jump to the name calling.  I'm a racist, an Islamophobe, a "denier", a Far Right nutcase, a misogynist, etc, etc.  That's when they're still being comparatively polite. People on the Left claim that it's the Far Right that's really the Bad Guys, violent, intolerant.  But there have been no instances at all of any demonstrations at colleges or elsewhere by Conservatives to prevent any Liberal, Leftist, Black Lives Matter speaker, or others from speaking.  We have ample instances of students and others shutting down the chance for Conservatives of any sort, including Hiryan Hirsi Ali who is not a conservative, just a refugee from Islamic threats to her life, from speaking in a public forum. I still know some classic Liberals who have not given in to this wave of vicious intolerance, but they are a minority in the movement today.  This is a sad thing indeed, for all of us. --Del. I was called a wacko and a racist on two consecutive days on face book. By a relative. ~Bob

Sissyfication of Millennials: Ivy League Students Complain of Mental Stress and Failing Grades Due to Their Campus Diversity Activism. By Sharona Schwartz
Excerpt" Social justice activists at Brown University have complained their activism is taking an emotional toll on them and that their extracurricular activities have at times caused them to fail classes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their claims won them some derision on social media. (Going to school to get an education, learn about the world as it has been and is, study great minds, great thoughts, learn languages, literature, real science, all that stuff.... is now passe in some places.  And the poor delicate children who get themselves engaged (usually with some professor pushing them) in "activism" are breaking down from the horrible stress.  But it's OK, the deans will give them extra time (that no one else gets who maybe merely has a job trying to cover their costs) for their exams, etc. And using "gender neutral" pronouns, made up by some nutcase who finds if somehow a good idea to deny that people are born mostly in two classes?  Wow, every time you think the insanity has some limit, you find out you're wrong again. These are the generation of the future?  Heaven help us. --Del)

Dear Trump Fan, So You Want Someone To ‘Tell It Like It Is’? OK, Here You Go.
Excerpt: Personally, I think you’re lying, and I’m going to test my theory. In fact, I believe I’ve already proven my theory because you’re now offended that I called you a liar. But Trump has called half of the Earth’s population a liar at some point over the past seven months, and you loved every second of it. You said you loved it not out of cruelty or spite, but out of admiration for a man who’s willing to call people liars — even if he’s lying when he does it. Yet here I am employing the same tactic — accurately, I might add — and you recoil indignantly. Over the course of this campaign season I’ve said many harsh words about you and your leader, all of which I stand by, but you’ve never respected my harsh words, or the harsh words of any Trump critic. Indeed, you insist that our tough criticism of you only vindicates your support of Trump, while Trump’s vulgar and dishonest criticism of everyone else also vindicates your support of Trump. You’re tired of people being critical, but you love Trump because he’s critical. You say you like Trump for his style, but you hate his style when it’s directed at him or you.

Trump defends Planned Parenthood on ‘ Meet the Press’ better than any Democrat could…
Excerpt: Of course, Chuck Todd pushes the liberal narrative on this, and Trump loves it, that Planned Parenthood is able to separate the money it gets from the federal government from spending on abortions. A businessman like Trump should understand how obvious it is that the support of such spending expands beyond what you can report in the accounting books. Further, Planned Parenthood commits other accounting tricks in order to make it seem like they perform other women’s healthcare procedures at a higher rate, but they’re no where near what Trump says they are.

PROFESSOR: YOUNG BERNIE SUPPORTERS PROVE EDUCATION SYSTEM HAS FAILED. University of Oklahoma professor breaks down socialism's failures
Excerpt: You don’t have to be a student of ancient history to know socialism doesn’t work,” Professor Deming states, highlighting the capitulation of the Soviet Union and Venezuela’s current problems as examples of how the Socialist economic system dooms nations to fail. “The misery caused by socialism is unfolding today in Venezuela. Since Venezuela embraced socialism in 1999, poverty, crime and corruption have all increased. Grocery shelves are empty and the annual inflation rate is estimated to be as high as 200 percent.” (There are all these great reasons for studying history as well as the examples around us from present day.  You get to learn what did and did not work, and maybe save yourself a lot of trouble.  Remember the  three rules of common sense- Stupidity- making mistakes, suffering penalties, learning nothing, Common Sense- making mistakes, suffering penalties, learning something Intelligence- watching others make mistakes, observing penalties, learning a lot. It'd be nice to at least go for #2, but actually, I really think we should try #3 in this country. Please note that Plymouth Plantation started as a socialist economy and failed miserably, with more than 1/2 the population dying rapidly.  William Bradford, the Governor (an indentured slave due to his passage to the colonies; then earned his freedom) corrected this by introducing a free market economy, which meant one worked or starved.  No wealth redistribution any more. Socialism is theft, and the corrupt educational system will teach none of this.  People too ignorant to know and learn from history will repeat the mistakes. --Del)

Worth Reading: Paranoid Politics. By Dr. Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: Amid all the media analyses of the prospects of each of the candidates in both political parties, there is remarkably little discussion of the validity — or lack of validity — of the arguments these candidates are using. It is as if what matters this election year is the fate of a relative handful of people— currently seven — running for their respective parties' nominations. Meanwhile, the fate of the 320 million Americans who are going to be affected by the outcome of this year's election fades into the background. The fact that Hillary Clinton's election prospects, for example, depend on her ability to get the black vote has been talked about in the media numerous times. But what about the fate of millions of black people, and how that will be affected by the way Hillary Clinton is trying to get their votes?

Filibuster Feingold calls Republican senators ‘irresponsible’
Excerpt: Feingold is part of the liberal “Do your job” crowd self-righteously demanding the Republican-controlled Senate stop all of its “obstruction” and  vote up or down on an Obama nominee. Feingold, bidding to take back the Senate seat he had held for 18 years, aimed his political ire at the man who took it from him in 2010: Sen. Ron Johnson.
Except Feingold and friends forget that Feingold in 2007 was among a gang of 24 Senate Democrats who played the obstructionist role they sound so indignant about now.

BREAKING: Arrests Made In DC Assault Of Marine, Hate Crime Charges Not Pursued
Police on Monday arrested two juveniles for their assault on a decorated Marine in a WashingtonD.C. McDonald’s, but have yet to charge either with a hate crime. Chris Marquez, a decorated Marine veteran, was followed out of McDonald’s and assaulted by a person brandishing a handgun February 12 following a verbal altercation in which Marquez was called a racist. The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed in a press release the arrests of two 17-year-old black juveniles Monday, one male, one female, for the attack.
Politically-Challenged: George Mason University

Religion of Peace News

Report: ISIS Used At Least 89 Kids And Teens In Suicide
Excerpt: In fact, the real number, 89, is about double current estimates. About 51 percent died in Iraq, and 35 percent died in Syria. In 39 percent of cases, children blew themselves up instantly with improvised explosive devices, while 33 percent were killed as foot soldiers during combat operations. (They have to be carefully taught.  But Obama not afraid of women and children and scoffs at those who are. --Barb)

Europol warns up to 5,000 Europeans have returned from terror training
Excerpt: Up to 5,000 Europeans have returned to the continent after being trained at terrorist camps, the head of Europol has reportedly said.  Rob Wainwright claimed Europe is facing its biggest terror threat in more than 10 years and has warned of large-scale attacks by IS and other groups.  The head of the EU law enforcement agency said: "The growing number of foreign fighters presents the EU countries with completely new challenges."

Leaked German govt report: refugees committed 208,344 crimes 2014-2015

“Islam can’t be modernized,” says world’s “greatest Arabic poet”

Delicious: UK students ban hard-Left “anti-Islamophobia” campaigner Nick Lowles for being “Islamophobic.” By Robert Spencer, JihadWatch.org
Excerpt: Schadenfreude is an emotion that should perhaps not be encouraged, but it is hard not to feel a twinge of it when reading this account of Leftists eating their own. I’ve often stated that anyone and everyone who dares to say a word in opposition to jihad terror and Sharia oppression, no matter how mild that word may be, will ultimately be accused of “Islamophobia” by Leftist and Islamic supremacist jihad enablers, and demonized and ostracized as a result. This is true no matter who you are, and no matter how much you may have contributed to the Left’s pet causes in the past. Bill Maher and Sam Harris have discovered that, and now next in the pro-jihad Left’s crosshairs is Nick Lowles, who whines below: “Never mind all the work HOPE not hate has done challenging anti-Muslim hatred, it seems that some ultra left activists believe I’m islamophobic because I have repeatedly spoken out against grooming and dared to condemn Islamist extremism.”

The Case of Mohammed and Aisha — on The Glazov Gang
Excerpt: A recent bill in Pakistan sought to ban child marriage, but it miserably failed — after a prominent religious body declared the legislation “un-Islamic.” The UN also recently voiced alarm at the growing number of forced child marriages in Iran. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child denounced laws permitting sexual intercourse with girls as young as nine — and it urged Iran to “repeal all legal provisions that authorize, condone or lead to child sexual abuse.”

Hillary reaches out to front group for the Islamic Republic of Iran for donations


Bill Federer recounts John Quincy Adams' comparison between followers of Bible vs. Quran

Excerpt: Over the 1,400 years of Islamic conquest, Muslims enslaved an estimate 180 million Africans..... “The natural hatred of the Mussulmen towards the infidels is in just accordance with the precepts of the Koran. … The fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion is the extirpation of hatred from the human heart."

Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology: “Un-Islamic” for women to seek divorce without husband’s permission

Teenage Afghan migrant, 16, 'rapes worker at Belgian asylum centre two weeks after attending a course on how to treat Western women'

Gang printing fake passports for ISIS jihadis smashed in huge police raid

ISIS beheads 15-year-old Iraqi boy for listening to pop music

Interesting: How IS has been making enemies in Afghanistan
A VERY interesting report, in that the reporter not only knows whereof he speaks (for once!), but is actually FROM Kunar, having grown up there. Rather along the lines of AQ in Iraq - the “foreign fighters” (many of them Arabs, who looked down their noses at the local yokels) over-played their hand, which led to the fracturing of the insurrection, and to the ability of the US to bribe the Sunni sheiks to form the so-called “Awakening” that allowed the last regime to "get out of Dodge” without a catastrophic loss. Another thing to note is the attitudes of the various local mujahidin militias towards foreigners - ANY foreigners - be they Russians or Yanks - and how deep their religion (a brand of the Saudi Wahibist sect that helped [along with our own CIA] to beget Al Qaeda) and its accompanying mindset runs in even the nominally “less religious” among them. These are among the reasons that I knew the ultimate outcome of the Afghan (and to some extent the Iraq) incursions would be disastrous. They don’t call Afghanistan the “Graveyard of Empires” for nothing. Those mountains have seen a lot of troops and would-be conquerors come and go over the centuries... Jim.

TURKEY. By Mindy Belz, GlobeTrot
Over the weekend Turkey has armed and sent a reported 850 jihadists into northern Syria to recapture Azaz from the Kurds and their allies, rebel groups armed by the United States. There are reports of massacres of hundreds of Kurds in southern Turkey, all under cover of fighting ISIS. What’s unfolding—as we keep saying—isn’t simply “civil war,” it’s the undoing of NATO (of which Turkey is a member), the unraveling of European order, and massive atrocities spiraling out of Syria, all under the watchful eye of American passivity:

Syria: Islamic State blasts near Shia shrine murder at least 127
Muslims killing Muslims for Allah- the 13-century old story. ~Bob

Southern Poverty Law Center expands its hit list of foes of jihad terror

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