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Been a little out-of-pocket, so didn't get through the email today. Went to visit our friend Mike whose wife Norma (our dance teacher) died last week. He is in rehab for a hip transplant that had complications of broken bones. She was home alone, went out in the garden, fell and either hit her head or couldn't get up. She died of hypothermia. Tough week. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Obama picks Marine commander for next chairman of the Joint Chiefs
Excerpt: President Obama will nominate Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. to become the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, selecting an experienced field commander to guide the United States through familiar insurgent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and new threats from cyberattacks and China’s military rise. U.S. officials said Obama is expected to announce Tuesday that Dunford, the commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, is his pick to replace Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, who will step down this fall after four years on the job.

Worth Reading: ‘Wounded Warrior’ Charity Unleashes Hell—On Other Veteran Groups. By Tim Mak
Excerpt: What happens when a non-profit that was started to help veterans becomes the neighborhood bully? For a charity supposedly devoted to helping veterans, the Wounded Warrior Project spends an enormous amount of time suing or threatening to sue small non-profits—spending resources on litigation that could otherwise be spent on the vets they profess to serve.
At issue is the Wounded Warrior Project’s brand: the charity has become particularly litigious over the use of the phrase ‘wounded warrior’ or logos that involve silhouetted soldiers. At least seven such charities have discussed their legal problems with The Daily Beast. The Wounded Warrior Project has become, in the words of those they’ve targeted for legal action, a “bully,” more concerned about their image and increasing the size of the organization than actually providing services to wounded warriors. (They also go after critics. I was a non-profit executive for 31 years, so familiar with non-profit 990 federal tax returns. I looked at the WWP's 990. Didn't like what I saw. I support the Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund. ~Bob)

World Will Become Baltimore When Debt Bubble Bursts. By Gregory Mannarino & Greg Hunter Video
Excerpt: Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino thinks increasing bad economic news will force the Fed to print more money, or QE. Mannarino contends, “I absolutely think that’s going to happen. Before they allow this mechanism that they have propped up with these distortions that are so extreme, to correct to fair market value, they are going to throw everything at it to keep it going. Again, the alternative is too horrible to contemplate—too horrible to contemplate. The world will become Baltimore when the debt bubble bursts. Every street in every nation around the world is going to become Baltimore as people realize they cannot acquire basic assets. Everyone is struggling for these resources. This is really what it’s all about. They understand this. The world central banks are not stupid. This goes back to why the police are militarized in every state in the union. We are one nation under surveillance. They have understood where this was going for many, many years.” (I, too, fear we are headed for fiscal and economic collapse, followed by political and social collapse. See my 80-page 2011 book: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic http://www.amazon.com/Coming-Collapse-American-Republic-prevent/dp/1461122538/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1304815980&sr=1-5
All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans. ~Bob)

Hillary Clinton rejects Bill’s immigration crackdown, vows lenient approach
Excerpt: Bill Clinton was the strictest president in modern political times when it comes to immigration, signing bills cracking down on both legal and illegal immigrants — but it’s unlikely that record will infect his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has promised a more lenient approach as she makes a push for Hispanic voters in her presidential bid.

Still No Reports of “Hillary Fever” Outbreaks
Excerpt: I gather from the increasing hysteria of the feminists that Democrats are beginning to rebel at having a loser of a presidential candidate being foist upon them, in the person of Hillary Clinton.

USAToday Editorial: Only the Clintons seem blind to foundation's conflicts: Our view
Excerpt: As it is, the foundation is a mess. With Hillary Clinton running for president twice and serving as secretary of State in between, it was bound to be viewed as a way for foreign donors to get close to the Clintons — a danger the foundation appears to have discounted.
Much like the Clintons themselves, the foundation has seemed intent on playing by its own rules, and is highly defensive when confronted on its errors. Its efforts at limiting influence-seekers have been, at best, weak. Earlier this year, the foundation admitted that it had accepted $500,000 from the government of Algeria, violating an agreement struck with the Obama administration to accept gifts only from governments that had a record of giving before Clinton's tenure at the State Department.

Excerpt: At first glance, it undoubtedly seems very odd. Last September, the Scottish National Party (SNP) invited people in Scotland to vote to leave the United Kingdom and become an independent country. The proposition was clearly rejected, with just over 55 percent voting against and fewer than 45 percent in favor. Yet far from heralding a period of nationalist anguish and introspection, little more than six months later, the SNP is looking forward to the prospect of winning an electoral landslide in the U.K. general election scheduled for May 7. According to the latest polls, the party could win as many as 47 of the 59 Scottish seats in the 650-seat House of Commons. (It looks like Labour would win a clear victory nationwide over the Tories if Scots hadn't deserted to SNP. Harkens back to defeat of Lloyd George's Liberals in 1918, in part because Irish Party MPs (who voted with the Liberals) were swept out by Shin Fein who refused to sit at Westminster. --PM)

NASA’s New 10-Engine Drone Is Half Chopper, Half Plane
Excerpt: The GL-10 Greased Lightning is a ten-engine, battery-powered prototype with a ten-foot wingspan that can change its shape midair to fly either horizontally or vertically. This month, NASA announced it recently took off vertically and, for the first time, successfully rotated its wings to transition from “helicopter” mode to standard “wingborne” flight. The GL-10 is a relative of the V-22 Osprey, the VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft developed in the 1980s for the US Air Force and Marines. 

Worth Reading: Wisconsin Home Invasions: When the Government Upends Democracy. By Mark Meckler
Excerpt: Cindy woke up to a battering ram at her front door. She opened the door to a rushing mob of policemen, yelling and barging through her house with no explanation. She begged them not to shoot her barking dogs. Another had to wake her children with an armed policeman at the foot of their beds. A third thought the frantic knocking at her door must’ve been someone in trouble, but she too opened the door to a home invasion. Officers turned her house upside-down and left with all the personal information her family’s phones and laptops could hold. But not before warning each family member not to breathe a word about what happened that morning to anyone. This same scene took place in many homes—but not under a totalitarian regime across the ocean. Not to the families of drug dealers or violent criminals. These traumatic invasions happened in our own United States in 2013, in the state of Wisconsin, to ordinary citizens whose only offense was holding conservative or libertarian political views.

Top Republican and His Son Arrested On Corruption Charges
Excerpt: The cesspool that is New York politics continued true to form this morning, as Dean Skelos (R), leader of the New York State Senate, and his son have been arrested on corruption charges. The pair face federal charges for fraud, bribe solicitation, and extortion.

Huckabee announces 2016 bid stressing humble roots, traditional values
Excerpt: Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee on Tuesday entered his second presidential contest with a familiar message, focusing on his humble roots and traditional values.
But where he was the scrappy underdog with the fresh face in 2008, the former Baptist preacher faces a different set of challenges this time around. He joins a crowded field of GOP contenders, including some with similar appeal to evangelicals.

Why Does the Left Encourage Hatred Toward Women? By Scottie Hughes 
Excerpt: Here’s the ironic part: Most targets of these comments can answer back with cries that they are victims of racism, sexism, homophobia and other retorts, and the world listens. Most often they even come to the defense of these individuals demanding action against the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the one group who receives very little help defending themselves from gang-mentality hatred is the women who stand on the Right. These woman are often the recipients of some of the most descriptive, vile, viscous attacks all because they refuse to buy the propaganda of the left. Because, rather than acquiesce, they have decided to make up their own mind and are not afraid to say so.

WaPo Fact Checker: Warren’s false claim that ‘auto dealer markups cost consumers $26 billion a year.’ By Glenn Kessler
Excerpt: As regular readers know, we hold politicians accountable for the accuracy of sources they cite. There are enough warning flags in the CRL report — such as its lack of transparency on how the $26 billion number was calculated — that would have given a close reader pause. The National Automobile Dealers Association in 2012 submitted to the FTC a lengthy rebuttal of the report that also raised serious questions about the research. But besides citing a faulty number, Warren misleadingly says it represents “auto dealer markups.” The group that produced the report said that figure includes reasonable compensation owed to car dealers. She earns Four Pinocchios.

Rising Dragon News

The trouble with China's anti-corruption campaign. By John Sudworth
Excerpt: A ruling in Shanghai banning the husbands, wives and children of top officials from running businesses is meant, of course, to allay the deep public concern about official abuse of power. But, as has so often been the case throughout China's much-vaunted anti-corruption campaign, the tougher the rhetoric grows the wider the ridicule becomes. "What about cousins, mistresses, aunties and brothers and sisters?!" writes one social media user on the microblog platform Weibo.

Gun News

How One Hero Texas Cop With a .45-cal Glock Took Out Two Suspected Terrorists With Rifles, Body Armor. By Jason Howerton
Excerpt: Without warning, a Garland, Texas, police officer found himself taking heavy fire from two suspected terrorists with semi-automatic rifles and “protective gear” outside a free speech event on Sunday. The brave cop is being hailed a hero after he neutralized both suspects using only his .45-caliber duty pistol, undoubtedly saving lives. Other than the two suspects, identified as Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson, no one was killed. 

VA Sending Veterans' Mental Health Information to FBI to Restrict Gun Ownership
Excerpt: According to Howley's Daily Caller article, the VA said in a responding statement: "The Department of Veterans Affairs' policy to inform veterans of their rights regarding the Brady Act has not changed. As has been policy for multiple administrations, VA acts in accordance with federal law and works with the Department of Justice to properly maintain the NICS database. VA notifies any veteran who may be deemed by VA to be mentally incapable of managing his or her own funds of the opportunity to contest this determination and also to seek relief from the reporting requirements under the Brady Act, as required by law." (I've heard about this before but this time it looks like it's really been verified. The part that gets me is that the information goes off to the FBI (and from there, where else? as if we can trust any government agency to protect privacy), but THEN you get informed and maybe can appeal this. By that time the SWAT team may have broken in your door at 3AM to come and get any firearms in your house. Paranoid, you say? We know there have been instances already of vets losing their gun rights and some heavyhanded measures used to seize whatever they owned. And what exactly are the criteria the VA uses to decide you might be dangerous? If it's a very rare thing, only brought on when someone is in a very obviously disturbed state, I might concede it's not unreasonable, but I don't know at all if that's how it works. And some reports have been that just being diagnosed with any level of PTSD might bring on that judgment that you are a risky person to have guns. Again, how much trust do we place with the VA bureaucracy? I sure have my reservations. --Del. Walking from hotel to Lafayette Square across from White House, and encounter a horde of about 200 approaching the park carrying signs that indicated some form of protest. Clever wife shortly determined they are having a fire drill at the Veterans Administration. It's been close to 40 minutes and they are still outside. Our fire drills last about 15 minutes, involving about 1500 people...but of course most of us are shareholders, so appreciate that it's our money and we have to make a profit. --George)

Homeowner in Pleasant Grove shoots and kills intruder. By Aldo Vazquez
Excerpt: Early Sunday morning police were called to a home in Pleasant Grove about a possible break-in. The homeowner who had heard the intruder on his second story balcony was forced to discharge his gun when the intruder forced his way into the house. ... Police say Chiciha then forced his way into the house. The homeowner was able to fire off one shot, which struck Chichia in the chest.

Detroit homeowner wounded, intruder killed in gunfight
Excerpt: A gunfight between a homeowner and an intruder early this morning ended with the intruder dead and the homeowner hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds, Detroit police.

ISIS in America and the Importance of the Second Amendment. By Gary DeMar
Excerpt: The push for gun control is a push for assured destruction. A well-armed American population will stop any attempt by Islamic extremists to coordinate a planned domestic terror attack using conventional weapons.

Race Card News

Excerpt: Among the many painful ironies in the current racial turmoil is that communities scattered across the country were disrupted by riots and looting because of the demonstrable lie that Michael Brown was shot in the back by a white policeman in Missouri -- but there was not nearly as much turmoil created by the demonstrable fact that a fleeing black man was shot dead by a white policeman in South Carolina. Totally ignored was the fact that a black policeman in Alabama fatally shot an unarmed white teenager, and was cleared of any charges, at about the same time that a white policeman was cleared of charges in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Worth Reading: Black Lives Matter. By Walter Williams
Excerpt: "In addition to giving threats and instilling fears, criminals have turned many black communities into economic wastelands where there is a lack of services that most Americans take for granted, such as supermarkets, other shops and even home delivery."

Excerpt: We have been working to create a comprehensive look at black on white murders for the years 2014 and 2015. Many media bosses openly admit that they censor black on white crime. We have been working to collect the biggest sample size of black on white murders possible.

Why the Left Won’t Call Rioters ‘Thugs.’ By Dennis Prager
Excerpt: Two months ago, The New York Times published an op-ed piece by a professor of philosophy titled, “Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts.”
This is how the professor began his piece: “What would you say if you found out that our public schools were teaching children that it is not true that it’s wrong to kill people for fun or cheat on tests? Would you be surprised? I was.” The problem, as the professor described it, is that a generation of Americans has been taught that there is no moral truth. There may be scientific truth and historical truth, but no moral truth.

Excerpt: President Obama last week addressed rioting in Baltimore by calling on Republicans in Congress to apply the cure-all elixir prescribed by proponents of bloated government: Throw more money at the problem: ... If throwing massive amounts of federal money at cities “solves the problem,” Baltimore should have been set for a while: The city of Baltimore received over $1.8 billion from President Barack Obama’s stimulus law, including $467.1 million to invest in education and $26.5 million for crime prevention.

Baltimore firefighters blast Obama’s ‘one fire’ lie; which of the 159 ARSONS was he talking about?
Excerpt: In an attempt to downplay the rioting that took place in Baltimore last week, President Obama claimed that TV news outlets repeatedly looped the same fire on news segments. Union officials have just one question: Which fire was he talking about? Firefighters responded to 159 fires during Monday’s rioting. (Hey, we already know he's not good with numbers, remember the 57 states? So he confused 159 with 1. Well, there is a "1" in 159, so what the heck, it's just a minor slip. He really is on top of current events, his comments can always be relied on to paint a clear picture of what goes on. Sure.....Del)

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Obamacare Spending Is Consuming the Economy. By Mark Horne
Excerpt: While GDP barely improved, Obamacare spending has exploded.... Seasonally adjusted at annual rates, GDP increased by only $6.3 billion from the fourth quarter. Health services consumption, on the other hand, increased by $23 billion. This is a dramatic increase in a segment of GDP committed to a government-controlled and relatively unproductive sector of our economy.

Idiots Surprised: Another Obamacare Promise Broken – Emergency Room Visits Up. By Bob Conover 
Excerpt: Just one of the many assurances made to the American people leading up to the passage of the ObamaCare law was the promise that Emergency Rooms – clogged with uninsured patients seeking routine care for hangnails and headaches – would be cleared out for people in real need of emergency attention. Five years and trillions of dollars later, even that meager promise has been broken. Based on statistics, patients – citizens and illegal immigrants – going to emergency rooms for routine care instead of family doctors have actually gone up in Obama’s utopian world of “health coverage for all”.

Undocumented Democrat News

Religion of Peace News

Excerpt: A video released over the past several days by the Islamic State details the scale of last month’s rout of the Iraqi Army’s 26 Brigade headquarters in the Thar Thar area of Anbar province. The Islamic State overran the base in early March and released several photos of the attack.

Why Can't Muslims Laugh at Mohammed? By David P. Goldman
Excerpt: In Mel Brooks' comedy History of the World Part I, Moses is shown descending from Mount Sinai with three stone tablets in hand. As he declares, "I give you the Fifteen Commandments," one falls and breaks, and Moses corrects himself, "er, Ten Commandments."
Jews, including the observant, find this funny rather than offensive. As we learned once again in Garland, Texas, Muslims do not laugh at jokes about Mohammed, the purported author of the Koran (as Moses is the author of the Torah). Two wannabe Jihadists with assault rifles and body armor were no match for an off-duty Texas traffic cop with a sidearm, but the incident might have turned into a massacre worse than the murder of the Charlie Hebdo staff in January.

Important: Hamas Accused of Burning Down Salafist Mosque Amid Rising Tensions
Excerpt: An Islamic State (ISIS) affiliate accused Hamas of destroying one of its mosques in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, the Jerusalem Post reports. On Monday, an ISIS-affiliated organization reportedly device near Hamas' security headquarters used to train police recruits. These developments indicate rising tensions exist between Hamas and groups affiliated with the Islamic State in Gaza. ("You call yourself terrorists Akmed? Ha! I fart in your general direction!" ~Bob)

Can Muslims Be American? 58% of US Muslims Say Free Speech Should Be Illegal
Excerpt: A recent poll seems to suggest that Muslims living in the USA want to outlaw free speech and a large number even agree that blasphemers of the Muslim god should be executed… HERE in the USA! It all makes one wonder if it is possible to be both a Muslim and a true American? (Yes for some of them, no for others. Christians consider the Muslim belief that Jesus was not the son of God to be blasphemy. If it's okay to kill blasphemers, we outnumber them...~Bob)

Violent Muslims in Niger Burn 69 Christian Churches, Kill Ten Christians and Injure Hundreds More! You Won't Believe How the Christians Respond
Excerpt: Just three months ago, over the course of just a few hours a mob of hundreds of Muslim radicals destroyed almost 70 churches, killed ten people and injured hundreds more. Today, the Christians living in the area are trying to move on, preaching the Gospel and forgiving those who’ve done them such great harm.

Excerpt: As soon as Saudi Arabia declared the end of Operation Decisive Storm on April 21, all parties to the Saudi war, the Houthis and former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, jointly declared victory on the same day, in a war where no one achieved gains, and joint losses were the name of the game. On March 26, Saudi Arabia announced that Operation Decisive Storm aimed to restore the legitimate government in Yemen, put an end to the expansion of Houthis to the south and undermine the power of both Saleh and the Houthis. However, the government was not restored, and the Houthis and Saleh are still expanding and fighting battles in the provinces of Marib, Taiz, Aden and Dali.

Excerpt: Dershowitz responded by sharing his candid assessment of the situation.
“Let’s remember that the only people today who are threatening violence against others for expressing political views are radical Muslims. That happens to be the reality,” Dershowitz said. “You don’t have Jews trying to threaten Farrakhan. You don’t have Christians trying to use violence against people who use anti-Christian rhetoric.”

France, Saudi seeking to seal quickly billions of euros in deals. By John Irish
Excerpt: France is in talks to agree billions of euros worth of contracts in Saudi Arabia that could be completed quickly, ranging from defense to civil aviation, transport and energy, the French government said on Tuesday.

Iraqi forces plead for help as Islamic State closes in on refinery
Excerpt: Iraqi forces besieged inside the country's largest oil refinery are running low on food and pleading for reinforcements to save them from Islamic State militants who have advanced deep into the compound in the past week. The insurgents now hold large sections of the sprawling Baiji refinery complex in northern Iraq where some 200 policemen, soldiers and elite special forces are holding out.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. http://www.amazon.com/Coming-Collapse-American-Republic-prevent/dp/1461122538/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1304815980&sr=1-5 For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at)gmail.com. Hall’s eleven books are listed here:
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