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MSM: Why, This Hillary Character Seems Evasive and Flawed. By Guy Benson 
Excerpt: The keepers of the Beltway flame don't seem terribly impressed by Hillary Clinton's aloofunavailable presidential campaign thus far. Meet the Press' Chuck Todd thinks she's engaged in awkward ideological "gymnastics" and failing to connect (via the Free Beacon): The 'Game Change' boys see the relentless drip, drip, drip of the Clintons' financial irregularities and serial opacity as "quite threatening" to her viability (via Grabien):

Unsolicited? Clinton Foundation paid Blumenthal $10K per month while he advised on Libya. Some officials at the charity grumbled that his hiring was a favor from the Clintons. By Kenneth P. Vogel
Excerpt: Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, earned about $10,000 a month as a full-time employee of the Clinton Foundation while he was providing unsolicited intelligence on Libya to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to multiple sources familiar with the arrangement. Blumenthal was added to the payroll of the Clintons’ global philanthropy in 2009 — not long after advising Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — at the behest of former president Bill Clinton, for whom he had worked in the White House, say the sources. (If the intel was unsolicited, why did they pay him to gather it? ~Bob)

US Marine Appeals Court-Martial For Positing Bible Verse
Excerpt: As a result of the court-martial, Sterling was demoted in rank from lance corporal to private and received a dishonorable discharge from the armed services. “If the government can order a Marine not to display a Bible verse, they could try and order her not to get a religious tattoo, or go to church on Sunday,” said Liberty Institute attorney Michael Berry. “Restricting a Marine’s free exercise of religion is blatantly unconstitutional.” (Obama's deconstruction of the US military. Any wonder Muslim Syrians wanted for immigration by thousands but Christian Syrians forbidden? --Barb. I don't know the facts of the case, I have read there is more to it than this. But I'm sure if she was a Muslim with suras from the Qur'an, no one would have dared say boo. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Before the crash that she blamed on speculators, Senator Elizabeth Warren made a bundle by flipping houses.

Interesting: Bad News for the GOP: Americans Have Become More Socially Liberal. By Bernard Goldberg
Excerpt: On social issues only five percent of those polled said they are “very conservative.”
So if only five percent of the voters are “very conservative” on social issues, does the Republican Party really want to pick the most socially conservative candidate to run for president?

Interesting: One Nifty Graphic Helps Explains Just Where GOP Candidates’ Politics Sit
But one person's opinion. ~Bob

South Africa denies Fifa was paid World Cup bribe
Excerpt: South African officials have dismissed allegations by US investigators that a $10m (£6.5m) bribe was organised for Fifa officials to host the 2010 World Cup.

The human toll of FIFA’s corruption. By Christopher Ingraham
Excerpt: For the most obvious example of this, look to Qatar. The decision to award the 2022 World Cup to the rich Gulf state with a terrible human rights record was a controversial one right out of the gate. There have been extensive allegations of bribery: why else, some figured, award the Cup to a tiny country with sweltering summer heat and no soccer culture to speak of?
Human rights advocates' worst fears about Qatar seemed to be confirmed as Qatar began building the infrastructure to host the Cup, and reports of migrant worker deaths started to pile up. 

Worth Reading: Who Knew Bill Clinton Liked Soccer So Much? By Dan Gilmore
Excerpt: But when FIFA announced Qatar, Clinton was enraged. ... It was through the Clinton’s financial channels that Bill Clinton appears to have been appeased of his anger toward FIFA. According to Clinton Foundation disclosures, FIFA donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clintons several times. And the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, the organization wooing FIFA for the World Cup, gave the Clinton Foundation somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000. The government of Qatar directly gave the Clintons' slush fund nonprofit millions of dollars.

Corrupt FIFA Has Clinton Foundation Ties; World Cup Host Qatar Gave Millions
Excerpt: Both Bill Clinton and his family’s charity have been tied to soccer’s governing body, as well as Qatar’s disastrous World Cup bid. And just like that, another Clinton Foundation donor is in the news. The Clinton global charity has received between $50,000 and $100,000 from soccer’s governing body and has partnered with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association on several occasions, according to donor listings on the foundation’s website. (No arrest warrants for the Clintons, eh? --Barb)

Top 5 Cover-ups Orchestrated by Clinton Consigliere Cheryl Mills. Writing at The New York Post, Paul Sperry offers an excellent suggestion to the House Select Committee on Benghazi: "call... Cheryl D. Mills to testify - under oath, and under the klieg lights."
Excerpt: Hillary Clinton had named Mills responsible for "identifying and preserving all emails that could potentially be federal records." The job of damage control has fallen to Mills through a parade of scandals. Her lack of cooperation is legendary. In fact, she's been officially accused of both perjury and obstruction of justice. Sworn affidavits, depositions and court rulings, as well as congressional reports and testimony, paint a picture of, to put it charitably, a brazenly dishonest cover-up specialist... (This woman has been the right hand of Hillary for many years, she doesn't just know where the bodies are buried, she's the one who buried them. Yeah, getting her in front of a tough interrogator in a public event where she either answers questions or plays the amnesiac to the hilt and takes here chances on perjury charges is a great idea. I wonder if anyone in Congress has the nerve and the clout to make that happen. --Del)

Socialist Sanders threatens Clinton more than made-for-TV O'Malley. In a 2016 surprise, the Dems’ left flank opts for a quirky old-school pol. By Annie Karni
Excerpt: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley are both expected to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president. Sanders entered the race last month, and O’Malley is expected to make a formal announcement Saturday in Baltimore. But, perhaps counterintuitively, it’s Sanders — six years older than Clinton, a self-defined socialist with no big money apparatus and positions that appeal to the far left of the party — that Democratic strategists and Clinton insiders expect to pose a bigger threat to the former secretary of state than the mainstream O’Malley, who has been trying to build a national constituency by positioning himself slightly to her left.

The Separation of Campaign and State. By George Will 
Excerpt: A simple apology would suffice. Instead, campaign finance reformers, horrified by the predictable results of their handiwork, aspire to yet more regulatory wrinkles to limit political speech. These, too, would have consequences unintended and undesired by reformers, “requiring” a new round of reforms. But the Constitution, properly construed, requires a wall of separation between campaign and state. Reformers detest the emergence of super PACs that fund advocacy supportive of, but not “coordinated” with, particular candidates. These vast reservoirs of money are, however, inevitable, reasonable and, on balance, wholesome responses to the reformers' attempts to combat what they call “too much money” in politics. Reformers have limited the amounts that can be contributed to parties and to candidates' campaigns, thereby limiting the quantity of political advocacy — aka speech.

FAA changes rules for hiring air traffic controllers
Excerpt: For the last 24 years, the FAA relied on 36 universities and colleges around the nation to provide a pool of highly qualified applicants to become air traffic controllers. It's a program called the college training initiative or CTI. Arizona State University has produced hundreds of candidates ready to begin training to work these towers.... Instead of giving preference to military veterans and CTI graduates it began hiring applicants right off the street, apparently in an effort to hire more minorities.

Here's How Russia Will Reclaim Its Future From Vladimir Putin
Excerpt: Unlike the Russian president, figures do not lie. Between 2003 and 2008, the transfer of capital and financial assets out of the country totaled a mere $10 billion. Between 2010 and 2014, that figure skyrocketed to $383 billion. Why? Denied any hope of ever being given a set of clear and transparent regulations, independent entrepreneurs began leaving Russia in droves.

Scott Walker attacked over abortion quote that he didn't actually say. By T. Becket Adams
Excerpt: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker believes forced ultrasounds are "just a cool thing for women," a handful of online news sites reported Wednesday. Problem is: That's not exactly what the Republican governor and likely 2016 presidential candidate said.

The 7 Reasons Scott Walker Should Get the Republican Nomination for President. A vetted veteran of the worst attacks the Left can muster, Walker stood tall, triumphed, and his ideas worked.
Excerpt: Scott Walker has not yet announced his candidacy for president. He should. I just finished reading his 2013 book, Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge, co-written with Marc Thiessen. It’s a page-turner, and believe it or not, a tearjerker…at least if you’re as passionate about good governance as I am. (The article covers it nicely. He's got a lot going for him, including demonstrated competence in governing and demonstrated toughness when attacked brutally. What he doesn't know about, maybe foreign policy, he is smart enough to go get really good advisors for. That's the real skill in managing, finding the best people to help you with it, and listening to them. I think he'd make a great President, and really start changes going that we need so badly. --Del)

Live anthrax shipped accidentally to S Korea and US labs
Excerpt: Twenty-two military personnel at the Osan Air Base in South Korea are receiving preventive treatment after being possibly exposed to the sample. In the US, four civilians are receiving treatment - although they face a "minimal risk". A Defence Department lab in Utah "inadvertently" shipped the samples. (Inadvertently? Oh, come on....Barb)

Excerpt: In 2008 Los Angeles's government masters had a brilliant idea! They took a look at their public medical costs and found that Blacks and Hispanics down in South Central Los Angeles were really fat and were causing the city's share of the costs to soar. Hospitals and school health professionals were reporting alarming rates of adult obesity in both adults and children. Thousands of kids were showing up in hospitals with adult onset diabetes in ages as young as twelve years old! ... At no time during those five years did any government official step forward and tell their citizens that THEY should take charge of their health. No one proposed a co-pay to offset the billions in medical costs for those minority obese. No one said "eat a salad." No one said "take a walk." No one said try the roast chicken. And they certainly did not suggest that getting a job burns more calories. Nope...that would be insulting their constituents...and you don't get 90% voter support from insulting your constituents.

Worth Reading: Knocking on war's door. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: For a time, reset, concessions and appeasement work to delay wars. But finally, nations wake up, grasp their blunders, rearm and face down enemies. That gets dangerous. The shocked aggressors cannot quite believe that their targets are suddenly serious and willing to punch back. Usually, the bullies foolishly press aggression, and war breaks out.

100,000 Taxpayers Hacked, IRS Shrugs It Off. By Morgan Mayhew
Excerpt: Here’s a scary thought: internet thieves could have all of your tax information–including sensitive and classified data like Social Security numbers. More than 100,000 records in total were breached, the IRS quietly announced the security breach on Tuesday. The data was stolen between February and mid-May, meaning that virtually anyone who filed taxes for the bulk of tax season could be at risk.

Feds indict former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert on bank-related charges
Excerpt: Federal prosecutors have indicted former U.S. House Speaker House Dennis Hastert on bank-related charges.

Rising Dragon News

U.S. military wants China to know they are losing patience. By Jim Sciutto, CNN Chief National Security Correspondent
Excerpt: 1. If your flight was warned eight times, I guess the flight crew didn't take it very seriously then? The flight crew was prepared -- and read a scripted response saying that the U.S. considers the airspace there international. Frankly, both sides were very professional and calm, although I did hear frustration in the voice of one of the Chinese Navy radio operators when he yelled, "You go now!" This was not the first U.S. flight over the islands but it is the first one the U.S. advertised broadly by bringing a TV crew on board. That was intentional and, judging by the Chinese government reaction, seems to have accomplished its goal of sending a message.

Asian stocks mostly lower, with Shanghai Comp down 6.5%. By See Kit Tang
Excerpt: Mainland markets were the biggest losers in the region on Thursday, as fears over tighter requirements on margin financing ignited risk-off sentiment. The rest of the region, meanwhile, shrugged off an inspiring lead from the U.S. overnight to trade mixed. Overnight, Wall Street ended sharply higher, with the tech-heavy Nasdaq logging a record high close, amid a slight pause in recent climbs in the dollar and bond yields. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 settled up 0.67 and 0.92 percent, respectively.

US threatening 'chaos' in Asia-Pacific: China
Excerpt: China accused the United States on Thursday of threatening to sow "chaos" in the Asia-Pacific region by inciting countries whose territorial claims in the South China Sea clash with those of Beijing. It is the latest round in a war of words over the area, where tensions are mounting and rhetoric escalating.

Gun News

Shabazz Calls On Nation Of Islam, NBP 'Army' To 'Defend Us With Force Of Arms'
Excerpt: On last week’s episode of the official broadcast of the New Black Panthers Party’s “Black Power Radio,” former national chairman of the New Black Panther Party and current national president of Black Lawyers for Justice Malik Zulu Shabazz, said it is time for black groups like The Nation of Islam, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panthers to organize, arm themselves and patrol to defend black communities against police brutality. Shabazz opened by making it clear he was still a member of the New Black Panther Party and said, “I want to let you all know I am still with the Black Panther party,” and added, “We are in a united front to free our people... “We have the right to defend ourselves with deadly force.” (Are the Buffalo Soldier groups organized as nonprofits throughout the US really nonviolent history promoters, or black militias, that "private army"? --Barb)

Excerpt: The article begins by admitting the existence of studies into whether armed law-abiding citizens reduce crime, but suggests these studies do not reach to the core of the issue. Rather, the correct tact is to ask why someone is so driven to carry a gun in fist place. (Yup, if the Clinton Foundation would pay me, say, $10M, I'd stop carrying. Used to be the said men carry because their Johnsons were too small. Do you think it could be because every day you can read about people robbed, murdered, and raped by thugs--of all colors--and also of armed citizens who prevented that outcome? ~Bob)

Race Card News

Pro-Crime Policies Work. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Despite a generation in which radical anti-crime policies such as enforcing the law and locking up criminals slashed murder rates, there’s still plenty of debate over whether anti-crime policies work. But no one can argue over whether pro-crime policies work.
108 people were shot in New York, Baltimore and Chicago over the weekend. Many of the casualties were saved from that terrible “school-to-prison pipeline” that bedevils promising young crack dealers and instead went straight to the morgue. 56 people were shot in Chicago including a 4-year-old girl. That’s quite a step up from last year in which only 17 people were shot. It might actually be the most violent Chicago weekend in a while.

#WhiteLivesMatter protests? Two Black Teenage Thugs Murder White 22-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Boy
Excerpt: Police only say they were not motivated by robbery… Deandre Arnold of Mount Clemens was video arraigned on felony murder charges in 41B District Court in Clinton Township. Magistrate Dan Goulette ordered he be held without bond in the Macomb County Jail. Arnold’s alleged accomplice, Jayvon Tarice Cates is now in custody as well.

State of anarchy in post-riot Baltimore: homicides spike; police presence scarce; residents fearful
Excerpt: If Americans want to see the result of the war on cops, go to Baltimore, Maryland, especially western Baltimore, where the streets now resemble the anarchic wild, wild West.
As reported by the AP, in the wake of the protests/riots/looting ostensibly about Freddie Gray, Baltimore’s homicide rate of 36 murders for May is the highest in 16 years, since 1999. Ten of May’s homicides happened in the Western District, which has had as many homicides in the first five months of this year as it did all of last year. And the month isn’t over yet. To compare, Baltimore’s homicide rates in the months preceding May were 22 in April, 15 in March, 13 in February and 23 in January. Non-fatal shootings are spiking as well. So far in May there have been 91 — 58 of them in the Western District. (Surprise! The people have spoken, while rioting: Cops who do their job are evil. Thus the cops have been told by the people that doing their job makes cops evil. Consequently, they have resolved to do no more evil. They have decided to be "good cops" and stop doing their job. Who can blame them? --Don Hank)

Hillary recalls Republican father after talk with black business women
Excerpt: Ms. Clinton's father was a Republican and strong supporter of Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign. Rodham, who died three months after his son-in-law was inaugurated as president, remained a Republican until his death. He hoped Bill Clinton would join him in the Republican Party and support a cut in the capital gains tax.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Overhead costs exploding under ObamaCare, study finds
Excerpt: Five years after the passage of ObamaCare, there is one expense that’s still causing sticker shock across the healthcare industry: overhead costs. The administrative costs for healthcare plans are expected to explode by more than a quarter of a trillion dollars over the next decade, according to a new study published by the Health Affairs blog. The $270 billion in new costs, for both private insurance companies and government programs, will be “over and above what would have been expected had the law not been enacted,” one of the authors, David Himmelstein, wrote Wednesday.

Can Obama Change Obamacare Without Congress’ OK?
Excerpt: A federal judge today will hear arguments in a lawsuit that argues the Obama administration violated the Constitution when it changed portions of the new national health care law without Congress’ approval. It’s the first ever lawsuit by the full House of Representatives against a sitting president. Only 22% of Likely U.S. Voters told Rasmussen Reports last summer when the lawsuit was filed that the president should be able to change a law passed by Congress if he thinks the change will make the law work better. Sixty-three percent (63%) said any changes in a law should be approved first by Congress.

Undocumented Democrat News

Krauthammer: How Amnesty Smackdown Hurts Republicans. By Jordan Candler 
Excerpt: According to Krauthammer, “For the Republicans, it’s a problem.” Here’s why: “It’s like the case going forward on ObamaCare and the thing about the exchanges and the subsidies. The problem is what happens if you win? Because if you win then the issue gets thrown back into the political arena.” 

"You're Greener than Gore" News

EPA unveils comprehensive water regs, critics decry 'power grab'
Excerpt: The Obama administration issued controversial new rules Wednesday aimed at protecting the nation's drinking water but decried by congressional critics as a regulatory "power grab." The Environmental Protection Agency, in announcing the finalized Clean Water Rule along with the Army Corps of Engineers, said the changes mark a "historic step for the protection of clean water" and would help roughly 117 million Americans who get drinking water from streams not clearly protected before these regulations. ... Critics argue the rules could greatly expand the reach of federal regulators, making every stream, ditch and puddle on farmers' and others' private land subject to federal oversight.

Obama administration pumps $32M into solar industry
Excerpt: Of that funding, $12 million will go toward projects to train solar technicians and provide information about solar power to “other professionals in related fields such as real estate, insurance, finance and fire and safety,” according to the Department of Energy. The funding will go toward the Obama administration's goal of training 75,000 new solar workers by 2020. The department will also spend $15 million on projects to develop new concentrating solar power (CSP) collectors, which are the most costly component of a solar power system. At least seven projects will split the funding and research ways to bring down those costs in the future. 

Religion of Peace News

Important: US military pilots complain hands tied in ‘frustrating’ fight against ISIS
Excerpt: U.S. military pilots carrying out the air war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are voicing growing discontent over what they say are heavy-handed rules of engagement hindering them from striking targets. They blame a bureaucracy that does not allow for quick decision-making. One Navy F-18 pilot who has flown missions against ISIS voiced his frustration to Fox News, saying: "There were times I had groups of ISIS fighters in my sights, but couldn't get clearance to engage.” (According to the President's spokesperson, our policy is to avoid any military action which might result in civilian casualties. Thus ISIS knows hat as long as they keep women and children close by, they are safe. With that policy we would have lost WWII to the Nazis. We could not have invaded France or taken German without massive civilian casualties. And Japan would have been safe from attacks. ~Bob)

Important: Analysis: Growing sense that airstrikes alone will not dislodge the Islamic State group
Excerpt: It is the modern era's military strategy of choice: overwhelming air power delivering precision-guided punishment backed by intelligence on the ground, with minimal exposure for soldiers of the striking side. Seductive though it is to risk-averse governments with war-weary publics, the approach has its limits — and these are on display in Syria and Iraq, where a U.S.-led coalition has carried out over 4,100 airstrikes against Islamic State radicals yet failed to stop the extremists. August will mark a year since the campaign was launched after tens of thousands of minority Yazidis were forced to flee an onslaught by the militants in Iraq, causing a humanitarian crisis. (Mainstream analysts usually lurch from mistake to mistake, applying faulty solutions based on fantasy-based analyses, without ever being held accountable for the disasters that follow in the wake of their actions. Just look at Obama and Hillary at Benghazi. But the idea that an entity that controls an expanse of territory larger than Great Britain will be dislodged by airstrikes alone is so risible that even mainstream analysts are having to acknowledge it. --Robert Spencer,

Islamic State suicide bombings kill troops in Iraq's Anbar
Excerpt: At least 17 Iraqi soldiers have been killed in a series of suicide attacks by Islamic State (IS) militants in Anbar province, security officials say. The militants reportedly launched a wave of bombings outside the IS-held city of Falluja on Tuesday night. The attacks came hours after pro-government forces began an operation to drive the jihadists out of Anbar.

Left-Wing Writer Max Blumenthal Helped Craft Hillary’s ‘Youtube Video’ Benghazi Explanation. By Patrick Howley
Excerpt: Left-wing writer Max Blumenthal helped inspire Hillary Clinton’s debunked talking point that an obscure YouTube movie called “Innocence of Muslims” was responsible for the deadly terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. The son of Clinton’s longtime political adviser and informal Libya consultant, Max Blumenthal pushed his conspiratorial theories onto the secretary of state in the hours after Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed.

Erdogan vs. the New York Times, and Democracy. By Abigail R. Esman
Excerpt: For 13 years, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has worked to impose his Islamist vision on Turkey's proud secular democracy, reshaping the country into a neo-Ottoman republic. His success can be credited in no small measure to his manipulation and intimidation of the press, and the occasional censorship of social media and the Internet overall. Now, in a gesture that betrays either Islamist imperialism, sheer ignorance of Western democracy, or both, Turkey's president and former prime minister is expanding his reach, raising his fist – and, he hopes, his influence – at the West, using the New York Times as his target.

No. 2 Senate Democrat Wants US-Enforced Safe Zones In Syria. By Molly O'Toole
Excerpt: “We write to express our deepening concern for the situation in Syria,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., wrote to the Obama administration. “The people of Syria deserve to know that the people of the United States understand their plight.” That was in October 2011. Nearly four years, more than 200,000 Syrian deaths, some 9 million Syrian refugees, and several red lines later, the avowed anti-war Democrat says more aggressive action is required: carving out safe zones in the war-torn country, by force if necessary.

During WW2, Nazi leaders encouraged the emergence of Arab nationalism that was paired with anti-Semitism. Arabs served in Hitler's armies, and Iraqi Arabs - with the blessing of the leading Muslim cleric of the region - engaged in a genocide of Jews. By Edwin Black
Excerpt: “Violent dispossession.” In an Arabic dialect, the word is Farhud. For decades after it occurred, many thought the nightmare was a sudden and unexpected convulsion that afflicted the Iraqi Jewish community, one that lived in that land for some 2,600 years. But in truth, the wild rape and killing spree of June 1–2, 1941 was not unexpected. For years, the Jew hatred, anti-British rage, and Nazi agitation seethed just below the surface, like a smoking volcano waiting to erupt. Soon after Hitler took power in 1933, Germany’s chargé d’affaires in Baghdad, German Arab specialist Fritz Grobba, acquired the Christian Iraqi newspaper, Al-Alem Al Arabi, converting it into a Nazi organ that published an Arabic translation of Hitler’s Mein Kampf in installments. Then, Radio Berlin began beaming Arabic programs across the Middle East. The Nazi ideology of Jewish conspiracy and international manipulation was widely adopted in Iraqi society, especially within the framework of the Palestine problem that dominated Iraqi politics.

Worth Reading: Family shuns Yezidi teen impregnated by ISIS
Excerpt: Suzan was held captive by an ISIS militant known as Al-Russiyah. He kept several women as sex slaves until he was killed alongside his bodyguards by Peshmerga forces nearby Shingal. “He lined the three of us up naked every morning. He would then choose who he wanted for the day,” said Suzan, who added that the extremist would smell each of the young women. After the leader made his pick, the bodyguards would select from the remaining women for themselves. ... “They forced me to say things from the Quran during the time they did their actions, and if I didn’t they whipped me.” On an occasion Suzan resisted, they burned her thigh with boiling water. (They’d almost have you thinking that all this had something to do with Islam. They’d almost have you thinking that they’re aware that the seizure of Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves is sanctioned in the Qur’an. According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war” (33:50). 4:3 and 4:24 extend this privilege to Muslim men in general. The Qur’an says that a man may have sex with his wives and with these slave girls: “The believers must (eventually) win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess, for (in their case) they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6) --Robert Spencer, She can't get asylum here--she's not Muslim or Mexican. ~Bob)

ISIS: We Thank Allah for Letting Us Rape Non-Muslim Women. By Daniel Greenfield 55 Comments
Excerpt: In its latest issue, ISIS defends its Rape Jihad by citing the history and doctrines of Islam in which Mohammed and his followers enslaved and raped non-Muslim women. ISIS claims correctly to be following in his footsteps.

Excerpt: armed biker gang. Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. A mosque in Arizona. What could possibly go wrong? We’ll find out Friday, when two organizers — Jon Ritzheimer and Flash Nelson — host what’s being billed as a peaceful demonstration outside the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. It’s the former site of worship for Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, who were killed after opening fire outside a May 3 contest featuring cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in suburban Dallas. Simpson had no direct link to the Islamic State but was sympathetic to its cause. Many Muslims consider depictions of Mohammed blasphemous.


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