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Random Thoughts for May, 2015

Random Thoughts for May, 2015
By Robert A. Hall
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In a likely-to-be-successful effort to guarantee we get President Billary, the Republicans and other conservatives are already engaged in an internal bloodletting, savaging other candidates than their favorite. She must be gloating. Well, more than she usually gloats over big foreign donations to the Clinton, Inc. slush fund.

I haven't picked a favorite yet, but I'll be for the GOP nominee over Billary, Bernie, Crazy Uncle Joe, Link, O'Malley or Chief Liz. I'll doubtless vote for someone when the Wisconsin primary rolls around. I have a "Walker For President" bumper sticker on my car, but while I like him, I'm not locked in. It's chiefly because it really annoys the local hordes of Progressive Trolls.

It is perfectly proper for Christians to believe that homosexual acts are sins, but not want to criminalize those acts or discriminate against gays. There is a difference between sin and crime. You way think that someone who says "God Damn It" is a sinner, but not that he should be in jail.

Taking a page from the Clintons, I'm starting my own foundation. It will support good causes-- after paying my and the Assistant Director's salaries (The AD is named Bonnie). I promise that anyone who contributes $100k or more will receive anything they want from the government, if it's in my power to give it. Be the first to kick in.

I wouldn't let my 14-year-old granddaughter ride with "Touchy Uncle Joe." Biden may turn out to be the John Edwards of this cycle.

I think there is a fair chance that at some point Billary will blow up. Hopefully the GOP will get a candidate who won't blow up.

Billary's excuses for her email disaster are thinner than truck stop toilet paper.

From my friend George: Just learned that the most important requirement for being president is possession of a vagina.

Those people who find it perfectly acceptable to say they voted for Obama because he's black, or will vote for Hillary because they want a woman in the White House, would savage people who dared say they wanted a white man in the White House. In fact they savage people just because the claim that they are thinking that.

Sunni Arab states like Saudi Arabia and Egypt are not going to allow Shi'a Persian Iran to get nukes without trying like hell to get them themselves. They have zero trust in Washington now.

Any day now I expect Obama to issue an Executive Order making the Constitution unconstitutional.

Here's the run down on Obama's current foreign policy. We are helping Sunnis kill Iran-backed Shi'a in Yemen but also to kill the Al Qaeda Sunnis. Yemen is still one of Obama's success stories, he says. We are helping Iran-backed Shi'a kill Sunnis in Iraq. We are helping some Sunnis kill Iran's Shi'a offshoot Alawites in Syria, except for the Sunni ISIS and Al Qaeda factions, which we are trying to kill, as are the Alawites. And we are ignoring Libya where Obama's lead-from-behind war created a terrorist hell hole, though we are arming the Sunni Egyptians who are bombing the Libyan ISIS-allied terrorists. Got it?

Madison, WI being a hot-bed of progressive thought, it has restaurants that are posted to keep guns out. But the posts say, "No Weapons," not "No Guns." Since the FBI reports that more people are murdered by hands and feet each year than by any type of rifles, (not just the scary-looking black ones they call "assault rifles") does that mean you are not allowed to bring in hands and feet? Never mind blunt objects like beer bottles. And being a conservative, Christian veteran, no telling when I might turn on them with a fork...

I turned 69 on April 15th. Does that make me old enough to be "grizzled"?

Turns out the Russians and maybe others hacked into the State Department and the White House computer system. Good thing that Secretary Billary's diplomatic emails were on her highly secure basement server. Who knows what might have been revealed.

As Obama has proved with Iran, you can always get an agreement. You just have to agree to surrender and give the other side everything they ask for.

If you look at the historical record, those who have stood for freedom have always been "on the wrong side of history." And yet they have prevailed many times, though alas not always.

Listened on-line to the inaugural speech of the new AAOS president, David D. Teuscher, MD. He's an orthopaedic surgeon and a friend from Texas. His best line was, "If evidence-based medicine is good for patients, why isn't evidence-based government good for the people?"

Too many people, left and right, think their personal biases and opinions should be enshrined in law.

You may have seen the tee shirt that says, "Peace Through Superior Firepower." But I prefer mine that reads, "Peace Through Fire Superiority." Different concept. Superior firepower means you have more, better or bigger guns. Fire superiority means you are shooting with such accuracy and rapidity that the enemy dares not put their heads up to shoot back.

How about a White House Petition saying, "Don't sign any deal with Iran unless they agree in writing to no longer execute gay people and to not stone women accused of adultery?"

I'm okay with gay marriage. I think the threat to America is not gays getting married, but straights having kids and not getting married. But I'm hoping for some brave gay couple to order their wedding cake from a Muslim bakery and sue if it is denied.

My retirement fund is handled by a pro. He has to know more than I could. I think "timing the market" is like buying bananas. If I buy six, the first day I eat an unripe banana. On days two and three, I have a nice, ripe banana. On day four, I eat an over-ripe banana. And on day five, I throw the other two away.

I believe in a path to citizenship for immigrants. Here's the path: Potential Immigrant applies for admission at the American Consulate, waits his turn, proves he's not a terrorist and can support himself thus won't be a burden to American taxpayer, and comes to America legally. Works hard or several years, doesn't go on welfare or get in trouble with the law, learns our language, customs, value and history, applies for citizenship, passes test and becomes a proud American.

My problem with the NRA is that they are a one-issue organization. If a candidate is pro-gun, he can be pro-abortion, pro-terrorist, pro-big government, pro-debt, pro-anything and they will support him. It reminds me of the Prohibitionists. If a candidate voted dry, they didn't care if he was a drunk, corrupt, spouse-abuser, or child-molester. They won their issue (temporarily until it proved a disaster we still suffer from), but they elected a lot of bad officer holders to do it.

One of our great problems is that if Obama says it, it becomes unchallengeable fact for the media and progressives. When it turns out to be false, they ignore it and go on to the next Obama-fact."

I don't get the whole Gays forcing bakeries, food venders or florists to cater to them thing. If I knew that a business had owners who despised Marines, Christians or Republicans, I would not want to give them any business. Never mind the risk that they would adulterate the food.

Under the Obama Administration, things that were unthinkable a few years ago are now hardly noticeable.

Google seems to be on an endless quest to make G-mail more complicated and harder to use. First they screwed up the compose window which worked better as it was. Now they have screwed up the window where you manage and add contacts, which worked fine as it was.

Hate Speech: Disagreeing with or criticizing a progressive.
Racism: Disagreeing with or criticizing a black progressive.
Sexism: Disagreeing with or criticizing a female progressive.
Islamophobia: Disagreeing with or criticizing a Muslim for any reason, including a Jihadist murderer.

The Obama Doctrine: Aid enemies, alienate allies.

Last night I had a strange dream. I dreamt an Angel appeared and told me that she would answer two questions about the future for me. I said I was very concerned about the partisan division in the country, and was afraid that we would divide into two countries in the future. Was the US going to split into two countries? If so, what would their constitutions look like. She said, "Unfortunately, my son, in 20 years there will be two countries where the USA is now. To answer your second question, I have here copies of their constitutions you may look at." But I'm still wondering what the new constitutions say--I don't read either Chinese or Arabic.

Many big government programs are Fiscally Foolish, Politically Perspicacious.

During the Bush years, dissent was patriotic. During the Obama years, dissent became racist. If there are Clinton years coming, dissent will become sexist. But if the GOP wins in 2016, dissent will become patriotic again.

Banish all comments about Hillary that might be construed as referencing her gender: witch, granny, wrinkly bag, etc. It allows the leftist trolls to feed the sexism narrative, thus avoiding issue, policy and her abysmal fiscal history.

Condemning Jihadists and Islamists for murder in the name of Allah, most often of fellow Muslims, is no more Islamophobic Bigotry than condemning Nazis for the death camps and the holocaust is anti-German Bigotry.

The modern American university has become a sheltered workshop where people who couldn't get hired as file clerks in the real world are paid high salaries to spout nonsense.

In the last two elections, the chief requirement on the progressive side was the right skin tone. In 2016 it will be the right plumbing.

I notice that every progressive is in favor of the country taking in an unlimited number of both legal and illegal immigrants, and providing them with food, clothing, shelter, education and health care as a basic human right, but I know of no progressives who have taken even one immigrant family into their own home and provided them with these basic rights at their own expense.

If a GOP Candidate was involved in half the "pay to play" scandals that Billary is, the Media would have already destroyed him or her.

I have to say, I don't get the Zombie and Vampire mania in movies and books. If you enjoy horror, the world today is full of horrors made by flesh and blood people. And history stinks with the blood of the innocent. No need to invent fake horrors.

Illegal immigrants represent more than votes for Democrats. It also provides the liberal elites with maids, nannies and gardeners cheaper than they'd have to pay Americans.

Maybe a march on the White House with banners: "#Gaylivesmatter--no deal with Iran!" And then another with "#Cristianlivesmatter--remember the Armenian genocide!"

Obama wanted Gadhafi replaced, though he was no longer a threat to us. So what he got was a failed state in Libya, and a Jihadist stronghold, to launch attacks on us, not to mention the stepped up Muslim invasion of Europe. He wanted Assad replaced, and it looks like that may happen, with ISIS replacing Assad and using Syria as a Jihadist base to attack us. Nice going.

Americans never let a foreign power take their freedoms away. But increasing numbers of Americans are willing to sell their freedoms to politicians in return for government largess.

I'm so old, I remember when being skeptical was thought to be a good thing.

If there are no consequences to looting, you get more looting. Duh.

Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau says he would never draw a cartoon of the prophet, because it would offend Muslims. Like most of the media, he is very careful to offend only those who won't kill you.

Only a people who are moral and ethical and educated in their history and civic institutions are fit for freedom. Look around America today and ask yourself if we are any longer such a people.

From a friend: "I miss the Good Old Days, when people outraged at gov't tyranny attacked the govt., not their defenseless neighbors." --Tom H.

It turns out that few things are as expensive as free health care.

Nothing says I hate racism like burning down housing being built for low-income seniors, most of whom are likely to be black.

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