Friday, May 15, 2015

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Getting caught up, should be by Sunday. Went to rehab today, first time in a week. Did all the usual--thanks to nine hours of sleep last night and a two hour nap afterwards. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Jurors sentence Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death in Boston Marathon Bombing trial
Excerpt: A federal jury Friday sentenced Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Tsarnaev showed no emotion as he learned his fate. He stood with his hands clasped in front of him, his head slightly bowed. He faces death by lethal injection. (The appeals will still be going on during my funeral. He'll get the best lawyers, because of the high profile. you don't see them doing pro-bono lawyering for some poor city kid. But he will suffer, so that's good. ~Bob

Worth Reading: Get Real America, With Reel Fishy Politics. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Twenty-six and a half plus hours rolling byways, highways, and more byways and as much time afoot navigating a trout stream affords time to think. That was last week. One thought: Hillary Clinton. Her politics fishy. Real Fishy. She stinks. She reeks - like week-old over-cooked left over crap(pie). And she's in the mix for president? Of what?

Once again, democrats dance on the dead
Excerpt: There’s something very wrong with liberals....They love to take political advantage of the dead, whether it’s Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Benghazi or the Amtrak dead. The bodies of the dead in the Amtrak crash weren’t cold- and perhaps hadn’t even been recovered yet- when the left began using the Amtrak tragedy to hammer Republicans, blaming budget cuts for the crash. 

Investigators look at why train sped up before deadly derailment
Excerpt: Investigators are trying to determine why the Amtrak train that derailed at a curve this week in Philadelphia sped up when it was supposed to be slowing down, the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday. In the minute or so before the crash, the train sped up from 70 mph until it reached more than 100 mph at a sharp bend where the maximum speed is supposed to be 50 mph, NTSB member Robert Sumwalt said. It's unclear, Sumwalt said, whether the speed was increased manually by engineer Brandon Bostian, who grew up obsessed with trains. (State of art, new locomotive. If folks worry that planes can be hacked, cars known to be able to be hacked with "smart" wiring, why couldn't a train be hacked? The editorial comment that the engineer "grew up obsessed with trains" looks like he is going to be smeared whether or not liable. --Barb)

Obama: Jesus Christ Too Cynical About Poverty
Excerpt: Obama scorned Christians at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Tuesday, twisting the words of Jesus Christ into an insult against the Savior of the believers he was addressing. "And I think it’s important for us to guard against cynicism and not buy the idea that the poor will always be with us and there’s nothing we can do, because there’s a lot we can do. The question is, do we have the political will, the communal will to do something about it.” (The big lie a la Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao. Those in the Communist Party have the cars, the Kobe beef, the caviar, the champagne. The peasants....let them stand in bread lines and drink fouled water. --Barb)

The Obamas Have Spent Over $44,351,777.12 In Taxpayer Cash On Travel
Excerpt: In 2013 alone, President Obama incurred $7,396,531 in flight expenses for his family vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as a trip to California to appear on the Jay Leno show. “The Obamas are abusing the public trust and the taxpayers with unnecessary luxurious vacations and travel,” Fitton said in a press release. “These staggering costs show why these documents were covered up and we had to sue in federal court to get them.

Fox Poll: Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Plummets 11 Points Among Independents
Excerpt: With 544 days until Americans vote for a new president, a new Fox News poll reported Hillary Clinton’s favorability among independents has fallen to 45 percent, down 11 points from last year.

WaPo Fact Checker: Clinton’s claim that illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than some corporations. By Glenn Kessler
Excerpt: But comparing the taxes of hundreds of thousands of people to the tax bill of one corporation is a stretch and fairly misleading. Even the companies that pay little or no federal income taxes end up paying lots of other taxes. So it’s a nonsense comparison.
We wavered between Three and Four Pinocchios, but ultimately settled on Four. As a former senator, Clinton should know better.

Peter Schweizer calls for another ABC News interview
With ALL the cards on the table, Schweizer calls for another ABC News interview with Clinton donor of $75,000, Stephanopolous. --Barb

Report: 3,554 new regs in 2014, 16 for every law, $1.8 trillion pricetag
Excerpt: A sobering new report on the cost and scope of federal regulations puts the price of the rules at $1.88 trillion annually, a "hidden tax" of $14,976 on every single household, or about 29 percent of an average American's income. In "Ten Thousand Commandments," the Competitive Enterprise Institute also reveals that regulations far more than laws are how the administration rules the land. While Congress, well known recently for doing little, passed 224 new laws last year, federal agencies issued 3,554 new regulations, or 16 per law.

Important: How the IRS seized a man’s life savings without ever charging him with a crime. By Christopher Ingraham 
Excerpt: In seizing property, law enforcement agencies tend to prefer these civil forfeitures to criminal ones, because the standard of proof is considerably lower in civil cases. Some numbers that speak to that point: in 2014, U.S. attorneys seized $679 million in assets through criminal actions, and $3.9 billion through civil actions. ... But in at least one case this week -- the case involving the $107,000 mentioned above -- the federal government relented and agreed to return all of the money it seized from a small business owner last summer.

Unlikely: Knowing what you know now, Mrs. Clinton … By Jennifer Rubin
Excerpt: The media have had great fun candidates whether they would have gone to war in Iraq had they known there were no weapons of mass destruction. Whenever the media can corner Hillary Clinton, they might ask some what-if questions:
If you had known the Islamic State would rush in, would you have negotiated the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq, or would you have insisted on a stay-behind force of the type the military recommended? If you knew how it would affect public perception of your honesty, would you have wiped the server at your home clean? (Asking the tough questions of Hillary you'd ask of other candidates is, you know, sexist. ~Bob)

The State as God. By Jonah Goldberg, The Goldberg File
The State is a human institution, run by humans who are all too human. The problem is that many people want it to be more. Progressives used to be much more honest about their aspirations for the State. Richard Ely, the founder of the American Economic Association and the most important and influential of the “Wisconsin school” progressives, declared that “God works through the State in carrying out His purposes more universally than through any other institution.” It “is religious in its essence,” and “a mighty force in furthering God’s kingdom and establishing righteous relations.” For Ely, redemption wasn’t an individual religious experience, but a collective one orchestrated by the state. 

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste. By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: A few minutes ago on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the show was interrupted by a press conference from the hospital where many of the injured passengers from last night’s hellacious Amtrak crash were taken. Once that was over, former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell came on to goose everyone into a spirited discussion of how America’s meager spending on infrastructure is to blame. I was disappointed to see Joe Scarborough, who’s increasingly a useful brake on this kind of groupthink, jump in with both feet. China spends so much more than us on infrastructure! So does Barbados! (I assume that was in percentage terms.) To his credit, Scarborough did ask Rendell about the stimulus bill. Didn’t we drop a bundle on infrastructure in that? Rendell’s response was classic: “Not enough.” Of course it wasn’t enough. It never is.

Democrats Get a Taste of Obama’s Arrogance. By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: With the sand running out on the Obama presidency, it’s finally dawning on the president’s friends and fans that he can be a real jerk. Consider the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. For the last six years, he’s spent much of his time rolling his eyes and sneering at Republicans. His subspecialty is heaping ridicule on conservative complaints about, well, everything and anything. If it bothers conservatives, it must be irrational, partisan, churchy, fake, hypocritical — or all of the above. Meanwhile, poor Barack Obama, while not always without fault in Milbank’s eyes, is the grown-up, the good guy trying to do good things amidst a mob of malcontents and ideologues. (Obama has always behaved boorishly, but the Democrats are only noticing now. Oddly, they aren’t being called racist for pointing it out. --Jonah Goldberg)

Questions So Stupid Only MSNBC Would Ask

YOUNG MARINE: Delivers Epic Slam To Goofy Liberal Flag Hater

The Incredible Entitlement of the Welfare Lobby. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: Progressive America has a fever and the only solution is more welfare. Celebrities are trying to buy only $29 worth of fair trade arugula at Whole Foods and then taking snapshots of it in a mistaken effort to show how little food stamps buy. Obama is urging more social welfare spending as the answer to the race riots he stirred up across the country by embracing the Ferguson “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” hoax. Outraged rich liberals are furiously lecturing the rest of the country on income inequality as if there were no escaping the fact that we’re a society of greedy plutocrats that doesn’t care about the poor.

Imports a Boon to the United States Economy
Excerpt: Imports are often misunderstood as being detrimental to economic growth and employment. But in practice, they provide invaluable benefits to American workers, consumers and producers. As demonstrated in numerous empirical studies, the following benefits from imports that accrue to the American economy are real and undeniable: Imports contribute to job creation on a large scale. The increased economic activity associated with every stage of the import process helps support American jobs. Historically, the highest levels of U.S. employment growth tend to have occurred during periods when U.S. imports exceeded exports. Imports provide key inputs for U.S. businesses. Not only do imports support American jobs, they also provide vital components to American businesses, particularly manufacturers. ... Imports give a greater purchasing power to American consumers. Imports from our trading partners also allow U.S. consumers to buy a wider variety of goods at lower prices.

A story of the Vietnam War. The favorite myth of the left survives in a Pentagon scheme of commemoration
Excerpt: One of the myths the left holds closest to its heart is the myth that America “lost” the war. The leadership in America, beginning with the accidental President Gerald Ford, who with Congress could not stand up to the pressure of the left, abandoned the war and the allies. Allied on one side are the usual suspects, who think their country is always wrong. On the other side are a minority of academics and a new veterans’ organization, Vietnam Veterans for Factual History, who are eager to see the war portrayed as it really was. (A very, very nice piece, and with our name in it for the whole world to see. Please circulate this as far and wide as you can, people need to understand what is going on. The antiwar people, again well financed (by whom?) have a polished website up, and have hammered the people at the Commemoration office to let them start naming what "proper" historians they need to listen to in order to tell the "real story" of the war, which is the one where they are the true heroes, who brought an end to a terrible war where we were fighting the real "good guys". That what happened after Saigon fell was anything but "liberation and justice" they refuse to admit, one of their big names, Tom Hayden, just the other day proudly proclaimed that Viet Nam is a land of real freedom. Apparently even the reports by numerous international organizations about the lack of human rights and freedom of the press there have never made it to his attention. But then again, like all the real leftists, he is going to go on saying and thinking what he wants to, regardless of anything as inconvenient as truth. --Del)

North Korea could have missiles submarines in five years, says South
Excerpt: The South Korean government has said that North Korea could have a submarine fleet capable of launching missiles in fewer than five years. Its assessment follows North Korea's publication of pictures showing its leader Kim Jong-un observing a missile test launch from a submarine last week.

Rising Dragon News

Important: Obama’s quiet nuclear deal with China raises proliferation concerns
Excerpt: Not so typical was something that didn’t appear that day on the president’s public schedule: notification to Congress that he intends to renew a nuclear cooperation agreement with China. The deal would allow Beijing to buy more U.S.-designed reactors and pursue a facility or the technology to reprocess plutonium from spent fuel. China would also be able to buy reactor coolant technology that experts say could be adapted to make its submarines quieter and harder to detect.

Modi Calls on China to Rethink Stances That Strain Ties to India
Excerpt: India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, told China’s leaders on Friday that it was up to them to rethink policies that he said had hindered cooperation between the two Asian giants.
Mr. Modi made the comments to reporters in Beijing after meeting with Premier Li Keqiang and unveiling 24 agreements that both men said would help improve relations. But Mr. Modi added a proviso: that the Chinese government should consider India’s grievances.

Save Obama (on trade). By Charles Krauthammer
Excerpt: That free trade is advantageous to both sides is the rarest of political propositions — provable, indeed mathematically. David Ricardo did so in 1817. The Law of Comparative Advantage has held up nicely for 198 years. Nor is this abstract theory. We’ve lived it. The free-trade regime created after World War II precipitated the most astonishing advance of global welfare and prosperity the world has ever seen. And that regime was created, overseen, guaranteed and presided over by the United States. ... Moreover, the overall gain is more than just economic. In our deadly serious competition with China for influence in the region, the TPP would anchor our relations with Pacific Rim nations. If we walk away, they will inevitably gravitate to China’s orbit. The question is (as Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz succinctly put it in the Wall Street Journal): Who is going to write the rules for the global economy — America or China?

China paper slams Japan for lack of WW2 contrition
Excerpt: German contrition over World War Two stands in contrast to Japan's failure to reflect on its past, the official newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party said on Sunday, following war commemorations in Moscow. Sino-Japan relations are plagued by China's bitter memories of Japan's occupation of parts of the country before and during World War Two. Ties have also chilled in recent years over territorial rows and mutual mistrust over Japan's bolder security policies and China's military assertiveness. (And China's war crimes in Tibet? ~Bob)

Gun News

Excerpt: FBI stats show that 26 police officers were shot and killed with guns in 2013. Of these, half were killed by people who were completely barred from gun possession.
According to Huffington Post, 13 of those who shot and killed officers in 2013 “were prohibited from possessing guns in the first place.” They faced 100 percent gun control due to “prior criminal convictions, mental illness or other factors,” yet they ignored the prohibitions against gun possession and stole or otherwise acquired the guns they used to carry out their heinous deeds.

Three Men Tried Forcing Their Way Into Gun Owner’s Apartment. As His Terrified Wife Watched With Their Baby in Her Arms, He Refused to Be Robbed. By Dave Urbanski
Excerpt: Sure enough, there was a knock on the front door just minutes later. Some of the same men he saw from his balcony were now demanding that he step outside. One of them was holding a baseball bat. Another was wearing a mask. But as he tried to shut the door, the group pushed back and attempted to enter the apartment in Peachtree Corners. Inside, his terrified wife was watching everything unfold with their infant in her arms, WGCL-TV reported. The man fired his gun, killing one of the intruders and wounding another.

New information released about suspect shot by homeowner
Excerpt: During the foot pursuit the Shasta County Sheriff's Office had placed out a call to local residences in the area advising residents that officers were in foot pursuit with Dillon Carmelo and he was considered armed and dangerous and on parole. Jennifer Doolittle received the reverse 911 call, and had armed herself with a handgun. She went out her back door to retrieve her dogs to lock them inside when she saw Dillon Carmelo jumping over her fence. Doolittle told deputies he advanced on her and again acted as if he was reaching for a handgun. She said she feared for her life fired several shots at Carmelo striking him once in the ankle.

Police: 19-year-old man shot, killed while forcing way into apartment in Parkland
Excerpt: A 19-year-old man who was trying to force his way into a Parkland apartment Wednesday night was shot and killed by the tenant, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said.

Man shoots home intruder
Excerpt: A homeowner shot a man who was reportedly trying to enter his Fayette County home. According to the homeowner, the man broke his door. His wife said her husband did not know the intruder. Fayette County Investigators say the suspect is a 26-year-old man with a criminal record.

KPD: One shot in self-defense: shooting victim in serious condition
Excerpt: Investigators with the Knoxville Police Department said the man who admitted to shooting a 41-year-old man did so in self-defense.

Witness Pulled Gun On Burglary Suspect Who Was Beating OKC Officer
Excerpt: During the struggle, Jermaine was able to take Eller's police baton and then proceeded to strike him over the head somewhere between six and 12 times.
According to a report, that's when a witness nearby charged up with his weapon drawn and told Jermaine he would shoot him if he did not stop hitting Eller. That heroic witness has not been identified.

Excerpt: It seems like one of those anti-gun Democrats in Detroit proved his own inability to control his temper early Sunday morning, as he blasted away with a shotgun to his girlfriend’s car over what should have been a simple domestic argument: Sources told Local 4 state Sen. Virgil Smith, who represents the fourth district, fired several shots into the woman’s car.

Attempted home invasion leaves 1 dead in Minerva
Excerpt: According to Sheriff Raymond Stone, the suspected perpetrator, 33-year-old Ryan P. Johns of Canton, attempted to enter a home and was shot by the homeowner, 63-year-old William Dietrick Jr. Police say Johns was shot in the chest then ran from the house and collapsed in a neighbors yard. He was transported to Alliance Community Hospital where the suspect was pronounced dead.

Race Card News

Michael Obama: Black at Princeton
Michelle Obama's racial obsession is traceable to her semi-illiterate thesis on being black at Princeton, which Christopher Hitchens once noted "wasn't written in any known language." --Dinesh D'Souza

Excerpt: When Black unemployment is 3 times higher than that of Whites...and you give Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats 95% of your vote. When Black youth unemployment is 30% and Barack Obama wants to grant amnesty to 30 million illegal Mexicans who will take the rest of your jobs...and you vote for him anyway.

Black Woman loses job after celebrating murders of police officers
Excerpt: “2 police officers was shot in hattiesburg tonight…GOT EM,” she wrote. “We can turn this bxtch into Baltimore real quick….Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, fxck them…no mercy.”

'War on police': Line-of-duty deaths rise amid racially-charged rhetoric, anti-cop climate
Excerpt: Former NYPD Commissioner Howard Safir believes there is a "war on police," and said the flames are being fanned from the nation's highest office.... According to new preliminary data released by the FBI on Monday, the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2014 nearly doubled to 51 from 27 the previous year.... “With the recent tragic loss of three fallen heroes, and a contagion of anti-cop rhetoric permeating, some have understandably reached the point of re-evaluating what they're risking their life for,” Adler told (Alinksy methods continue. Think about it: Obamacare has MDs and nurses rethinking their career choices after years of training and expense; US military limited by "rules of engagement" with enemy combatants with subsequent losses, depression, suicides and VA still unresponsive in many cases; football players rethinking their million-dollar contracts and opting to retire versus have a concussion; cops villianized and wondering if worth the risk to serve. --Barb)

Wave of Baltimore shootings, killings continues
Excerpt: The increase in violence that has followed the death of Freddie Gray continued through the weekend, with four homicides reported since Saturday, according to Baltimore police. Ten people were reported shot on Sunday alone, including three who were shot to death within a span of 39 minutes. The violence comes as the city prepares for the Preakness on Saturday at Pimlico Race Course. (Notes 10 shot Thursday. Race not indicated. --Barb)

Horror injuries of Baltimore man, 61, after near fatal attack by pack of FIFTY teens, including girls, when he tried to break up a fight
Excerpt: A 17-year-old boy has been charged as an adult for his role in beating a 61-year-old alongside a group of approximately 50 other teens in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 22.
Richard Fletcher was brutally beaten by the teens after he went outside to ask two girls who were fighting on top of his truck to move along and continue their dispute elsewhere. The mob of teens began to hit and kick Fletcher until he fell to the ground, but the attack didn't end.

Neighbor Of 61-Year-Old Brutally Beaten Near Baltimore Says Attack Was Racially Motivated [VIDEO]
Excerpt: Lamb said that the attack was “definitely a race thing” and that he has witnessed other incidents of black students targeting whites in the neighborhood.... “The kids walk on top of cars, kick dogs, let dogs out, throw trash, steal milk from school and throw it at houses, threaten neighbors with bodily harm,” Lamb said. Baltimore County police did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the attack is being investigated as a hate crime. ("Kids"? Sound like thugs of any color. The campaign "Black Lives Matter" is to blame for such behavior...among other things. It should be "ALL LIVES MATTER" or NAACP, Sharpton, et al promoting racism a la Panthers and BLP. Yeah, tell us in all the gov propaganda campaigns from the National Ad Council how underprivileged they are; how they need food; they need donations for summer meals; they need us to send our hard-earned dollars remaining after all the taxes and regulation costs from the regime to help them stay in school or get a job....It is our responsibility, not THEIRS. "It takes a community," per HC. Well, it takes two unwed "folks" to screw around and make a creature and then disregard its upbringing, morals and ethics while collecting from the government for having a "dependent." Out-of-wedlock dependents seen as assets, whereas getting a job and standing on one's own two feet is risky and fraught with insecurity...might get fired. Much easier to stay on the dole and breed and toss them out to be raised on the street with drugs, violence, and nutured on the teats of race hatred, condoned from the top of the regime down. And voila....the next plank in the agenda....Started with the "knockout" game.... Coming to your life soon...unless you are Illuminati and are in your bunker with a private security force. There is no self esteem or self respect or understanding of love (i.e., for a pet) and responsibility. Perfect recipe for sociopaths. America will reap what the Democrats, NAACP, POTUS, FLOTUS, Wright, Sharpton, BLP, Clintons, Bushes, and ACLU have sown. --Barb)

Racism in Illinois Concealed Carry Permits? By Mark Horne 
Excerpt: A black gun owner denied a concealed carry permit, along with many others, raises questions about racism in Illinois government. Liberal racists? If so, this should not surprise you at all! Didn’t Michael Bloomberg tell us that minorities must be disarmed for their own good? (So the Klan thought. ~Bob)

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Senate panel probes ObamaCare aid confusion, as customers learn they owe IRS
Excerpt: The Senate's top investigative committee has launched an inquiry into the system that's supposed to ensure ObamaCare tax credits go to the right customers for the right amounts -- amid concerns that many Americans are getting inflated or improper subsidies. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, who is leading the investigation, says because of the confusion with the system, millions of Americans are learning after the fact they inadvertently got too much money and now owe the IRS hundreds. "I'm concerned that the subsidy eligibility process is so complicated that many consumers believed they were receiving cheaper insurance coverage than they ultimately got," Portman said in a statement. 

Patient dumping in America: Hospitals discharging sick homeless back onto the street
Excerpt: LA City Attorney Mike Feuer has filed multiple lawsuits against hospitals for alleged homeless patient dumping. He filed his latest in April against a hospital for allegedly dumping a 38-year-old schizophrenic homeless woman, wearing only paper pajamas, on Skid Row. Various reports from the past decade allege similar cases: a hospital van in 2007 dropping off a paraplegic man on Skid Row, leaving him crawling in the street wrapped in a soiled gown and a broken colostomy bag; and another female patient in 2006 transported by taxi cab to the area wearing only a hospital gown and slippers. (Patient dumping used to refer to ERs refusing to care for indigent patients and transporting to another hospital; federal law against this, though it still occurs. --Barb)

Important: Senate panel probes ObamaCare aid confusion, as customers learn they owe IRS. By Rich Edson
Excerpt: The Senate's top investigative committee has launched an inquiry into the system that's supposed to ensure ObamaCare tax credits go to the right customers for the right amounts -- amid concerns that many Americans are getting inflated or improper subsidies. 
Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, who is leading the investigation, says because of the confusion with the system, millions of Americans are learning after the fact they inadvertently got too much money and now owe the IRS hundreds. 

Attempt to force Obamacare expansion on states backfires. By Jason Hart
Excerpt: Trying to force Obamacare expansion onto Florida by cutting funding for an existing Medicaid program has backfired on President Obama. Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, is suing Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services over plans to stop funding the state’s Low Income Pool program, which compensates hospitals for seeing uninsured patients.

Obamacare Exchanges on Life Support. By Michelle Malkin 
Excerpt: You will be shocked beyond belief, I'm sure, to learn that Obamacare exchanges across the country are instead bleeding money, seeking more taxpayer bailouts and turning everything they touch to chicken poop. Wait, that's not fair to chicken poop, which can at least be composted.

Undocumented Democrat News

Open Borders: Sheriffs: Violent Mexican Drug Cartels Have Infiltrated More Than 3,000 U.S. Cities. By Leah Barkoukis 
Excerpt: Near the U.S.-Mexico border, the federal government has posted signs warning passersby that the area they are in is not safe, as they’re entering an “active drug and human smuggling area.” Sheriffs in Arizona even admit that parts of the state are in fact controlled by Mexican drug cartels. But the dangerous problems associated with the cartels—drug and human trafficking, kidnapping, prostitution, violence, money laundering—are now reaching places in the United States far beyond the Border States. (Just seeking a better life, doing jobs Americans won't do. ~Bob)

"You're Greener than Gore" News

No, Antarctica Is Not Experiencing Rapid Ice Melt. By Jordan Candler
Excerpt: Antarctic sea ice is so expansive that researchers are exploring ways to avoid more embarrassing. Writing in The Daily Caller, Michael Bastasch says, “50 scientists have gathered in Tasmania to discuss more accurate ways to predict Antarctic sea ice levels so researchers don’t get stuck in ice pack when traveling southward.

Excerpt: “Shared sacrifice” in the rich liberal dictionary is defined as “everybody except me,” and the response from the “elite of the elite” in Hollywood (we’re talking the Delta Force of eco-hypocrites) to the California drought, has affirmed that definition: As these aerial photos from The Post prove, Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Lopez continue to suck up water to keep their gardens fresh and lawns green, while Southern California withers from a devastating drought.

Religion of Peace News

Islamic State seizes capital of Iraq’s largest province. By Hugh Naylor and Mustafa Salim
Excerpt: Islamic State fighters took control of key sites Friday in the heart of Ramadi, capital of Iraq’s largest province, in what appeared to mark a significant blow to a U.S.-backed military campaign to retake territory from the militants. The Islamic State offensive — which began with ambush-style attacks after sundown Thursday — touched off panicked attempts to flee the city and avoid the militant’s tightening noose on routes to safety.

Really?: Obama says chlorine gas is not a chemical weapon
Excerpt: According to President Barack Obama, the use of chlorine gas on military targets and civilian populations during the current conflict in Syria have not been acted upon because, he says, it is not "historically" considered a chemical weapon. During a press conference on May 14 during a summit conference with leaders of several Persian Gulf states, Obama evaded calling chlorine a "weapon.” He noted that it has non-threatening uses. "Chlorine itself is not listed as a chemical weapon," Obama claimed while referring to his administration’s pledge against the use of chemical weapons in Syria. (“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ See below. ~Bob)

Chlorine Gas used in WWI
Excerpt: According to the fieldpost letter of Major Karl von Zingler, the first chlorine gas attack by German forces took place before 2 January 1915: "In other war theaters it does not go better and it has been said that our Chlorine is very effective. 140 English officers have been killed. This is a horrible weapon ...".[12] By 22 April 1915, the German Army had 168 tons of chlorine deployed in 5,730 cylinders from Langemark–Poelkapelle, north of Ypres. At 17:30, in a slight easterly breeze, the gas was released, forming a gray-green cloud that drifted across positions held by French Colonial troops from Martinique who broke ranks, abandoning their trenches and creating an 8,000-yard (7 km) gap in the Allied line. However, the German infantry were also wary of the gas and, lacking reinforcements, failed to exploit the break before the 1st Canadian Division and assorted French troops reformed the line in scattered, hastily prepared positions 1,000–3,000 yards (910–2,740 m) apart.[6] The Entente governments quickly claimed the attack was a flagrant violation of international law but Germany argued that the Hague treaty had only banned chemical shells, rather than the use of gas projectors.[13]

Obama and Kerry are suckers: Again: Another Report of Iran Actively Cheating on Nukes While Negotiating. By Guy Benson
Excerpt: Four stories on our Iranian "peace partners," for your consideration: (1) On the heels of these unlawful procurement efforts, this embargo-busting arms purchase from Russia, and this British report of ongoing Iranian cheating, we have yet another development underscoring the painfully obvious reality that the regime cannot be trusted (via Reuters): The Czech Republic blocked an attempted purchase by Iran this year of a large shipment of sensitive technology useable for nuclear enrichment after false documentation raised suspicions, U.N. experts and Western sources said.

Arab Leaders Revolt Against Iran Nuke Deal. By Arnold Ahlert 
Excerpt: There appears to be a small problem with President Barack Obama’s summit of Persian Gulf states taking place at Camp David on Thursday: Arab leaders want virtually nothing to do with it. Only the emirs of Qatar and Kuwait, two out of the six leaders of countries that comprise the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), will attend. The point man of the apparent snub is Saudi Arabian monarch King Salman, who took power in January after his brother, King Abdullah, died. Salman decided not to attend at the eleventh hour, despite Obama promising him a separate meeting, described by sources in Riyadh as a “photo op” aimed at convincing an American audience that Saudi Arabia and other Arab states are on board with Obama’s determination to secure a deal with Iran. They aren’t.

Worth Reading: Dire prediction: Syria’s army may be near defeat, and the aftermath may be as grim as war. By Mindy Belz
Excerpt: “The Syrian government is about to fall,” began an email from a trusted source and long-standing observer of events in the Middle East. He contends Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, four years into a catastrophic civil war, has run out of fighters. ... The Obama administration, and most Americans, have decided it’s OK to let the open warfare in the Middle East run, to lead from behind regional powers that themselves appear intent on operating as jihadi states. It’s OK to allow key diplomatic opportunities to slip. Obama negotiated a nuclear deal with Iran, Syria’s chief backer, without making it contingent on a negotiated peace in Syria. His administration has failed to bother pressuring Turkey, a member of NATO, while it provides aid and comfort to jihadist forces. ... As analyst Elizabeth Kendal noted, “That the Arabs and Turks are willing to sacrifice many thousands of Alawite and Christian lives is unsurprising. That the West is willing to do so, is beyond comprehension.

What do Americans think about this Muslim leader saying that practicing Muslims are above the laws of America

White Mercenaries Have Boko Haram On Run. Aging South African apartheid-era soldiers sign up for 1 last battle
Excerpt: They’re Nigeria’s unlikely saviors – most being white, in their 50s and 60s and combat veterans of the former South African apartheid regime. But, tainted resumes notwithstanding, they’ve been getting the job done in northern Nigeria, hitting the Islamist terror group Boko Haram hard enough to send the jihadists into retreat, liberating dozens of villages and freeing hundreds of women and girls held as slaves and “bush wives” during a six-year-long reign of terror, reported the London Telegraph. (The sad thing is that when they get the job done and try to go home, it will probably be bad for them. But they have great skills that deserve respect. I hope they have somewhere else to go. --Del)

Interesting: Beheaded Christian Doesn't Regret Faith. By Pete Hoekstra
Excerpt: Only among the U.S. media would such a headline make sense.
Radical Islamist terrorists armed with AK-47s attacked hundreds of people at an event in Garland, Texas that sponsored a Muhammad cartoon exhibit and contest. The Associated Press headline that ran on countless websites and newspapers across the country declared: "Activist: No regrets about cartoon contest ended by gunfire." What's next? "No apologies from Jews for inciting Holocaust?" or "No remorse from child aboard bus when bomb exploded?" Since when did it become acceptable, no less headline news, to blame the victim? (Let's run with "Rape victim doesn't regret wearing provocative clothes." Which is the Muslim excuse in places like Sweden, rape capital of the world. ~Bob)

Islamists Hack Another Secular Writer to Death in Bangladesh
Excerpt: For the third time this year, Islamist radicals in Bangladesh hacked a secular writer to death in public. Four masked men chased down Ananta Bijoy Das Tuesday morning as Das left his home in Sylhet. They hacked him with machetes after running him down. (Well, he must have provoked them, like the draw Mohammad contest did. ~Bob)

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