Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts for May, 2012
Robert A. Hall

Obama is determined to get reelected if he has to spend every dollar your grandkids will ever make to do it. He just wants to be sure your grandkids pay their fair share for his vote buying.

With an eye on retirement, I recently met with a financial advisor. He looked over my assets and liabilities and asked, “That it?” “Yup.” I said. He looked at me for a minute, reached into his drawer, put a revolver and one bullet on the desk, gave me a meaningful look, and left the room. Not sure what he meant, but it can’t be good.

As blog readers know, I’ve been told to lose at least 30 lbs for my PF by July. On May 3, I was down 19.4 since March 31. I notice that when women hear this, they start moaning about how easy it is for men to lose weight. Which begs the question, if that’s true, why are there so many overweight men, including me for the last few years? Sure it was easy. All I did was give up cough drops (which is miserable due to the constant sinus tickle in my throat) all snacking, deserts, sweets, most bread, red meat, cheese, fat, potatoes and alcohol, and limit the portions of what I do eat. And I started using my rowing machine again, despite the coughing it induces. Real easy. Might I be excused for thinking that if I’m successful, it’s due not to gender, but to the priceless gift of self discipline from three USMC Drill Instructors forty-eight years ago this summer?

I've said it before, but when you forward e-mails without deleting previous e-mails, or when you send to a bunch of friends without using the BCC field for their addresses, you are inviting Spammers and Scammers to use your address to send unwanted frauds and Spam to your list. E-mails get forwarded, and some eventually fall into the hands of the bottom-dwellers. Pretty embarrassing if you were just too lazy to delete them, or to use the BCC field, and your friends get Spammed from your address.

Obama said he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he sure found people like Tony Rezko willing to put one there. Obama and Romney’s father were both born poor, but Romney’s dad became a success, didn’t desert his kids.
How to tell if someone in your house is bone lazy: You find an ice cube tray in the freezer with only one cube in it.

How to tell if you are old and not part of the 1%. You still have ice cube trays in your freezer.

Obama: “With the help of God (and a Navy SEAL), I shot bin Laden—that seal the deal?

I don’t think a lot of folks supported Santorum as Santorum. I think they supported him as the last Not-Romney standing.

If it’s racist to require an ID to vote, it’s racist to require an ID for anything. Banks should cash checks on the person’s word. Stores should sell them booze or guns without an ID.

If you want to keep the money you’ve earned, you’re greedy. If you want the government to take the money someone else earned and give it to you, you’re for “social justice.”

If you had a way to end racism, and people found out, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have you whacked. Fighting racism, real or imagined, is their gravy train, they need it to live well as part of the 1%.

In support of my stand for equality, I refuse to play in the Masters or play the course at Augusta until they accept female members. I’m also still boycotting Burger King over their pulling advertising on a Vietnam vets movie critical of John Kerry in 2004. And unlike Augusta National, I actually went into a Burger King once in a while, for coffee and the bathroom.

I’m also boycotting the draft for the NBA and the NFL. They have far fewer white, Asian and Hispanic players than those groups percentages of the general population, thus proving racial discrimination under the “disparate impact” theory that has been used to convict companies of discriminating.

If we eventually approve both Gay Marriage and Shari’a Law, can Lesbian Muslims have four wives? So confusing.

Here’s a bi-partisan compromise. Republicans agree to return to Clinton-era tax levels. Democrats agree to return to Clinton-era spending levels. Who’s in?

The Democrats so far refuse to have the government buy me a free sports car. Stop the Democrats’ War on Old White Guys!

My tweet to #whatisobamahiding: His real views and plans until he can be more flexible, post election.

Everyone has a cemetery in the heart. It starts when you are young, with elderly relatives and grandparents, perhaps friends unfortunate enough to die young. If you wore the Republic’s uniform in a conflict, with lost comrades. It grows as you get older. Those of us with a wide circle of friends have larger, but still well-tended graveyards. Mine includes many older senate colleagues, as I was only 26 when elected, as well as many fine people I’ve known in the associations I managed. At 66, it now has the graves of women I dated, and, increasingly, friends who were not older, but peers—or even younger. Eventually, you go to a grave in someone else’s heart. And the graves in yours become over-grown with weeds, no longer tended lovingly.

It doesn’t matter how rich you are, you can’t pay someone to exercise for you.

Do you think if the OWS crowd had put the same energy into helping the sick, the poor and the less fortunate, they might have made a difference in the world? Not as satisfying for their egos as throwing rocks, pooping on the flag and getting pepper-sprayed, I suppose.

Whenever a woman or a black, Asian or Hispanic individual gets publically off the Progressive Plantation, the outpouring of vile leftist sexism and racism would scunner you like a maggot sandwich. Even more sickening is to then listen to them prate about tolerance and civility.

I’ve been an Executive Director for 30 years. Long ago I developed the habit of introducing staff members as “my colleague,” rather than as “my employee.” Leadership isn’t leading a charge up a hill one time. It is small daily acts, week in and week out. In many ways, being a leader is just developing the habits of leadership and how you treat people.

The urge to legally ban that which offends you as a danger to society seems to be almost universal. Muslims who adhere strictly to the teachings of the Qur’an and Haditha want to outlaw women working, going to school or showing their faces, churches in Muslim countries, cartoons about the Prophet and anything they deem offensive to Islam. Most states had laws against inter-racial marriage until recent times. Conservatives feel that if the gay couple down the streets gets a marriage license and the legal rights of married folks, it will destroy their own marriages. Progressives want to ban anything they find offensive as “hate speech,” leading to the tyranny of political correctness. A reporter with an Asian wife is fired for using the old phrase “a chink in his armor” to describe an Asian athlete. A college student who called disruptive, loud black women “buffalos” gets disciplined severely. A government employee is fired when he uses the word “niggardly,” though it has nothing to do with race, and is used by black writers. But he gets rehired when it turns out he is gay, thus making him a fellow victim. If we are to be a free people, we must fight the impulse to oppression—not the least in ourselves. (Fire up the hate mail over the bit above you disagree with. At least I won’t suppress the responses.)

I wonder how many black folks have lost out on jobs because the employer was concerned that some inadvertent act or word might bring the lawyers and the Jesse Jackson-Al Sharpton race baiters down on him, and decided not to chance it?

If you pay attention, you will notice that the media are willing, even eager to write all kinds of critical stories about Christianity, Judaism and other faiths, which they would never write about Islam, out of "sensitivity." Some folks are very sensitive to being murdered or blown up, you know. I fancy it's genetic.
Obama: Changing America from the land of the free to the land where everything's free.

If Obama ordered GOP congressmen shot without trial on the capital steps, Kagan, Ginsburg and Sotomayer would rule it was constitutional, because he bought the bullets through interstate commerce.

The Catholic Church used to sell indulgences. Obama sells Obamacare waivers. Same type racket.

People call things by different names, such as "bubbler," "water fountain," etc. Republicans call it truth, Democrats call it hate speech, but it's often the same thing.
I was behind a car here in Cook Country recently with two great bumper stickers: "Are you better off then you were $4 trillion ago?" and "I was wrong: He is worse than Carter."

Obama for President of Panem!

I wonder if Bill Gates has a dental hygienist on his household staff to floss for him in the morning?

Maybe AG Eric Holder should issue “Letters of Marque and Reprisal” to allow private vigilante groups like the New Black Panthers to bring in, “dead or alive,” anyone they think deserves arresting for a crime they think was committed.

Obama’s energy policy: Pound the Poor at the Pumps.

Progressives care more about “feelings” than about facts—feelings win more votes.

If you oppose aborting girl babies because of their gender, the left thinks you are part of a “war on women.”

Obama slogan: Punishing the productive to reward the unproductive.

No problem with George Zimmerman getting a fair trial. You just need 12 jurors who never heard of Trayvon. I suggest a jury pool for Borneo.

It is very possible that the truth lies in the murky area between “Zimmerman is a murderer” and “Trayvon caused it.” But that will satisfy no one.

I notice that when I’m trying to lose weight for my health, friends try to feed me. “It’s a special occasion.” “One won’t hurt.” “Just try a taste.”

I also notice that other folks seem to be more worried about their own problems than mine, the selfish sods.

It is hard for me not to read statements from so many black “leaders” and not conclude that as a group they are far more racist than most white folks. Looking at you Holder, Jackson and Sharpton.

Black inner-city culture destroys the future of black kids by pushing the slander that studying is “acting white.” Then after school, they don’t have jobs. Is working “acting white”?

Lots of race based thoughts this month. Sorry. Our “post-racial” president and his supporters have made race more divisive than ever.

Obama slogan: Stay at home Moms need to work their fair share.

Conservatives believe in freedom and competition. Progressives believe in equality and fairness—as they define it.

In every marriage there is one person who worries about money, spending and the future and usually one who thinks “everything will work out for the best,” despite five millennium of human history. In some marriages there are two of the former. Those folks are usually known as “wealthy.”

There are some people you can take in small doses who, unfortunately, only come in large doses.

Progressives have failed in their dream to achieve equality of outcomes, as they always do, because as George Orwell pointed out, even in a communist utopia, "some animals are more equal than others." But their efforts have set back the conservatives' dream of equality of opportunity, mostly for minorities, especially blacks. The welfare-driven destruction of the black family, the created culture of victimization, the dismissing of education as "acting white," the tolerance for crime in the black community and black thugs brutalizing decent black folks because tough law enforcement is "racist," have all set far too many black people back worse than Jim Crow. But it garners power and money for the race baiters.

Lost history: A larger percentage of Republican House and Senate members than of Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Law of 1964. More Republicans than Democrats voted for woman's suffrage. Progressive President Woodrow Wilson originally opposed women’s suffrage. Gun control laws were originally designed to keep blacks from being able to protect themselves from the KKK. And Margaret Sanger was a big supported of the "settled science" of eugenics, which fueled the racist theories of the Nazis. She founded Planned Parenthood to keep more of the "unfit"—blacks, the retarded, and so on—from being born. Mission accomplished.

Democrats are incensed that Mitt Romney made a fortune working in private enterprise. Every respectable person marries his money like John Kerry did.

If you are not going to vote for Mitt Romney because he made more money than you, most of you can’t vote for Barack Obama either.

I'm sorry to inform my fans—both of them—that I've asked Mitt Romney not to put me the VP short list.

I did a lot of things as a kid, that I wouldn't let a kid under my supervision do now. The circle of life.

I liked the History Channel a lot more when it did history, instead of reality TV, like
Ice Road
Truckers, Full Metal Jousting and Pawn Stars.

People who commit small unkind acts suffer from remembering them long after the subject of the act has forgotten.

Integrity usually erodes slowly, in little compromises, rather than a sudden decision to go to the dark side. But eventually your small compromises can get you there.

If George Zimmerman goes to prison, do you think that the Aryan Nation will let him join, since he’s a “white Hispanic,” according to the media?

Do you think that George Zimmerman is “white” enough that the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) would have let George join his KKK outfit?

Secret Service pick up line: “I’d take a bullet for you, baby!”

Note to TV talking heads and entertainers. The word is “grisly.” Not “grizly.” There is no “Z.”

If I understand the Democrats’ meme, all Republicans are wealthy, elitist, country-clubbing, backwoods, Christian, redneck hicks who cling to guns and religion. Have I got it?

If Romney is elected president, the country faces ruin. But it will take longer than if Obama is re-elected, so I will do all I can to elect Romney. If we delay, a game changer might come along. Obama hit the accelerator.

If conservatives spent as much time blasting liberals as they do allies who aren’t quite pure on every issue, we’d win in a walk.

Fastest thing on Earth: the speed with which a thought can come into and out of my head, if I don’t write it down immediately.

Often I find if I put off doing some things long enough, they no longer need doing.

Time flies when you’re having fun: On April 15, 1964, my 18th birthday, I took a bus into Camden, NJ to the federal Building, and registered for the draft. Then I walked down the hall, past all the other services, into the Marine Recruiters’ office. The SSgt said, “How can I help you, son?” I said, “Where do I sign?” That started the process that saw me reporting to MCRD Parris Island 48 years ago this summer. In 1966, I volunteered for Vietnam, but was lucky enough to have an easy tour for a Marine. After my discharge in 1968, I went to college, graduating in June of 1972. Forty years ago this November, I was elected to the Massachusetts state senate, defeating a Democrat incumbent by nine votes in a district last won by a Republican in 1938. I served 5 terms, and retired undefeated in 1982. While in the senate, I served another six years in the USMCR. The Corps gave me the discipline to have a great life.

If Mitt had put a baby on the car roof, instead of a dog, liberals wouldn’t have a problem. Unless it lived.

I notice Muslims are always blaming all their troubles on the Jews. Sort of like the Nazis did in the 1930s.

When liberals talk about “shared sacrifice,” they mean you should sacrifice so they can get a bigger share.

You call names when you can't answer the arguments.

Some “conservatives” are doing everything they can to reelect Obama, so they can say “I told you so” about Romney.

Every day, Obamacare proves to be a bigger clusterfluke.

Every enterprise requires a firm base. For business, it’s loyal, satisfied customers. For associations like I manage, it’s engaged, active members. For the military, it is well-led, motivated NCOs and troops. For a political campaign, it’s active volunteers. Having a solid base doesn’t guarantee success, but neglecting it ensures failure.

Despite the advances of modern medicine, the death rate remains unchanged at one per person.

The effort to eliminate people with conflicts from decision making bodies in health care means more decisions are being made by people with little knowledge in the subject matter, having not worked closely in it.

It’s getting so that if there’s a knock at the door, you hope it’s Jehovah’s Witnesses, and not Global Warmists. Less intrusive.

When you get your paycheck, would you kindly send me my fair share of what you earned?

Ethical question: When does a fetus stop being a parasite and become a person? Answer: When it files for welfare and registers Democrat.

People often say that “every little bit helps.” When you are trying to lose weight or control spending, every little bit hurts.

In April, I was in Washington, DC, our country’s beautiful capital. Or, as we outside the beltway know it, that parasite-ridden sewer of waste and corruption.

Economic theory is political theory.

Trying to achieve equality requires ever more coercion and less freedom.

In 1992. Clinton’s unofficial slogan was, “It’s the Economy, Stupid.” In 2012, Romney’s should be, “It’s Stupid’s Economy!”

What is the legal and ethical difference between paying players a bonus to hurt opposing players to put them out of the game, and hiring a couple of thugs to beat them up before the game so they can’t play?

The old lie: “This legislation may appear costly, but it will save money in the long run.” It never does.

I’ve recently started AAAA: Angry Americans Against Acronyms

If I understand the environmentalists’ goal, the really want to ban carbon-based life forms.

I had a dream recently where I had a USB port in my forehead, to download data and pictures into my brain. True story. But my port was obsolete and the devices would no longer plug into it. Is that a metaphor for modern life, or what?

I was told on March 30 that to qualify for a lung transplant evaluation, I had to lose 30 pounds by July. I’m down 18 in April. Thank you Sergeants Harris, Martin and Owens for the gift of discipline.

Comparing Republicans to Hitler having gotten old, the new leftist meme is to compare them to terrorists. That’s getting old fast. Could we all just say, “I disagree with your policies because ….” Without name calling? No, I suppose not. The right does it also, but too often about fellow “RINOs” not deemed conservative enough on a particular issue.

Apparently, when Barack Obama said he was for the underdog, he meant for dinner.

America is learning to its cost that “Change” is a constant, not a destination, and that “Hope” is no substitute for a strategy.

Obama said the Occupy Wall Street people were the reason he went into politics. Yeah, but was it to support or to stop the OWS rapes, vandalism, blowing up bridges and pooping on the flag and cop cars?

Joke: Obama heard it was “Sinko de Mao” and was fearful that his favorite mass murderer had lost popularity.

It’s amazing to liberals that Mitt Romney could have such a nice house, without having Tony Rezko help him buy it.

It’s one thing to be ignored by your wife, step-kids or staff. But when I tell the computer to do something and it ignores me, I get really frosted.

Okay, I’ve decided to join the drive for Social Justice and demand that the One Percent spread their wealth around. I’m thinking that my “Fair Share” of what I haven’t earned is John Kerry yacht, Michael Moore’s house, a few cars from George Soros, and Warren Buffets secretary.

Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth “One Percenter” Warren claimed minority status on the basis of “family lore” that she 3was 1/32nd Cherokee. According to my Grandmother, I’m 1/16th Cree. I’ve told my boss we should put in for a diversity award.


Robert A. Hall is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic.
For a free PDF of the book, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at)


  1. the priceless gift of self discipline from three USMC Drill Instructors

    Like you, I went in the Marines back when a Drill Instructor would go upside your head in a heartbeat. 4 of the meanest sons of bitches it was my pleasure to know. Though at the time I didn't think so. Semper Fi