Thursday, August 18, 2016

two State Solution?

For obvious reasons, and as indicated below, a "two state solution" must be off the table. "Palestinian" leaders, whether Fatah or Hamas, want nothing more than to obliterate Israel and conduct a slaughter of Jews. The time has come and gone for "two states living side-by-side in peace. All reasonable deals have been rejected out of hand by Arafat and Abbas. A Hamas-ISIS entity in Judea and Samara would be disastrous, giving safe haven to Muslim terrorists. It would soon lead to war which would forever put an end to a "Palestinian" state. The only workable solution is to establish disarmed Andorra-like and Monaco-like semi-autonomous entities in Judea and Samaria. In fact, it exists now, but its central government must be disbanded. It is an irredentist, anti-semitic, corrupt tyranny over a brainwashed populace.
Larry Greenberg
"No Room for the Zionist Entity in the Region"
by Khaled Abu Toameh | August 18, 2016
The dreamers in English still have it: "Hamas and Israel, Israel and Hamas. Maybe one day...who knows." And then the Arabic-language truth rolls in: "Death to Israel, always!"
Some Arab and Western political analysts have mistakenly interpreted Hamas's agreement to participate in the Palestinian local and municipal elections, scheduled for October 8, as a sign of the movement's "pragmatism" and march toward recognizing Israel's right to exist.
They falsely assume that Hamas's readiness to take part in the democratic process shows that the leaders of the extremist movement are also prepared to abandon their dream of destroying Israel and abandoning the "armed struggle" against it.

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