Thursday, August 11, 2016

PA moves toward Clinton

The Electoral College: Pennsylvania Moves Toward Clinton
Excerpt: Therefore, we’re moving Pennsylvania from Leans Democratic to Likely Democratic in the presidential race, which is where we had it as of a couple of months ago. This doesn’t change our overall total of 347 electoral votes for Clinton and 191 for Trump — precisely where our map has been since we unveiled it March 31. Ultimately, a better Republican candidate might have been able to push the state into the Toss-up column. But right now Trump looks like a poor fit for the state — just like he’s a poor fit for many of the other traditional battleground states. We now have 269 electoral votes — just one short of the magic number of 270 — rated as Likely or Safe Democratic. This just shows what a hole Trump is in: In order to win the election, he has to win all the states currently at least leaning toward him and sweep all of the states just leaning toward Clinton, and all that would get him is a tie.

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