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It was minus nine when I got up Sunday morning. Sunday's weather report for Madison: High minus five, low minus eleven (though I think it may have gotten up to zero). There is a heavy wind chill warning to go with it. I went back to bed. I think summer's over! Bonnie took Britnye and her friend Rhayn ice skating Saturday. I stayed by the fire, Mark took pics. ~Bob

Book Recommendation: The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby. By John S. Mosby 
This book was available on Kindle for $.99, and as a military history/Civil War buff, I couldn't resist. It includes both Mosby's accounts of his exploits, plus reports and letters from everyone from Robert E. Lee to Mosby's mother. Mosby' boldness and initiative were great assets to the confederate forces, tying down at least a hundred times their own number guarding supply lines. Since we have mostly been engaged in asymmetric warfare in the last several decades, his operations have meaning today. His defense of Jeb Stuart in the Gettysburg campaign, as well as his take on General Lee and General Grant are well worth reading. He became quite friendly with Grant after the war, due to Grants magnanimous attitudes toward southerners and his efforts to end sectional feeling.  Because of the multiple points of view, I sometimes found the book disjointed. On the other hand, there was much humor, and it can be read just for entertainment value. Though I'm a Yankee whose great, great grandfather fought for the Union, I recommend it.

Must Read: Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump. By Peter Wehner 
Excerpt: Beginning with Ronald Reagan, I have voted Republican in every presidential election since I first became eligible to vote in 1980. I worked in the Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations and in the White House for George W. Bush as a speechwriter and adviser. I have also worked for Republican presidential campaigns, although not this time around. Despite this history, and in important ways because of it, I will not vote for Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination. I should add that neither could I vote in good conscience for Hillary Clinton or any of the other Democrats running for president, since they oppose many of the things I have stood for in my career as a conservative — and, in the case of Mrs. Clinton, because I consider her an ethical wreck. If Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton were the Republican and Democratic nominees, I would prefer to vote for a responsible third-party alternative; absent that option, I would simply not cast a ballot for president. A lot of Republicans, I suspect, would do the same. (I'm one of them. ~Bob)

Report: U.S. Apologizes After Iran Seizes Sailors, Now Free

Good on them: Iran 'unable to take Australians'
Excerpt: It turns out that Iranian forces made an earlier concerted attempt to seize a boarding party from the Royal Australian Navy. The Australians, though, to quote one military source, "were having none of it". The BBC has been told the Australians re-boarded the vessel they had just searched, aimed their machine guns at the approaching Iranians and warned them to back off, using what was said to be "highly colourful language".

It’s time to unleash America’s airpower in Afghanistan. By David Petraeus and Michael O'Hanlon

King Abdullah on Refugee Risks: 'There Are Trojan Horses in There'
Excerpt: Jordan's King Abdullah II said that his country, which has absorbed more than a million Syrians fleeing the civil war, understands more than anyone the concerns about vetting refugees. "There are Trojan horses in there. We definitely know that," Abdullah, when asked about GOP campaign-trail statements about Muslim immigrants, told CNN during a visit to the U.S. (Per MM network news last night, Obama gave the King of Jordan 5 minutes of his time in an airport waiting lounge prior to stepping on AF1 to go campaign for his SOTU points in LA.  The King of Jordan, a supposed ally of the US and a royal, was given 5 minutes in an airport lounge, with footage of Obama walking away and getting on a large jet (more massive carbon footprint, but doesn't apply to him).  The King of Jordan was relegated to a meeting with Ash Carter.  Wasn't that special?  King Abdullah has named ISIS for what it is, recognizes it for what it is; has said we are in WWIII and this is the ultimate battle between Good and Evil.  Guess which side gave him 5 minutes, the same day 10 Yemeni released to Oman, which borders Yemen, so they could return to AQ and further the caliphate? --Barb)

Graphic: Mass Grave of Children Who Rejected Islamic State Found in Sinjar, Iraq
Obama has stopped our military from bombing the ISIS oil trucks for fear of civilian casualties and environmental damage. Of course, ISIS depends on oil money to buy guns and explosives and to pay their terrorists, so letting them sell the oil results in far more civilian deaths and environmental damage. And eventually to dead Americans. But you can't expect him to think that far ahead. ~Bob

Islamic State training kidnapped children to kill their parents. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: “You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day having affection for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their kindred.” (Qur’an 58:22)

Suicide Attack on Pakistan Polio Vaccination Center Kills 15

Islamophobia? Actually Anti-Christian Violence DRAMATICALLY Increased in 2015…

Worth Hearing: Europe's Betrayal of Women. By Pat Condell

Worth Hearing: American Islamophobia. By Pat Condell

German Gun Sales and Permit Applications Soar After Cologne Sex Attacks

Cologne migrant rapists 'Moroccan criminals who entered Germany posing as Syrian refugees'
Don't worry, Michelle Obama and the girls are protected by the Secret Service, so are in no danger from the 'refugees" he is bringing in. Your family, on the other hand, is protected ~Bob

MIGRANT SEX ATTACK 'COVER-UP': Welcome party for Cologne refugees turned into mass groping

Obama Admin Stonewalling Investigation Into 113 Terrorists Inside United States

Five Americans held in Iran released; US to release seven Iranians not related to terrorism
Excerpt: Four Americans held in Iran, including a Christian pastor and a Washington Post reporter, have been released in a “one-time only type of arrangement” with Tehran, in a separate diplomatic channel from the nuclear pact negotiations, a senior Obama administration official says. One additional American was freed separate from the others’ release. The United States will also release seven Iranians sentenced or awaiting trial who are not associated with terrorism or violent crimes. 

The Terrorists Freed by Obama. The president has misled the American people about the detainees released from Guantanamo: Dozens are jihadists ready to kill.

Sharyl Attkisson: US Had Teams Ready to Stop Benghazi But Were Called Off. By Greg Richter  
Excerpt: The United States had several teams and potential rescuers ready to act during the 2012 Benghazi attacks — but they were stopped from acting, possibly by the White House, Emmy Award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson told Newsmax TV on Wednesday. "This is something that the president and the White House has steadfastly denied," Attkisson told "The Steve Malzberg Show" in an interview.  Attkisson has a segment on the assaults — which killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and four other Americans, including two former Navy SEALs — on this week's edition of her syndicated news-magazine show, "Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson." (It's denial, denial, denial from the Administration and most of the media, nothing to see here, folks, move along and go watch the Kardashians or something.  But there are just too many reports of resources not utilized, too many excuses of "it would take too long" when nobody knew when it was going to end.  The only right answer when Americans are under attack like that is scramble EVERYONE who has any chance of getting there.  The worst thing that happens is they get there late and waste jet fuel, but at least you tried. This was so badly handled by lack of security in the first place, and then lack of remotely decent response in the second place, and finally, lies about a video in the third place, that it should haunt everyone involved.  But the media has been giving it a pass, and the denials and obfuscation have gone on ever since. --Del)

Confusion: Germany: Muslims arrested for stoning transgender women
When two liberal pet victim groups clash, which side do liberals support? Probably pretend it didn't happen. ~Bob

Pakistan: Bill banning child marriage fails after it’s deemed un-Islamic. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: Islamic apologists in the West argue furiously that child marriage has nothing to do with Islam, and that the idea that Muhammad married a child is the invention of greasy Islamophobes. In reality, few things are more abundantly attested in Islamic law than the permissibility of child marriage. Islamic tradition records that Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha, was six when Muhammad wedded her and nine when he consummated the marriage: “The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)” (Bukhari 7.62.88).

France’s Jews advised to leave skullcaps off, for safety

A FRANK MOVIE REVIEW: “13 HOURS” = 9. By Marshall Frank 
Excerpt: A very well-made, intense movie. The 2 ½ hours went by like 30 minutes. The first thing that struck me was the opening text as the movie began: “This is a true story.” It didn’t say, “Based on a true story.” This told me that the writers and directors were sticking to the facts as they are known to be concerning the attack on the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012.  That leaves little room for literary license to embellish or enhance. That said, some folks might walk away disappointed that the movie did not unequivocally indict any political leader for failing to prevent the attack, rescue the victims, or tell the clear truth about the tragic event. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, nor the president, are named or identified as being complicit or dishonest. If that’s what you’re looking for, stay home. The second item in the opening text that struck my consciousness, was, “The United States has 284 embassies and consulates throughout the world, of which 12 are designated ‘critical’ on the danger level.” Twelve are designated critically dangerous. While the movie did not specifically accuse the secretary of state for failing to provide security to Benghazi after hundreds of requests, one can only wonder how a top-level leader could not know such requests were flooding in, or not know that the danger level was so critical. (Nicely done.  Main point of the overall subject for me is the same one mentioned in 4th paragraph.  The most dangerous post in the world didn't have full security, despite repeated requests for more.  That stops right on Hillary's desk, and she appointed the ambassador, claimed to be his friend.  Right! --Del)

Father of Benghazi Victim Reveals Note Detailing 2012 Conversation With Hillary

Interesting: Winners and losers from the sixth Republican presidential debate
Excerpt: Winners: Marco Rubio: The Florida senator has clearly been taking notes from Donald Trump. Rubio came out hot from the start -- channeling the anger of the Republican base much more effectively than he has in past debates. He also kept his message laser-focused on bashing President Obama and Hillary -- an approach that allowed him to look magnanimous and big.

GOP DEBATE - 14 JANUARY 2016. By Col. Andy Weddington, USMC (Ret)

Worth Seeing: Joint Chiefs diss Obama at the State of the Union (2016)
Excerpt: Watch this and tell me Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not dishonorable and despicable people. ( you can include everyone that is a political appointee in the White House and many in the Pentagon that were well aware that there was a cover up going on.

Excerpt: .... He argues that “some of the predicate acts alleged in the Second Amended Complaint concern Defendant Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized release, in exchange for financial gain, of classified information concerning U.S.-Israeli war planning to wage a [preemptive] strike on Iranian nuclear facilities and the joint U.S.-Israeli cyber-attack on Iranian nuclear centrifuges with a virus named Stuxnet.” A federal court in Florida  already has scheduled a trial later this year. “This is a classic RICO lawsuit,” Klayman has argued, “Indeed … few people – if any – can even attempt to refute the hard evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton and their foundation have over a 10-year history of actually selling government access and influence in exchange for hard cash to fill their coffers and the coffers of their foundation, which not coincidentally, as pled, does not operate as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization but instead operates as defendants Bill and Hillary Clinton’s own alter-ego in furthering their criminal enterprise.”

Marco Rubio OWNS This Gun Rights Answer at #GOPDebate
Excerpt: Look, the Second Amendment is not an option. It is not a suggestion. It is a right of every American to protect themselves and their families… I’m convinced that this president would get rid of the Second Amendment if he could … None of these incidents that the president points to as the reason why he’s doing these things would have been prevented. You know why? Because criminals don’t buy their guns from a gun show. They don’t buy them from a collector… Let me tell you. ISIS and terrorists do not get their guns from a gun show.

Excerpt: As I understand it — and I’m open to correction from our gun enthusiasts around here — the gun-show loophole is largely a myth. But, what Obama wants to do is make it very hard for Joe Citizen to sell his gun to Jane Citizen. If I sell you my car, that doesn’t make me a car dealer. But Obama essentially wants to make selling your personal gun to a friend or neighbor the equivalent of a full-fledged business transaction and then hang a bunch of paperwork on top of that. Whatever you may think about the policy objectives involved, it seems pretty obvious to me that this is a boon to the gun industry. Let’s say the government comes out and puts lots of burdens on the sales of used cars, particularly person-to-person sales. Who benefits the most from that? New car dealers. I don’t see why the same thing wouldn’t happen with guns. The more onerous you make it to sell a used gun, the more likely it is you will send buyers to get new guns. 

Excerpt: But surely Hillary Clinton, with her close ties to Wall Street, her husband’s storied hobnobbing with the global 0.001 percent, not to mention her vast Rolodex of Clinton Inc. supporters going back four decades, has bought herself the nomination? It doesn’t look that way, according to the polls. She’s losing ground to Senator Bernie Sanders in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Sanders has raised more money from small donors than any other candidate in American history. And he’s done so by declaring nothing short of war on what he calls the “billionaire class.”

Chants Including ‘U-S-A!,’ ‘Air Ball,’ and ‘Scoreboard’ Banned at Wisconsin High Schools
After the collapse, they will find that the barbarians and Jihadists running their world will not care spit on a griddle for their "feelings." ~Bob

Chicago Store Employee Fights Back; Shoots Two Criminals
This cellphone store employee defended himself by shooting two criminals. Unfortunately, this store is a so-called "gun free zone" for customers. We hope that this store re-thinks their "no-gun" policy.

Jerry Brown Signs Bill That Could Let Illegal Aliens Vote
And as often as they like....~Bob

George Orwell Explains in a Revealing 1944 Letter Why He’d Write 1984
Excerpt: I must say I believe, or fear, that taking the world as a whole these things are on the increase. Hitler, no doubt, will soon disappear, but only at the expense of strengthening (a) Stalin, (b) the Anglo-American millionaires and (c) all sorts of petty fuhrers of the type of de Gaulle. All the national movements everywhere, even those that originate in resistance to German domination, seem to take non-democratic forms, to group themselves round some superhuman fuhrer (Hitler, Stalin, Salazar, Franco, Gandhi, De Valera are all varying examples) and to adopt the theory that the end justifies the means. Everywhere the world movement seems to be in the direction of centralised economies which can be made to ‘work’ in an economic sense but which are not democratically organised and which tend to establish a caste system. With this go the horrors of emotional nationalism and a tendency to disbelieve in the existence of objective truth because all the facts have to fit in with the words and prophecies of some infallible fuhrer. 

Suddenly, Hillary Clinton doesn’t recognize the map anymore

Worth Reading: College Students Flunk Economics. By Allan H. Meltzer
Excerpt: The enthusiastic response of college students to Senator Bernie Sanders’ “democratic socialism” is one of the most surprising and dispiriting events of the current presidential campaign. Apparently students have not learned that, historically, all socialist systems—democratic and authoritarian alike—failed to satisfy public demands and were abandoned after much suffering. Capitalism is the only economic system that offers freedom, opportunity, and increased living standards to the greatest numbers of people.
These students must be unfamiliar with Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, a brilliant critique of the 1945 British decision to adopt democratic socialism. Hayek insisted that socialism could not work. If voters chose to elect a non-socialist government, the socialist economic plan would be discarded. The alternative was an authoritarian government that prevented voters from rejecting the plan.

Nuclear facilities in 20 nations open to cyber attack, study finds

Obama to overhaul coal leases
Excerpt:  Under the plan, federal officials would agree to consider greenhouse gas emissions from coal in deciding whether or not to lease land for coal mining, the sources said. That evaluation would factor into the pricing for leases, as well as other rules. Officials would put a partial moratorium on new coal mining leases while the rules are configured. (And then Obama goes to coal country like WV to hold hands and ask why they have so many out-of-work folks and heroin addicts....Barb)

France clinical trial: 90 given drug, one man brain-dead
Excerpt: Of the five men in hospital, three could have permanent brain damage, Gilles Edan added. Reports that the drug is a cannabis-based painkiller have been denied by the health ministry.

There will be blood: 5 Critical Takeaways from the Islamic 'Radicalization Report' the NYPD Is Deleting From Its Website. BY BEN WEINGARTEN        
Excerpt: New York City has caved to the demands of Muslim groups in connection with its intelligence and surveillance activities of the Islamic community. In a politically correct move, the city is resorting to self-censorship over safety. As part of its settlement with plaintiffs in the cases of Raza v. City of New York and Handschu v. Special Services Division -- coincidentally, the settlement was released within hours of the shooting of Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett by a self-identified American jihadist -- the NYPD will be removing Radicalization in the West, the groundbreaking 2007 report on the “homegrown” jihadist threat, from its website. (Heaven forbid anyone should ever be offended or even made a tad uncomfortable by a report that tries to explain why and how a movement that has been bringing death and destruction to all kinds of people all over the world has evolved. By today's standards, German-Americans in 1940 could have demanded, and gotten, all negative comments about Hitler and the Nazis suppressed.  The inability to face reality is a sure way to never solve any problems. --Del)

TASER use restricted in 5 states
Stay tuned.  A lot more injuries will be forthcoming. --Rod

Growing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to arms

Climate Alarmists Invent New Excuse: The Satellites Are Lying

Saudi Arabia buying up farmland in US Southwest

Excerpt: Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries are scooping up farmland in drought-afflicted regions of the U.S. Southwest, and that has some people in California and Arizona seeing red. Saudi Arabia grows alfalfa hay in both states for shipment back to its domestic dairy herds. In another real-life example of the world's interconnected economy, the Saudis increasingly look to produce animal feed overseas in order to save water in their own territory, most of which is desert.

Will Mabus' daughters go? The Many Problems with Coed Marine Boot Camp. Goodbye high standards, hello misconduct. By Jude Eden
Excerpt: On Jan. 1, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus ordered the Marines to provide plans by Jan. 15 for boot camp to go coed. The decision is so fraught that Mabus is trying to shroud it in silence. reports that “Mabus also warned Marine Corps leaders not to use any concerns about integrating women into combat jobs as ways to delay the process.” The problems with integrating boot camp are the same as those of integrating the combat arms, so the Marines are not allowed to talk about it. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter used this tactic when, ahead of his Dec. 3 decision to open all combat jobs to women, he put a gag rule on discussing the matter and the Marines’ 9 month integration study which showed that, compared to males in combat tasks, female Marines were slower, couldn’t lift as much weight, were less accurate shooters and retained more than twice the injuries. Now the Marines must comply not only with integration of the combat arms but, suddenly, integration of boot camp, post-haste. Any problems with either will be blamed on leadership and training. That leadership will be purged and purged again until everyone is singing the right tune. If you were interested in what Soviet-style dictatorship looks like, this is it. (One more woman chimes in on women in combat units. And not just a woman, but a former woman Marine who served in a combat zone.  Does that give her any credibility?  Only to those of us who aren't addicted to the amazing fiction that there are no physical differences between male and female bodies, who can believe women can act alongside men in any physical endeavor, and refuse to notice that the Olympics are all organized along male and female events, as well as professional boxing, football, basketball, and soccer.  (Apparently the Olympic organizers and the team owners and boxing promoters are all insane chauvinists.) And then there's the matter of psychological factors and (OMG!) sexual attractions and interactions.  Also to be ignored/denied of course.  After all, we've never heard of sexual matters complicating things in the military, or anywhere else, have we?  (Remind me about Eisenhower and his female driver.....) Anyhow, she does a nice job below. --Del. Mabus has three daughters, Elisabeth, Annie, and Kate. You can bet none of them will serve in the infantry. ~Bob)

Iranian Commander Claims U.S. Sailors Were 'Crying After Their Arrest'
Excerpt:  “I don’t think there’s any reason for anybody to be embarrassed,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. “We’re pleased that our sailors were released promptly and unharmed.” Mr. Earnest said Iran’s showing of the video does not violate the Geneva Conventions, which prohibits the exploitation of prisoners of war, because the U.S. and Iran are not at war.

Feds Hide Why Shrimp On A Treadmill Cost $1.3M
Excerpt:  “Line-by-line budget breakdowns of NSF awards are not public information,” agency spokesman Jessica Arriens told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Those breakdowns often contain proprietary information and other things which we don’t release to the public.” Arriens refused to explain what “other things” meant.

Worth Watching: Bob Hope among the Troops

Worth Reading: Heroes of the Vietnam Generation. By Jim Webb
Excerpt: Nine million men served in the military during the Vietnam war, three million of whom went to the Vietnam theater. Contrary to popular mythology, two-thirds of these were volunteers, and 73 percent of those who died were volunteers. While some attention has been paid recently to the plight of our prisoners of war, most of whom were pilots, there has been little recognition of how brutal the war was for those who fought it on the ground. Dropped onto the enemy’s terrain 12,000 miles away from home, America’s citizen-soldiers performed with a tenacity and quality that may never be truly understood. Those who believe the war was fought incompetently on a tactical level should consider Hanoi’s recent admission that 1.4 million of its soldiers died on the battlefield, compared to 58,000 total U.S. dead. Those who believe that it was a “dirty little war” where the bombs did all the work might contemplate that it was the most costly war the U.S. Marine Corps has ever fought—five times as many dead as World War I, three times as many dead as in Korea, and more total killed and wounded than in all of World War II.
Significantly, these sacrifices were being made at a time the United States was deeply divided over our effort in Vietnam. ... It would be redundant to say that I would trust my life to these men. Because I already have, in more ways than I can ever recount. I am alive today because of their quiet, unaffected heroism. Such valor epitomizes the conduct of Americans at war from the first days of our existence. That the boomer elites can canonize this sort of conduct in our fathers’ generation while ignoring it in our own is more than simple oversight. It is a conscious, continuing travesty. 

A major new finding about the impact of having a dad who was drafted to Vietnam
This is the perfect example of the careful, deliberate misuse of a "study" to come up with a conclusion that the researcher wants to establish. First, only about 1/3 of those who served in Viet Nam were drafted, and the bulk of those served in the last three years. So only a fraction of those eligible for the draft were called up. This means they are a small subsection of all the men of those birthdays in those years. All the statistics demonstrate is a vanishingly small income differential between the subgroups of men of those ages which cannot be demonstrated in any way to be related to whoever actually went into the service as a draftee, and remember that not all draftees went to Viet Nam, a large fraction served in other places, like Germany or the USA. In truth, Viet Nam vets have done well overall in society, although of course those with problems got most of the publicity. (Including many who were phonies, never went to Viet Nam, as documented by Jug Burkett.) This reporter is on a social engineering bent, as his final paragraphs demonstrate, and is not remotely concerned with any truths about military service. The title of the article is purest inflammatory nonsense. -Anon. Above is the headline for an article in the Washington Post, and even a link if anyone wants to go read it and get their Blood Pressure boosted.  It is the most perfect example of steaming, stinking BS supposedly based on "statistics" I have seen in a long time.  I took a while to calm down and them wrote a comment, shown below. This is the kind of utter nonsense that passes for "journalism" now.  Heaven help us. --Del

Hillary Clinton: A Lying Compilation

The General Intelligence Factor

Worth Knowing: Propaganda Techniques
Excerpt: Edward Filene helped establish the Institute of Propaganda Analysis in 1937 to educate the American public about the nature of propaganda and how to recognize propaganda techniques. Filene and his colleagues identified the seven most common "tricks of the trade" used by successful propagandists (Marlin 102-106: Propaganda Critic: Introduction).  These seven techniques are called:  *Name Calling *Glittering Generalities *Transfer *Testimonial *Plain Folks *Card Stacking *Band Wagon. (I recently came across these in a political book I'm reading and recalled being taught them in high school, though I didn't remember all seven. ~Bob


One in 10 Americans would do porn for $1 million — and 6% would murder for $1 billion
Murder no, but porn? Sure, but who would want to watch, given I'm almost 70? ~Bob


An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. (1950s)

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