Monday, April 13, 2015

A news post after today's ethics hearing


After rising at five to get my medial stuff done in time to get to a 9:00 am hearing, and there all morning, I didn't expect to get a post done. but I had enough good items to go ahead and post. And then hit the rack. ~Bob

Dane County Ethics Board heard my complaint today
For those who have been following the story. It includes my presentation to the Board, the Sheriff's attorney's presentation and my response to the Board after the hearing. The Sheriff was not there to testify under oath. To be continued. ~Bob

A response to the response on my last news post
Response to response to post: We won't like how we are livin' that life if we don't pay attention to what is happening that you keep us informed of. Too many lives being lived are only about The Voice, etc. Happy Birthday to Bonnie. Been enjoying the pictures of all of you. --Susan

Last night I had a strange dream. I dreamt an Angel appeared and told me that she would answer two questions about the future for me. I said I was very concerned about the partisan division in the country, and was afraid that we would divide into two countries in the future. Was the US going to split into two countries? If so, what would their constitutions look like. She said, "Unfortunately, my son, in 20 years there will be two countries where the US is now. To answer your second question, I have here copies of their constitutions you may look at." But I'm still wondering what the new constitutions say--I don't read either Chinese or Arabic. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Marco Rubio tells supporters he is running for president
Excerpt: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the son of Cuban immigrants whose rapid political ascent was nearly blocked five years ago by national Republican leaders, told supporters on a Monday call that he is running for president, according to two people familiar with his plans.
The Florida senator will officially launch his campaign for president later in the day in his hometown of Miami.

#HillarysBigAnnouncement I will not criticize any foreign country for executing gays as long as they contribute to my Fund.

Worth Subscribing To: Clinton as a candidate. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
Here’s the good news: Hillary Clinton is going to be a pretty bad candidate. The notion that she, with her $400,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs, is going to be the “champion” for “everyday Americans” (as opposed to part-time Americans?) against the people at the top is ludicrous. She won’t be able to hide from the press, and she tends to answer questions terribly, as we saw in her press conference about the e-mails. She is indeed a congenital liar, and a bad one. She’ll have at least one more big “sniper fire in the Balkans” style blowup in the next six months, count on it.
But by the end of the year, the Democratic base and the press -- and perhaps I repeat myself -- will have persuaded themselves that she is whatever the moment requires. They’ll convince themselves that she’s “lunch-pail Hillary” as a writer for The New Yorker insisted. If Russia and Ukraine are blowing up, they’ll convince themselves that Madam Reset Button will be the right choice to face down Putin. If the Middle East is blowing up, they’ll convince themselves that the architect of our intervention in Libya can secure our interests and bring peace to the region. If there’s another VA- or failure of the federal government, they’ll convince themselves that Mrs. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” is the one to restore accountably. If it’s a cyber-attack, they’ll believe that the right choice to handle future threats like this is the woman who thinks Secret Service agents standing next to a server stop intrusions. The good news is that she’s not going to be a good candidate. The bad news is it’s not clear she needs to be one in order to win.

Conservatives Embrace Cronyism at the Expense of American Innovation. By Ken Blackwell 
Excerpt: Republicans have been in control of both ends of Capitol Hill for nearly four months and one would be hard-pressed to notice any change. Apart from votes on Keystone and overtures to tax reform, most lawmakers have adopted a status quo, business as usual attitude. It’s frustrating but not entirely unpredictable. In the innovation sector, however, some Republicans have cozied up to Obama’s campaign contributors and to big business and have sold out small inventors and entrepreneurs by embracing a proposed overhaul of the U.S. patent system.

A 65-year-old mother of 13 is pregnant with quadruplets. By Elahe Izadi
Excerpt: The last time Annegret Raunigk gave birth, to her 13th child, she was 55 years old.
Now, the 65-year-old teacher from Germany is pregnant once again — this time with quadruplets conceived through in vitro fertilization, the German newspaper Bild reported.

Must Read: The federal debt is worse than you think. By Ron Haskins
Excerpt: The reason is that CBO's debt estimates do not take into account the full financial obligations the government is committed to honor, especially for future payments of Social SecurityMedicare, and interest on the debt. He asserts that the federal government should help the public understand the nation's true fiscal situation by using what economists call "the infinite-horizon fiscal gap," defined as the value of all projected future expenditures minus the value of all projected future receipts using a reasonable discount rate. What difference does the fiscal gap approach make in our understanding of the true federal debt? CBO tells us that the national debt was a little less than $13 trillion in 2014. But the fiscal gap in that year as calculated by Kotlikoff was $210 trillion, more than 16 times larger than the debt estimated by CBO and already judged, by CBO and many others, to be unsustainable. If a $13 billion gap is unsustainable, what term should we apply to a $210 trillion gap? I wrote about the Unfunded Liability in my 2011 book The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
They can't borrow or print enough money to cover these things, including, now, Obamacare. If they just stop paying, there will be riots and violence. ~Bob)

Gun News

80 Year Old Homeowner Shoots and Kills Home Invasion Suspect
Excerpt: An 80 year old home owner shot and killed a man who had entered his home and was attacking him Thursday night. According to Miller County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Wesley Penny at approximately 7:50 P.M., a home invasion was reported at a residence on McClure Road.

Homeowner holds alleged burglar at gunpoint in Etowah County
Excerpt: The Etowah County Sheriff's office says the homeowner shot twice at Joseph Lennoard Hankins III, then held Hankins at gunpoint until deputies arrived. 

Excerpt: A defenseless college employee was murdered in a targeted attack in a campus bathroom by a known assailant who is now on the run. The school’s “gun free zone” failed to save the employee’s life. (I bet the killer just missed the sign, is real embarrassed now about having a gun on campus...~Bob)

Race Card News

Blacks are begging Republican Party to give them a reason to vote GOP. By Raynard Jackson
Excerpt: The Republican Party is currently being tapped on the shoulder and being asked to do “a great and mighty work, unique to them and fitted to their talents.” They are being tapped on the shoulder by the Black community who are begging the Republican Party to give them a reason to vote Republican in next year’s presidential election. (He makes a great point, the GOP needs to really, really go after Black voters. No, they won't get 94%, but they might get 30+%, and that could help swing an election. --Del)

Undocumented Democrat News

Coming Soon...15 state police killed in ambush in western Mexico
Excerpt: Fifteen state police officers were killed in an ambush by suspected gang members in western Mexico, authorities said on Tuesday, the second major attack on security forces in less than a month in one of the country's most important states. ( an open border near you. ~Bob)

Religion of Peace News

Trust Iran? Yemeni militiamen say captured two Iranian officers in Aden. By Mohammed Mukhashaf
Excerpt: Local militiamen in the Yemeni city of Aden said they captured two Iranian military officers advising Houthi rebels during fighting on Friday evening. Tehran has denied providing military support for Houthi fighters, whose advances have drawn air strikes by a regional coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Republic's main rival for influence in the Gulf. If confirmed, the presence of two Iranian officers, who the local militiamen said were from an elite unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, would further worsen relations between Tehran and Riyadh who are vying for dominance in the region.

Important: Russia lifts block on missile system shipment to Iran. By Karoun Demirjian 
Excerpt: Russia lifted its ban on sending an advanced air-defense system to Iran on Monday after pressure from Tehran to follow through with a deal holding the potential to alter the strategic balance in the region. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to remove restrictions on shipping the S-300 surface-to-air missiles also appears to reflect policy shifts after a framework reached earlier this month to limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for easing international sanctions.

Iran Says US Conceded on All Its Red Lines in Nuclear Deal. Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Jafari accuses US of ‘psychological warfare’ in faking nuclear fact sheet to dupe its allies. By Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar, INN
Excerpt: Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander General Mohammad Ali Jafari
Iranian leadership continues to state clearly that the framework deal announced in Lausanne, Switzerland earlier this month constitutes a major achievement of the Islamic regime, which didn’t give up on its nuclear program at all and forced the US to fold.

Excerpt: The Islamic State has launched a new assault on the Baiji oil refinery in Iraq’s Salahaddin province. The Iraqi military claimed it has repelled the attack.

IS supporters post cartoon depicting Obama beheading. ‘Mom! Dad! Jihadi John is going to slaughter me!’ president says before he is killed in animated video
Excerpt: Affiliates of the Islamic State group have released an animated video depicting a jihadist beheading US President Barack Obama.

Excerpt: Just 15 days before the 9/11 attacks, a well-connected Saudi family suddenly abandoned their luxury home in Sarasota, Fla., leaving behind jewelry, clothes, opulent furniture, a driveway full of cars — including a brand new Chrysler PT Cruiser — and even a refrigerator full of food. About the only thing not left behind was a forwarding address. The occupants simply vanished without notifying their neighbors, realtor or even mail carrier.

Excerpt: A Pakistani Christian boy has been attacked and set on fire after some young Muslims discovered his religion. Nauman Masih, 14, was set upon by unknown Muslims who were going to the mosque to offer their Friday prayers. He was returning from the tailors when he was stopped by young Muslims and after identifying him as Christian, they set him on fire.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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