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Some very interesting political news for Tax Day


Today I entered my 70th year. Grateful to have made it this far--too many good folks didn't--including my brothers--and 8 sisters--on the wall in DC.

Rushing this post as picking up my brother Marine, John Payne at the airport. In for a 3-month check on his new lung. He's doing well. ~Bob

When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it's a sure sign you're getting old. --Mark Twain

General News and Comment

Oh Geez: Hillary Was Asked About Private Email Account In 2012. By Matt Vespa
Excerpt: The LA Times reported on Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), then-Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and his investigation into Obama administration officials using personal email to communicate with staff and other government officials. It was alleged that they did this to circumvent FOIA statutes. Rep. Issa's letter to Clinton asked if the former secretary of state had used a private email address. The State Department never responded until Clinton had left her cabinet position, only giving the committee the department protocols for using email...

Clinton’s past and future problem. By Kathleen Parker
Excerpt: All of which is problematic for Hillary Clinton as she begins another presidential run. Among other things, she must persuade voters to ignore her association with a time gone by. A few questions naturally arise: How do you run on change when you were aboard the hope-and-change train? How do you distinguish yourself from your predecessor when you worked for his administration? How do you sell tomorrow on yesterday?

Money Good for me: Hillary Clinton to raise $2.5 Billion
Excerpt: This campaign will begin on a small scale and build up to an effort likely to cost more than any presidential bid waged before, with Mrs. Clinton’s supporters and outside “super PACs” looking to raise as much as $2.5 billion in a blitz of donations from Democrats who overwhelmingly support her candidacy. (Just learned that the most important requirement for being president is possession of a vagina. --George)

Money Bad for you: Clinton calls for constitutional amendment on campaign finance. By Ben Kamisar
Excerpt: Hillary Clinton called for a constitutional amendment to address the influx of “unaccountable money” in politics during her first official day of campaigning in Iowa. "We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment,” she said during an event at Kirkwood Community College in Monticello.

Morning Jolt is free and worth subscribing to: Income inequality. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
In her first remarks of the campaign, she addressed the pressing issues of hedge-fund managers paying insufficient tax rates and the salaries of CEOS. Clearly, those CEOs don’t earn their pay the way she does with her $300,000-per-speech speaking fees or her $14 million book advance. (According to, the median expected annual pay for a typical chief executive officer in the United States is $681,798, so 50 percent of the people who perform the job of chief executive officer in the United Sates are expected to make less than $681,798. For perspective, Bill Clinton made $17 million in public-speaking fees in one year and $106 million from 2001 to 2013. The CEO making that median salary would have to work about 25 years to make what Bill Clinton made in speaking fees in that year; a CEO making that median salary would have to work 155 years to equal Bill Clinton’s speaking-fee total over that twelve-year period.)

Friendly Reminder: It’s Already Against Federal Law to Pay Women Less Than Men. By Matt Vespa
Excerpt: It’s the feminist left’s favorite issue: equal pay. The inaccurate 77¢ statistic gets replayed over the airwaves, and the false war on women narratives get rehashed. Of course, no one is for wage discrimination. Well, at least sentient beings are not for justifying pay discrepancies based on gender. There are two federal laws on the books that prohibit pay discrimination based on gender. Also, American women are killing it, but it appears those leading the feminist charge are more content with Perpetual War theory than acknowledging that the pay gap has an expiration date–and that young women today have virtually wiped it out.

Hillary Clinton’s policies: Where’s the beef? “There will be plenty of time for policy and serious discussion,” one Democratic strategist says. “This is the entertainment part of the event.” By Darren Goode
Excerpt: Hillary Clinton’s campaign rollout has been slow to fill a large blank space in the center of her quest for the White House: What exactly she would do if she wins. Clinton has sketched out the broad policy strokes, declaring in her campaign launch video that she wants to be the “champion” for “everyday Americans.” On issues ranging from health care to climate change, she’s been largely in lockstep with President Barack Obama, and she used a roundtable discussion Tuesday at a community college in Iowa to outline four big fights she wants to take on...

GOP, Dems see different problems: By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
We established in a previous Jolt that what worries us conservatives doesn’t worry progressives, and vice versa: “By and large, the Republicans are worried about the right problems -- the big problems: crazy people who want to kill us, a skyrocketing debt, a growing culture of dependency, an avalanche of red tape strangling the entrepreneurial lifeblood of the economy, and an unsecure border.” Both conservatives and progressives look at America and see problems, but they see completely different problems. They dismiss with a shrug the problems that worry us most. What’s the Democratic solution to the national debt? It’s not really a problem. What’s the Democratic solution to Putin’s aggression? It’s not really a problem. What’s the Democratic solution to the Islamic State? It’s not really a problem, we’re handling it fine through airstrikes. What’s the Democratic solution to illegal immigration and an insecure border? It’s not really a problem, let’s pass an amnesty. What’s the Democratic solution to children being raised without fathers? To the extent they address this, they insist it reflects low wages and economic factors. Meanwhile, they turn to us and ask, “What’s your plan for dealing with the temperature rising a century from now? Why aren’t you concerned about micro-aggressions? What’s your plan to ensure every woman in America has access to affordable birth control? What are you going to do to stop people from being able to buy guns?”

Media lapdogs chase Billary's van

Excerpt: A 16-year old girl has presented a paternity action lawsuit this morning, before an Arkansas state court, alleging that the former president of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, is her biological father. Alyssa Gilmore claims that her mother, a former secretary of the oval office named Whitney Gilmore, had an affair with President Clinton between 1998 and 2001. She says she was born out of that relationship, and demands that Mr. Clinton undergoes a paternity test to prove that her story is true.

DEA chief tells House committee she can't fire agents involved in sex parties
Excerpt: The Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Michelle Leonhart, Tuesday faced a grueling three-hour inquisition from the House Oversight Committee over an Inspector General's report that found DEA agents in Bogota, Colombia engaged in "sex parties" with prostitutes and that the parties were paid for by the very drug cartels the DEA was sent to fight...."You're protecting the people who solicited prostitutes who had 15 to 20 sex parties, went through this whole operation, and used taxpayer money to do it." The Department of Justice Inspector General's report, released last month, found that corrupt local police officers in Bogota "arranged” the "sex parties" with prostitutes funded by the local drug cartels for the DEA agents at their government-leased quarters, over a period of several years.

Need a Right to Work Law: Labor union boss paid $258,000 from Ohio school staffers’ paychecks. By Jason Hart
Excerpt: School employees across Ohio were forced to help pay labor boss Joe Rugola $258,873 last year, even if they declined to join the union Rugola leads. Because Ohio law allows unions to take “fair share” fees from nonmembers, thousands of workers have mandatory, automatic union deductions taken from their paychecks. This is true even for teachers, school staff and other government employees, effectively forcing not just workers but also taxpayers to fund six-figure salaries for Rugola and other union officials.

A three-step plan to prevent welfare fraud. By Kristina Ribali 
Excerpt: Fraud of state welfare programs including Medicaid and food stamps is far too common, and today the Foundation for Government Accountability released a report documenting cases of abuse and how state legislators can stop it. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many egregious cases where taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars in welfare scams. Just last year in Arkansas, the Department of Human Services removed almost 5,000 enrollees from the state’s Medicaid expansion after learning that they were ineligible to receive these benefits in the first place. Some of these enrollees where receiving both Medicaid and ObamaCare subsidies.

Ummm…” Americans Attempt to Name Obama’s Accomplishments
Excerpt: What do Americans think of President Barack Obama, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush? Jesse Watters set out to get answers on this and more on Bill O’Reilly’s Watters’ World segment.

Day After Obama Removes Cuba from Terror Sponsor List, Terror Group Sponsored by Cuba Kills 10. Cuba has been harboring FARC terrorists for years. This morning, FARC murdered 10 Colombian soldiers.
Excerpt: But just hours later, a terror group long fostered by Cuba — even today, the Castro brothers are harboring several wanted members of the group — murdered 10 Colombian soldiers and wounded 17 others in a terror attack on a military base.

Americans paid more income tax in 2014 than ever before. Here’s where it went. By Philip Bump 
Excerpt: So how much money do Americans actually turn over to the government? We pulled data from the Office of Management and Budget to find out. We've included OMB's 2015 estimates on the charts below.

2 TSA screeners in Denver fired over groping scheme allegations
Excerpt: The tipster reported that when the screener saw a man in the security line that he deemed attractive, he would alert a female screener to indicate on a computer that the passenger was female, not male. That, in turn, would trigger an alert of an anomaly in the passenger's genital area that would require a pat-down of the passenger.... The investigator reported that he had watched as the male scanner "[conducted] a pat down of the passenger’s front groin and buttocks area with the palms of his hands, which is contradictory to TSA searching policy," the police report said. (No charges reportedly filed because those groped did not realize they had been sexually assaulted through an abuse of power. --Barb)

Military dogs save lives and serve our nation: They deserve better
Excerpt: "What I know is that both two and four-legged veterans deserve the chance to retire together with dignity, and that the four-legged veterans deserve more than they get today. Americans who love and admire all those who serve our nation would be surprised to learn that MWDs and CWDs are considered equipment. And, while MWDs are provided with some assurances of being returned to the United States for their retirement, that is not the case for CWDs."

Excerpt: If Jesus was alive today, and if he wanted to feed those multitudes with barley bread and fishes, he'd have to pay the city of Sacramento $1,250 dollars for a permit to do so. I've just been reading a report on the hungry and homeless from the National Coalition For The Homeless and I was surprised to learn how difficult states and municipalities are making it for anyone who wishes to feed the hungry. So far 21 states have implemented legislation that makes it illegal to feed the homeless, or make the permit costs so prohibitive that a charity organization can't afford the permit. Hundreds of American municipalities completely outlaw any type of organizational feeding unless a charity actually owns a building for the purpose. Cities have begun to post signs in public places and public parks citing the legal code and impressive fines for daring to feed homeless people in those places. One city converted a "Don't Feed The Pigeons" sign, crossed out "Pigeons" and substituted "homeless" to alert people of the new laws.

Ex-drug officer says he stole cash, planted drugs many times
Excerpt: A disgraced ex-police officer testifying against his drug squad colleagues acknowledged Tuesday that he stole drug money, planted evidence and lied on police paperwork too many times to count. Jeffrey Walker told jurors that the Philadelphia Police Department drug squad targeted white "college-boy ... khaki-pants types" who were "easy to intimidate." (This is why I say "thank heaven" for the FBI, since they are an important way, often, that the really corrupt cop networks finally get taken down. Reading this story will make you sick, when you realize how long all the horrific acts of these corrupt cops went on. And notice that when this particular guy got busted, he was making $119K/yr and working OT as well. With that kind of income, why in hell did he need to be stealing tons of money besides? These guys seem to have finally gotten caught because they had done so much, so long, that finally the FBI had heard about it and started investigating them. Once they busted the first guy, it was the classic case of making him sing to get a lighter sentence while they could then roll up the rest of the crooked cops. I hope they go to jail for a very, very long time. Where they will have to be in special areas, since they can't go into the general population, where they'd get killed sooner or later. This is really a sad thing, and it makes you wonder how much of this kind of stuff goes on in other places. And it must upset and frustrate all the honest cops enormously, who just did their jobs honestly, took the responsibilities seriously, and sure didn't get rich at it. --Del)

Hillary’s Twitter Account is just as Fake as Barack Obama’s & So Is Her Campaign
Excerpt: According to two popular online measuring tools, no more than 44 per cent of her Twitter fan base consists of real people who are active in using the social media platform.
And at least 15 per cent – more than 544,000 – are completely fake.

Three ways the rise of China's stock market will change the world. The Shanghai Composite Index has doubled over the past 12 months and risen from 3,000 to 4,000 since February
Excerpt: When a market gets on a roll, nothing seems to stop it. We have just learnt that China’s exports fell by an alarming 15pc last month, while its imports fell by the biggest amount since the financial crash of 2008 and 2009. And the Shanghai index? Well, you might expect it to be down at least a little on news like that. Instead, the benchmark for Chinese stocks was up another couple of percentage points on Monday, taking it to yet another all-time high. Like any great bull run, it doesn’t matter much anymore whether the news is good or bad — equities just keep powering upwards.

Worth Reading: Women in Ground Combat Units: Where’s the Data? By Anna Simons
Excerpt: Officers who balk at the idea of women serving in ground infantry units or on Special Forces Operational Detachments Alpha (ODAs) won’t publicly say so, let alone publicly explain why. They worry about retaliation that could hurt their careers. In contrast, those who have no reservations — usually because they won’t be the ones who have to deal with the fallout from integration at the small unit level — slough off the challenge as just another minor problem or “ankle biter.” ... But fortunately, since I am not a male and have already been accused of being a reactionary, and thus have no need to worry about seeming to be politically correct, let me point to something else lurking in the gulf between those who don’t speak up and those who are okay with the lifting of the combat exclusion ban: a reality gap. On the one hand, there is what those who don’t speak up know. On the other, there is what those who see no problems only assume. (This time from a female professor, who argues from the simple, scientific point of view, which is always to look for and then analyze the data. Except we don't have all the data we need, and people seem to be pushing to make sure we can never actually look for and accumulate the data that would really tell us the facts about women in the military in general and in combat units in particular. She hasn't touched the main thing that is important to my point of view, which is simply that women's bodies are not equal to men's when it comes to doing what the infantry do now, carry heavy loads long distances. And once again, the question is if the Olympics don't have men and women competing together in any events, which are all physically demanding, why in the world would anyone expect women to keep up with men in the physically demanding situation of ground combat? --Del)

I don't give this one out very often! Queen pins the VC on hero of Taliban firefights: Para braved hail of bullets to save wounded comrade
Excerpt: She told Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey: ‘I don’t get to give this one out very often. Did you ever imagine you’d be standing here? Well done.’ But in fact the 27-year-old is the second member of his family to receive the highest military decoration for valour – a cousin was given the honour 70 years ago. 

Gun News

Police: Teen shot dead after involvement in home invasion
Excerpt: The woman told police the teenager held a gun to her head and raped her while the others ransacked her home. She said two of the men eventually left her home, but the teen stayed behind, beat her in the head with his gun and demanded money from her. The victim told police they ended up at a neighbor's home after she told the attacker her neighbor had her money. Police say the neighbor called 911 when the woman and her attacker arrived outside his front door. The attacker reportedly demanded the neighbor get off the phone, fired two shots into the air, and pointed the gun at the neighbor. The neighbor, who was armed, fired a bullet into the teenager's chest, killing him.

How Much Do the Top 1 Percent Pay of All Taxes? By Curtis Dubay
Excerpt: Ever since President Obama started running for president in 2007, there has been a debate about how much tax rich Americans pay and whether they should pay more.

Race Card News

Democrats, the Party of Jim Crow, Want Their “House Rubio” to Fetch Them Water. By Erick Erickson 
Excerpt: The Democratic Party has decided it is okay to let out their inner racist against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)82%. The New Yorker referred to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)95% as “uppity” and MSNBC referred to Rubio as “boy.”

Brutal Sentences For Convicted Atlanta Teachers. By Blake Neff
Excerpt: Recently-convicted Atlanta educators who conspired for years to fraudulently boost the city’s scores on standardized tests were slapped with lengthy prison sentences of up to seven years Tuesday. (Race card will be played in 5...4...3...~Bob)

Undocumented Democrat News

Feds releasing hundreds of illegal immigrant rapists, murderers: report
Excerpt: According to the statistics, the aliens released by ICE had amassed 13,636 convictions for driving under the influence, 1,589 weapons offenses, 994 aggravated assaults, 56 arsons and 31 smuggling offenses. The Obama administration has claimed that many of those releases are required by court order stemming from a years-old Supreme Court ruling, Zadvydas v. Davis, that says immigrants can’t be held indefinitely and if their home countries won’t take them back, they must eventually be released. But the new numbers suggest those released are a small fraction. (I guess this will only stop once all of America looks like Detroit. Sad. I say that because the latest poll results showing Hillary winning over all other candidates is proof positive that the collective IQ of our nation will not support a viable government or viable economy or macrosystem of any kind for much longer. For crying out loud, Folks, if their home countries won't take them back, we must threaten to toss out their embassies and break relations with them, cut off their aid, and if that doesn't help, send in the Marines! A nation that sends us its rankest criminals is an enemy and the result must be an invasion. (Art 4, Sect 4 of the Constitution enjoins the federal government to protect the States from invasion. It is therefore obvious that the federal government no longer has the will to obey either the Constitution or statutes. That means that Washington is now an alien government and is illegitimate. States therefore have every right to secede and MUST. An Article 5 Convention, suggested by some, would only provide more amendments for them to flout! It will NEVER work! Our nation will not survive its fools in official places! --Don Hank

"You're Greener than Gore" News

Cher Attacks Black Conservative On Twitter, Blames Fracking For California Drought
Excerpt: Hear what Cher tweeted to Zo about “gas” and the California water shortage. Will paying more for gas mean more water for California citizens? Zo is skeptical. (well, when a scientist of her stature and education says something...ignore it. ~Bob)

Religion of Peace News

Unanimous: Senate Foreign Relations Defies Obama Veto Threat on Iran, 19-0. By Guy Benson 
Excerpt: For months, the White House has been threatening to veto bipartisan legislation that would assert the legislative branch's constitutional prerogative to review and weigh in on any finalized nuclear deal forged between Western negotiators with the Iranian regime. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-TN) has been telling reporters that he was getting close to securing the 67 votes necessary to overcome a potential Obama veto. It looks like Corker will have at least that many, given his committee's dramatic show of unity in advancing the bill last evening:

Hamas Rebuilding War Machine as Gaza Deteriorates
Excerpt: The Hamas leadership in Gaza has been unable to rebuild any of the homes destroyed in last summer's war with Israel, but the terrorist group has had little trouble using heavy machinery to restore its vast tunnel networks that can be used in future attacks.
Reconstruction of Gaza has "barely begun," the Associated Press reports. At least the above-ground kind. Underground, small bulldozers are busy restoring damaged tunnels, using "whatever cement [Hamas] can get its hands on," the Times of Israel reports.

Bloomberg Poll: Voters Split Along Party Lines on Support for Israel
Excerpt: Israel has become a deeply partisan issue for ordinary Americans as well as for politicians in Washington, a shift that may represent a watershed moment in foreign policy and carry implications for domestic politics after decades of general bipartisan consensus.
Republicans by a ratio of more than 2-to-1 say the U.S. should support Israel even when its stances diverge with American interests, a new Bloomberg Politics poll finds. Democrats, by roughly the same ratio, say the opposite is true and that the U.S. must pursue its own interests over Israel’s.

IS Sets Up Camp Within A Few Miles Of Texas Border
Excerpt: No sooner had President Obama gutted border enforcement than the Islamic State built a Mexican training camp just a few miles from Texas. Did Obama doubt IS would take advantage of his immigration policies? If he did, he is dangerously naive. But we do not see how he could have been so clueless. There were plenty of warnings that IS was targeting the border, and they emerged even as he was putting the final touches on his executive amnesty scheme. Last fall, for example, a top Homeland Security official testified before Congress that U.S. intelligence picked up IS chatter about infiltrating the U.S. through its southern border with Mexico. (Really? Great, just great. I guess we should all just wait until six or eight guys with AK-47 rifles show up at several entrances to a major mall on a busy shopping day and start working their way in, shooting everyone who can't recite Muslim prayers. It could work out like that horror show at the school in Russia, where they ended up killing over 300 people, or the same scene in Mumbai, also several hundred killed. After that, when investigations show they came in across the Mexican border, gee, I bet Congress and whoever is President then will suddenly find all kinds of ways to tighten that border up. Night vision choppers going back and forth, motion detectors all over the place, the National Guard all along the border, with ammo in the weapons and orders to shoot to kill, maybe ambushes planned along those well worn paths in the desert, the kind where you get everyone in the kill zone and open up with the L-shape setup of automatic weapons. Just to be safe, of course. Which will make all the families of those people who were in the mall that day feel OK with things, sure it will. It that what it will take? --Del)

A Yazidi captive's tale: Sold by ISIS as a sex slave. By Arwa Damon, CNN
Excerpt: In the canvas expanse of the Shariya refugee camp, thousands of Yazidis live within hearing distance of one of Iraqi Kurdistan's frontlines with ISIS. The vast majority of the camp's occupants are from the town of Sinjar and fled the ISIS assault there back in August. But not everyone escaped. ISIS took thousands of Yazidis captive. Men faced a choice -- convert to Islam or be shot. But the Islamist militants separated the young women and girls to be sold as sex slaves.

Excerpt: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released a statement announcing the death of Ibrahim Suleiman al Rubaish, the group’s mufti, or Islamic scholar, in a drone strike that took place last night in eastern Yemen. Rubaish, a veteran al Qaeda leader and a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay, also served as an operational planner and senior AQAP leader. AQAP announced the death of Rubaish and several other fighters on the Twitter feed for Al Malahem Media, the jihadist group’s official media outlet. (Been lots cheaper to have shot him at Gitmo. ~Bob)

Feds update 'no fly' list so suspected terrorists can learn why they were denied boarding a flight
Excerpt: The Obama administration will soon tell suspected terrorists if and why they are on the federal government’s so-called “no-fly” list. Travelers who have been refused access to a commercial airliner either in or out of the United States can petition the government to learn whether they are on the list. And they can petition a second time for an unclassified explanation on why they are on the list. The Justice Department will file a notice Tuesday in federal court detailing the updates to the federal inquiry program. (So they can "fix it" so they can fly.....Barb)

Seven French Nationals Guilty of Suicide Attacks for ISIS
Excerpt: France's prime minister revealed Monday that seven French nationals or residents, including six converts to Islam, had committed suicide attacks in Syria and Iraq.
Speaking in parliament as he defended controversial draft spy laws, Manuel Valls said that of the hundreds of French people who had made their way to Islamic State-held territory, seven had died staging the suicide operations. "The youngest was not yet 20," he said.

Excerpt: President Ashraf Ghani publicly acknowledged for the first time Saturday that the Islamic State is gaining influence in Afghanistan as he prepared to leave for the United States and attempt to slow the withdrawal of American troops. Reports have been growing that commanders of the Islamist Taliban forces fighting the Afghan government are swearing allegiance to the terrorist network that controls swathes of Syria and Iraq, sometimes called “Daesh.”

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