Monday, December 17, 2018


"United Nations, Your Silence is Getting Worse": Extremist Persecution of Christians, September 2018
by Raymond Ibrahim

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Last Fighter Pilot

Hate Crime

“US man charged with hate crime for assaulting Indian-origin woman
Excerpt: A 54-year-old man has been charged with hate crime for assaulting an Indian-origin woman on a subway and hurling homophobic slurs at her. Allasheed Allah from Manhattan's East Harlem neighbourhood was arrested on Thursday and charged with assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment against 20-year-old Avneet Kaur during the November 30 attack in New York City's Queens borough, the police said. Allah is also accused of hurling homophobic slurs at the woman before physically attacking her and leaving her with a fractured spine, NBC News reported on Friday. He faces up to 15 years in prison for the attack and will return to court on December 27. ...Kaur said her friend gave her a kiss on the cheek while she was making a Snapchat. This, according to the police, made Allah angry and he flew into a rage at the sight.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Baby, It's Cold Outside

NSIDC: Arctic freeze-up well underway, November snow cover over North America most extensive since 1966
Excerpt: The Arctic freeze-up season is well underway, with ice extent increasing faster than average for most regions in November. Exceptions were in the Chukchi and Barents Seas, where the ice has been slow to form. Meanwhile, November snow cover over North America was the most extensive since 1966, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) reported in their analysis released December 4, 2018. (Every warm month proves global warming. Every cold month proves nothing. ~Bob)

How Will the Cookie Crumble? A Post-PA Scenario

How Will the Cookie Crumble? A Post-PA Scenario
Very provocative analysis by a Jordanian analyst. Yours truly, Larry Greenberg

Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent

Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent

Minimum Wage Laws

On Minimum Wage, a Flight from Reality
Before minimum wage law, blacks had a higher employment rate than white. Never again after the white unions got them passed to keep blacks from competing with them on wages. ~Bob


THE SPEECH I NEVER GAVE. Sweden's Islamic invasion catalyzed by the death of free speech.

Green Energy


Trump in Trouble?

Republicans, Don’t Fool Yourselves — Donald Trump Is in Serious Trouble. By DAVID FRENCH


Federal judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act
I'm won't get excited until the high court agrees. ~Bob

Friday, December 14, 2018

Touch Hands

My favorite Carol

America Was Always Diverse

America Was Always Diverse. By JIM GERAGHTY
Excerpt: ...All of this added up to more than a few black men in the ranks: By February 1778, the survivors [of the winter at Valley Forge] were marching with white comrades through the snow, practicing Baron von Steuben’s as yet unfamiliar drill. When the Steuben-trained army proved its mettle at Monmouth in June, about 700 blacks fought side-by-side with whites. Eight weeks later, an army report listed 755 blacks in the Continental Army, including 138 Blacks in the Virginia Line. Meanwhile, Rhode Island was desperate for men; the general assembly voted to allow slaves to enlist, promising freedom after their military service. This led to it being called “the black regiment” even though only slightly more than half the men in it were black. The regiment held off British forces during the Battle of Rhode Island while General John Sullivan’s army retreated. There are few records left of the Bucks of America in Massachusetts, but they were reportedly an all-black militia company operating in that state. Slave James Armistead’s master freed him to join the Marquis de Lafayette’s French forces. Lafayette used him as a spy in 1781, and the unsuspecting British ultimately gave him access to General Cornwallis’s headquarters. Armistead provided key intelligence leading up to the Battle of Yorktown. Baron von Closen, a member of Rochambeau’s French army at Yorktown, estimated that a quarter of the American forces at that decisive battle were black.

The last one?

Conservative UW-Madison history professor John Sharpless retiring after 43-year teaching career
Probably the last one on campus, which will now be "politically cleansed." ~Bob

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Take a look at this inspirational short-film about the Marine Corps and what sets it apart from the rest of the services. This orientation film is shown to visitors of the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico, VA and introduces them to the Corps' rich heritage and legacy. Prominent Marines such as Senator John Glenn, Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Wesley Fox and General Anthony Zinni contributed interviews along with Marines from the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sit back, relax and feel the pride of being a part of the world's finest - United States Marines.


The Stigma Of Being Conservative Is Worse Than That Of Being Gay

Muslim cleric claims that story of Muhammad killing 900 Jews is a “Holocaust-like lie” fabricated by the Jews

Muslim cleric claims that story of Muhammad killing 900 Jews is a “Holocaust-like lie” fabricated by the Jews

Nancy Pelosi: Term Limits for Thee, but Not for Me

Excerpt: House Democrats Get Busy Breaking Their Campaign Promises In November 2002, after Democrats had failed to make gains in midterm elections, Dick Gephardt stepped down as House minority leader — and prepared for an ill-fated, short-lived presidential campaign. He passed the baton to Nancy Pelosi. After a bit more than 16 years of leading her party in the House — as minority leader and then as speaker again and then minority leader again and now, soon to be speaker again — she says it’s time for term limits! Rep. Nancy Pelosi all but ensured Wednesday that she will become House speaker next month, quelling a revolt by disgruntled younger Democrats by agreeing to limit her tenure to no more than four additional years in the chamber’s top post. On Wednesday, she gave in to her opponents’ demands that she limit her service. Under the deal, House Democrats will vote by Feb. 15 to change party rules to limit their top three leaders to no more than four two-year terms, including time they’ve already spent in those jobs. Everyone after her will be limited to eight years in leadership slots . . . but only after she has served two decades at the top.

Raid Church

Chinese police raid prominent house church

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Man accused of planning attack on Toledo-area synagogue arrested on terror-related charge

Man accused of planning attack on Toledo-area synagogue arrested on terror-related charge
Excerpt: Agents say after the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in October Joseph said Jewish people are evil and "they got what was coming to them." Investigators say he also talked to an undercover employee that he was planning a shooting, and even came up with a draft plan, identifying two synagogues as targets. He wanted to inflict mass casualties, and "wanted to kill a rabbi" according to investigators. They also say he planned to attack any responding law enforcement.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Stormy Daniels ordered to pay President Trump $292G in legal fees

Stormy Daniels ordered to pay President Trump $292G in legal fees

What Fool Will Work for Trump?

What Fool Will Work for Trump? Ayers, Mnuchin Out of Running for Chief of Staff
Excerpt: President Trump announced Gen. John Kelly's departure without telling the man to his face, which seems to be the former star of The Apprentice's preferred method of saying "you're fired." Now, Kelly's apparent replacement pulled a turnabout on the president, tweeting "I will be departing at the end of the year but will work with the #MAGA team to advance the cause." With Rex Tillerson being called "dumb as a rock" by Trump after serving as Secretary of State, Jeff Sessions enduring eighteen months of humiliation and continual bashing before his dumping, resignations by Scott Pruitt and Tom Price at EPA and HHS respectively under a hail of embarrassing media-led scandals, the departure of Nikki Haley (perhaps the best U.N. Ambassador since Adlai Stevenson), and a regular Ferris Wheel of ups, downs, ins and outs at the White House, who would work for Trump?