Thursday, November 1, 2018

Random Thoughts for November

Random Thoughts for November, 2018.
By Robert A. Hall

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54 Years ago this Saturday I graduated from Parris Island, SC, having earned the title “Marine.” Joining the Corps was the best decision I ever made.

I wasn’t surprised that Joe Biden was in Madison to boost Tony Evers for governor. Both have “Plagiarist” on their resumes.

Put me down as not impressed with Sen. Warren’s DNA test. I had both My Heritage and Ancestry do mine. Read like different people. My Heritage says I’m 3.3% Ashkenazi Jewish, 5.5% middle Eastern, and 16.1% Scandinavian. Ancestry doesn’t mention any Jewish heritage and says I’m 4% Scandinavian, and 1% Middle Eastern. My heritage says I’m 75.1% from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Ancestry says 21%. None go down to 1/64th, never mind to 1/1,028th. Tends to make one lose faith. You can shop around until you find a DNA test that suits you.
To really be an expert on how to run the military or the police, you must have never worn a uniform or carried a gun. And you must be appalled at the thought that any of your kids might serve.
My Costco magazine has an article about Sally Fields. She’s my age (72) but in the pictures, she’s still cute, looks about 37. Yes, I know she can afford veneers and Botox, but still…
If you were able to know 100th of one percent of what there is to know, you’d be the wisest person on earth. We are all more ignorant than knowledgeable. But some people revel in their ignorance.
I didn’t like the 20th century and I’m not crazy about how this one has gone so far.
We could vastly reduce the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere if the members of the hard left would hold their breaths and count to infinity.
Note to the Right: Not ever thing Trump says or does is right or admirable. Note to the left: Not everything Trump says or does is wrong or despicable.
Saw an ad in a convenience store: “All licensed caps is on unbeatable prices.”
Recently in a convenience store, the clerk didn’t know how to print the lottery jackpots list. I know help is hard to get, but I still expect them to know their jobs. Silly me.
My next selfie, my next cigarette, or my next joint will be my first.
Naturally, big cities vote Democrat. They are run by Democrats and are such paradises to live in, they want to share the joy.
I’m thinking of marketing a new aftershave for conservatives called “Liberal Tears.”
Too weak to govern and too strong to be governed.” Speransky on Tsar Alexander
Many people have everything they need, but very few have everything they want.
Old age is the wreck of what was.
Much that is done in the name of God will be condemned by God if he is half as decent and compassionate as we are taught.
The low quota for Christian immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran and other Islamist autocracies is the moral equivalent of the low quota for Jews to immigrate from Nazi Germany in 1933-1941.
Burma Shave-type signs on I-55 in Illinois: “Criminals menacing/A lady alone/Deterrence requires/More than a phone.
If everything that pops into your head comes out your mouth, you will say a lot of very stupid things.
America used to be known for innovation and excellence. Now, thanks to the social engineers, it is known for institutionalized mediocrity.
Since the left keeps declaring “sanctuary cities” for those who break the immigration laws, maybe the right will take over small cities or towns and declare them “sanctuary cities” for those who break gun laws, or break the laws on assault by attacking progressives. The idea that local or state government can “nullify” federal law was tested in the 1860s. 650,000 died establishing that they couldn’t.
When you are your own priest, it’s always easier to get a dispensation for whatever it is you want to do.” --Jonah Goldberg
Some people don’t use paper to “save the trees.” They shouldn’t eat bread to “save the wheat.” Like wheat, trees for paper are grown as a renewable crop.
Bullying by the crazies in both parties has become the new norm, so much so that people are not surprised when the opposition does it and not censorious when their side does.
Progressives are so vested in black inferiority they will never admit that blacks might be able to compete with whites on a level playing field in a meritocracy.
When did mutts become “designer puppies”?
Car in front of me had two bumper stickers. One said “clowns” with an arrow pointing left. The other said “jokers” with an arrow pointing right.
I know “shit happens,” but does it have to happen all at once?
I read in “An edible History of Humanity” that it takes seven gallons of fossil fuels to make ten gallons of ethanol. Which of course drives up food prices and gets worse gas millage. But politicians need to carry Iowa. I wonder how much fossil fuel it takes to mine and smelt the metal, build, deliver, install, and service one windmill.
Some days I wonder if half the country has gone stupid and 3/4th has gone soft. Other days I’m sure of it.
Tony Evers, the Democrat candidate for governor in Wisconsin, admitted to plagiarism. It was the bottom story on the local section. Had it been the Republican Governor, Scott Walker, it would have been the top story on page one. And thus they try to shape the debate.
Talked to a guy who told me he was getting divorced. I asked why. He said their Internet was out for two weeks and they had to talk to each other. :-)
Mental illness has become a coveted possession.
Every institution created by flawed humans is flawed. But none more so than governments promising utopia in exchange for freedom.
You know you’re old when you get nine hours of sleep and are still tired.
Innocent until proven guilty” now only applies to members of your own party.
Saw election signs here in Wisconsin for Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Mark Pocan, both far left pols who represent me. The signs said, “Restore Wisconsin Values.” They are already in office. Why didn’t they already restore Wisconsin values? Whatever they are.
When a restaurant puts packets of Equal and Splenda sweetener on the table, it’s not there for you to shove eight or ten in your pocket to take home. That’s called stealing. And it makes the restaurant reluctant to put it out, due to rising costs. So they put out pink poison instead.
If I ever adopt a Gray Hound, I’m going to name him Cassius.
Few self-inflicted disasters are as bad as believing you are always right.
I don’t wish anyone ill, but if the people making robo calls to my cell and home phones trip and smash their faces, I won’t lose sleep grieving either.
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