Monday, November 12, 2018

GOP in 2020

70,000 Problems for the GOP, Plus Texas
Excerpt: In 2016, seventy thousand people put Donald Trump across the finish line. He lost the popular vote, but Donald Trump rode into the White House with the votes of seventy thousand men and women who voted for him in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He's got a problem. What worked for him then is no longer working. Sure, President Trump has overwhelming and amazing loyalty from Republicans, but Republican votes alone cannot get a man into the White House. The President requires a host of unaffiliated and independent voters. Those voters are walking away. Look at the aforementioned states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Those three states that put the President in the White House have seen a blue wave sweep across their Governor's Mansions and other races. Republicans in the House of Representatives from those states have been hurt.

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