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the future

Excerpt: BULLETS that never miss, super soldiers with extreme strength and robot warriors capable of rising up against humans may sound like the stuff of science fiction… but the truth is that they have all already been developed.  (This is a fascinating look at some already-invented, but not-yet deployed, technology that could impact the battlefield. Link may not be live. Ron P.)

WashPo contributor Mohammed al-Houthi pictured with rifle in past interviews

WashPo contributor Mohammed al-Houthi pictured with rifle in past interviews
Excerpt: Al-Houthi is implicated in issuing directives for killing more than 26 Yemeni journalists, while there are 16 journalists until this day in detention centers. (ah, the pro-freedom of the press, anti-gun WaPo. ~Bob)

Climate Scientists Discover Error in Major Ocean-Warming Study

Climate Scientists Discover Error in Major Ocean-Warming Study
Excerpt: Two researchers have been forced to issue a major correction to a recent study indicating oceans have been warming at a significantly higher rate than previously thought due to climate change. The paper, published October 31 in the scientific journal Nature, suggested ocean temperatures have risen roughly 60 percent higher than estimated by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). But, after errors in the authors’ methodology were identified, they realized their findings were roughly in line with those of the IPCC, after all. The researchers’ alarming findings were uncritically reported by numerous mainstream-media outlets but Nic Lewis, a mathematician and popular critic of the consensus on man-made climate change, quickly identified errors.

Wisconsin company gives employees handguns for Christmas

Wisconsin company gives employees handguns for Christmas
The pic the local paper put on it is of an auto, not a revolver. Figures. ~Bob


Report: Florida Dem Organizer Called Voters to Fix Rejected Mail-In Ballots after Election Day


Michael Avenatti arrested on suspicion of domestic violence: LAPD
Excerpt: Michael Avenatti, a frequent President Trump critic and the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, was arrested Wednesday on domestic violence charges, police confirmed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month—100 years ago by Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Nonetheless, World War I strangely ended with an armistice—with German troops still well inside France and Belgium. Revolution was brewing in German cities back home. The three major Allied victors squabbled over peace terms. America’s idealist president, Woodrow Wilson, opposed an Allied invasion of German and Austria to occupy both countries and enforce their surrenders. By the time the formal Versailles Peace Conference began in January 1919, millions of soldiers had gone home. German politicians and veterans were already blaming their capitulation on “stab-in-the-back” traitors and spreading the lie that their armies lost only because they ran out of supplies while on the verge of victory in enemy territory

Did the end of the Great War come too soon? by David Reynolds

Did the end of the Great War come too soon? by David Reynolds

the revolution is starting to eat it's young. Or vice versa.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Joins Climate-Change Protest in Pelosi’s Office
Excerpt: Progressive representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made an appearance Tuesday at a protest in Nancy Pelosi’s office calling for more action on climate change. (Or we could follow Pelois's advice and use "clean natural gas instead of fossil fuels." ~Bob)


WWI: Goodbye to all that, again. Niall Ferguson.
Excerpt: To my 19-year-old son, World War I — which ended 100 years ago yesterday — is as remote an event as the Congress of Berlin was to me when I was his age. To my generation, World War I was not quite history. My father’s father, John Ferguson, had joined up at the age of 17 and fought on the Western Front as a private in the Seaforth Highlanders. He was one of more than 6 million men from Great Britain who served. Of that number, 722,785 did not come back alive. Just under half of all those who lost their lives were aged between 16 and 24 — a fact that never fails to startle. John Ferguson was one of the lucky ones who made it home. But — like more than 1.6 million other servicemen — he did not return unscarred. He was shot through the shoulder by a German sniper. He survived a gas attack, though his lungs suffered permanent damage. My grandfather’s most vivid recollection of the war was of a German attack. As the enemy advanced, he and his comrades fixed bayonets and prepared for the order to go “over the top.” At the last moment, however, the command was given to another regiment. So heavy were the casualties in the ensuing engagement that my grandfather felt sure he would have died if it had been the Seaforths’ turn.


Stupid Marines

Republicans used redistricting to build a wall around the House. Trump just tore it down.

Republicans used redistricting to build a wall around the House. Trump just tore it down.
Excerpt: For years, some Democrats said gerrymandering was an insurmountable roadblock to the House majority that couldn’t be cleared until after the 2020 census. Then along came President Donald Trump. House Democrats steamrolled Republicans in an array of districts last week, from those drawn by independent commissions or courts, to seats crafted specifically by Republicans with the intention of keeping them in the GOP column. The overriding factor: a Republican president who political mapmakers could not have foreseen at the beginning of the decade. Trump altered the two parties’ coalitions in ways that specifically undermined conventional wisdom about the House map, bringing more rural voters into the GOP tent while driving away college-educated voters. The trade worked in some states. But it was a Republican disaster in the House, where well-off suburbs, once the backbone of many GOP districts, rebelled against Trump in 2016 and then threw out House members in 2018..

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The Psychology of Anti-Semitism

The Psychology of Anti-Semitism
Why is prejudice against Jewish people so often expressed in sudden waves of virulent, even exterminatory attacks?

Germany: Syrian doctor rapes four patients at Danube-Isar Hospital and gets away with suspended sentence

Germany: Syrian doctor rapes four patients at Danube-Isar Hospital and gets away with suspended sentence

Kill Jews

London rally for Jews killed in Arab countries disrupted by men shouting in Arabic about killing Jews

Progressive Politics Are Not Really Progressive.

Progressive Politics Are Not Really Progressive. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Some progressives lamented the apparent defeat of radical progressive African-American candidates such as gubernatorial nominees Stacey Abrams of Georgia and Florida’s Andrew Gillum by blaming allegedly treasonous white women. Apparently white women did not vote sufficiently en bloc in accordance with approved notions of identity politics tribalism. According to this progressive orthodoxy, being female, gay, or minority trumps everything else. But, of course, no one believes in such mythical notions of solidarity, least of all progressives themselves. White women were expected in Michigan, for example, to vote against a sterling African-American senatorial candidate John James, whose résumé was far more impressive than his victorious opponent, incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow. There was no such thing as minorities on the collective barricades when it was a matter of defeating California congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng, first-generation child of refugees, Asian, female, former Stanford student body president, and Yale MBA in her singular bid to unseat a seven-term white male Democratic incumbent. (Maybe we should call them "The Regressives." ~Bob)

Why Are Feminists So Scared of Female Individuality?

Why Are Feminists So Scared of Female Individuality?
Excerpt: At some point it will happen. I don’t know when, but I imagine it has to be sooner rather than later. At some point there is going to be a mass revolt amongst women who are simply fed up with shrill progressive voices deigning to speak on behalf of all females. To be fair, I recognize that there are a significant portion of politically engaged women who willfully choose to follow the commands of racists like Linda Sarsour, sexists like Jessica Valenti, and sexual abusers like Lena Dunham. They find a sense of identity and purpose in “the cause,” and so even when their consciences tell them something seems morally repugnant, even when their intelligence warns them something is off, even when their instincts tell them to head for the hills, they dawn the pink caps, hold up perverse signs, and cheer profane rants because they’ve come to believe that anything else betrays the sisterhood.

GOP in 2020

70,000 Problems for the GOP, Plus Texas
Excerpt: In 2016, seventy thousand people put Donald Trump across the finish line. He lost the popular vote, but Donald Trump rode into the White House with the votes of seventy thousand men and women who voted for him in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He's got a problem. What worked for him then is no longer working. Sure, President Trump has overwhelming and amazing loyalty from Republicans, but Republican votes alone cannot get a man into the White House. The President requires a host of unaffiliated and independent voters. Those voters are walking away. Look at the aforementioned states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Those three states that put the President in the White House have seen a blue wave sweep across their Governor's Mansions and other races. Republicans in the House of Representatives from those states have been hurt.


Longtime Clinton Adviser Guarantees Hillary Will Run in 2020
But will the DNC fix the nomination for her this time? ~Bob

Veterans' Day

Sunday, November 11, 2018


James Comey discussed sensitive FBI business on his private email
Excerpt: Justice acknowledged in response to a Freedom of Information request that Comey and his chief of staff discussed government business on about 1,200 pages of messages, 156 of which were obtained by The Post. The Cause of Action Institute, a conservative watchdog group, filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit for Comey’s Gmail correspondence involving his work for the bureau. The Justice Department responded that there were an eye-popping 1,200 pages of messages for Comey and his chief of staff that met the criteria. Justice released 156 of them but refused to hand over seven emails because they would “disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions.” And another 363 pages of emails were withheld because they discussed privileged agency communications or out of personal privacy concerns. (It's a shorty, but packs a wallop when you think about it. This may be at least a part of why Comey gave Hillary a pass on her private emails. If SHE was charged, his OWN email issues may have come out, not to mention the President’s --Ron P.)


Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism
Excerpt: Even if they didn't like Obama or Clinton, the political reporters would never dare accuse them publicly of anything, argue with them or interrupt them. Even when skeptical, they were respectful. Recall how Obama used to spend 10, 15 and even 20 minutes answering a single question -- without interruption.Many in the press corps may have found him overbearingly arrogant. They may have resented the way he looked down on them and bristled at critical stories or tough questions. They knew he started more leak investigations than any other president, and might have feared him because his Justice Department wiretapped a Fox News reporter during a leak case. But they would never interrupt him or insult him or refuse to give up the microphone. White House press credentials are not a universal right. There are implicit expectations of proper behavior, and the White House decision to suspend Acosta's credential is warranted.

Midterm's biggest loser? Elizabeth Warren

Kimberly Strassel: Midterm's biggest loser? Elizabeth Warren
(Note: in order to read this, you must click “Read whole article” in red font, center of page. The entire article comes up free with no sign in required.) Excerpt: Tuesday’s midterms served up mixed results, handing both parties big wins and big losses. It will take some time to sort out what it means. Yet the evening did nonetheless provide one total, complete, unalloyed loser: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
(Warren and her like have been the bane in the lives of many outside the major metro areas of the Bay State. I didn’t even know the name of her opponent until I saw it on the ballot, but voted for him anyway. He lost, of course, but I expected that; this is still Massachusetts. Link may not be live. Ron P.)

Marco Rubio Demands Investigation into Video of Poll Workers Loading Ballots into Rental Truck

Marco Rubio Demands Investigation into Video of Poll Workers Loading Ballots into Rental Truck


UPDATE: FL Election Worker Chelsey Smith Accused Broward County Elections Staff of Filling in Ballots in 2016 Too
(Dems only believe women when they accuse GOP Judges. ~Bob)

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Why does the USA support Israel rather than the Palestinians, and what would happen if they didn't support Israel? by Linda Olsvig Whittaker

Happy Birthday. Marines

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Jonah Goldberg: Maybe America just wants a parliamentary system?

Jonah Goldberg: Maybe America just wants a parliamentary system?
Excerpt: Heck, they revere the Constitution even when they don't know what it says. More than a third of Americans surveyed by the Annenberg Center for Public Policy in 2017 couldn't name a single freedom enumerated in the First Amendment. Only 26 percent could name all three branches of government, and 33 percent couldn't name a single branch.

The Left Wins, and They Just Get Angrier. By Jim Geraghty

The Left Wins, and They Just Get Angrier. By Jim Geraghty
Republicans lost a bunch of races on Tuesday that they wanted to win. Since Tuesday night, I haven’t seen any riots. I haven’t seen any violent protests, like the ones that have plagued Portland this year. I haven’t seen any Democratic candidates hung in effigy, the way Marsha Blackburn was in Tennessee earlier this month. I’m sure the “Proud Boys” will pop up again in some form, but they’ve been quiet since the NYPD announced arrest warrants for nine of them after that mid-October brawl. Democrats, progressives, and liberals won a lot of the races that they wanted to win. And what happened? Did they celebrate with glee and good cheer? Did they relax? Did their anger and rage over the 2016 election dissipate and give way to relief and a more optimistic outlook for the future? No, apparently some of them just got angrier and more explicit in their threats:

A group of protesters congregated outside what they claimed was Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night to chant threatening messages. Smash Racism D.C., a self-described “anti-fascist” group, posted a video of their members screaming obscenities at Carlson’s house and blaming his “policies” for the deaths of thousands of people. “Tucker Carlson, we will fight!” the protesters chanted. “We know where you sleep at night!” This is the same group that harassed Senator Ted Cruz and his wife in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Judiciary Committee ranking member and congressman Jerrold Nadler made the mistake of sitting next to Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist and Fox News on the Acela train and basically openly discussing everything he planned to do next year, including holding hearings investigating Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for alleged perjury and investigating the FBI for doing an insufficient job in looking into the claims against Kavanaugh. Indeed, right after the Kavanaugh fight cost Democrats seats in Indiana, Florida, North Dakota, and Missouri, Nadler (and presumably at least some other House Democrats) is ready to have the exact same fight all over again.

Thank a vet

Brown Shirts

Brown Shirts on the Left
Hours after an Antifa mob showed up at the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, an affiliated Twitter account published his home address and the home address of his brother Buckley Carlson — along with the addresses of Ann Coulter, Daily Caller’s Neil Patel, and Sean Hannity.... Approximately an hour before Carlson’s Fox News show aired on Wednesday evening, a leftist mob showed up at his home chanting threats such as, “Tucker Carlson we will fight, we know where you sleep at night!” The leftists were also chanting, “No borders! No walls! No USA at all!”... Someone affiliated with DC Antifa told The Gateway Pundit that the protest at Carlson’s home was “just the beginning.”

Republican Gerrymandering?

Watch: Ignorant Joy Behar Doesn’t Know How Senate Elections Work, Humiliates Self on Nat’l TV
Excerpt: If you need more examples of how uninformed most celebrities are, Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” is here with another hilariously ignorant political take. On Wednesday, Behar suggested that the constitutional structure that gives state two U.S Senate seats counts as Republican “gerrymandering.”

Mass shooting in California

13 dead including gunman in shooting at Southern California bar

16-year-old bride auctioned

South Sudan: Girl Auctioned on Facebook for Marriage
Excerpt: Female lawyers in South Sudan are urging the government to shut down an online auction for marriage rights to a 16-year-old girl.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

‘I’ll Never Be the Same’: My Ukrainian Wife’s First Trip to the United States

‘I’ll Never Be the Same’: My Ukrainian Wife’s First Trip to the United States

This Marine Played in the NFL… Guess Which He Says was Tougher?

This Marine Played in the NFL… Guess Which He Says was Tougher?

PA lies, presents Holocaust victims as Arabs

PA lies, presents Holocaust victims as Arabs

Assault on Jews

French Police Investigating Violent Assaults on Two Young Jews in Paris in Single Week


Logically speaking, how is healthcare a privilege and not a right? By Charles Tips, Serious student of US and world politics
Excerpt: Easy. One is subsidized. One is no extra cost. With a right or freedom, the government simply leaves you alone as you go about your business. With a privilege, government gets to siphon off money from some to use to support others. When Chancellor Otto von Bismarck literally stole social democracy from Karl Marx and the Social Democratic Party of Germany, he referred to the state-aid programs that ensued as “bribing the people.” Basically, his plan was to stop the threat of rising liberal parties with their wealth-creating free enterprise businesses that were steadily increasing the standard of living of the people by using Marx’s idea of a graduated income tax to take the wealth of the entrepreneurial class, use it to support the aristocratic political elite and, by implementing aid programs, win the allegiance of the people to Kaiser Wilhelm I. If enterprise succeeds in bettering the lives of the people, political elites have no significant role to play. This is fundamental to statism. In republican government such as we are guaranteed here in the US, the people as a whole are sovereign; government serves us. That makes us full citizens able to go about our business in robust civil and private sectors using our rights and freedoms. Government’s role is limited to the public sector, with only civilian police and courts having a role to play in the private and civil sectors

Here’s Why Last Night Probably Just Re-Elected Trump

Here’s Why Last Night Probably Just Re-Elected Trump
Excerpt: I am not anywhere remotely close to the political left. I see the world completely differently than many who are. In fact, I find the public policy ideas of the far left as dangerous to prosperity and damaging to national morality. Still, as I watched the results of the midterm elections pour in last night, I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for them. I’ve written before about how the far left is home to those whose god is government. It is the agency that brings hope or dispels it; the institution through which deliverance is achieved or denied. It brings ultimate power, and power is everything. To lose control of it then, is nothing short of apocalyptic. It demands riots, protests, weeping, gnashing of teeth, and a vocal, unrelenting anger. This is precisely what the country has seen of the left since 2016. But 2018 promised to be the left’s redemption. Yet many liberal progressives are waking up today feeling underwhelmed. Beto lost. Andrew Gillum lost. Bill Nelson lost. Stacey Abrams lost. Almost every red state Democrat who voted with the mob against Brett Kavanaugh lost.

The Not-So-Bad Duck-Rabbit Election. By JIM GERAGHTY

The Not-So-Bad Duck-Rabbit Election. By JIM GERAGHTY
Excerpt: The narrative that Trump is killing his party in the suburbs accumulated a lot of supporting evidence last night, in races such as Barbara Comstock’s and Dave Brat’s districts in Virginia, John Faso’s district in New York, and Mia Love’s in the Salt Lake City suburbs. ... Scott Walker almost hung on in Wisconsin, but fell short by 31,000 votes. Wisconsin Democrats are dancing this morning, but Walker had a huge and lasting impact on how that state is governed. I hope Walker doesn’t stay away from politics for long; competent managers are hard to find.

Election Thoughts

Election Thoughts.

There was a "blue wave" in Wisconsin, where Trump hatred is growing, but nationally rather a mixed result.

I voted for Governor Scott Walker, but I’m not surprised he lost. Wisconsin has the lowest tax rate and lowest unemployment in decades. How long did he think voters would put up with that?

Now that Nancy Pelosi is going to be Speaker again, I think in her honor we should all start using clean natural gas instead of fossil fuels as she suggested several time. (Until some spoilsport explained to her that natural gas is a fossil fuel.)

Nancy Pelosi as Speaker may actually help Trump in 2020. She will be unable to restrain the actions and pronouncements of the far left elements of her caucus, especially as she is one of them.

Jeff Sessions Resigns as Attorney General at Trump’s Request

Jeff Sessions Resigns as Attorney General at Trump’s Request

Monday, November 5, 2018

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Ephraim Mattos Responds to CNN’s Don Lemon

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Ephraim Mattos Responds to CNN’s Don Lemon

Thursday, November 1, 2018 — Former US Navy SEAL, Ephraim Mattos, has responded to comments made this week by Don Lemon on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time.

“We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.” — Don Lemon on CNN (October 29, 2018)

Here is Mattos’ response:

After surviving three wars, a gunshot wound, a near fatal drowning, a failed parachute, Taliban ambushes, ISIS snipers, mortars, mine-fields, suicide bombers and laying down my life for the cause of freedom while fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with my brother Arabs, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Animists, and Atheists, I have now returned home to the USA where a CNN host has labeled me as a radicalized right wing terrorist simply because of my gender and the color of my skin.

I represent just one of the hundreds of thousands of conservative white men who have fought to preserve freedom in this great Nation and in other nations. My forefathers are the 3% who founded this Republic against the might of the British Army. It was white Conservative men who died by the tens of thousands after charging into our southern states to free our black brothers from the slavery imposed on them by the Liberal left. We were the ones who acknowledged that women have a right to vote. We held the line in WWI and charged the beaches of Normandy in WWII. We have fought for freedom and liberty for generations and we continue to do so today alongside all of our brothers and sisters regardless of their race or religion.

In the early 1930s, Hitler said the same thing about the Jews that Don Lemon of CNN just said about white men. This is the true face of the Democratic Party. First they enslaved and killed blacks, and now they use them to spew hatred and lies against the very people who have fought for generations to free them and uplift them.

Remember that when you go to vote.

One final thought: To make a point, I have referred to myself as a “white male” in the previous sentences multiple times, but I must make it clear that I identify as simply “American,” not as “white” or “male” or “Republican.”

Although blatantly racist and hateful, do not let Don Lemon’s ignorant words drive you into viewing yourself only by your race and religion. Identity politics does not lead to freedom. It only leads to hatred and division and an “us vs. them” mentality.

If CNN does not fire Don Lemon immediately, it only goes to show that they are truly the “enemy of the people.”

— Ephraim Mattos, Former U.S. Navy SEAL


Walker in trouble?

The polls say it's close, but i can't help but think Scott Walker is in trouble. Wisconsin has the lowest unemployment rate and tax rate in decades, so naturally, people being perverse, want to change that. After all, Britain voted out Winston Churchill after he saved the country and civilization.