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Random Thoughts for August, 2018.

Random Thoughts for August, 2018.
By Robert A. Hall
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Political correctness or Freedom of Speech. Pick the one you are for.

Some people believe “The Right Not to Be Offended” is in the constitution.

An old military axiom is, “Take the high ground, or they will bury you in the valley.” Politicians of both parties should remember it.

Muslim shoots at Jew, Jew ducks. Islamophobia! Jew shoots back…attempted genocide!

Everybody has an agenda. Everybody’s a partisan. When you can’t trust the partisans of either side, including the media, to give you all the facts, and facts without spin, then it becomes impossible to make an objective decision about an issue, except by your own visceral partisan reaction. And the public grows ever more cynical of politicians, pundits and the media.

Saw a tee shirt: “Honesty is the best policy. Unless you’re guilty.”

People say, “It’s the exception that proves the rule,” as though the exception makes the rule true, which is inane. Back when the slogan was coined, “prove” meant to test. So, it really means that the exception tests the rule.

If the US is like Nazi Germany as progressives say, why are so many trying to get in instead of out?

Education for poor black and Hispanic kids will never improve until schools have the will and the power to permanently expel the disruptive, the violent and the drug pushers, despite the fact that many of them are also minorities.

Tee shirt at the VA: “Some people just need a high five. In the face.”

If you have to resort to insults and name calling, your arguments are pretty week. I know this has been said before, but with this type of anti-civil behavior increasing on both sides, it needs to be repeated often.

Many people are still slaves. The greedy are slaves to greed. Druggies to their drug. Alcoholics to their booze. Smokers to tobacco. And smart phone or video game addicts to their screens.

The more government grows, the more private organizations (churches, clubs, local associations, etc.) shrink. Ask a liberal what is the right size for government to be, when it will need to expand no more? Government is now 24% of GDP. Imaging when it is 50%? 75%? 98%? Of course, the collapse will come first.

I won’t be here, but I bet in 30-40 years all those wind turbines will be abandoned. The economics don’t work.

This must be tee shirt month. Saw a teen girl in a restaurant wearing what I think was a sports tee shirt, maybe soccer: “Everyone must under-go one of two pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” Very true.

If someone steals our girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse away, you should be grateful and thank them for getting someone unworthy out of your life.

From my Marine buddy Bill: "Life is not the way it's supposed to be - it's the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."

What’s the difference between legal abortion and infanticide? About five minutes.

Long ago I learned the old law: “Hard times make strong men. Strong men make good times. Good times make weak men. Weak men make hard times.” Look around. The strong men who won WWI, WWI and Korea are mostly gone. They gave us the good times we have enjoyed for 60 years. Strong men fought in Vietnam, but they were a minority. Strong men have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they are a tiny minority. Look at the majority of weak men. And Women. And tell me that hard times are not coming.

When I rest and think, I feel 35, maybe 40. Then I get up and walk and I’m suddenly aware that I’m 72.

If you are young, you may think that time is your friend. It’s a lie.

People are entitled to their own opinions. My opinion is that most of them should sit down and shut up.

Nothing is as annoying as super-rich Hollywood celebs, who have mansions bigger than 20 of our homes combined, preaching that we need to take in more immigrants, when they haven’t invited even one to live in all their wasted space.

Trump reportedly said that Montenegro (with it’s 2000-member military) is strong and aggressive and might start WWIII. The Montenegrins responded with how peaceful and friendly they are. It would have been funnier if they had given Trump five days to surrender!

If you are driving and trying to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, someone is sure to cut in.

Trump’s top advisors after things like the recent summit must feel like the guy with the shovel and rolling barrel following the elephants in the parade.

Scriptures say man is made in the image of God. I suspect, however, that many of them are actually cheap knockoffs.

In the 50s and 60s, the John Birch Society was raving about Russian Communists (like Putin who wants to restore the USSR) infiltrating and undermining the USA. Now the progressives are raving about Russian Communists (Like Putin) infiltrating and undermining the USA. Maybe they should join the John Birch Society. If it’s still around.

Good habits make life easier. Bad habits…

Sign on local liquor store: “Beer as cold as your ex’s heart.”

I was thinking again today of how many things you could say in the office 30 years ago they couldn’t say on TV and how much they can discuss on TV now that you can’t say in the office.

Years ago, “Man” was generic and meant both genders. So, they put a stop to that at the expense of convoluted and inelegant language. But now the young women say to other women, “You guys want to have lunch?” Women have made “guy,” which used to be exclusively masculine, into a generic word for both genders.

When I see signs that say, “Speed lime 20 MPH when children are present,” I wonder what if you have a couple of kids in the back seat?

What they really need are signs that say, “Traffic doing the speed limit, keep right.”

Note to Millennials: Life is not a video game, bad decisions have real consequences. Often irretrievable consequences.

Would the world be poorer without you? Or better?

Since Joan Baez sang a hit song, “The Night They Drove Old Dixey Down,” bemoaning the fall of the Confederacy (or “The slave Power,” as my New England ancestors called it), does that make her an Alt-Right racist?

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