Friday, May 4, 2018

Climate change

It is claimed that 97% of climate scientists state that anthropogenic climate change is real. What evidence do the 3% who don't think so have? What are some good counterarguments to their claims?
Excerpt: Key word in that consensus is “SOME”. Meaning, the scientists were asked the question “Do humans have SOME effect on the climate” or a question similar to that. “Some” is a very qualitative word and can be used in a very deceptive way. So my question what percentage is caused by humans? By saying Humans have SOME effect on the environment, then it would be moronic to disagree. Because the scientists that disagree would be wrong if anyone is able to prove that humans have even a less than 1% effect. So there needs to be a better quantifying marker or a stair step approach. What percent of scientists agree that we are responsible for 1%, 5%, 10%, 15%, … 95% or even 100% of climate change? (The 97% is bogus. They picked anyone who could remotely be considered a scientist to send the survey to. most were NOT climatologists. and of those sent the survey, only about 28% bothered to answer. ~Bob)

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