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Random Thoughts for February

Random Thoughts for February, 2018.
By Robert A. Hall
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Trump was touted as a businessman who would hire the best people. Looking at the failures and other aspects of his businesses, I had my doubts. Now it seems like the Trump administration has, as I feared, become the graveyard of careers. This list includes some big Trump boosters. And he’s talked about firing Kelly and Sessions. When you talk about the “deep state” and “draining the swamp,” remember there are a lot of Obama appointees that Trump hasn’t been able to replace, or hasn’t gotten around to. “Powerful White House staffer Rob Porter resigns — here are all the casualties of the Trump administration so far.”
I’d like to see how this list compares with previous administrations at this point. If you go to work for Trump now, know that the media will interview every woman you dated, worked with or met, trying to find a couple who will accuse you of something.

While some politically literate liberals might understand how rapidly the Democrats have moved leftward, I suspect that most run-of-the-mill activist Democrats don’t really see it. They see the Republican party as having moved farther and farther away from them. And the farther the Democrats drift, the more “extreme” they think the Republican position is. –Jonah Goldberg

These days, supporting the freedoms guaranteed in the constitution makes you a radical.

An impartial observer might well find the political rhetoric of both sides to be hate speech. If there was an impartial observer.

I have read that there are two things every man believes passionately: that he is an above average driver and that he has an above average intellect.

When you graduate from high school or college, it is time to start your real education: lifelong reading. At 71, I still read at least a book a week, somewhere between 50 and 75 a year (still below the 100 books a year George W. Bush reportedly reads), about two-thirds serious non-fiction. The person who doesn’t read a lot will not have a very successful life.

We could stop the opioid abuse and drug overdose crisis if we had the will. Arrest the dealers, including doctors, quick trial, fast hanging. You say that’s cruel and inhuman? What’s cruel and inhuman is letting 20,000 Americans die from drug overdoses every year, murdered—that’s the right word—by those selling the drugs. Singapore doesn’t have much of a drug problem, I hear. Because they hang dealers. Singapore: Under Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Act,[26][27] any person importing, exporting, or found in possession of more than the following quantities of drugs receives a mandatory death sentence:

In life, there is no such thing as a “gimme.” Make the opposition earn every point.

Most people are either a “sail” or an “anchor.” And sometimes, to make progress, you have to cut the anchor line.

My fine motor skills are anything but fine.

You can tell some people went to a great deal of trouble and expense to make their hair look that weird.

Too many professional politicians are amateur human beings.

My wife goes fairly often to get a “permanent.” If you have to go often, shouldn’t they be called a “temporary”?

I hear they are coming out with the Official NFL Wife-Beater Tee Shirt.

 Few things are as pleasant as reading the obituary of an old antagonist.

There is no such thing as a “non-partisan” election. There are only openly partisan and secretly partisan elections.

The first weekend in February was very frustrating. Saturday, I was doing the end-of-January finances, putting things in our budget spread sheet, and I discovered six bogus charges on our credit card. Five were to SAMS clubs in AZ & NV, each for $105.38. The other was a charge to an AZ hotel for $102.78. So, had to cancel the card, will get another, then update the people we do direct payments to. Third time someone has stolen out number. Once someone tried to buy three pair of jeans costing about $122 each! (I get mine at Goodwill for $8.) Like to break their fingers. Sunday, I was going to do the taxes, but discovered that Windows 10, which I upgraded to a month or two ago, has no place to click to open the CD drive, so I can't install Turbo Tax. Very annoying. Wife fixed it Monday, thankfully. (Then I did the taxes, and because we earned $19k in PT jobs last year, they taxed our SS a lot more, so the refunds were down $5K.)

The first progressive was the guy who killed the golden goose hoping to get all the golden eggs at once.

Some people should be rendered into fat to grease wagon wheels.

Speaking from experience, nothing makes a legislator more independent than deciding not to run for reelection.

“I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast.” –Viktor E. Frankl, “Man’s Search for Meaning.” With 12 million copies printed in 24 languages, this book by a Jewish Psychiatrist who survived four concentration camps is widely read and respected.

Everybody is entitled to their own idiosyncrasies.

Since they always boost spending, as nobody wants their program cut, they might as well repeal the debt ceiling permanently. The coming fiscal collapse will fix it anyway.

From what I see on the net, eating Tide Pods is an epidemic. In my view, that is a good thing. It will likely take a lot of idiots out of the gene pool before the procreate, or before they do worse things that hurt other people who are not as stupid.

If you are trying to find an experienced, competent, nonpartisan individual to appoint special counsel, or elections judge or to any other office requiring independence, the pickings are going to be very slim.

TV Cooking Shows should be titled, “Making America more obese.”

A 150 years ago, the people now selling “miracle cures” on TV were peddling it in brown bottles, going town to town in “medicine wagons.”

Don’t eat at a restaurant where the silverware isn’t worth stealing.

Eventually you will have been dead longer than you were alive. But if you had meaning in your life, if you helped other people to be better, to be happier, your spirit will live down through the ages.

I met a weirdo the other day. His tee shirt was blank, he didn’t have a smart phone to study, and he greeted everyone politely in a friendly way.

If you don’t feel like the world is falling apart around you…you’re probably not paying attention.

You must always remember that the clothes you wear make a statement. Mine, for example, say, “Goodwill! Goodwill!”

Increasingly I think the FBI should be called The Federal Bureau of Ineptitude.

My job interviewing vets at the VA for the My Life, My Story program keeps me grounded. Every week I talk to vets who are worse off than I am, and/or have been through much worse than I have.

I have always hated the euphemism “Passed Away” like the person ran out to the store, will be right back. But eventually it will acquire the negative connotations of “died” and have to be replaced with something milder. Given the tech age we live in, I can imagine the next generation saying, “Grandma has gone to liver in the Cloud.”

There’s a difference between “change” and “improvement.” Many changes make things worse.

When I was in high school, I couldn’t have told you what marijuana or heroin were, or the difference between them. There’s a change that is not progress.

If you live in Chicago, you don’t have to visit Detroit. Detroit is coming to you.

I believe in the constitution, small government, free trade, and fiscal responsibility. What party should I support?

Think there’s not media bias? Wisconsin just had it’s spring primary for the state supreme Court election. The final is in April. Turnout was up; 11.8% of registered voters voted. There was one conservative candidate, Judge Michael Screnock (whom I voted for), and two liberals, Judge Rebecca Dallet and Attorney Tim Burns. The two top vote getters go to the finals. I knew Screnock had advanced, but didn’t know the totals, so while doing my med stuff Wednesday morning, I flipped through the local channels. NBC had news and the election story came up. They said that Screnock and Dallet will face off in April. They did not mention that Screnock was first with 46.6% of the vote to Dallet’s 36.8%. They showed two pictures, Nallet and a bald guy. Maybe they mixed up the pictures and it was Burns, who is bald. Maybe it was an old picture of Screnock and he had a hair transplant. But he has hair now and had hair back when he was appointed to the circuit court. I conclude they, being a leftist Madison station, were subtlety trying to influence the April vote. Despite his win, Screnock must improve his turn out, as Burns is far left, promising to legislate his liberal agenda from the bench, and his voters will surely go for Nallet.

Who says Europe can never be united? Both Napoleon and Hitler came very close.

People who had “better things to do” than serve the country in the military (Think Clinton, Obama, and Trump. And G. W. Bush served in the reserves, but never volunteered to fly those jet in Vietnam) will wonder when the country collapses, as I fear it will, why somebody didn’t do something.

When I die, don’t put the flag at half-mast. I fought all my life to keep it high.

I told my boss I wanted to complain about sexual harassment. Specifically, that no one thought I was worth harassing!

Don’t give house space to dishes that have only one function, or are for only one food. In my dad’s collection of “what’s its” there was a watermelon dish, that would hold one slice, cut to that size, and nothing else.

Perhaps public opinion is so fickle and the public’s attention span about that of a gnat because most of the public is so poorly-informed. To be fair, with all sources now pushing an agenda, being even moderately well-informed takes a lot of work.

All those teens campaigning for gun control. Maybe we should let them vote on a 15-year-old drinking age?

I read that the Louisville Basketball Team has been stripped on their 2013 title and had to forfeit a bunch of games, as the coaches had been arranging strippers and prostitutes for the players. I just want to assure my readers that none of that went on with the Mount Wachusett Chess Team when I played first board and lettered in chess during the 69-70 season. No sir.

I think smart phones make people stupid.

School Shooters are just one of many poisoned fruits we have inherited from the destruction of the culture in the 1960s. Did you hear of them before that?

"Just last week, Congress was calling on Tide to change the design of the Pods so teenagers would stop eating them. This week, people want Congress to listen to these same teenagers to determine gun policy?” — From Facebook

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