Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tevon White

OK, just go do a search for "Tevon White" and pregnant, and see what comes up. You will find this gentleman is one of the world's great seducers. While in prison in Baltimore awaiting trial for murder, he took over the inner workings of the cellblock, bringing in cell phones, drugs, etc, with the aid of a bunch of women guards, four of whom he got pregnant!!! Some of the women had tatoos put on of his name or something else to show regard for him. This guy seems to have used the same kind of personality tricks that pimps do to recruit hookers, and these women, wearing guard uniforms and paid by the city and supposedly trained, fell for it all, hook, line, sinker, and oh yeah, "with benefits". And not even smart enough to smuggle in some condoms! This has to be some kind of record in manipulation and stupidity on a level that will go down in history books. I only hope he's convicted of the murder, and all the other charges coming from his fun times, and goes into max security and no guard, male, female, or anything else, talks to him more than absolutely required. And those guards go to jail for a good long time too, and someone else raises those babies, those idiots are not what I'd think of as good people to raise a child. --Del

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