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Donald is...

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The Norm Is NOT Democracy -- the Norm Is Extinction. BY DAVID P. GOLDMAN
Excerpt: Before we wax too eloquent about the democratic aspirations of the great Iranian people, we should keep in the mind that the most probable scenario for Iran under any likely regime is a sickening spiral into poverty and depopulation. Iran has the fastest-aging population of any country in the world, indeed, the fast-aging population of any country in history. It has the highest rate of venereal disease infection and the highest rate of infertility of any country in the world. It has a youth unemployment rate of 35% (adjusted for warehousing young people in state-run diploma mills). And worst of all, it has run out of water.

From MLK

“In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.” --Martin Luther King, "I have a dream."

The Netherlands: 13y/o Afghan boy tried to kill his mother “because women are not allowed to divorce”

The Netherlands: 13y/o Afghan boy tried to kill his mother “because women are not allowed to divorce”

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This really raises an unanswerable question, how did Cronkite change his mind so radically about Tet in so short a time, going from validly understanding the communists had been beaten and beaten badly, to calling it a draw and giving strength to the antiwar movement? This article reviews the real history beautifully, with some facts even most US vets don't know.  I look forward to segment two. --Del

As a left leaning person, what do you like about conservatives?

As a left leaning person, what do you like about conservatives?

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missile alert

Hawaii emergency officials say ballistic missile threat alert was a mistake

New reality show


Excerpt: “In terms of the bonus that corporate America received versus the crumbs that they are giving workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. It’s so pathetic,” Pelosi whined. Yes, the leader of the Democrat party believes that businesses giving raises to their employees is “pathetic,” and $1,000 bonuses during the holidays are “crumbs.”

Net worth

Funding Murder

'Is the UK funding the terrorists who tried to murder me?' British woman stabbed, left for dead by PA terrorists who murdered her friend presses UK to investigate if funds are going to her attackers.

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100 Iranian Christians Waiting to Enter U.S. Could Be Sent Back to Iran This Week

100 Iranian Christians Waiting to Enter U.S. Could Be Sent Back to Iran This Week

Kill Republicans?

Maddow Radicalizes Viewer Into Threatening to Hunt and Kill Republicans
Excerpt: Democrats have long been accused of overreaction, poor sportsmanship, and an overall excellence when it comes to being sore losers, but this latest streak of hatred is much different than the petty squabbles of the past. Now, the left is actively using physical means to push their philosophical quandaries on the nation, leading to more than a few skirmishes having already taken place in the New American Civil War...

The Sky is Falling

Finland: Police investigate gay politician once again for posting about Islam…….

Finland: Police investigate gay politician once again for posting about Islam…….


Christians in Egypt face unprecedented persecution, report says

Tax reform Benefits

Fiat Chrysler will move Ram production to Michigan from Mexico
Excerpt: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is feeling good about tax reform. So good that it says it's moving some of its truck production from Mexico to Michigan. The automaker announced Thursday that it will spend more than $1 billion to revamp its Warren Truck Assembly Plant, which will start making the Ram heavy-duty truck in 2020. The truck is currently made in Saltillo, Mexico. Fiat Chrysler said it will add 2,500 jobs in Michigan to support the move.

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The Biggest Sanctions-Evasion Scheme in Recent History.By Jonathan Schanzer

The Biggest Sanctions-Evasion Scheme in Recent History.By Jonathan Schanzer
Excerpt: Yesterday, Turkish banker Mehmet Hakan Atilla was found guilty in a Manhattan courtroom for a range of financial crimes. His dramatic trial revealed that tens of billions in dollars and gold moved from Turkey to Iran through a complex network of businesses, ba nks, and front companies. The trial was a long time coming. In late October of 2016, Justice Department officials paid a visit to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the Washington-based think tank where I serve as senior vice president. They wanted to talk about Reza Zarrab. A dual Iranian-Turkish national, Zarrab was the swashbuckling gold trader who had helped Iran evade sanctions with the help of Turkish banks in 2013 and 2014, yielding Iran an estimated $13 billion at the height of the efforts to thwart Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. A leaked report by prosecutors in Istanbul in March 2014 suggested that Zarrab spearheaded a second sanctions-busting scheme involving fake invoices for billions more in fictitious humanitarian shipments to Iran that were processed through Turkish banks.

Book Recommendation: America in 1857

Book Recommendation: America in 1857: A Nation on the Brink Revised Edition
by Kenneth M. Stampp 
   This terrific book is well-researched, well-written and well-balanced. It will be of interest to history buffs, political buffs and anyone interested in the Civil War, for Buchanan’s efforts to appease southern Democrats and bring Kansas into the Union as a slave state, against the wishes of the vast majority of her people, assured a Republican victory in 1860. Anyone who thinks that slavery wasn’t the primary cause of the war should read this book. Democrat politicians and Democrat editors north and south almost universally referred to the opposition as the “Black Republicans,” trying to tie them to abolition and wanting equality of the races. Few did, though all Republicans thought slavery was an abomination and hoped for its eventual extinction, thus opposing the spread of slavery to Kansas and other territories. The struggle over Kansas forms a large part of the book, but the Dred Scott decision and William Walker’s filibustering efforts to take over Nicaragua, supported by southern Democrats who saw it as another slave state, as well as the financial panic that fall are all covered in detail.
   The book will also give you hope for our time, as politics then as now was filled with slander, name-calling, vituperation, corruption, chicanery and vote fraud.
   Some quotes from the book: “unban immigrants were the source of much of the illegal voting, for party leaders found compliant judges who would naturalize compliant followers in large numbers on the eve of an election, often in violation of naturalization laws. In Philadelphia, for example, several thousand illegal votes helped the Democrats carry Pennsylvania for Buchanan (in 1956).
   “In his journal, Ralph waldo Emmerson, “…wrote indignantly about the, ‘class of privileged thieves who infest our politics…’”
   The 1856 Republican platform said it was “both the right and the imperative duty of Congress to prohibit in the Territories those twin relics of barbarism—Polygamy and Slavery.” While the Democrat platform, “exploiting northern race prejudice, attacked the ‘Black’ Republicans as ‘amalgamationists’ and reckless abolitionists whose triumph would destroy the Union.” (An amalgamationist was someone who favored mixing the races.)
   “When a Wisconsin Republican moved to amend a proposed referendum on black suffrage to include suffrage for women, the Democratic minority supported him ‘to get a political advantage by making the bill odious.’”
   “Racial equality was only one of heresies of which Democrats accused Republicans. According to the Washington Union (the organ of the Democrat administration, ‘The black-republican party comprises within it’s ranks all the isms of the North…Mormonism, abolitionism, free-soilism, spiritual rappings, women’s rights, socialism, free-loveism, and know-nothingism have sprung up from this corrupt state of political profligacy and religious infidelity…’”
   “When the Milwaukee Sentinel…asked whether ‘some small degree of consideration’ was not due to a ‘proscribed and unjustly treated class of citizens. Democrats lost no time is seizing the issue, insisting that black suffrage was tantamount of ‘giving negro husbands and negro progeny to our fair daughters and sisters.’ Their state convention promised to resist ‘the odious doctrine of Negro equality.”
   “Oxford (Kansas) a village of six houses located on the Missouri line…reported 1628 pro-slavery votes, which greatly exceeded the number of eligible voters in the whole of Johnson county. … They soon discovered that 1500 of the names had been copied from in alphabetical order out of William’s Cincinnati Director for 1855.”

   So, pretty much business as usual. I highly recommend this book.



Ron Johnson’s Plan to Unify Wisconsin Republicans

Waste Management Bonuses

Waste Management to Pay Special Bonuses to Hourly and Other Employees
Excerpt: Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE: WM) announced today that, in light of the meaningful contributions of its employees and the new U.S. corporate tax structure, the company will distribute US $2,000 in 2018 to every North American employee not on a bonus or sales incentive plan; that includes hourly and other employees. “We are about to get a tax benefit as our U.S. corporate tax rate goes from 35 percent to 21 percent. In considering how to best spend that, we wanted to find a way to help grow our economy, which in turn, will help grow our business, and give some of the tax savings back to those hardworking employees who do not get the opportunity to participate in our salaried incentive plans,” said Jim Fish, president and chief executive officer, Waste Management.

Walmart to raise its starting wage to $11, give some employees bonuses following tax bill passage

Walmart to raise its starting wage to $11, give some employees bonuses following tax bill passage

give away?

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Burlington man charged with motel machete attack

Burlington man charged with motel machete attack
Excerpt: “On arrival we found that this person who was reported to have a knife, had actually attacked an elderly female,” said Corporal Jon Marcoux of Shelburne Police. That female, was a 73-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer who was dropping off meals on the regular route. It is unclear what provoked the attack, but police say 32-year-old Abukar Ibrahim was the one with a machete. He attacked the woman who sustained multiple injuries. She was sent to the hospital, and later released.

Black woman says "the left thinks blacks are stupid."

Black woman says "the left thinks blacks are stupid."

Man's 4th wife sets 3rd wife ablaze, arrested

Man's 4th wife sets 3rd wife ablaze, arrested
Excerpt: BHOPAL: For refusing to divorce her husband, a woman in Nishatpura was set ablaze by the fourth wife of her spouse. The accused wanted the victim to divorce her husband so that she could live with him. Nishatpura police have registered a case under sections of attempt to murder. Police have identified the accused as Ayesha and her mother Wasima, while the victim has been identified as Shabnam. Police said that Shabnam and Ayesha are the third and fourth wives respectively of Saleem, a security guard in a housing society.


Feds Raid California ‘Maternity Hotels’ for Birth Tourists

Feds Raid California ‘Maternity Hotels’ for Birth Tourists
Excerpt: Southern California apartment complexes that doubled as "maternity hotels" for Chinese women who want made-in-America babies were raided early Tuesday, capping an unprecedented federal sting operation, officials said. (I have come to believe that the policy of awarding citizenship to any baby born on US soil needs to be revisited and modified. We do not need immigration through the creation and use of "anchor babies", and it's time the practice was stopped. --Del)

Punish Poor People

Punish Poor People
Excerpt: Store owner Kamal Saleh was just hit with thousands of dollars in fines. His crime? He sold three cigars for $8.89. "Too cheap!" say New York City bureaucrats. "The cigars should have cost 11 cents more." Politicians want you to spend more for tobacco. They decided this after anti-smoking crusader Dr. Kurt Ribisl told the Centers for Disease Control, "Higher prices will deter children from smoking." A pit of socialist micromanagers called the New York City Council quickly embraced the idea. "It's also being considered very seriously in a number of jurisdictions in California," Ribisl told me. When health totalitarians make suggestions, leftist politicians jump.

David Cameron ‘thought Barack Obama was a self-absorbed narcissist’

David Cameron ‘thought Barack Obama was a self-absorbed narcissist’
Excerpt: Mr Hilton said: “My old boss, former British prime minister David Cameron, thought Obama was one of the most narcissistic, self-absorbed people he’d ever dealt with. Obama never listened to anyone, always thought he was smarter than every expert in the room, and treated every meeting as an opportunity to lecture everyone else. This led to real-world disasters, like Syria and the rise of Isis.” (really? who knew? ~Bob)

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NFL Protests

Final Word on Bizarre Anthem Protests: They Didn’t Work
Excerpt: As the NFL season gave way to the playoffs, everyone from league officials to television executives to social commentators are evaluating the continuing precipitous drop in viewership of the country’s most popular sport. And the raw numbers indicate the number of annoyed fans wasn’t small: [S]urveys over the last year have consistently shown that a sizable percentage of fans have been turned off by the divisive protests, one survey showing a quarter of fans listing the disrespect of the flag as the number one reason they're tuning out the league.

It’s Time to Bomb North Korea

It’s Time to Bomb North Korea
Excerpt: Nothing can be known about this week’s talks between North and South Korea other than their likely outcome. As in every previous encounter, South Korea will almost certainly reward North Korea’s outrageous misconduct by handing over substantial sums of money, thus negating long-overdue sanctions recently imposed by the United Nations Security Council. Meanwhile, the North will continue to make progress toward its goal of deploying several nuclear-armed, mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles, having already tested nuclear-explosive devices in October 2006, May 2009, February 2013, January 2016, September 2016, and September 2017 Each test would have been an excellent occasion for the United States to finally decide to do to North Korea what Israel did to Iraq in 1981, and to Syria in 2007 — namely, use well-aimed conventional weapons to deny nuclear weapons to regimes that shouldn’t have firearms, let alone weapons of mass destruction. Fortunately, there is still time for Washington to launch such an attack to destroy North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. It should be earnestly considered rather than rejected out of hand. (I am really surprised to see this, but personally, I think it makes good sense.  Waiting for North Korea to really build functional missiles armed with functional nukes just really seems like a very, very bad idea.  With no good end to come of it. And yes, the South Koreans have not done much to really act in their own best interests.  This was and is just incredibly stupid. --Del)

Why Not President Oprah?

Why Not President Oprah?
Excerpt: Democrats don’t really need a celebrity. They have a great talent for making celebrities out of ordinary politicians, converting a clan of low-rent grifters and halfwits such as the Kennedys into an ersatz royal family and making the lightly accomplished Barack Obama into a kind of rock-star messiah for the Davos set. The Democrats have a more fruitful relationship with celebrity because, unlike most Republicans, they understand the transactional nature of the celebrity-politician relationship. Movie stars get into political activism for the same reason they sometimes take six months off to do serious theater: They want to feel smart, maybe even a little profound, and, more important, they want to be perceived as that, as intellectually serious. Democratic politicians connect with celebrities because they want to be seen as cool. Smart and cool is a very powerful combination for public-relations purposes, and it’s not what you get when you pair up Mike Pence with the Duck Dynasty guys.

Trump Turns toward the GOP Establishment

Trump Turns toward the GOP Establishment
Excerpt: Has Donald Trump become a swamp creature? After repudiating Steve Bannon for having the temerity to criticize his son, the president spent the weekend holed up in the Maryland mountains with none other than Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. The man who was once the vanguard of the supposedly burgeoning populist–nationalist movement came out of his Camp David retreat with a newfound zeal for . . . supporting Republican incumbents in the 2018 midterm elections. “We need more Republicans. We have to have more Republicans,” Trump told reporters at a press conference. Though Trump added that he would support “anybody else who has my kind of thinking,” when a reporter asked whether he would throw his weight behind the Steve Bannon–backed candidates who are mounting challenges to incumbent Republican senators across the country, he responded: “I don’t see that happening. I think they’ve sort of scattered.”

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Ghost Guns

The Rise of Untraceable 'Ghost Guns' by Zusha Elinson
Excerpt: Axel Galvez had a deal: $7,500 for five untraceable semiautomatic rifles. And he had a buyer: a felon who planned to ship them overseas. Now, he just needed weapons that would be invisible to regulators. To avoid background checks, Mr. Galvez bought rifle parts, then assembled the five guns at the Los Angeles machine shop where he worked. He offered to build his buyer 100 more for $130,000. An underground gun-making industry that enables criminals to elude background checks and bypass gun regulations is creating a growing trade of “ghost guns,” weapons that can’t be traced by police, authorities say. Mr. Galvez’s buyer turned out to be a government informant; the 36-year-old machinist pleaded guilty in November to unlawful firearms manufacturing and dealing, according to court documents. (As I tell the high school kids I get to lecture sometimes, one thing about freedoms is that someone will always find a way to abuse any freedom. Letting individuals build their own rifles seems like a reasonable thing to me, but clearly there are some very serious abusers of this practice. Note the one guy sold 92 rifles, silencers too! I can see the answer to this gap soon at ATF, no more receivers as just unregistered parts. It's be more reasonable to say a person can only buy one such every ten years, then they can't go into the manufacturing business, but that would be tough to enforce and some would still find ways to abuse it. Personally I think the sentence should figure in the number of guns sold, adding two years for each. That would take care of the guy who sold 92 for sure. --Del)

Germany: The War on Women

Several women sexually assaulted in Berlin during NYE: Safety area a total failure

Clinton & Russia

Bill Clinton sought State’s permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision
Excerpt: As he prepared to collect a $500,000 payday in Moscow in 2010, Bill Clinton sought clearance from the State Department to meet with a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom — which at the time needed the Obama administration’s approval for a controversial uranium deal, government records show. ... The Hill reported earlier this week that the FBI had uncovered evidence that Russian nuclear officials were engaged in a massive bribery scheme before CFIUS approved the deal, raising new questions in Congress and drawing attention from President Trump. Uranium “is the real Russia story,” he told reporters, accusing news media of ignoring the new developments reported in The Hill.

Orlando Jihad

Handwritten statement from Orlando nightclub shooter's wife details preparations: 'I knew the time to attack the club was close'
Excerpt: Omar Mateen’s wife told FBI agents she knew her husband was going to attack the Pulse nightclub after he spoke about jihad, visited a shooting range and scouted his target in the months leading up to the mass shooting, according to a handwritten statement. Hours after Mateen was shot dead by police inside the Orlando nightclub where he killed 49 people on June 12, 2016, Noor Salman wrote the 12-page statement while she was questioned without a lawyer. “I knew when he left the house he was going to Orlando to attack the Pulse nightclub,” Salman said in the released statement obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. (Authorities still looking for motive. ~Bob)


The bigger Navy

Satire: Navy gets around personnel shortage by making each Sailor 30% larger
Excerpt: The U.S. Navy announced it would forgive past fitness test failures and halt fitness discharges in an attempt to keep the overall size of the Navy the same despite recent manning cuts, sources confirmed today. “Ships are measured in tonnage, and now, shipmates will be, too,” said Rear Adm. Joseph Simms, commander of Navy Personnel Command. “Those pencil pushers can take away the number of Sailors we have, but not the amount of Sailors we have.”

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From the net. Not Verified. !~Bob
In 2012 the NFL had an issue with Tim Tebow kneeling for each game to pray, they also had an issue with Tebow wearing John 3:16 as part of his eye-black to avoid glare, and made him take it off.

In 2013 the NFL fined Brandon Marshall for wearing green cleats to raise awareness for people with mental health disorders.

In 2014 Robert Griffin III (RG3) entered a post-game press conference wearing a shirt that said "Know Jesus Know Peace" but was forced to turn it inside out by an NFL uniform inspector before speaking at the podium.

In 2015 DeAngelo Williams was fined for wearing "Find the Cure" eye black for breast cancer awareness

In 2015 William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats to raise awareness for domestic violence. (Not that the NFL has a domestic violence problem...)

In 2016 the NFL prevented the Dallas Cowboys from wearing a decal on their helmet in honor of 5 Dallas Police officers killed in the line of duty.

In 2016 the NFL threatened to fine players who wanted to wear cleats to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

So tell me again how the NFL supports free speech and expression, all of a sudden...

It seems quite clear based on these facts that the NFL has taken a position against any action by NFL players demonstrating RESPECT for any issue: For God, social causes such as mental health, cancer, domestic violence, for cops killed arbitrarily for being cops, for the Memory of 9/11...

But, they will allow demonstrations of DISRESPECT for our National Flag, our National Anthem, for America, and for the American People, if it will help mollify a particular Group and its supporters (such as BLM, and other leftists).

That is who and what the NFL has shown itself to be.

Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our military, too many of whom have come home with the American Flag draped over their coffin.

Rich People Are Fleeing Connecticut

Rich People Are Fleeing Connecticut
Excerpt: Lawmakers like Connecticut’s Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy should pay attention to the latest batch of IRS data, which show tax payers – particularly wealthy ones – are leaving Connecticut for states like Florida, where there is no income tax, and New York City, where taxes are high but at least you can order Chinese food at 4 am. Indeed, as the Hartford Courant points out in an editorial, the latest data reveal that Connecticut is in the middle of a taxpayer exodus. Those who moved out of Connecticut from 2015 to 2016 took with them more than $6 billion in adjusted gross income, or AGI. People who moved to Connecticut brought with them only about $3.36 billion in AGI. The total net loss to Connecticut: $2.7 billion. In one year. That was in the top five of all states, regardless of population. (Gee, who could ever have predicted this? I could not afford to move back to CT unless I won the lottery, and not a small one either. Tax&Spend just doesn't make for a long term fiscal policy, driving out both industries and rich people just has to have an effect over time... duhh! --Del)

Linda Sarsour: You Have No Right to Tell Us We Can’t Kill Jews

Linda Sarsour: You Have No Right to Tell Us We Can’t Kill Jews
Excerpt: Democratic activist darling of the far left insists that no one has the right to tell Muslims they can’t kill Jews. After President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on the flimsy excuse that they’ve lived there for over 3,000 years, Sarsour said that Palestinian Muslims have the Allah given right to kill Jews whenever they wish.


Michael Wolff’s Revelations and How Conservatives Should Approach Trump

The Rule

Your choice

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‘Intensified campaign’ against Algeria’s churches

‘Intensified campaign’ against Algeria’s churches

Pay to Play

The Justice Department has launched a new investigation into allegations the Clinton Foundation used "pay to play" politics while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Fox News has confirmed.

The War on Little Girls

Turkey’s directorate of religious affairs says that under Islamic law, girls as young as nine can marry
Islamic apologists in the West routinely deny that Muhammad consummated his marriage with (i.e., raped) Aisha when she was nine, and go through all sorts of contortions to deny the evidence of the texts, but the fact that child marriage is accepted in wide swaths of the Islamic world, even by the directorate of religious affairs in once-“moderate” albeit now rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey, most clearly shows their dishonesty. The Diyanet wouldn’t approve of child marriage if it weren’t Islamic, as it explains in its own defense. And child marriage has abundant attestation in Islamic tradition and law. “Islam has no age barrier in marriage and Muslims have no apology for those who refuse to accept this” — Ishaq Akintola, professor of Islamic Eschatology and Director of Muslim Rights Concern, Nigeria “There is no minimum marriage age for either men or women in Islamic law. The law in many countries permits girls to marry only from the age of 18. This is arbitrary legislation, not Islamic law.” — Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-‘Ubeidi, Iraqi expert on Islamic law. There is no minimum age for marriage and that girls can be married “even if they are in the cradle.” — Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, prominent cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council. “Islam does not forbid marriage of young children.” — Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology. Hadiths that Muslims consider authentic record that Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha, was six when Muhammad wedded her and nine when he consummated the marriage: “The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)” (Bukhari 7.62.88).

Turkish child marriage religious document sparks anger

Scam Award

The Market

China Carrier

China has started building its third aircraft carrier, military sources say. Work on the vessel, which will use a hi-tech launch system, began at a Shanghai shipyard last year but it is not known when it will be completed
Suggest they name it the Kaga. ~Bob