Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ARVN Airborne

The Forgotten South Vietnamese Airborne. By Barry R. McCaffrey
Too many people in this country don't understand the bravery and sacrifice of so many RVN military. All they remember are the accounts of things going badly for them in some battles back in the early and mid-60s. They don't know how many excellent units there were, and how after '67 all the RVN military got better and better, until they were able to fight bigger, bloodier battles in the Easter Invasion than any US forces were in, and succeeded in smashing the NVA divisions and kicking them back across the DMZ. It's good to finally see something about some of the great RVN soldiers in a national publication. And there were so many others, the VN Marines, the famous 1st Division, and more. --Del

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