Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Hue, 1968 by Mark Bowden – Author of Black Hawk Down.
Excerpt: I bought this book and read it after receiving many phone calls and emails from friends and acquaintances letting me know about its release; they wanted to hear my opinion. These folks had read my first book, Phase Line Green; The Battle for Hue, 1968, in which I recounted what I saw and criticized both Marine Corps leadership and the U.S. Government for allowing so many thousands of young men to be lost not just because of the actions of the enemy, but due to the actions or lack of action in our conduct of the war. As I read the parts of Hue, 1968 that focused on the Battle for the Citadel Fortress, Phase 2 of Operation HUE CITY, I was hoping to find clarity. Unfortunately, what I found was that Bowden’s interview conclusions do not jibe with my first-hand knowledge of that battle and what I reported in my book. (This is very carefully done, very factual again, but as low key as possible. The author is going to share with me his notes on the book, and I will start working on an essay about the travesty and falsity of the whole "moral equivalence" thing that Bowden and so many others have tried to push about the war. Which I will hope to get published in some broad way, American Thinker, WSJ, etc. This crap needs to be slammed and slammed hard. Any and all help will be appreciated. --Del)

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