Sunday, June 4, 2017

The New Racism

Defund the Evergreen State College
This is how crazy it gets. A progressive professor, most certainly not remotely a conservative, Trump supporter, racist, or any of that stuff, objects on solid principle to being told he must leave campus because of the color of his skin. This brings on massive viciousness, threats of death, students acting as an ignorant, ferocious mob, and the school's president supports and encourages this behavior. How in hell is this a place of higher learning? How is this remotely related to the liberal values of tolerance and mutual respect? It's terrible that it happens at all, but for the president to just let it roll along and then even support it is so wrong that it boggles the mind. This is the kind of thing that is damaging to the whole social fabric and sets things up for nothing more than tons of future intolerance and ignorance in the supposedly educated part of the population. Defunding the college will sound like an extreme measure to many, but it seems the only way to get some attention from the Regents or whomever is the body that really oversees the place. All the screaming maniac kids on support would have to find other ways to spend their time, and it would be clear that a different kind of person should be in that president's office. --Del

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