Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Looks like the Russians may be turning us all into their Dobermans:
EXCERPT: The 2016 Kremlin invasion of the United States’ information space was about weakening Washington, not deciding who would sit in the White House. The aim was not to win the political battle so much as to make it as bloody, Pyrrhic and divisive as possible: The point was to turn the election into a shit-show. Freedom of speech, plurality of opinion, the goal of consensus—all the things that make a democracy great are, in the Russians’ eyes, points of vulnerability to be exploited through state-inspired information warfare. Objective truths became buried in a landslide of rumors, lies, half-truths, fake news, and conspiracy theories. Existing social, political, and racial fault lines were exploited and levered open, often by seeming to support both extremes.

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