Saturday, June 10, 2017

Remember the Victims

Communism Victims Remember. Powerful testimony of personal experiences with communism’s horrors.
It has become fashionable to talk about "socialism" as the wave of the future, so many US college students believe that it must replace capitalism (which they have been taught is inherently evil and unfair). And so many intellectuals are fascinated with the theories and promises they have read and heard about. Somehow the "details" of the reality of the USSR, China, Cambodia, Cuba, Viet Nam, Venezuela, etc, escape them. When I asked a young, proud US communist a few years ago if he was at all aware of the things that were not so ideal in Russia and China, he replied that they didn't matter, because "next time we'll get it right!". Speakers like the ones below should be making presentations at every college today. But few colleges would invite them, and in some they would be protested. I worry about the future. --Del (wouldn't be allowed. The truth is not PC. ~Bob)

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