Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Hope you're all doing well. I am not sure if any of you saw this.

In my presentations earlier this year, I had introduced to everyone the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. Just to recap, she is one of two daughters who did not become a victim of the mass assassination of Bangladesh's Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family. She survived and is now the PM of Bangladesh.

The Daily Caller just reported that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's son (Sajeeb Wazed Joy), who is a United States permanent resident, was allegedly threatened by the U.S. State Dept (under Hillary Clinton) with the possibility of an IRS audit. It was around the same time when Dr. Yunus (founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Prize Winner from Bangladesh) was being investigated by a government commission in Bangladesh on multiple charges of financial mismanagement and embezzlement. Dr. Yunus happens to be a close friend of the Clintons. Dr. Yunus, as the report states, is also a Clinton Foundation donor. See the link for more details.


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