Wednesday, May 3, 2017

False info

A Thinking Mom's Message for Jimmy Kimmel
Excerpt: Yes, the situation of a baby born with a major health issue is a real tragedy, but fortunately in this case modern medicine had an answer. Everyone can empathize with the parents on this. But then Kimmel has to get on a soapbox and spout totally partisan falsehoods about health care in America, using the great pulpit of his TV fame to do so. As Malkin points out, he's totally off the beam on this one. Personally, we knew a very poor couple, living on welfare and off-the-books minor labor, who had a child with a huge health problem, a 2 lb preemie with a whole host of defects. When we knew them they had run up several hundred thousand dollars of costs at Duke hospital, but of course could pay nothing and the hospital didn't even bother to try to bill them. Whenever the baby had another seizure or sickness, it was off to the ER again, immediate admission, all kinds of advanced care, and then back to the parents when things were stabilized. All of which totally demonstrates the falseness of Kimmel's claims. Clearly he has done zero research on this, just went with the leftist narrative of how horrible a society we were before Mr. Obama led us to salvation. Shame on him. --Del

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