Thursday, May 4, 2017

America's Problems

Why there will NEVER be a political solution to America’s problems by Michael Snyder
A sad commentary on the enormous disappointment of this Congress and the President. While just a few t things are looking better, mainly Gorsuch in the Supreme Court and Mattis in charge of the military, the great bulk of the changes for the better that were promised and badly needed have not occurred. And as the writer says, if not now, when? To give them their due, when Obama was elected and the Democrats had Congress, they ran through their projects, notably the ACA, trampling the GOP in the process, and achieved their goals. But this Congress, controlled by the GOP, cannot seem to follow through on the programs that were promised to the American people (or at least, all that voted for or even had sympathy for Trump). The writer does make the mistake of thinking that the Founders were totally representative of all the people of their time. This neglects the roughly 1/3 who were Tories supporting the king (many of whom emigrated to Canada and British islands) and the other 1/3 who were not seriously engaged in any of the politics. The Founders were representative of a large segment of the people, but were themselves highly educated, many classically so, and devoted to what were fantastically progressive attitudes for their time. And even so, they had lots of very serious conflicts among themselves as it was. Personally, I believe we need more than anything some leaders who resemble to at least some degree Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, the Adamses, who are courageous, principled, and selflessly devoted to the good of all the nation. But in these times, they also would need many millions of dollars to get anywhere in our present electoral process. We can only hope and pray for things to somehow really move in the right direction. --Del (And the founders didn't include women or blacks. but given the times, they created something that never existed before. ~Bob)

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