Thursday, April 6, 2017


Weasley Worded News Reports That Neil Gorsuch Committed Plagiarism Are Fake News. Here’s Why.
Excerpt: BuzzFeed is the first out of the gate with a weasley worded headline designed to accuse Neil Gorsuch of plagiarizing without actually doing so because BuzzFeed knows it is not true. Why? Because they and Politico, which is also planning to run this story, both knew from the alleged victim that it was not plagiarism before running the story. BuzzFeed’s headline is “A Short Section In Neil Gorsuch’s 2006 Book Appears To Be Copied From A Law Review Article” with the subtitle “The section is just two paragraphs and accompanying footnotes, but it repeats language and sourcing from another work, a 1984 law review article.” Notice “appears to be” in the headline. Notice “repeats language and sourcing,” which means Gorsuch used the same primary sources instead of relying on someone else’s work.

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