Thursday, March 9, 2017

Seize Assetts

The idea of seizing "ill gotten gains", like the millions drug lords try to send back to their dens outside the country, is a perfectly fine one, but as always, somebody finds a way to push the envelope. Eventually all the way outside the envelope, so a band leader for a charity driving the proceeds from a concert somewhere has it all seized with no warrant, no evidence of any crime, and ample evidence that it's all legitimate funds for a good purpose. I've been reading about this mess for years, and only in the last few has it started getting the focus is so badly needs for the rampant injustices to stop. The main force fighting the forfeiture abuse is the Institute for Justice, whom I recommend for anyone's examination and possible donations. They have really done great work on this. --Del
Trump Should Be Appalled by Police Asset Forfeiture
Cops can seize cash, cars and real estate without its owner ever being charged or convicted of a crime.

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