Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump and Obama

Trump Fully Agrees With Obama
Excerpt: The first three quotes are Obama’s, and of course the tweets are Trump’s. They were both referring to a country that doesn’t care if a million people are slaughtered in Syria. A country that represses all voices of opposition; that uses strongarm tactics against any political dissent. A country that offers little to no freedom of religion. A country that spies on us and regularly opposes us at the United Nations. A country that has its eyes on its neighbors for expansion. A country that supplies weapons to enemies of Israel and enemies of our allies. A country that has a stated goal increasing its nuclear capabilities. A country ruled unapologetically by a demagogue whose word is law. A country that censors the press and filters its Internet to crack down on liberty. A country steeped in history and a bloody revolution. A country subject to U.S. sanctions and regularly condemned by the international community for its anti-social behavior. A country that’s no friend of the United States. A country that does not respect America in any way; that taunts us and rattles military sabers in our faces at every opportunity. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, President Obama was talking about Iran. And President-elect Trump was talking about Russia. Russia and Iran are business partners. They also share a common disregard for human life, the rule of law, and the national interests of the United States. Now tell me, what difference is there between Trump’s Russia doctrine and Obama’s Iran doctrine? Only the players are different.

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