Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Years in Germany

Dortmund: 1000-strong mob attacks policemen on New Year's Eve, fire at Reinold Church!
Below is a translation of the German article from Dortmund. You can find some English versions if you do a search, but I wanted to go to the source. The translation is a bit rough, machine translations always are, but it's clear enough what happened. A mob of 1000+ young male "immigrants" from North Africa (that means mostly the Arab states there) showed up, got very rowdy, confronted the police, started throwing fireworks around, cops started seizing the aggressive ones but things didn't go well. Finally the roof of the oldest church in Germany caught fire. The comments that were under the article were critical of the way things were handled, in Cologne the cops had a huge presence and still had to arrest a bunch of people, but kept control. But in Dortmund there just weren't enough cops to really dominate the situation, at least not with the weapons they had. (Maybe it's time for tanks with water cannon and some mounted machine guns?) This is not helping things calm down in Germany, but the politicians are still trying to hold a lid on it all. And everyone who complains is labeled Far Right, which is pretty stupid at this point. Stay tuned, this show will only get more intense. --Del

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