Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Vietnam & ISIS

ISIS’s Atrocities In The Middle East Recall Viet Cong’s 1971 Duc Duc Massacre. By Richard Pollock
Excerpt: Were the brutal terror tactics unleashed by the North Vietnamese Communists and their Viet Cong allies during the Vietnam War a precursor to the tactics used today by the Islamic State in the Middle East? A number of Vietnam veterans think so, and they’ve been waging a little-known campaign to get the U.S. government to recognize a March 29, 1971, atrocity committed by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong guerrillas when they burned down 800 village homes, many with the inhabitants huddling inside. At least 250 men, women and children were wounded or killed. The mass incineration of the village of Duc Duc was never recognized as a war crime like the My Lai massacre in which U.S. Army Lt. William Calley was convicted of killing 22 Vietnamese villagers. Calley’s life sentence was announced the same day the communists attacked Duc Duc. “I thought Duc Duc represented My Lai. Everything was so one-sided in the media,” recalled former Marine Lance Cpl. Jack Cunningham to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. He lived with the people of Duc Duc as part of the Combined Action Program, which was dubbed “the Peace Corps with Rifles.” Cunningham has led a decades-long campaign for official recognition of the Duc Duc atrocity and has compiled a series of graphic, first-hand websites that portray life before and after the massacre.

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