Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vietnam Healing Foundation

I contribute.~Bob:

You know, in a way I really hate to send this out. By making contributions to a few good charities I have gotten on a bunch of mailing lists and probably get at least 3-4 charity requests every week, sometimes that many in a day. I get really tired of the blizzard of requests for money, especially when I know that so many charities have "overheads" that mean maybe 20% of the contribution will really get to a needy person.

But we keep the VHF overhead down to under 5%, so what we get in winds up buying medicine and rice and other essentials for people who very badly need it. All this because of the dedicated people here and in Viet Nam who work hard only out of concern for the old cripples and their families living in dire poverty.

We are still trying to expand the number of people we help, bit by bit. More have passed on, including the man I went to see last year. His wife sent me a very moving letter, that my visit raised his spirits for the first time in years and made him feel honored again, and that he had fought in a good cause. Perhaps that was more important than the money I gave him.

It's been a tough year in tough times for a lot of people. But I hope you can consider even a small contribution to VHF. Every dollar goes a long way over there. The mailing address is below, or you can go to the website and use PayPal if that's easier. Many thanks, and Merry Christmas. -Del

PO Box 82
Holly Springs, NC 27540

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