Sunday, December 4, 2016

Vets protest

Veterans teach Hampshire College an Old Glory lesson. By John Meinhold
When the president of the college decided that there was just too much "disruptive" about the flag of the nation wherein his school resides, he displayed a fatal combination of arrogance and stupidity. And the storm broke, even in a comparatively Liberal state like Massachusetts. The flood of protests came and would have continued, the national outcry, the many critical articles, and, I bet, the calls to the assorted members of the Board of Directors. This is NOT what you want your school to be famous, or actually infamous, for across the nation. The sea of flags on the property across the street (of course no protest allowed ON the school grounds, that would violate the standard... the double standard, that is) and the news coverage for it were the kick in the head that it takes sometimes to get the attention of the mentally disadvantaged among the supposed elite. So the flag is back, hopefully with a security camera focused on it. Maybe a few people learned a lesson..... or maybe not. But thanks to all who called, wrote, e-mailed, and showed up for the protest. Bless them all. --Del (Bet they still accept American dollars. ~Bob)

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